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Tomoyo sighed, feeling defeat closing in. She had ordered her servants to discretely search through records of someone named "Seishirou" and looked through thousands of pictures, hoping to find the right one, yet two months later, she was still empty-handed. She shuffled the papers back into a neat pile. "This is everything is it?" She asked the older woman quietly. Tomoyo had chosen to enlist her help because she had once been a politician's bodyguard and still had access to a number of private records.

"There is one other Seishirou on file miss," the woman admitted. "but it surely can't be the one that you're looking for."

She perked up. "Why not? Who is it?"

The woman squirmed slightly in her seat. "Seishirou… Sakurazuka…"

"Why was he not in the files I looked through?"

The woman gave the door a furtive glance. "He works for the government, but he would be kept out of their files where just anyone could find him. He's supposed to be sort of a secret."

"Why?" Tomoyo drew closer as the woman lowered her voice.

"He's an assassin."

Tomoyo mulled this over. "What did you say his last name was? Sakurazuka?"

The woman nodded, still looking terrified. "But please miss… don't tell anyone that I gave you that information. Besides, surely he isn't the person you were thinking of."

Tomoyo gave the woman a serene smile. "Thank you for your help." She padded out of the room and made her way home.

After checking that her mother was away at a meeting, she slipped into her mother's office and located the hidden key in the compartment underneath her desk draw that she knew belonged to the file containing all of their personal documents.

She riffled through them until she found was she was looking for and pulled out the old piece of paper, still pristinely kept, and stared at her birth certificate. She wasn't sure what it was that drove her to this file, but it appeared her instinct was right on the money, as it tended to be.

She knew that the man her mother was in the process of divorcing was not her real father. She had discovered that a couple of years ago when she accidentally overheard a fight in which they were engaged and heard the accusation of adultery, even though it was clear from the conversation that they had met shortly after Tomoyo was born.

Tomoyo had wondered for a while after that who her real father was, but after seeing the almost frightened look in her mother's eyes at the thought of cheating on her husband with whoever she had conceived her daughter with, Tomoyo suspected that it would be a bad idea to ask.

"He's an assassin."

Tomoyo stared at the name on the birth certificate and suddenly found herself wondering if he had been present when it was filled out… when she was born… Then again, maybe he didn't even know he had a daughter. Maybe he had gone on, married someone else and had his own family. Maybe she had half-siblings that she didn't even know about, she thought somewhat excitedly. She had always wanted a sister.

Whatever the case, now she knew why she had felt such a connection to the man in her dream.

"Father…" She ran a hand over the name on the birth certificate.



Seishirou Sakurazuka dreamed.

He dreamed of moonlight shining down on snow as little flurries drifted teasingly through the air, never seeming to quite touch the ground. A tinkling laugh like silver bells filled the night sky but from far away, as if the stars were giggling.

"Je viens du ciel, et les étoiles entre elles ne parlent que de toi."*He murmured a line from a song he had always liked. He wondered who it was the stars were talking about tonight and how long it would be before he would meet her.

He was, technically, a yumemi himself, it was just that his dreamseeing abilities were limited to what he needed in order to carry out his role as Sakurazukamori. In other words, he only dreamed about his targets, those who would somehow threaten the spiritual balance of Japan. However, lately the dreams were getting weaker and weaker. He wondered if he was already going senile. Or if it meant that the position would not be his much longer.

He smiled at that thought.

"Not much longer, Subaru-kun."



Tomoyo liked her father as soon as she met him. He smelled like sakura and cigarette smoke and something else she couldn't quite place but ignored, her mind fixating on the same thing it always did.

She knew immediately that he was not a hugger. She was not normally a cuddly person either all things considered but she had to resist the urge to wrap her arms around him and bury her face in his shoulder and breathe in that welcoming scent.

He paused as he saw her standing by the door to his apartment and watched her warily. She realized he was missing one eye and wondered what had happened to it.

"Hello." She chirped, undaunted by the predatory flash in his eyes. "My name is Tomoyo Daidouji. I believe that you knew my mother, Sonomi."

There was no warmth in the smile that curled at the edges of his lips as he knelt down to her level to hold her eyes with a direct and imposing gaze. "Is that so. And what brings you to my doorstep Miss Daidouji?"

"Could have tea somewhere private and talk?"

He chuckled. "Precocious little thing, aren't you?"

"I have reason to believe that you are in danger." Tomoyo replied softly.

His eyes narrowed and his smile sharpened. "Do you now."

She nodded seriously. "So as I said, could we please talk privately?"

She knew that was the kind of smile villains usually gave their prey before ensnaring them in movies, but she couldn't resist agreeing to follow him into his apartment, pausing only long enough to tell her bodyguards to wait outside downstairs. Anyone else might have found it foolish given the warning signs about the man, but she was already certain that if he meant her harm, her bodyguards would not be able to stop him. The only thing their presence would accomplish would be getting them hurt or killed as well.

She could smell the faint strains of jasmine even from the living room as he prepared the tea and she examined his apartment, drinking it in like a cool glass of water on a summer's day. There was not much to the apartment really, he did not seem to keep a lot of furnishings or personal affects around and at first glance, one might even think it was sparse, that perhaps he did not have the funds to obtain something more ornate. But Tomoyo could smell the genuine leather of the couch and even from here she could tell that the thread count of the curtains was higher than most people's sheets. The floors were polished so brightly that she could see the faint reflection of her shiny shoes in them. He may not have had terribly ornate or gaudy tastes, but Seishirou Sakurazuka was clearly far from destitute.

"Here you go." He handed her a steaming mug before sinking into the chair a few feet away.

Tomoyo stared at the mug, realizing suddenly that he could have easily poisoned it while she was in here, busy staring at his curtains. He was, after all, known for killing people and it wasn't like he couldn't get away with it if he had some pull with the government. Then again, why would he kill her?

She took a small sip and was immediately distracted from her thoughts of a possible homicide by the absolutely perfect taste of the tea.

"This is wonderful." She told him sincerely.

"Glad you enjoy it." He answered with a smile that looked wrong on him. Where did you get that smile? She suddenly wondered. Whose smile did you steal?

"So what was it you wanted to speak to me about now?" He set the tea down on the coffee table and gave her a patient smile.

She cleared her throat, feeling the nervous butterflies start up in her stomach the way they did before recitals. "As I mentioned, my name is Tomoyo Daidouji."

"Sonomi's daughter."

"Your daughter as well." The words tumbled out before she could stop herself.

He chuckled. "Your mother wouldn't agree with that."

Disappointment hit her like a sack of bricks and she wondered why it would be so disappointing to learn that she was not related to a murderer. "You mean… you aren't really my father?"

He gave her a long, appraising look over the tops of his glasses. "Oh no, I'm pretty sure you have my DNA if that's what you're asking."

Tomoyo was lost. "I don't understand."

"I wouldn't call you my daughter because I suspect your mother has taken full claim of you. Sonomi can be rather possessive of people she decides belong to her. Like your aunt."

"You knew Aunt Nadeshiko?" This was just getting more and more interesting as far as Tomoyo was concerned.

"Knew?" Sakurazuka-san raised an eyebrow. "I take it she passed away?"

There was just something strange and almost off-putting about hearing him use such a euphemism for death.

"When I was really little." Tomoyo replied softly.

Sakurazuka-san hummed as he took another sip of tea. "That's interesting. Are you the one that she obsesses over now then?" He paused, but before she could reply he added, "No… she doesn't even know where you are right now does she?"

Tomoyo's eyes widened slightly and she felt a delicate blush creep into her cheeks.

He chuckled. "Don't worry, I'm not going to tell on you."

"But you are my father… right?"

"In a literal sense, yes." He sipped his tea calmly as if he had just confirmed that the sky was blue.

Questions tumbled over one another like anxious puppies in Tomoyo's mind and she couldn't decide what to say or ask first when Sakurazuka-san spoke up again.

"Is that what brought you here today?"

The memory of the dream washed over her again, dousing Tomoyo in the acrid scent of smoke and blood.

"You're in danger." She explained, trying to find a reasonable way to put this.

"Oh?" He raised an eyebrow slightly but his reaction was so… serene. It was like she had just told him his front door was painted a shade too dark. "How do you know this? Are you planning on sneaking in here later and attacking me before dinner? Perhaps to demand that we have ice cream first? What cruel piracy." He gave her a mischievous grin and she fought the urge to giggle.

Instead she shook her head, hoping that he would not notice the twitch of her lips. "I had a dream."

His lips did not lose their curl but all the light winked out of his eyes. "Oh?"

It sounded stupid, she realized. Utterly ridiculous. She wanted to just murmur an awkward apology and slink out of the apartment, not wasting any more of his time.

But she couldn't. She needed to say this or she knew that it would haunt her forever.

"I'm sorry." She began slowly. "I know it sounds strange… but it was a dream."

"Sometimes dreams tell us more than reality." He gave a small shrug. "Besides, there are such things as foretelling dreams."

Tomoyo was caught completely off-guard. Her mother was a such a level-headed, scientific-minded woman that the mere mention of things like magic was usually enough to set her laughing hysterically. Somehow Tomoyo had concluded that all adults were like that and it was a large part of why they couldn't tell anyone about Sakura's powers. Who would believe them anyway?

Would Sakurazuka-san? She found herself wondering.

"So what happened in this dream of yours?" he continued, just as calmly as ever and Tomoyo felt something in her begin to unwind. Her mother was loving, but sometimes uptight and always busy, always moving. She had rightfully earned the position of CEO for a reason; she never stopped working. Tomoyo was often reminded of a bee watching her mother dash into her office for one paper then dash to the kitchen to answer the phone while she juggled a call from another client on her cell. Sakurazuka-san was… different. He reminded her more of still water in a jar in a high place that no one could touch, no one could shake.

"You were killed." She replied softly.

He raised his eyebrow again. "Oh? By who?"

"A young man." Tomoyo struggled to recall the details of the other person, realizing that she had spent most of the dream focused on Sakurazuka-san himself. "He looked like he was in his early twenties and he was wearing a white coat."

"Not terribly specific as far as descriptions go."

Something else struck Tomoyo. "And he had green eyes. Beautiful green eyes… but sad. Like they had seen too much in too little time."

Surely it was her imagination that Sakurazuka-san's eyes softened ever so slightly at her description.

"You don't need to worry." He gave her a reassuring smile.


"Don't you think your mother will start to worry if you're not home soon?" He cut her off.

Tomoyo took the hint for what it was and let Sakurazuka-san show her to the door but paused before heading out and turned to face him. "Could I see you again sometime?" she asked softly.

He gave her a humoring smile. "Certainly."

Satisfied, for the moment, Tomoyo headed home, wondering what made Sakurazuka-san think he was safe.

When she reached the house, a maid informed her that her mother was working late again and that they were nearly finished preparing dinner for Tomoyo. She thanked the woman gently before washing up for yet another solitary meal.

Don't you think your mother will start to worry if you're not home soon?

"Okaa-san is busy."Tomoyo whispered to herself, well aware that her mother was on the verge of merging her company with another major toy manufacturer.

She returned to an empty dining room and stared at her refracted reflection in the crystals dangling from the chandelier as she took her seat, trying not to wonder how someone could be missed when there was no one around to miss them.



Author's Note: Yes, she's his daughter, just bear with me on this one okay? XD For the SubaSei fans, don't freak out, he was never in love with Sonomi, he just slept with her. More about that will come up later. :P

But no, if you look at their birthdates (cuz CLAMP has actually conveniently provided them XD), Seishirou would have been 20 or 21 when she was born I think (I forget now, but I looked it up a while back) so it's totally possible. XD There's also two pics, one of Tomoyo and one of Setsuka that I remember looking at side by side once and going "omgz, she actually kind of looks like her…" Also Tomoyo is uncannily good at lying. :O Yes, she uses it to help Sakura, for good reasons in CCS, but still. I like to think she inherited it from Seishirou. :P

*This line is from the song "Petite Marie" by Francis Cabrel- a song that I love. ^_^ It means "I come from the heavens, and the stars among themselves speak of nothing but you." I know it sounds like it's about lovers but my association with this song is that I have a friend whose father used to always sing it to her when she was little. :P