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The deafening howl of wind as Naruto flew served to drown out any of his thoughts. Only a scant few minutes of flying at mach one speed the borders of Iwa no Kuni came and went. The landscape he had shaped for a country quickly changed to lush forest with multitudes of winding rivers and waterfalls.

Feeling out he found the chakra signature familiar to his own and his super sonic flight now angled to his new destination. Chomei had been walking with Fuu in the lush undergrowth just enjoying the peaceful weeks following his release. Chomei actually wanted to thank Naruto even more as after he had Fuu resting he found that with his new existence he no longer felt 'hungry', the search for more powerful youkai that had drawn him to crossing into this realm had ended he was truly free.

Fuu enjoyed her time with Chomei since her harrowing experience with death, the bijuu was the closest thing she ever had to a brother. His presence while sealed within he was a source of comfort he is the only person that didn't speak to her with harsh words. The green haired girl was downcast thinking about her past before she brightened greatly, now she had her 'big brother' in the real world now. Latching onto his arm she let out a shining smile to the bijuu.

Chomei smiled back to Fuu. "What has got you so happy Fuu?"

The girl only hugged his arm tighter. "I never thought I would have any family but you're the best brother I could ask for."

The former Seven Tails only chuckled this was a reoccurring thing since his release she would get a sad expression before latching onto him grinning ear to ear. "Well I never thought I would ever have a little sister either, especially not a great one like you." Rustling the mint hair the girl let go and they continued strolling through the woods idling chatting about anything that came to mind. Mid conversation Chomei stopped paying attention and started staring intently at the forest canopy.

"Eh Chomei what's up?" Fuu queried softly confused by his sudden change in mood.

The bijuu parted his lips like he was about to respond before there was a large crash before a solid beam of light now illuminated the kneeling and parted winged form of Naruto was seen by Fuu. The girl recognizing her week long tormentor hid behind the deep green cloak of her brother.

Giving a shallow bow to the one who free him "Good afternoon Naruto to what do I owe for your visit?"

The winged demon's wings dissolved in a hazy mist before giving a small nod of his head toward his kin. "If you have a moment I want to talk to you for a few minutes."

"Sure." He turned to Fuu. "This will just be a minute Fuu, I'll be right back." The now shy girl gave a weak nod in acknowledgment.

Beckoning Chomei to follow after him Naruto walked a little further through the sprawling trees. They walked for a bit before Naruto stopped. "Chomei, how is freedom treating you?"

Thinking on the short time in the world without the constant urges to kill and consume when not sealed. "It has been very refreshing not being restricted to second hand feelings within a Jinchuuriki. To tell the truth if I had the choice I would've traded everything to have this from birth. Why do you ask, you seemed downcast?"

Naruto must have had a very bewildered look on his face because Chomei gave a small chuckle. "I don't really want to talk about it right now. Moreover what do you mean trade everything for this, you haven't been sealed that long from what I remember."

"No, but not having the clawing hunger at the back of my mind is well worth everything before it."

Now the blond demon was very surprised. "You don't feel the hunger, how is this possible all demons feel it."

Giving a non committal shrug Chomei only had an inkling to the cause. "Ever since you absorbed and released me I haven't felt it and I am definitely enjoying this new lease on life."

Naruto's eyes tracked around thinking on this extraordinary discovery before settling on a determined look. "So you said you felt this after I reformed you, this needs testing." His eyes closed and he concentrated on his mental plane. Now Naruto's mental plane was not the same as when he was human and even more profoundly different then Kiyomi's.

What once a winding maze of water soaked bricks was now one straight hallway lined to the visible ceiling with cells and in every cell was a motionless demon lying in a simple bed. Walking through the hall he saw and remembered each and every one he brutally killed and consumed, both voracious predator and peaceful demons lined the walls. Finally reaching the two cells he came for the bars vanished and the confined demon bodies levitated to his outstretched hands. The mindscape bled into the real world and within each palm Naruto held a small orb of his own energy.

Lobbing the youkai a few meters away they quickly formed a man sized hulking crimson gorilla and white dolphin horse. With a roar the gorilla slammed its chest before realizing where he was, or rather where he was not. "Is it done, you have fulfilled your promise?"

Naruto shook his head in the negative. "No there have been complications since we fought."

Goku frowned remembering what felt like what happened seconds ago.


Naruto drew the demon close. "Do not fear the end when I become a God I will bring you back to life."

Flashback End

"Then how am I here?"

Naruto waved the question off before prompting with his own. "Tell me Goku, kokuo how do you feel?"

The demons narrowed their eyes and briefly glanced at each other before the gorilla responded. "What do you mean, I feel the same as I always have."

"Then look at Chomei the demon and tell me what you want to do."

Goku grinned and focused on Chomei and prepared for the blinding rush of hunger that would follow. The seconds dragged on yet it never came, the whispers were no longer there and he felt...free. "What is happening, it's not there what have you done?!"

The great red ape looked to Kokuo for confirmation it wasn't only him and he saw the dolphin has a similar unsure expression.

Naruto glanced back to Chomei with a grin. "I guess once I absorb and reform a demon from my youkai they no longer feel a connection to the old god."

Kokuo and Goku quickly took on more humanoid shapes. Goku now in a sleeveless Karate Gi with the edges frayed and long shaggy red hair and an fierce look on his face. The Gobi now stood in a light blue monks robe with his white hair swept back partially hiding the blunted ivory horns adorning his head and a blank expression.

The newly revived demon pair took a deep breath and let it out slowly feeling better then ever now with nothing pressing on their minds. They didn't have much time to relish the moment as Naruto addressed the group. "I need you three to come to Makai with me."

All three looked surprised they had no reason to go back now that they were free. "Why?" Chomei asked quickly, not wanting to leave his new little sister so shortly after being free.

Naruto ran his hand through his hair before responding. "The Old God has surfaced, he is the complication I ran into..."

"Then why travel to Makai that is where he would most likely be gathering strength!" Goku announced powerfully.

The blond demon shook his head. "No he has sequestered himself somewhere else, he fears being found and obliterated again"

For the first time since revival Kukuo spoke his voice low and soft. "What is in Makai that you need then?"


A concerned look passed over Chomei's face. "What do you have planned for Makai, consuming more youkai?"

"Not with this new development, when I was once human I learned how to drain the powers of others and that ability passed over to when I became a demon. I can take the entirety of a demons youkai simply through touch, but it appears I can now also release the energy out and revive those I have absorbed but they won't feel the hunger anymore." He swept his eyes over them. "I need to concentrate the strength of Makai if I want to have a chance at the old god.

"Why fight at all, if the old god is hiding away like you say we don't need to do anything. We can go on without lifting a finger or putting our necks on the line." Goku selfishly replied not wanting to run off and get himself killed...again.

"He is only hiding for now eventually he will reappear more then ready to regain himself, our only chance is to bring the fight to him before he can get stronger."

Each of the three revived demons had silent conversations between each other before Chomei stepped towards Naruto. "I owe my freedom and life to you Naruto I will follow you."

Kokuo too stepped up and gave a low bow differing the higher status to Naruto. "You took my life once but returned it to me when you had no reason to choose me, I will follow you as well."

All looked towards Goku for his answer. The red head crossed his large arms and rolled his head before opening his eyes. "Fine but we better win."

Naruto now sported a large fanged grin. "Then lets go!" Waving his hand the air wavered before the intense power of Makai could be felt as the tear in space opened.

Chomei stepped back before sprouting his wings. "Give me a minute, I will be right back." Zipping through the trees he headed back to his adoptive sister.

Fuu was sitting on a gnarled root doodling in the dirt with a stick before she saw her brother land before her. "Chomei you're back, how did everything go?"

The former seven tails simply pulled the girl into a hug. "Fuu I have to leave, I don't know how long I will be gone but I will return."

For her part Fuu was speechless, she only just had her new brother for less then a month before he had to leave her all alone for an undetermined amount of time. "Please no Chomei I can't go back to being alone, I won't bug you with so many questions about your home if you stay. You can have the shower first and use all the hot water. Please...please" Her bargaining only got quieter as she went on till she was simply crying into his green cloak.

Chomei simply stroked her hair softly. "Shh Fuu it's going to be okay I will come back and when I do I'll tell you all about where I came from. We will leave Taki and we will travel the world."

Leaning back from the hug the mint topped girl sniffled. "You promise?"

The demon grabbed her head and placed a kiss on her forehead. "Promise."

Naruto had gotten impatient and followed after Chomei waiting a bit away letting them have their moment before entering the clearing. "Alright lets go." Again space was torn open and Fuu became the first human to see the incredible sights of Makai before the foursome stepped through and it sealed up behind them.

"Be safe Chomei."

Back in Iwa at the same time Kiyomi placed Rei in her bed before the Namikaze stirred. "Kiyomi where is Naruto?"

The demoness brushed the blonde locks of hair out of the girls face. "I don't know he flew off after handing you off, I am sure he will be back though." She continued tucking the girl into bed before the ever present feeling of Naruto vanished. Her eyes widened in alarm and nausea at the sudden loss, grabbing her head Kiyomi stumbled backwards hearing the muffled shouts of Rei before the world lost focus before going black.

Now in Makai the portal sealed closed and Naruto too was experiencing the disorienting affects of suddenly being shut off from Kiyomi. As he stumbled forward Chomei took his shoulder. "Are you okay Naruto?"

The blond pushed back the urge to simply lay on the ground. "Yeah I'm fine now, we don't have time to waste." standing straight the four demons took off for the nearest population of demons.

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