Mobile Suit Gundam/Kido Senshi Gundam: Peacekeepers

By: Ominae

Rating: T


All characters and machines of the various Gundam eras belong to Yoshiyuki Tomino, Hajime Yatate, Mitsuo Fukuda, Seiji Mizushima, Bandai and Sunrise. I only own one guy and you'll find out more about him later on. Aside from that, other things also belong to me as well but I won't use any custom mobile suits.


Major AU with most Gundam series. In the Universal Era, mankind has moved towards space to solve problems of overpopulation and the lack of natural resources. A black ops anti-terrorist organization is the last hope for peace, which had emerged from obscurity after the end of the Cold War, from the aftermath of a major war between several factions.

Chapter 1: Attack

It is the year of the Universal Era. Mankind's greatest achievement was the use of outer space to house various space colonies. The immigration of humans from Earth to various residential colonies started from UE 0001 without any problems after the Earth's population was placed at a total of 9.5 billion people to solve overpopulation. Another success was the establishment of various orbital elevators to solve the problem of fossil fuels as it had reached the point of decline by the time the UE era had started after World War III had begun in the 23rd Century.

This ambitious project has not come without problems. Ere-ism and Side-ism, the philosophy that the Earth is sacred and that humanity should leave it in peace while treating all colonies in the various Sides as independent nations, started to spread in the various colonies in the 30s and 40s. This has disturbed the United Nations and its military arm, the OMNI Enforcer or the Oppose Militancy and Neutralize Invasion. The popularity of the isms, along with the rise of the Coordinator problem, has evolved to an all-out war by UE 0065 known as the One Year Bloody War when all of the colonies in Side 3 declared independence as the Principality of Zeon together with the PLANT in a joint declaration of independence from the United Nations after Junius 7 and Azzurro, agricultural colonies for the PLANT and the Zeon, were destroyed by OMNI mobile armors in a nuclear missile attack. This was the first war where a new mobile weapon called the Mobile Suit was created and rolled out by Zeon and ZAFT forces to trump up against OMNI forces as they were using mobile armors alongside tanks and naval ships when the OYBW was fought in Earth and space. This battle was not only fought with mobile suit as infantry was used alongside special forces and espionage with colony drops and various WMDs used by Zeon and ZAFT in several operations against the Earth before the Antarctic Treaty was signed.

In the midst of this war, a young teenager named Amuro Ray reluctantly fought for OMNI using the RX-78 Gundam when a neutral colony in Side 7 was attacked by Zeon mobile suits, which allowed the UN to defeat Zeon and ZAFT and win the war on their side while settling issues under a peace treaty. He was not the only one to have a reputation in the war as the White Devil. Men and women on both sides of the conflict had made a name for themselves with names such as Mu La Flaga, Char Aznable, Bright Noa, Ramba Ral, Den Berserk, Garret Schmitzer, Lido Wolf, Sophie Fran, Master Pierce Rayer, Ken Bederstadt, Edward Harrelson, Andrew Waltfeld, Morgan Chevalier, Shin Matsunaga, Jane Houston and Johnny Ridden.

But with the end of this conflict in UE 0066 created more conflict between Earth and the various Zeon and ZAFT forces that refused to acknowledge the treaty. Among the post-OYBW operations included the implementation of Operation Stardust by ex-Zeon troops led by former Zeon Space Attack Force Admiral Aiguille Delaz with minor attacks on various OMNI bases on Earth and space by radical Zeon and ZAFT forces in a bid to win "true" independence. Due to this problem, OMNI created an elite special forces unit called the Titans. Leading it is Jamitov Hymem, a UN official appointed by the Security Council to oversee them as a check against Zeon remnants and sympathizers, including any ZAFT faction threatening the Earth.

In the shadows before and after the OYBW, an independent covert anti-terrorist unit had been responsible for policing the Earth and space between the UN and the various Zeon and ZAFT factions still trying to wrestle independence from the Earth sphere despite the events of Operation Stardust and such. This unit has men and women of various ethnicities and nationalities from OMNI, the UN, Zeon, ZAFT and various neutral/non-neutral nations recruited by this unit to keep the peace no matter what the cost.

This unit was feared by OMNI, ZAFT, Zeon and other military forces due to its lore, which is said to be a well-armed force that has the ability to intervene rapidly when needed. Others were afraid of the various operatives known to be involved after the creation of the UE and the end of the OYBW. Not much information is known on the unit, except that it was established in 1990 AD.

The year was now UE 0071. An uneasy peace still looms between the UN and ZAFT with radical Zeon factions out there in space known as the Axis and Mars Zeon alongside a pro-UN Republic of Zeon. It is up to this black ops unit to keep the peace. Or else the blood of people from the Earth and space will continue to flow without stopping and create a universe of conflict.

Driveway, Hilton San Francisco, Somewhere in downtown San Francisco, United States of America, Atlantic Federation

A four-door sedan was waiting at the driveway of the Hilton San Francisco hotel after it had arrived. Two persons were inside the sedan at the driver and front passenger seat. While they had ballcaps, windbreakers, shades, jeans and military boots, it was not seen from the public eye that they had earpieces concealed on their ears. The sky was calm and people were doing about their business in and around the hotel. It seemed that nothing bad was going to happen.

"Agents KZ and SI, is the target in the vicinity of the hotel entrance?" The earpiece came to life, making the two sedan occupants check the hotel entrance.

"Agent KZ here." The person known as KZ replied. "Not yet. Agent KR went inside the hotel to make contact and escort the target out, control."

"I hope you two know that the DSSD holds great importance that we secure Ms. Selene McGriff at all costs since she's important for their research as one of their best scientists after being recently recruited. With those blasted Blue Cosmos radicals out there, we'll never know why they're targeting her even though she's with a neutral group."

"We understand, control. Agent SI out." The person known as SI spotted Selene of the Deep Space Survey and Development Organization with another person wearing the same clothes. "Hopefully, things are quiet that we won't need to do anything." She had a green halterneck shirt with a black skirt that reached up to her knees with high heels.

"Finally." KZ sighed. "At least he's with her now..."


SI and KZ quickly got out of the sedan when a parked taxi positioned near Selene and the person assumed to be agent KR exploded.

"I got you, Ms. McGriff." KR covered her with his body. A few minutes later, a parked van with markings that said it was from the AT&T company had its doors opened to reveal armed men of mostly Caucasian origin charging towards the hotel with AKM assault rifles. The two agents counted six men with guns. Plus the bomber who had announced himself.

The security guards tried to intervene, but were gunned down before they could fire their pistols at the intruders.

"Damned Blue Cosmos. They just don't know when to stop it..." KZ grunted in anger and quickly opened the driver side door, using it as a shield before he removed the buckle to get the submachine gun from his shoulder holster. It was attached on a harness with a sling as space and mobility were an issue for him. The agent had gunned down the bomber after he tried to fire a pistol at his head.

"AKMs..." SI whispered. "Figures." He got out of the sedan and drew out a pistol from his shoulder holster before firing it at one of the armed terrorists at the chest twice. It was a good thing that he didn't wear anything besides a shirt underneath as he crumpled to the pavement.

"COVER ME!" KR shouted, firing his pistol after getting it out of the shoulder holster.

"RIGHT!" KZ kept his fire on the SMG after switching it from single shot to full automatic. Another Blue Cosmos terrorist was hit by gunfire on the chest before he collapsed next to a parked taxicab, left abandoned after the car bomb had made most people panic and flee.

SI took advantage of the suppressive fire from KZ and took the AKM from the ground.

Nothing different. Just like the time back in COSMOS.

Si shouldered and fired the Russian-made assault rifle in single shot mode in order to force the Blue Cosmos terrorists to seek cover while KR got Selene inside the sedan.

"Come on!" KZ shouted after getting back in the sedan, starting the sedan as the engine had been previously turned off.

"RIGHT!" SI shouted back, firing the last few shots of the AKM to put the AKM-armed men into hiding before he quickly got in.

The sedan sped off fast, moving away from the hotel to evade the gunmen and the SFPD, which had sent patrol cars to the hotel after the car bombing attempt was reported.

Driveway, Ritz-Carlton San Francisco, United States of America, Atlantic Federation

The sedan had arrived at the Ritz-Carlton after suffering a number of bullet marks on the glass and on the body despite being made bulletproof on the occasion. The group had spent an hour getting away from the gunmen before SI fired the AKM to protect the sedan and riddle the pursuing van with bullets to take out the driver that it crashed a block away from the hotel. A lot of media people were present when KR got to escort Selene together with KZ and SI.

"No questions!" The guard told the reporters as the trio escorted the DSSD scientist inside to be greeted by a DSSD official, who was an African American in his 40s wearing a suit and tie with Oxford shoes.

"Hello, sir." KR greeted the official, shaking his hands. "Apologies for the lateness, we've been attacked by Blue Cosmos."

"Of course." The official replied. "I can't think that they'd be so brash to attack Ms. McGriff even though she's with the DSSD."

"Thank you for your help." Selene thanked the trio. "Despite what happened today, I've managed to get here thanks to your help."

A group of men and women with black suits, ties and Oxford shoes with white dress shirts and shades met with the trio. They happened to have earpieces worn on their left or right ears.

"Great work guys." One of the black suited men told the trio. "We'll take it from here."

"Understood." SI told the man.

"Your orders are right here." Another suit-wearing man handed SI a USB memory stick. "And we'll take care of the sedan outside."

KZ handed the man the keys to the sedan. "Pretty good, but we need a faster ride next time."

"No problem. You three are doing well anyway. And here's the key to your place in the Ritz. Higher ups got your things up and ready for another mission."

The trio thanked the man and left Selene before they moved up to the elevator lobby.

"That has got to be the shortest mission ever." KR said as he got in the elevator with KZ and SI.

"Is there some way I can thank those young men?" Selene asked her escorts as they moved with her to the conference room. A few of the suited agents moved in to the parked sedan outside to have it "taken care" of.

A suit-wearing woman heard what the DSSD scientist had said and told her. "Is there something you want to tell them or give them perhaps?"

"I'm not sure..." Selene frowned in thought. "But I'll think of something worthwhile."

Inside Club Junior Suite , Ritz-Carlton San Francisco, United States of America, Atlantic Federation

The three agents moved inside the Club Junior Suite, all of them giving high fives and brofists as they were amazed that their superiors would assign them this first. A few of their things were moved in the suite in advance.

"Hey." KZ spotted a laptop that was already booted and running. He placed the memory stick on a USB slot, which automatically opened up the stick.

"Here we go." KR got the video file, a WMV-based file, to run.

"I'm assuming that all of you are safe and sound since you got this video file opened." A young woman with long red hair greeted the three with a wink.

"Oh yeah..." KZ was grinning silly as a reaction. SI and KR shrugged.

"Veda's planned out the next mission so far. One of our contacts in Heliopolis has positively verified the presence of OMNI troops and officers operating inside the neutral colony with the G Project to bankroll on the success of the Project V Plan from the One Year Bloody War."

The three agents cringed after hearing that name.

"Look." KR pointed to the various photos presented the video the various mobile suits covertly supervised by OMNI troops disguised as Morgenroete personnel.

"What you're seeing are the mobile suits already in the colony and awaiting transport." Another photo was shown of a white warship. "This warship is the Archangel and this is where those five Gundams are going to be based in."

"Anyone who we should know about?" SI murmured. "I mean at least who we should look out..."

"I also want you to keep an eye out for these people." The woman said, as if replying to SI's concern. Among the photos shown were a woman with short black hair in civilian clothes and another photo depicted a woman with brown hair in Morgenroete brown-colored employee clothes. "They're not the enemy, but they're seen lately in Heliopolis operating under false identities in Morgenroete's Heliopolis factory according to our agents who are with Orban immigration and customs. So if the worst scenario comes, you three will need to look for them ASAP."

"Looks like they got some ideas on the G Project." KZ suggested, looking at the photos. KR studied the photo regarding the women in disguise, swearing that he had seen one of them before. But he decided to keep that issue to himself anyway as it was not important in the meantime.

"And that's it for the briefing boys. For now, just relax and lay back. Just make sure not to rack up the bill so high, okay?" The red-haired woman told the trio before she winked again. "See you three in Heliopolis."

"So what now?" KR asked the other two as the video ended.

"I suggest room service." SI patted KR's left shoulder. "It's the least we did for protecting Ms. McGriff."

"Good idea." KZ got the room service menu nearby. "Any suggestions?"

"Not really." KR and SI said in unison.

"Hopefully the next mission's going to do okay." KZ said as he began to check out the menu.

Gazebo, Heliopolis Park, Heliopolis

A young man in his teens was typing furiously on his laptop while watching a news broadcast regarding the attack on Kaohsiung, Taiwan in the Republic of East Asia by ZAFT-led troops to seize the mass driver. An attack led by unknown mobile suits and troops fended off the attackers before they retreated after seeing ZAFT mobile suits and troops sustain massive casualties. He had a black shirt, green pants and black loafers on.

"There they go again." The teenager sighed as he threw the papers on the side, seeing a green mechanical bird land on it. He wanted a real quiet day where he can do his homework assigned to him without being interrupted in any way. The teenager liked the weather in the colony, despite its artificial origin.

"TORI?" The bird told the young man, watching him check the news before the broadcast ended and showed the map of the world as of UE 0071.

In the Universal Era, the Atlantic Federation controlled much of North America, including Cuba, Greenland, Mexico and a few island nations near the continent, with the recent annexation of the former United States of South America, which included much of Central and South America, back in UE 0070. The European Federation controlled much of the European continent except for the Nordic countries as they were under the Sanc Kingdom. Asia is split off between various nations. For instance, Japan, Korea and Taiwan were placed under the Republic of East Asia. Russia, China, Mongolia, most of Central, South and Southeast Asia including Papua New Guinea are under the Human Reform League. Africa was split between the Pretoria-led South Africa Union and the Tripoli-led North Africa Union aka the North African Community. For the Middle East including Afghanistan, it was ruled under the Middle Eastern Union. Australia, New Zealand and a few island nations near the two countries formed the United Oceanic States. The Orb Union or the United Emirates of Orb were positioned east of Papua New Guinea and ruled a bunch of islands in the Pacific Ocean, but it's known to have great military prowess thanks to its technology.

"Hey there, Tori." The young man greeted Tori, doing his work before his attention was being called on. The world's about to get itself involved in another war and I can feel that it's just around the corner sooner or later. "Nice to see you."

"KIRA!" Kira sighed when he heard his name.

Can't I do my work once in peace? Kira saw that a young man of his age greeted him alongside a young girl. They both had brown hair, which was the only similarity that Kira can think of when he heard that they got together. Good for them.

"Hey Tolle, Mir." Kira greeted the two teenagers.

"Hi, Kira." The teenaged girl known as Mir smiled at Kira. "Professor Kato told us that we need to get you right away."

"Isn't that great?" Kira sighed. "The prof's gonna dump work on me and I'm sure on that since I'm halfway done by now..." He groaned and massaged his temples.

"So that's news about the attack on Taiwan?" Mir asked Kira while watching the news on his laptop.

"Yeah." Kira told Mir. "And that unknown organization had sent mobile suits and soldiers to repel them from the mass driver."

"Hey I'm sure everything's gonna be fine." Tolle tried to cheer Kira and Mir. "'Sides, the Orban government have declared their neutrality among other states."

"If you say so." Kira began to pack his things and place them on his backpack as Tori flew around Tolle and Mir. "Though I probably doubt that they'll stay that way for good."

"Hey there." Mir greeted Tori, watching it land on Mir's left shoulder.

"Guess he likes you." Kira chuckled, getting his backpack on.

Mir smiled at Kira as Tori landed on Kira's head.

"Come on, Kira." Mir gave a sympathetic hug to Kira. "You need a good hug every once in a while, you know that."

"See?" Tolle grinned at Kira. "Even Mir's backing you up."

"Thanks." Kira hugged Mir back and patted her back. "Now let's go. Can't let the prof get mad at me for being late you know."

The three went to head off towards the automated cab station.

Kira noted that his mobile phone was vibrating and took it from his left pants pocket. He looked at the SMS and read it carefully.

Looks like things are about to start.

Main Entrance, Heliopolis Technical College, Heliopolis

Two men, one of them in their early 20s and the second in his late teens, were wearing the light blue shirt, dark blue pants, black military boots and berets of the Orb Metropolitan Police Force, stationed in front of the Heliopolis Technical College. As it was located next to the Morgenroete Heliopolis Factory with a recent announcement from the Orb government to step up anti-terrorist security duties on all important places like the Morgenroete facilities, the Orban Police had placed patrols at the hands of its auxiliary police force known officially as the Orb Metropolitan Auxiliary Police Force. To identify them from the regular officers, they had armbands that had the letter A to distinguish them from the other uniformed officers. What was unusual to other auxiliary police forces was that they had carbines slinged on their backs in addition to their pistols holstered on their right legs.

"Geez, this is pretty boring." One of the auxiliary officers had mentioned after he got back from a foot patrol around the campus and the factory grounds. "Aside from the people in Morgenroete getting a bit busier than last week." He was of African origin in his late 20s.

"I don't blame you, Thomas." The other auxiliary officer said, who was an East Asian in his late teens. "You think the Special Operations Command would take the lead? But they'd lay this job first to us auxiliaries. We're suppose to back them up..."

"Hey guys!"

Mir greeted the two officers chatting near the entrance as they arrived from their car.

"Hey, Mir." The Asian auxiliary officer greeted Mir. "You guys too." He greeted Kira and Tolle as well.

"Hey, Mark." Kira greeted the Asian auxiliary officer.

"Nice of you to notice us at least." Tolle chuckled.

"As usual Tolle, I need to see your ID cards even though you may have gotten through the gates." Mark told the trio.

"All right." The three teens produced their HTC ID cards to the auxiliary officers.

"Mind if I ask why the heightened security?" Kira asked the officers when his ID was given back to him.

"Got word that some unknown people have broken into the place just to get to the factory." Mark replied. "I just got word from my boss that ID checks are now routine until the threat is taken care of since they think it's possible that another attempt to break inside the place can still happen." He then gave the IDs back to Tolle and Mir.

"That's unfortunate." Mir said after she got her ID back.

"Hey." Mark shrugged. "I just hope the SOC can get here so that they can relieve me."

She patted his left arm. "Well you're doing a good job, Mark. And for that, I'm really happy."

Mark nodded. "All right. Enjoy your stay."

Tolle chuckled. "See ya." He led Mir and Kira inside the college. The latter covertly handed Mark a piece of paper away from his colleague's view.

"You know them?" Thomas asked Mark.

"Yeah, of course I do." Mark replied. "I lived here in Heliopolis for a short time before you did, but I'm going to move out soon back to Orb since I got word of a job offer. For that, MAPF's going to transfer me there too."

"Hopefully it's a good one." Thomas said as he yawned.

Mark noted the piece of paper on his left hand. He carefully unfolded it so that he can read it without being caught. The auxiliary officer frowned when he read the contents.

So they're here...

Bridge, ZMS Vesalius, somewhere near Heliopolis airspace, Space

Two men of high ranking uniform were chatting with each other in the Nazca-class ship hidden behind an asteroid alongside a Laurasia-class ship known as the Gamow. One of them wore ZAFT's Black uniform and had an officer's peaked cap with him while seated on a chair while another had a ZAFT White uniform with a mask that concealed his eyes from the public.

"Try not to look so frustrated Ades." The man in white uniform known as Rau Le Creuset told Fredrick Ades after he had showed him photos of the Gundams covertly taken by informants.

"Well it is true that OMNI has plans for covert mobile suit production with Orb even though they had their own with possible UN approval..." Ades agreed with Rau. "But still, I suggest we need to wait for an answer from the Council so that we can take appropriate action..."

"I don't think there will be time for action, Ades." Rau insisted to the Vesalius' captain. "By the time we're able to secure an answer, it'll be too late. We'll pay for this with our lives with a page for us in history books for not taking the necessary steps."

"I understand, commander." Ades tried to dissuade Rau from trying to attack Heliopolis. "But we're about to go about and face off against a neutral nation." He then eyed Rau. "You remember the last time Zeon took the initiative to infiltrate Side 7 in order to take out the OMNI mobile suit there years ago? Not to mention that those blasted Titans can intervene in this matter too."

"I do, Ades. And this G Project's suppose to give OMNI and perhaps the Titans better firepower that they can use against the Homeland." Rau defended his actions, waving his hand in front of Ades. "We must do it before it's too late. We can't allow neither the Earth Forces nor the Titans to gain the upper hand like they did against us during the One Year Bloody War. Besides, as long as we take out the Gundams and destroy their warship, it'll be fine. Remember what that unknown organization did to the Titans after they hijacked a mobile suit from them in Green Noa II?"

"Right... So we're going to bankroll on their success against the Earth Forces and Titans alike huh?" Ades sighed in his seat. There was no way to convince the mysterious man to stop attacking Heliopolis without any kind of Council backing. "I'll rally up everyone and tell them to get deployed ASAP in the GINNs after the teams have reported in." He sighed. "Only thing I'm worried about is with that unknown organization that busted our attempt to take over the mass driver from REA troops in Taiwan."

I'll somehow get into trouble with the PLANT Council. Perhaps I need to cut loose from him.

"I know." Rau nodded. "And I share your sentiment as well. The only thing we can do is to be on the lookout."

Whoever you are, I'm looking forward to see if you'll intervene in Heliopolis.

Laboratory, Heliopolis Technical College, Heliopolis

"Hey Sai, you got the stuff yet?"

"Not yet Kuzzey. Still trying."

Sai and Kuzzey were alone in the laboratory working on the lone PC inside while initially being observed by a person of unknown gender who had blonde hair while wearing a cap and a jacket with brown pants and loafers.

"Don't sweat it, Sai." Kuzzey tried to reassure Sai. "I'll take care of this, so you need to do your thing yeah?"

"Sure." Sai told Kuzzey. "After all, Kira and the others are suppose to be coming in a few."

Kuzzey nodded, typing away at the PC. If one would look at what he was doing, he was busy with module simulations for a human-sized suit in the center of the laboratory. But on the other hand, Kuzzey was also doing checks on a hack for an unspecified job from a laptop nearby while it was positioned on the table carefully to avoid being seen.

Ventilation Shaft, somewhere in Heliopolis Morgenroete Factory, Heliopolis

A team of ZAFT Greens and Reds had successfully infiltrated one of the ventilation shafts on Heliopolis thanks to advanced intelligence handed to the Le Creuset team via informant. So far, they were good after they got past the laser beams at the entrance when they turned off for a short time.

The Archangel. One of the ZAFT Reds spotted the Archangel from the shaft before he gestured to his comrades to immediately split up and plant the explosives to take out the underground hangar and destroy the mobile suit and warship prototypes for good.

He watched some of the ZAFT Greens get out of ventilation shaft after the vent cover was removed before an explosive was planted on a pipe on top of the hangar in order to destabilize the foundation.

Hopefully we can end this. The ZAFT Red watched the explosives planted for ten minutes. More than enough to conduct recon and plant the explosives before they were all to regroup inside the Island 3-type colony.

Laboratory, Heliopolis Technical College, Heliopolis

"Ah Kira. You finally made it..." Sai greeted Kira and the others.

"Hey Sai." Mir greeted Sai.

"I assume that the auxiliary officers didn't make things too difficult?"

Mir shook her head. "No, not really. Mark was there, so things went fine."

"And it better." Kuzzey said all of a sudden. "He's our pal too you know."

"I just hope the Orb Police could apprehend the thieves who broke in yesterday. I just got word from the professor that the school requested for additional patrols from the SOC."

"We saw auxiliaries, but that's another story." Kira told Sai before he saw the latter give him an optical disk. "Oh, this is from the professor?"

Sai nodded. "I will assume that it's work for Morgenroete?"

"It's program analysis." Kira grinned at Sai. "Nothing to worry about."

Tolle whispered to Kuzzey. "Who's that?" The two eyed the blonde-haired person nearby.

"Professor's guest." Kuzzey told Tolle. "He's told to wait here by the auxiliaries."

"Ah..." Tolle nodded. "Hopefully he won't be out for long."

Bridge, AFS Marseille, somewhere inside Heliopolis, Space

"...And there you have it." The captain of the Marseille-III class ship Marseille grinned while taking off his peaked cap and allowing it to float due to zero gravity. "This old ship has just completed her final mission. You served admirably as an escort, Lt. Mu La Flaga. I'm forever in your debt." He wore clothes belonging to Morgenroete employees as part of their legend should anyone at the surface of Heliopolis accost them such as the local police.

"Sir, I'm just glad that we arrived without incident." Mu grinned at the officer, also wearing Morgenroete employee clothes complete with an ID pinned on his uniform. "Any ZAFT vessels?"

"We've spotted two in the vicinity, but there's no cause for alarm. They know they can't initiate any hostile action once we're docked."

Mu shook his head. "Because it's neutral territory? What a joke that is." I don't know who's worse today in breaching neutrality. ZAFT, the pre-OYBW Zeon or even those damn elitist Titans...

"Yes..." The captain shared Mu's concern. "But it's because of Orb that our plans have progressed this far. We're fortunate that Earth has recognized them as a legitimate nation."

"Sir." One of the five officers waited beside the captain wearing Morgeonroete clothes saluted him. The captain reciprocated the salute and allowed them to take leave.

"Think they can handle themselves on the ground?" Mu asked the captain once the five officers left.

"I know they're young, but they're all top guns to be G Pilots." The captain shrugged. "They'll be just fine."

Mu grinned when he heard his captain talk about him. "However someone like you would stick out like a sore thumb."

The holographic map showed the approximate locations of the Gamow and Vesalius near Heliopolis, not moving at all.

"I'm just worried about the possibility of ZAFT's intervention or even worse," Mu sighed. "The Titans. I'll never forget what they did to those inhabitants in Side 1's 30 Bunch due to protests."

"It is unfortunate." The captain sighed. "But the UN and OMNI heavily depend on them for anti-insurgency and counter-terrorism missions against any Zeon or ZAFT faction out there with extreme brutality. Going against them is one way to end your career with OMNI."

"I know." Mu sighed when the captain had mentioned the comment a while ago. The Titans had a lot of supporters in the UN and in OMNI that they had the cards on their side when they're deployed against anti-UN/OMNI forces by meeting them with sheer, brute force. A lot of the OMNI personnel, both officers and regulars of all types, had a great dislike for the Titans. As much as they hated them for their elitist views in dealing with any Zeon and ZAFT factions still wanting to fight against OMNI as well as with anti-UN/OMNI protests, talking about it publicly was a quick way to end your career and a number of OMNI personnel had met this fate by speaking out. Same thing goes for anyone who spoke out against Blue Cosmos and their anti-Coordinator/Newtype ideologies. "But it's a shame that I can't speak out against it."

"That I agree with you, Lt." The captain agreed. "For now, we need to hold our position and hope the G Project can do much better that the Project V Plan back in Side 7 when the OYBW had started. Hopefully the war can end to the point that the UN Security Council will disband that hideous group."

Mu simply nodded in agreement.

Laboratory, Heliopolis Technical College, Heliopolis

I need to locate the professor...

The blonde person tried to covertly reach for Professor Kato's office as Tolle began to fool around with Kira, only hearing that he needed to speak up.

They're all so carefree considering that another OYBW at any time. The person gritted in anger when the doorknob was not opening at all.

Locked? The person looked at the back. Better make sure that I'm not spotted at all...

Bridge, ZMS Vesalius, somewhere near Heliopolis airspace, Space

"It's time." Rau said calmly. "Let's move in." He took a look at the wristwatch on his left arm. "The explosives should be ready to detonate any time now."

Ades nodded before he told the Vesalius crew. "Weight anchor! Vesalius launch!"

Rau waited for the Vesalius to move in as the Gamow nearby did the same thing.

"Just be on the lookout for any Titans ships nearby!" Ades gave additional instructions to his crew.

"Yes, sir!"

"Hopefully we won't have to deal with them." Rau said calmly when he spoke to Ades. "Those Titans can be such a pain in the head even though most of them are Naturals with a few Coordinators."

"Indeed." Ades nodded as he waited for the Vesalius to make its approach towards Heliopolis airspace.

Bridge, Unknown Ship, somewhere near Heliopolis, Space

"How long do we have to wait here?"

A brown-haired young man in the helms position of the ship groaned as he watched the Vesalius and Gamow move in. "Besides, those ZAFT ships are moving in!"

"Patience." The long red-haired woman told the helmsman. "If we rush in blindly, we could all get into trouble. Have a little patience there, why don't you?"

The brown-haired sighed and reclined back in his chair. "I wish we can help the guys inside Heliopolis already."

"I'm sure they'll be fine." A black-haired man said, also the ship's helmsman. "But I much prefer that we can get the guys out there if our cover isn't blown since we're in optical camo and all."

"For now..." The woman said. "Let's hope our guys in there can handle the situation since things are going to get a lot worse. I doubt they can call for help since N-Jammers are going to be deployed. They're a lot more difficult to deal like the Minovsky particles in the One Year War."

"Indeed." A brown-haired woman with fingerless gloves told the others. "But I'm sure they'll be fine." She went to put a smile on their face.

"That's the spirit."

Laboratory, Heliopolis Technical College, Heliopolis

A lot of shaking took place inside one of the laboratories in Heliopolis Technical College when sounds of explosions took place outside the college.

"What's happening?" Kuzzey shouted, grabbing the PC to make sure it doesn't fall down and break.

"I don't know." Sai said, adjusting his glasses after he nearly fell down. "But I'm sure it's not an earthquake of sorts."

The door leading to the laboratory opened up as power failed. "You guys all right?"

"Hey! Boy are we glad to see you!" Tolle smiled at Mark and Thomas.

"What's happening?" Kira asked the auxiliary officers after they assessed the room to make sure everyone's fine.

"We need to get you peeps towards the shelter in front of the school." Thomas told the students. "We're receiving word from our superiors that mobile suits are attacking Morgenroete and all the facilities nearby. Said it's a ZAFT mobile suit."

"WHAT?" The students shouted in surprise.

"ZAFT?" Tolle asked Mark. "Sure it's not a Zeon one?"

"Last I heard, Zeon's pretty quiet after the One Year Bloody War." Thomas told Tolle. "Remember that the current government's pro-UN now."

Dammit! The blonde person thought after hearing what the auxiliary officer had said.

"It's possible that this place may be targeted since it's next to the factory." Mark told the students. "The sooner we get out of here, the safer you guys will be."

Kira and the others quickly got their bags with them while Kuzzey quickly took the laptop since it was already booted down with Sai taking whatever optical disks are important for their research.

"Come on guys..." Thomas assisted the students in heading to the nearest fire escape. Unknown to most of them, the blonde person quickly ran off to another corridor.

"Hey!" Kira shouted, chasing after the person. As he was about to pass Mark, he whispered to him that he needs to go.

"KIRA!" Tolle shouted at Kira, seeing him run off.

"I'll go with him!" Mark ran off to pursue Kira. "Tom! Take them back to the surface!"

"Understood!" Thomas shouted as he escorted Tolle and the others to the fire escape.

Cliff, somewhere in the outskirts of Heliopolis, Heliopolis

"Looks like the dispatch on our GINNs attacking those Earth Forces mobile suits are good, Yzak. The trailers are on the move with those 4x4 Missile Trucks."

"Of course, Dearka. The Naturals are stupid and pathetic after all."

Yzak Joule and Dearka Elsman, two ZAFT Red operatives under the Le Creuset team and sons of prominent PLANT politicians Ezala Joule and Tad Elsman from the Supreme Council, watched from their binoculars with grins on their faces as they saw covert OMNI transport moving three mobile suits on a highway cleared from civilian traffic with the exception of local police and emergency services.

"So what now Athrun? Do we wait for Miguel and the others to arrive or do we move in?"

Athrun Zala, son of PLANT politician and head of the National Defense Committee Patrick Zala, eyed the highway with scrutiny. "Wait a bit, guys. Miguel should be on their way." He turned to the ZAFT Red on his right. "Rusty, you got the time?"

Rusty Mackenzie, ZAFT Red and the only team member not to have an immediate family member in the PLANT Supreme Council, checked his digital watch. "Only around two minutes. Hopefully the GINNs from the Gamow can take care of those antique Realdos and GMs. Got word that the Orb Defense Forces got the Mistrals out."

At least, that's the official story. Not everyone knows that his parents divorced at a young age and lived with his mother in obscurity for a number of years until his father "came back" to his life and told him to study at ZAFT's own military academy. This baffled those who know of the family, even Rusty himself.

"Like that'll be a problem?" Yzak grinned.

"I wish they can get here..." Athrun checked his binoculars to observe the highway.

"Hey, Nicol. You're pretty quiet there..." Rusty asked the green-haired teen kneeling on the ground next to him.

"Oh, sorry." Nicol Amalfi, another ZAFT Red and son of a PLANT Supreme Council politician named Yuri Amalfi replied. "I was thinking on whether we can pull this off. We need to consider the possible intervention of the Titans and that organization that halted our guys down on Earth from seizing the Taiwanese mass driver."

"We'll worry about them later, Nicol." Dearka told Nicol. "Though the Titans are a bigger concern for us. Remember the 30 Bunch Incident?"

"I'll never forget that." Yzak gritted his teeth. "My mom and Athrun's dad sent a protest letter to the UN regarding the killing by the Titans..."

"Here they come guys!" Athrun shouted, cutting Yzak off as the ZAFT Red and Green Teams observed the GINNs as they made short work of the highway. The ZAFT mobile suit fired their Maius Military Industries-M8A3 76mm Heavy Assault Machine Guns in full automatic mode to cut off the trailers and the Missile Trucks from being reinforced, which allowed Athrun and the others to get on the road as they used their booster packs to navigate their way towards the highway.

"There's only three mobile suits." Yzak told the others via built-in comms on his helmet. "What happened to the other two?"

"Rusty and I will secure the other two." Athrun told Yzak. "I'll take some of the Greens with me to the factory, so keep 'em busy."

"All right. Go for it."

Corridor, somewhere in Heliopolis Technical College, Heliopolis

Mark had just caught up with Kira when he saw him confront the blonde person, who turned out to be a girl.

A girl huh? Dammit, I just wonder if being a Natural's bad for my health?

"What's happening?" Mark asked Kira when he asked the young man.

"She claims that something needs to be checked out..." A booming sound was heard from behind. "And we're cut off from the outside world."

"Ain't that bloody nice?" Mark said before he checked out his radio. "Nothing. Looks like ZAFT's doing a good job like Zeon did in the OYBW like jamming police comms..."

"You two come with me." The girl glared at the two before she showed them a closed door with a keypad.

"Whoa..." Kira said when the girl was able to open up the electronic door. "How did he..."

"A hacker?" Mark shrugged his shoulder, shouldering his Orb-made, Metropolitan Police-issued assault carbine. Good thing I can shoulder this from my left shoulder.

Cockpit, TS-MA2mod.00 Moebius Zero, somewhere near Heliopolis, Space

"This is not good..."

Mu cursed under his breath, being alone against several GINNs after he took off. The GINNs took down ODF Mistrals and some of the dispatched AF Realdos before the Gamow and Vesalius used their ship-mounted guns to take down the lone Marseille-III ship as it had no offensive weapon systems mounted to put up a good fight.

"All alone. Why do I always end up all alone?" Mu asked to no one as he used his gunbarrels to take down a couple of GINNs dispatched from the Gamow. Now that Luke, Gail and company are down with their Realdos, I can't raise comms... Worse is for the frickin' Titans to come.

He took aim and fired his weapons at a third GINN, only to hit the left shoulder.

"Damn it!" Mu saw the damaged GINN retreat, covered by a couple more as they fired their M8A3s at him.

"Times like these, I wish those Realdos and GMs were still around for me to distract them for this mission." Mu muttered before he got the gunbarrels back on his flight unit, moving around the GINNs in order to find a way to distract the mobile suits.

Platform, somewhere in Morgenroete Heliopolis Factory, Heliopolis

The girl, Kira and Mark arrived at a platform overlooking the hangar as a gunbattle took place between ZAFT Reds and Greens against OMNI personnel wearing body armor over their Morgenroete employee shirts. So far, the tide was going against the ZAFT team as they taken the OMNI forces inside the factory by surprise.

Looks like mobile suits. Mark frowned. Intel was right on the mark, no thanks to it...

"I knew it..." The girl went on her knees, frustrated. "The Earth Forces' new prototype mobile weapons." She shouted. "Father, I knew you betrayed us all!"

Some of the OMNI soldiers took aim at the platform from behind.

"Who's that?"

"Kids! How'd they get in here?"

"We'll worry about them later! Just get the Reds and Greens off our backs!"

"Let's move! Kira!" Mark shouted at Kira as the gunfight intensified.

"Right!" Kira dragged the girl with her as they ran off towards the local emergency shelter. Mark covered their backs with the assault carbine.

"Children?" The brown-haired woman muttered. "And an auxiliary police officer..."

She could watch the trio make their way from the platform and towards the local emergency shelter before concentrating her attention back to the firefight.

Emergency Shelter, near Platform, somewhere in Morgenroete Heliopolis Factory, Heliopolis

"Hello." Mark said before pressing the intercom for the shelter as it had a green light to indicate there was still room inside. "My name is Mark Liu of the Orb Metropolitan Auxiliary Police Force. Badge number #20001402. I'm requesting the use of the shelter to take a civilian inside."

Mark and Kira waited before someone replied on the other line. "I understand, officer. We'll take her in." The sliding doors of the shelter elevator opened up.

"Come on." Kira led the girl inside.

"Hold on a second!" The girl. "Wait! I..."

"We'll be fine." Kira insisted, pushing her inside until she was completely inside the shelter elevator. Mark watched Kira's back to make sure no one would shoot them.


"I said relax." Kira tried to put a smile on her face once the sliding door. "We'll be fine." He pressed the button on the side of the door to lower it towards the emergency shelter.

"Done?" Mark asked, guarding Kira's back.

"All done, Mark. Let's get out of here."

"I couldn't have said it better myself."

The two ran out of the emergency shelter as they made their way towards the platform where they were earlier.

Platform, somewhere in Morgenroete Heliopolis Factory, Heliopolis

"Lieutenant Ramius!"

Mark and Kira heard the name being called out as the two were now on the platform.

"Hey that's her..." Mark told Kira. "Murrue Ramius. Fifth Special Division. She's the one Miss Sumeragi mentioned to keep an eye on."

"I know." Kira nodded. "Thing is where do we start from here?"

"Hey you two!" Murrue called for their attention from the ground. "Where are you going?"

"Back to the shelters!" Kira told Murrue. I think I've met her before, but I'm not sure where.

"We'll be fine, miss." Mark told Murrue.

"There's nothing left there, officer!" Murrue insisted. A few seconds later, the corridor where Mark and Kira had used previously exploded.

"Shit..." Mark murmured. "We're stuck here for the long run, Kira."

"Agreed." Kira shared Mark's sentiment. The two saw that three of the ZAFT Greens have locked onto them, aiming their MMI-made submachine guns. One of them moved in and went on the platform the two were on.

Kira reached for a weapon, a compact pocket pistol from a hidden holster located on the right side of his pants. Taking quick aim, the young Coordinator aimed the PPK-like pistol at the ZAFT Green's leg to disable him. For Kira's luck, the submachine gun fell from his hands to his feet.

Now's my chance!

The brown-haired teenager snatched the submachine gun up and did a quick check on the weapon to make sure the safety was not activated.

"Bastard!" The ZAFT Green was about to lunge at him, combat knife in hand when Kira shouldered the submachine gun and fired it in single shot mode. He watched bullets strike the trooper at the chest with a bullet hitting him in the head.

"Ow..." Mark whispered, firing his carbine at the two remaining ZAFT Greens in order for them to stop firing at him and Kira. Kira later joined with Mark and fired the submachine gun at the ZAFT Greens after they crouched to reduce the risk of being shot, killing both of them while having their booster packs on.

I understand the officer, but the kid actually fought back... Murrue later noted that another OMNI trooper was gunned down. "This way!"

"Kira. Go..." Mark told Kira.

"I know." Kira nodded before he hopped over the railing and prepared to jump at the mobile suit trailer where Murrue was on.

Highway, somewhere in the outskirts of Heliopolis, Heliopolis

Thanks to the support of the GINNs and the blitzkrieg tactics the Reds and Greens used against the three trailers, most of the OMNI troops were killed with a few gunned down by the superior numbers of the ZAFT troopers.

"Move in!" Yzak hurled a frag grenade before he went behind an abandoned sedan, killing off several OMNI troops guarding a trailer before he boarded. The Greens covered for Dearka and Nicol as they secured the outskirts.

"All right." Yzak told Dearka and Nicol after he secured the GAT-X102 Duel. "I've got the Duel up and running. What about you guys?"

"GAT-X103 Buster Gundam's looking okay and working!" Dearka told Yzak. "And not a bad one too, if I make say so myself."

"The GAT-X207 Blitz Gundam's okay here in my end." Nicol added. "Now it's up to Athrun and Rusty..."

"They'll be fine." Yzak frowned since ZAFT Reds are known for performing successful missions with little to no casualties. "Let's move back with these three mobile suits first."

"We've got the mobile suits secured." The Greens heard a radio transmission from Nicol. "Cover us until we're able to escape this place."

"Copy that." One of the Greens said in reply after he gestured to his comrades to further delay the advance of surviving OMNI troops. A few of them were alive when they engaged the Greens in order to retake the trailers.

A few minutes later, the mobile suits codenamed Duel, Buster and Blitz stood up and flew away from the highway with their vernier thrusters set to maximum.

"Let's go!" The Greens retreated once the job was done, hurling frag grenades at the surviving OMNI soldiers.

"This time, we're gonna do a better job than those Zeeks did in the OYBW!" One of the Greens shouted after he got his booster pack activated, flying away from the ruined highway.

"You said it right there, mate!" said another ZAFT Green.

The GINNs followed once the job was done, flying back to the Gamow.

Hangar, somewhere in Morgenroete Heliopolis Factory, Heliopolis


Despite being a Coordinator, Kira had tumbled a bit down before he regained his bearings. On the other hand, Mark ran as fast as possible down the steps leading down to the ground. Ain't gonna go for that since I can risk a broken leg.

Athrun had fired his pistol at Murrue after she previously fired at him, making the former lose his submachine gun. Some of the gunfire from the submachine gun struck Kira when took the bullet for her after the woman was shoved out of the way. He was hit at the right shoulder while he held his pistol.

"KIRA!" Mark shouted, firing the carbine at Athrun. It forced the ZAFT Red to drop his pistol and instead, he drew out his combat knife. Suddenly, he stopped when he saw Kira aiming the pistol at him.

"Kira..." Athrun was surprised and he now hesitated to plunge the combat knife at him.

"Athrun..." Kira too hesitated as well, not wanting to fire his sidearm at him all of a sudden.

It was quiet despite the sound of flames burning up the hangar. Until Murrue fired her sidearm at Athrun since she had an opening. This forced the ZAFT Red to hide from her.

"Get inside!" Murrue told Kira as she manually opened the cockpit of the mobile suit she was in. Athrun, on the other hand, made his retreat to the other trailer where he got access to the second mobile suit.

"What about you?" Kira shouted at Mark as he holstered his pistol.

"I'll be fine!" Mark reassured Kira. "Just get out of here!"

"What's he..." Murrue said, seeing Mark sling his carbine at the back as he ran towards the other ZAFT Red who was previously gunned down.

"If he says he's fine, then he'll be fine." Kira told Murrue as he closed the cockpit, getting the GAT-X105 Strike Gundam to stand up after the latter booted it up.

"Good luck kiddo." Mark whispered, seeing the GAT-X303 Aegis Gundam depart as well from the hangar by flying, busting a hole in the place after the Strike departed by walking out of the hangar. He went to check on the downed ZAFT Red, pressing his left index and middle finger on the young teen after he took off the helmet and placed it on the side after he knelt down on the ground.

"Mmmm..." Rusty groaned.

Seems that he's hit on the right shoulder like Kira. He can still be saved.


Mark aimed his carbine at the back, seeing "three Morgenroete employees" aiming small arms of an unknown type at him. This time, they didn't have any tac vests or body armor worn over their chest.

"BLUE ON BLUE!" One of them shouted at Mark, who had aimed his carbine until he heard the words for himself.

"Never expected you guys to be here..." The auxiliary officer told the employee, who he recognized to be a fellow agent. "I mean, most of the OMNI troopers are dead already."

"Sumeragi told us that you may need help since the attack already happened, so we moved in ASAP..."

"Kira's fine." Mark insisted. "He's on one of the prototypes." He then pointed to the wounded Rusty. "And he's down and out. Got a shoulder wound, but he can survive."

"Should we take him in?" Another employee asked, hesitating. "I mean I know that we're a counter-terrorist organization and we're suppose to keep the peace, but he's ZAFT..."

"Forget that shit for now." Mark told him. "This ZAFT Red's down and out and he needs medical attention. If the bosses need someone to chew out on later, I'll take care of it."

The employees sighed. "Understood. You better take the fall case this happens..."

"I know." Mark stretched his neck. "Listen, I'm heading out to go after Kira..."

"We'll be fine and take care of this guy. Our infiltration and exfiltration route's still secure."

Chapter 1 END

PS - Where do I start? I guess I need to thank Solid Shark once again for his use of Section 9 and all in his stories. This gave me more boost to my idea of a counter-terrorist organization that tried to keep the peace idea. Kouryo Sabre gets props up for his story where Kira is an agent of the RAVEN NATION as well alongside Tolle and Flay, which is interesting considering the latter in the story "Gundam SEED: The Shattered Soldiers". But the guy I really need to thank is Xaeta Alexin for his story "Kidou Senshi Gundam Generations". I don't know where he is now, but I wish him well.

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