Mobile Suit Gundam/Kido Senshi Gundam: Peacekeepers

By: Ominae

Rating: T


All characters and machines of the various Gundam eras belong to Yoshiyuki Tomino, Hajime Yatate, Fumihiko Takayama, Takeyuki Kanda, Umanosuke Iida, Mitsuko Kase, Takashi Imanishi, Masashi Mukaeda, Mitsuo Fukuda, Seiji Mizushima, Susumu Yamaguchi, Satoshi Konno, Junichi Kamino, Bandai, Level 5 and Sunrise. The use of Full Metal Panic! concepts/organizations belong to Shoji Gato. The use of Ghost in the Shell concepts/organizations/etc. belong to Masamume Shirow and Kenji Kamiyama. I only own Mark Liu for now.


Kira and the other Mithril agents, alongside Wang Liu Mei and the refugees, have already been evacuated when ZAFT forces under Le Creuset's command began a surprise attack on the 8th Orbital Fleet to take down the Archangel. The Titans forces guarding the fleet has begun a counterattack with Mithril mobile suits deployed to protect their agents and the refugees. Can the shuttles make it to Earth on time? Will the 8th Orbital Fleet be annihilated by the GINNs? Stay tune to this chapter to find out.

Chapter 11: Regroup

Cabin, Enterprise-class Shuttle, en route to Earth

"Attention everyone. We are now beginning to start our approach to the atmosphere. Please make sure that your seat belts are fastened around your waists..."

"Great. The fasten your seat belt announcement." Mark said out loud as he fastened his seat belt. "Now I'm even more worried about arriving on Earth."

"Now I didn't know that an ex-COSMOS soldier was suppose to be like that." Apparently, Mark sighed in frustration after hearing Wang tease him.

"It's all right, Mark." Sai patted Mark's left shoulder. "We've survived things worse than this."

"Yeah. Tell me about it, Sai."

"How much longer now?"

"We should be in the atmosphere in a few minutes or so after the shuttle begins the approach to the Kármán line..."

Between OMNI 8th Orbital Fleet/Titans 2nd Orbital Fleet and ZAFT fleet, somewhere in Lagrange 1, Space

The Duel Gundam's cameras caught sight of the fleeing shuttles as they were now entering the atmosphere.

"Oh no, you don't!"

Yzak manipulated the Duel to aim the beam rifle at one of the shuttles.

"Coward OMNI scum! Take thissss!"

"Not so fast!"

Yzak heard someone shout, which made him stop pulling the trigger of his weapon completely when he saw that the Gundam Mark II fly towards the Duel Gundam via flying armor.

"Why you...!" The Duel Gundam was about to open fire at the flying armor when the Gundam Mark II seemingly leaped off from the flying armor, using it to cover his approach.

"EYAAAHH!" Kamille shouted hard, manipulating the Gundam Mark II to do a flying kick attack at the Duel Gundam, taking Yzak by surprise. He then kicked him again in the mobile suit's chest to get the Duel far away from the fleeing shuttles.

"UNGH!" Yzak grunted after the Duel was kicked in the cockpit hatch very hard. That damn bastard!

"Don't you dare fire your weapon on that shuttle!" Kamille was angry that Yzak was about to fire his beam rifle at the shuttle full of refugees. "You one-sided bastard!"

"And why not?" Yzak shouted, aiming his beam rifle at the Gundam Mark II.

Emma's Rick Dias came in to assist Kamille, firing its beam pistol to ward off the Duel Gundam.



Yzak was getting trouble already from the Duel Gundam after being kicked at and then, he was being harassed by the Rick Dias that he was forced to back off.

This wasn't Yzak's good day.

The Ptolemaios' Gundams were having a rough time fighting off the GINNs and on occasion, some of the stolen G mobile suits trying to attack the Argama-based mobile suits before they decided to just concentrate on ripping the Titans fleet apart. Not that the Mithril-made Gundams would have an easy time fighting them, it's just that the GINN/G mobile suits fought back with a lot of ferocity, given that they are Coordinators.

"Dammit! There's no end to this!" Lockon aka Neil Dylandy snarled in anger, using the Gundam Dynames' GN Sniper Rifle to ward off the GINNs and on one time, shooting down a Titans Hizack that foolishly tried to attack him.

"We need to get the pressure away from us and the guys in the shuttles!" Allelujah made contact with Lockon and his fellow Mithril comrades. "This is getting unbearable, even for those damn Titans!"

"Ms. Sumeragi's plans does also call for us to take the fight to ZAFT should the situation require it." Tieria reminded Allelujah as he blasted a couple of GINNs into nothing with the dual GN Cannons on its shoulders after a couple of ZAFT Greens tried to launch a surprise attack, assuming that they can get to him since the purple-haired Mithril agent's firing rate has a few seconds between a few shots with his GN Bazooka.

They only failed to take the GN Cannons into account.

Stupid humans. They failed to realize the GN Cannons I got on Virtue's shoulders.

"Shall we take the fight to them?" Setsuna asked Tieria, having cut off an arm from a Titans Hizack that tried to attack him before slicing it in half by the mobile suit's waist.

"I'll agree to that." Lockon agreed with Setsuna's suggestion. "But let's clear the opposition ahead of us first!"

Bridge, MSC-07 Albion, somewhere in Lagrange 1, Space

Lieutenant Colonel (Ex-Captain) Eiphar Synapse is at the commander's chair of the Albion, which has its current debut under Mithril service after years of maintenance and upgrades done by Mithril's own maintenance team with covert assistance from the Madorna Workshop. The bridge didn't have elevated seats like it used to before. Instead, Madorna engineers led by Mukured Madorna had positioned the ship's CIC station down on the ground behind the commander's chair. The driving system was also modernized, replacing the ship's wheel-type steering wheel with the same steering wheel used by the Archangel. In addition, the helmsman position had a chair so as not to wear him/her in long journeys since standing up while driving a ship was not a good idea.

All of the electronics had also been replaced, partially due to age with technology rapidly advancing and the need of having modern electronics to avoid capture and detection from hostile forces. Otherwise, the positions of the bridge personnel were still the same as it is when the Albion was first commissioned in OMNI service.

The biggest and most significant change to the Albion was the replacement of the Minovsky-Ionesco Fusion Reactor powerplant with GN Drives permanently attached. Its Jet engines and laser rocket system were also replaced with three GN Verniers. This arrangement had certainly the colonel concerned, due to concerns that depending on GN Drives may lead to problems in case that the ship runs out of energy. To compensate, three GN Drives would be on standby in case the initial three GN Drives are about to run out of energy.

I just hope the engineers know what they were doing.

Synapse sighed and leaned back on his chair, remembering the days when he told R&D that the kind of powerplant and propulsion Mithril had used on the ship may be troublesome in the future. One of the engineers joked that unless the Albion was destroyed or was decommissioned due to age/failures that couldn't be fixed, the ex-OMNI officer could only hope to wait for the commission of the new ships Mithril was still making to replace some of their older ships. Another engineer insisted that the ship's design was so limited that they can't even place plasma engines to supplement the GN Verniers unless a complete overhaul was done. At the time of the ship's refurbishing, Mithril was almost getting themselves organized that they had to rely on the Madorna Workshop and weapon development companies willing to work with them in getting most of their bases ready for combat.

In other words, Mithril didn't have the needed time or money to get it right. For now, Synapse will have to bear it.

Yup. Unless the changing of those drives are done with precision, we're all doomed.

Synapse had previously received video messages from the Argama and the Ptolemaios that the operation to ensure the safe passage of their Mithril comrades has begun. This meant that the Albion was on standby until either one of the two ships. Since the ship was positioned at the edge of the battlefield and near the Argama and the Ptolemaios, it was in a good position to support mobile suit or space fighters from one of the two ships.

The old man saw a gray-haired man arguing with someone on his headset.

"What is it, Lieutenant Maurice?" Synapse called for the gray-haired man's attention.

"Ah, colonel. Sorry about this..." Second Lieutenant William Maurice turned around to face Synapse, taking his headset off.

"Is something wrong?" Synapse asked Maurice, who was in charge of the Albion's comm systems in making contact with pilots, ship personnel and allied ships.

William shook his head. "Nothing sir. Except that he wants to help the Ptolemaios ASAP, colonel."

Synapse sighed, knowing who the person William was talking about. "Why can't he just be patient for once?"

"Colonel." Synapse turned his head around, seeing a woman with purple-like hair address him. "ZAFT's not letting up with their attacks on the Archangel and ..."

Synapse frowned when he heard this. "Do continue, Sergeant Simon."

Staff Sergeant Jacqueline Simon continued. "Yes, sir. Like I was saying, ZAFT's still keeping the pressure on the Archangel and on the shuttles. The Gundam Mark II's keeping a good job in deterring anyone from attacking it."

"It seems that this'll be an easy job."

Sergeant Peter Scott, who was positioned behind Jacqueline, commented to his fellow CIC operator.

"If we can only tell them that." Jacqueline sighed, concentrating on her work.

"Looks like ZAFT or the Titans aren't bothering with us at all." Peter said, checking his console to see that ZAFT and Titans mobile suits are busy slugging it out with each other.

"Colonel!" William called for Synapse's attention. "I'm getting a video message from the Ptolemaios!"

"Put it on the screen at once!"

"Yes, sir!"

William went to work, putting the video screen on with a video image of Sumeragi at her command chair in the Ptolemaios.

"I hope you're still doing all right there, Colonel Synapse." Sumeragi greeted the Lieutenant Colonel.

"Don't worry about me, Major Noriega." Synapse reassured her. "I'm still at my best ever since I was with OMNI before."

Sumeragi nodded. "I see. Well, I just relayed a message to the Argama that the shuttles are about to approach the Earth's atmosphere."

"I can confirm that, colonel." Jacqueline told Synapse. "It looks like the shuttles are already entering the atmosphere by now."

Loud cheering came from the bridge, knowing that their Mithril comrades and the refugees are safe. Synapse couldn't help, but place a grin on his face.

"That's good to hear, Major. Is there something else we need to do?"

"The fight's putting the pressure on the 8th Orbital Fleet, Colonel. We need to ensure the safety of the Menelaos since Secretary of State Allster is on the ship."

"While I'd like to ask what he's doing there, I'm assuming that he's got immediate family as a refugee."

"Yes, Colonel. And for that reason, the Ptolemaios would like your support in backing the Gundams."

"What's the plan?"

"Part of the plan I told you and Colonel Bright calls for bringing the fight to ZAFT in order to reduce the pressure on the Archangel and the shuttles." Sumeragi began to explain. "And since ZAFT is not going to give up until they destroy most of the 8th Orbital Fleet, we need to take down their ships so that they'll be forced to retreat."

"Hmm..." Synapse went over the plan carefully with what Sumeragi had told her. "Interesting plan. But when will this happen?"

"After we have complete confirmation that the shuttles are already in the atmosphere, have your mobile suits deployed out to take down the ZAFT ships. I'll relay to you their positions."

"My thanks, Major."

Bridge, OMNIS Archangel, near OMNI 8th Orbital Fleet/Titans 2nd Orbital Fleet and ZAFT fleet, somewhere in Lagrange 1, Space

"Captain!" Natarle called for Murrue's attention, who had just received an update that the shuttles are almost done entering the atmosphere.

"What is it, Ensign?" Murrue turned around to look at Natarle from her seat in the CIC.

"I've gotten confirmation that the shuttles should be done with initial atmospheric reentry in an hour."

Murrue nodded. "I see. Good work."

"Should we get the Archangel moving? From the way I'm seeing things, the 8th Orbital Fleet could be wiped out even with the Titans backing them."

Murrue frowned. "But we didn't get the orders yet..."

"I'm not even sure if those "M" mobile suits could assist us at all." Natarle explained to Murrue for further emphasis.

Murrue sighed before she gave the order. "Connect me to the Menelaos! And tell them it's an urgent matter!"

Mu sighed while he was at the co-helmsman seat. He was ordered by Murrue to head inside since "M" was intervening on their favor, which does not give any reason for him to fight. He took over from Jackie, who was in the CIC seat with a few new OMNI personnel assigned from the 8th Orbital Fleet to ensure CIC operational status.

Bridge, Argama, somewhere in Lagrange 1, Space

Previously, the bridge crew cheered loudly after being informed by the Ptolemaios that the shuttles carrying Orban refugees and their Mithril comrades are about to complete initial atmospheric reentry.

Now the only thing that matters is to ensure their safety and put the pressure on ZAFT to withdraw.

Bright has been informed by the Ptolemaios that they need to get ZAFT to retreat at once. He agreed to Sumeragi's concerns and told her that he would get Quattro to move in once the shuttles have been confirmed to be in the Earth's atmosphere.

"Colonel Bright!" Samarn called on Bright from his console in the bridge. "We've just confirmed it! The shuttles are already beginning atmospheric reentry!"

"Do you have a visual?" Bright asked Samarn.

"Yes, sir! Putting in on the screen in 3, 2 and... 1." Samarn went to start a countdown before putting the video screen on, showing the refugee shuttles already starting atmospheric reentry towards Orb.

"This is good news..." Bright slowly nodded. "Let the Albion and the Ptolemaios know about this situation at once!"

"Yes, Colonel!"

Chairman's Office, PLANT Supreme Council Building, Aprilius One, PLANT

Siegel was at his desk 24/7 ever since he was told that Lacus had done missing near the Debris Belt. ZAFT officers have told the man that there was nothing yet to show that she was alive or dead.

Oh dear Lacus... The mustached man was very hard. Worried so much that he would not take any calls or publicly speak to anyone outside the office until ZAFT could confirm her whereabouts.

"Chairman Clyne!" Siegel heard a voice from his intercom. "It's very urgent, sir!"

"What is it?" The PLANT Supreme Council chairman asked, when he pressed a button the intercom to reply.

"Sir, it's about your daughter."

Siegel could not believe the news. Was his daughter actually alive?

"The spaceport hailed a Junk Guild ship and they said that they're carrying your daughter as a passenger. Should I get some ZAFT soldiers to pick her up?"

"No! No!" The man quickly replied, already starting to stand up from his office chair. "I'll go and pick her up from the spaceport! Get a driver ready at once!"

"Understood, sir."

Bridge, MRS-70 Ptolemaios, somewhere in Lagrange 1, Space

Sumeragi had received a visual confirmation from the Argama that the shuttles are already in the atmosphere, heading towards Orb. With that in mind, she was sure that the GINNs wouldn't dare pursue them unless they wanted to die from extreme heat, which would destroy their mobile suits.

"What are the positions of the G mobile suits?" Sumeragi went to ask Christina and Feldt for updates.

"They're engaging the Titans fleet, Ms. Sumeragi." Christina told her. "It looks like they're trying to get to the Menelaos and take it down..."

"And the position of the ZAFT ships?"

"The Gamow and the Ziegler are positioned near the Titans fleet. The Vesalius is positioned behind the former."

"All right." Sumeragi nodded. "Inform Setsuna and Tieria to cover for Lockon and Allelujah. They'll need to take out the Ziegler."

"Yes, Ms. Sumeragi." Feldt replied. "Shall I inform the Albion and the Argama?"

"Please do."

Bridge, Menelaos, OMNI 8th Orbital Fleet/Titans 2nd Orbital Fleet and ZAFT fleet, somewhere in Lagrange 1, Space

Rear Admiral Halberton was feeling a bit annoyed from Secretary Allster, who was shouting at him to get the ship evacuated at once.

"Mr. Secretary." Halberton tried his best to put the fears of Secretary Allster at ease. "We already have the Titans protecting this goddamn fleet." He sighed. "And even with that, "M" had just intervened as well..."

"But this is ZAFT we're facing!" The Secretary shouted at the admiral. "They're even worse when OMNI fought against the Principality in the war!"

"Admiral!" A bridge crewman shouted. "One of the GINNs is approaching us!"

"Where are those Titans?" The admiral shouted in anger.

"They're busy engaging ZAFT forces, sir."

A GINN was now approaching the bridge of the Menelaos, intent on using its M68 "Cattus" 500mm Recoilless Rifle.

It would have been done if not for the intervention of Jerid and Kacricon, the latter scoring the hit that killed the ZAFT Green pilot by firing the beam rifle several times.

Near Menelaos, OMNI 8th Orbital Fleet/Titans 2nd Orbital Fleet and ZAFT fleet, somewhere in Lagrange 1, Space

"Heh. You see that, Jerid?" Kacricon boasted to his fellow Titans regarding his kill. "That dang Coordinator didn't even see me coming from a mile away."

"Yeah. I'm very impressed, Kacricon." Jerid said sarcastically when he sighted a team of six GM IIs, armed with either beam sabers or BOWA·BR-S-85-C2 beam rifles fending off GINNs and the Buster Gundam from attacking any more 8th Orbital Fleet ships. The blond man noted that while the GM IIs didn't have much of a problem fending off the GINNs by shooting one of them down, it was the Buster Gundam that was starting to be a nuisance with two of the GM IIs shot down by its 350mm Gun Launcher and 94mm High-energy Rifle.

"You guys!" Jerid hailed a team of five RMS-106 Hizack armed with BOWA BR-87A beam rifles at the ready. "Take care of protecting the Menelaos with any surviving GM IIs around here!"

"W-where are you going, sir?" One of the Hizack pilots hailed him in reply.

"To take care of an annoying fly buzzing around." Jerid replied before he told Kacricon. "Come on Kacricon, let's go!"

The two Titans officers maneuvered their Marasais to engage the Buster Gundam.

Bridge, MSC-07 Albion, somewhere in Lagrange 1, Space

"Colonel!" William called for Synapse in the bridge. "I'm getting a bit of a disturbance in the hangar."

Synapse was a bit alarmed and confused. "What do you mean, Lieutenant?"

"Captain Bendt wants to move out at once, but some of the maintenance crew are physically moving him away from his mobile suit."

"Never mind about it." Synapse sighed. "Tell everyone in the hangar that he and anyone else able to launch to deploy once I give the order. We're moving in to take out the Gamow and the Ziegler."

"Yes, Colonel!" Everyone in the bridge said in unison out loud.

Cabin, Enterprise-class Shuttle, en route to Earth

"I just hope no beam laser destroys the shuttle and cooks us alive in the atmosphere." Kuzzey muttered, feeling a bit worried that some mobile suit will do a cheap shot at them now that the shuttle is in the middle of the exosphere.

"I'm confident that Ms. Sumeragi's plans will keep us alive for a little longer, Kuzzey."

"You're on to talk, Kira. Always being the one willing to risk his life and all."

Wang and Hong wondered what the two were talking about.

"It... it's nothing you two." Kira tried to wave them off.

"Kuzzey." The Chinese socialite called for Kuzzey's attention. "Is there something that I should know about Kira?"

Nearby, Sai could only facepalm and wonder what Kuzzey is going to do to Kira.

Meanwhile, Mark decided to rest by leaning on his chair while placing his carbine at his lap, although he had the safety on and at the same time, his hands gripping the pistol and foregrips to make sure no one would dare snatch it away from him.

Any time now...

Cockpit, RGC-83 GM Cannon II Lucien Bendt Custom

"Now this is what I'm talking about."

Captain Lucien Bendt, a former officer with the Principality of Zeon's military and a known ace pilot, had just climbed into the cockpit of his custom GM Cannon II after wearing his white Mithril pilot suit and helmet. What makes this mobile suit stand out from the other GM Cannon IIs is with the colors applied to it, which has a blue and black zebra-like stripes for a paintjob in order to confuse mobile suit pilots whenever it sorties. In addition, the sensors and electronics have been modernized with its beam saber replaced with a heat hawk, courtesy of the Madorna Workshop.

On the other hand, the GM Cannon II custom is still armed with dual beam cannons on its back with the 90mm GM rifle as well, being its main weapons. But for this mission, Lucien chose not to arm himself with the rifle and instead, gave the order to the maintenance personnel that his mobile suit will use the heat hawk for close quarters. It was permanently attached on the left arm of his mobile suit.

"Pardon me folks." Lucien got on his comms after turning on the mobile suit's power. "But where's the other guy I'm suppose to be deploying with?"

"Don't worry, Captain. We've got someone who's going to sortie with you." William replied from the bridge.

A few minutes after Lucien's connection with the bridge, a new one started as he moved his mobile suit to the catapults.

"Second Lieutenant Chuck Keith reporting in, captain." Lucien saw a new screen appear in front of his console, seeing the blond Horn-rimmed glasses-wearing Mithril pilot at his cockpit with his white Mithril pilot suit and helmet on.

"Good to see you looking well, Lieutenant." Lucien tapped the screen for emphasis before he asked. "By the way, I know that 1st Lieutenant Kou Uraki is suppose to be around..."

"About that sir..." Chuck gave a nervous chuckle. "He got sick at the last minute after he ate something..."

"Carrots again?" Lucien sighed as he manipulated the GM Cannon II onto the catapult restraints, getting ready for the launch. "I swear that guy needs to appreciate them for his damn good."

A few seconds later, the catapult lights were lit on and a maintenance crewman gestured to him via light wands that it's clear to launch.

Here goes.

"Lucien Bendt, GM Cannon II Lucien Bendt Custom, heading out!"

Cockpit, GN-005 Gundam Virtue

Tieria and the other Ptolemaios Gundams were not having a problem holding off the GINNs trying to get a hold of the shuttles or with the 8th Orbital Fleet, except with a GINN that had been killed by Kacricon a while ago.

"I'm getting word from the Albion!" Allelujah made contact with Tieria, his face showing up on his console. "They should have their mobile suits on their way in a a few minutes!"

"Excellent..." Tieria said calmly. "Has everyone else been informed?"

"Yes. The Hyaku Shiki and the Rick Diases will stay behind to continue the fight against the G mobile suits."

"Very well."

Tieria ended contact with Allelujah, resuming his fire with the GN Cannons against the Blitz and the Aegis, as the two mobile suits now engaged them while being interrupted for blowing up a few ships of the 8th Orbital Fleets and some GM IIs.

There's still enough time. For now, we can stall the Aegis and Blitz until the Albion mobile suits can arrive.

Cockpit, GAT-X103 Buster Gundam

Dearka had fired both his Gun Launcher and High-energy Rifle against the GM IIs, followed by Jerid and Kacricon when they intervened to stop him from shooting down a Salamis-Kai ship that was assigned to the 8th Orbital Fleet.

"Goddamn Naturals." Dearka muttered, having a hard time fighting the Marasais considering that the pilots were from the Titans.



The blond ZAFT Red saw on his console that the Duel Gundam was coming to aid them.

"Where have you been, Yzak?"

"Apologies. Got a bit sidetracked by some mobile suits. They forced me to retreat."

"Can you still fight?"

"You bet I can."

The Duel Gundam came to the aid of the Buster Gundam, using his beam saber in a surprise attack when he sliced a GM II horizontally from the back.

Gate 1, ZAFT Spaceport, Aprilius One, PLANT



Siegel had been escorted by an armed ZAFT Green, rifle already slung on his right shoulder, when he was greeted by Lacus. She looked happy and well when he hugged her. The Professor and Liam were speaking to some ZAFT Green soldiers on clearance for their vessel to take off at any time.

"I'm happy that you're alive, Lacus."

Lacus smiled and gestured to the Junk Guild members. "I know, papa. But you should thank them for that."

"I know, Lacus." Siegel placed a comforting arm around her shoulders while he approached the Professor and Liam. He then greeted them. "Greetings. On behalf of all the PLANTs, I'd like to extend my thanks for saving my daughter."

"It's not a problem, sir." Liam replied. "We were there to help her when she needed it."

"I know. But to think that the Junk Guild was able to save my daughter." Siegel insisted. "If I were to loose her right now."

The Professor noted that the PLANT Supreme Council Chairman was about to break down in tears. The glasses-wearing scientists comforted him. "Sir, it's good to know that you're reunited with your daughter. We should be on our way."

Siegel nodded. "Thank you. Thank you for all that you've done."

The mustached man shook hands with the Professor and Liam, but the former spoke up.

"There's one more thing I need to point out."


"The ones who saved your daughter, who was most likely trapped in a PLANT-made rescue pod, was an operative from Mithril. He does want to remain nameless since he doesn't want to take the credit.

"Mithril?" Siegel said, somehow thinking that he knows the name. "Well regardless, you may leave at any time you're ready. ZAFT will cooperate in anything you need."

Such a familiar name. Are they the same ones that died from the end of the Cold War?

"Yes, sir." Liam replied. "We'll just need to be resupplied with fuel."

"Of course." Siegel instructed the ZAFT Greens to help the Junk Guild members in getting their ship ready. They saluted before Siegel left the spaceport with his daughter.

Cockpit, GAT-X207 Blitz Gundam

Nicol was certainly not having a good day aside from Yzak and surely Athrun and Dearka.

He used the Blitz's beam saber in defending himself against an attack from the Gundam Exia, whose GN-made beam saber was certainly a lot stronger than his. The green-haired ZAFT Red backed off, thanks to support from the Aegis Gundam when it fired its beam rifle to make the Exia back off.

"Athrun." Nicol contacted him. "I don't think we're going to do well for this sortie."

"I get that feeling." Athrun replied, sharing the same sentiment. "Considering that their mobile suits are way more advanced than ours."

"What do we do? They're too good and better than the G mobile suits we got and I just got contact from Dearka and Yzak that they're being held off by the Titans, most likely by their ace pilots."

Nicol didn't have the leisure to get a reply as he had to clash beam sabers with the Exia. He could get visual confirmation that the Gundam Dynames was using its GN Sniper Rifle to force Athrun to get away from Nicol.

Bridge, Menelaos, OMNI 8th Orbital Fleet/Titans 2nd Orbital Fleet and ZAFT fleet, somewhere in Lagrange 1, Space

"Admiral! We're getting a video message from the Archangel!"

"Put it on..."

Halberton had just finished calming down Secretary Allster when he asked an OMNI soldier to put him in a room to at least alleviate his fears of space combat. He frowned when he saw Murrue's face on screen.

"Is something the matter, Lieutenant Ramius?"

"Admiral, I'm imploring you to let us leave and head for JOSH-A."

Halberton was a bit confused by her request.

"The real reason why those ZAFT ships are here is because of us." Murrue began to reason with him. "And they won't stop until this ship is destroyed. If they'll destroy the entire 8th Orbital Fleet, they'll do it."

Hoffman began to voice his own thoughts. "Sir. While she may have a point, I think we should forget about this. After all, the others in the fleet will think they ran off to Alaska to save themselves."

Halberton thought about Murrue's reason on why she should get the Archangel to immediately leave.

I see that you haven't changed a bit ever since you entered and graduated from the academy, Murrue Ramius.

Bridge, OMNIS Archangel, near OMNI 8th Orbital Fleet/Titans 2nd Orbital Fleet and ZAFT fleet, somewhere in Lagrange 1, Space

"What now?" Arnold said, waiting for a decision from the Admiral.

"If this was worst silence ever..." Mu murmured a bit, only for him and Arnold to hear. "You should've seen my high school prom. Oh boy, one of the guys said something dumb when he was assigned to be the MC. Something dumb that I don't want to remember."

Murrue was insistent that she didn't back down when she saw the Admiral stare back at her in return.

"Very well. I'll give authorization to begin the descent at once."

Murrue could only smile.

"You haven't changed a bit at all, Lieutenant Ramius."

"Thank you very much, Admiral."

Murrue and the entire bridge crew saluted. "It's an honor to fly alongside the 8th Orbital Fleet, albeit briefly."

"Same here, Lieutenant." The Admiral returned the salute. "After all, we should be all right. The Titans and most likely "M" will cover your descent."

When communication ended, Murrue saw that Hizacks were backing the GM IIs in keeping the G mobile suits and GINNs off, although both sides were getting some casualties. What she didn't know was that Mithril mobile suits were doing most of the work for them.

She also caught a glimpse of the Ptolemaios' Gundams passing by after temporarily breaking off the fight with the Aegis and the Blitz.

Cockpit, MSN-00100 Hyaku Shiki

"Sir!" Quattro noted that Apolly made contact with him. "Got word from the Argama. Shuttles should be safely traveling to Orb now. And Major Noriega's plan is working towards phase 2."

"Understood, Apolly."

The blond man noted while he destroyed a GINN by slicing it from top to bottom with its beam saber, remembering that the attacks on the GINNs and protecting the shuttles were phase 1. Phase 2 was the plan to strike at the heart of the ZAFT fleet in order to drive them away.

For now, he and his wingmen were content to destroy GINN after GINN. Despite that the fact that the Mithril pilots were Naturals, years of training and hard work when they were still with the Principality of Zeon's Space Attack Force made them veterans in their own field that they could contend with Coordinators.

It's up to the Albion and the Ptolemaios to finish things off while the others and I cover their flanks. The GINNs present should be decreasing by now, leaving the G mobile suits left from the Vesalius.

Quattro fired the Hyaku Shiki's beam rifle at an incoming GINN, disabling it after destroying its head module before Roberto came in and used the Rick Dias' beam pistol to finish it off while the ZAFT Green pilot was left literally in the dark due to an absence of the camera since it was destroyed with the head module.


Quattro turned the Hyaku Shiki and saw a couple of Hizacks foolishly try to attack him from the back with their beam saber.

"Stupid Titans..." The blond murmured, cutting them down with the mobile suit's beam saber from the waist like they were nothing.

"Let's go!" Quattro called for Apolly and Roberto. "We need to keep the G mobile suits busy!"

The Hyaku Shiki moved in to cover for the Ptolemaios Gundams, engaging the Blitz while the Rick Dias engaged the Aegis Gundam. The two were later joined by Emma's Rick Dias and the Gundam Mark II.

Somewhere near the Gamow and Ziegler, near OMNI 8th Orbital Fleet/Titans 2nd Orbital Fleet, somewhere in Lagrange 1, Space

The Gamow and the Ziegler were alerted to the incoming approach of the Ptolemaios Gundams alongside the GM Cannon II Lucien Bendt Custom and the RX-77D Guncannon Mass Production Type, which had gray colors. It was also armed with a 90mm machine gun in addition to its dual 60mm vulcan gun and 200mm cannons.

"So a gray-colored mobile suit?" Lucien couldn't help, but comment at Chuck's mobile suit colors. "There was one mobile suit team that had the colors. And that honor goes to the White Dingo team."

"Just my way of paying homage to them." Chuck chuckled nervously.

"Has this man piloted before?" Tieria made contact with Lucien, wondering about the Guncannon's pilot.

"Oh yeah." Lucien told Tieria, being serious. "This guy fought under the Albion during Operation Stardust."

"I shall see if he does have that same fighting spirit."

"Don't let the guy get to ya." Lockon was next to talk to Lucien. "He just wants to get upset with others after finding the right reason or so."

Lucien chuckled at Lockon's suggestion. "That's very interesting."

"Heads up!" Chuck hailed all the mobile suits involved. "We're near the Gamow and the Ziegler."

"Looks like it's time to target and fire." Lockon boasted. "Haro, make sure GN particle dispersion is set by the time the action starts."

"Well, what do you know?"

Lucien shook his head when he was the first mobile suit to be near the Gamow and the Ziegler. He saw that at least six GINNs were defending the two ships. With no G mobile suit in sight.

"The Ptolemaios mentioned that 90% of the GINNs are destroyed in the initial attack." Lockon told the mobile suit pilots. "Looks like our blitzkrieg paid off."

"Was it our work or did the Titans did some work as well?" Allelujah asked Lockon.

"Most likely."

The GM Cannon II Lucien Bendt Custom and the Guncannon Mass Production Type positioned themselves near the Gamow and the Ziegler so that they won't be in their firing range.

"Let's do this!" Lockon yelled, using the GN Sniper Rifle to fire at the GINNs in order to harass them. Tieria supported him with the GN Bazooka and the GN Cannons to do the same thing.

Setsuna and Allelujah began their approach toward the Ziegler. Allelujah had changed the form of his mobile suit from fighter to mobile suit mode before using the Kyrio's GN Submachine gun to take down a MA-M3 Heavy Sword-armed GINN. Setsuna confronted a MMI-M8A3 machine gun-wielding GINN and immediately responded by using the Exia's GN Sword to stab it before using the GN Beam Saber to slice the mobile suit diagonally.

"Bombard the Ziegler, Lieutenant Keith! Hit the ship's hangar and weapons!"

"Yes, sir!"

Lucien and Chuck went to work at once after the Exia and Kyrios cleared the way for them to attack. The two used their mobile suit's shoulder-mounted cannons in unison to take out the Ziegler's hangar.

"The hangar's gone!" Lucien began to speak to Chuck. "Now we need to take out the bridge!"


Chuck fired the first few volleys from the Guncannon Mass Production Type's dual cannons, hitting one of the Ziegler's 450mm railguns.

"Dammit..." Lucien turned around to see a two GINNs coming to intercept Lucien and Chuck. The Gundam Dynames intercepted them by firing the GN Sniper Rifle.

"I got this covered!" Lockon told Lucien. "Just concentrate on disabling the ships!"

Bridge, ZMS Ziegler, near OMNI 8th Orbital Fleet/Titans 2nd Orbital Fleet, somewhere in Lagrange 1, Space

"Sir! One of our railguns is destroyed!"

The bridge crew informed the Ziegler's CO that the railgun was destroyed by Chuck's Guncannon Mass Production Type after the hangar was destroyed thanks to him and Lucien's GM Cannon II Lucien Bendt Custom, forcing him to give the order to detach the destroyed hangar as it was a lost cause. As he gave the order to continue firing the remaining weapons at the cannon-equipped mobile suits, they responded by dodging them while bombarding the ship with cannon shot after cannon shot to harass them.

"What the?"

The next thing the captain knew, he saw the Gundams Exia and Kyrios rush in towards the bridge after the GINNs meant to protect the Gamow and the Ziegler were permanently wiped out.

Even with the Gamow helping us keep those mobile suits off us, they're just too good.

Bridge, ZMS Gamow, near OMNI 8th Orbital Fleet/Titans 2nd Orbital Fleet, somewhere in Lagrange 1, Space

Everyone on the Gamow's bridge watched as the Gundams Exia and Kyrios attacked the bridge, which led to the destruction of the Ziegler.

"Sir!" A communications officer on the bridge shouted to the Gamow's CO. "The Vesalius is hailing us!"

"Get them connected!"

"How's everything there?" The face of Ades appeared on screen.

The ship shook for a few seconds before the captain replied. "Not good. With the Ziegler gone and most of the GINNs wiped out, it'll be a matter of time before we're next. I'm getting reports that the G mobile suits are being held up by the Titans and these mobile suits..."

Some more shaking was felt on the bridge, followed by shouting from the bridge crew that there was major damage on the ship's portside engines due to the cannon bombardment. Another yelled out from the CIC that parts of the mobile suit catapult and the 937mm dual high-energy cannon have sustained major damage from the attack from the Ptolemaios' Gundam after Gundam Kyrios used the GN Submachine Gun to cause the damage with the Gundam Exia using its blades to disable the cannon, followed by the destruction of its other weapon systems.

"This is bad indeed." Ades replied just as the Gamow shook again with the Gundam Dynames firing its GN Sniper Rifle to take out some of the 58mm CIWS after it took out the GINNs previously with Gundam Virtue.

"Commander Le Creuset has decided to call on a retreat effective immediately..."

Bridge, OMNIS Archangel, en route to Earth

Murrue had just given the order for everyone to begin course for JOSH-A when she was informed by CIC that the Ziegler was destroyed in an attack.

"Does anyone know who did that?" Murrue asked as the Archangel had already started its descent to Alaska with the course already set.

"It seems that M was responsible for that." Natarle told Murrue. "I think it's possible that they did that to remove the pressure from wiping either us and/or the shuttles out permanently."

"Well I'm sure that partially did that out of kindness of their hearts."

"Now we just pray and hope we make it to Alaska in one piece." Mu told Murrue, turning his helmsman chair so that he can face her.

"Indeed you're right, Lieutenant La Flaga." The brown-haired woman sighed, preparing to brace from the heat of the atomospheric reentry. "Get the Ablative Gel ready!"

"Understood, captain!"

Command Center, Mithril Freiceadan Base, Lagrange 4, somewhere in space

Cheering erupted throughout the base after they were told by the Ptolemaios that the shuttles are already on their way to Orb with the refugees and Kira and the other Mithril agents.

"Sir." An operator spoke to Kowen, who was watching events unfold alongside a few senior Mithril officers. "The Ziegler has been successfully destroyed by Gundams Exia and Kyrios."

Blex commented to Kowen. "At least this'll take the heat of the shuttles and to the Archangel, general."

"I agree." Kowen agreed with Kowen's assessment of the situation.

"Sir." Berserk spoke to the African-American officer. "What are you going to do next?"

"What else?" Kowen smiled at Berserk. "It's about time we reveal ourselves to the world after years of preparation from Mithril's disestablishment from the end of the Cold War."

"Won't it make us an easy target, general?"

"It could... But on the other hand, it should let the Titans and the likes of Blue Cosmos know that we're serious in eliminating them since they're hostile to the Universal Era."

"Well, it could give us some publicity. I just hope we won't be targeted all the time..."

"It's not like we're going to reveal our names now, would we?"

Blex gave the instructions to the operators to hack into the 8th Orbital Fleet and the Titans 2nd Orbital Fleet and relay to news stations around the Earth and to the colonies via a pre-recorded message.

Somewhere in the OMNI 8th Orbital Fleet/Titans 2nd Orbital Fleet, somewhere in Lagrange 1, Space

Yzak's surprise attack on one of the GM IIs has allowed Dearka to use the Buster Gundam's Gun Launcher and High-energy Rifle to destroy two more GM IIs before he combined them to the Anti-Armor Shotgun to take out a few Titans Magellan/Salamis-Kai ships and a few Drake and Nelson ships from the 8th Orbital Fleet since the Duel Gundam was covering him.

The Aegis had joined in to attack the Marasais with the Blitz. But more Hizacks and another Marasai came along, attacking the Buster Gundam by using its beam saber to cut off one of its shoulder-mounted missile pods.

"Shit..." Dearka muttered. "Guys, the Titans are getting more reinforcements."

A few more minutes laters, Titans mobile suits could see flares fired from the Vesalius.

"Dammit! We need to move! It's the retreat signal from the Vesalius!" Nicol told his ZAFT Red teammate, telling them to retreat.

"Dearka, cover us!" Athrun gave the order, being the most senior ZAFT Red soldier.

"Right!" Dearka fired all the missiles from the right shoulder missile pod and the Anti-Armor Shotgun to harass the Titans mobile suits, making sure that the Aegis, Blitz and the Duel Gundams were already retreating. When they were retreating at a certain distance, Dearka manipulated the Buster Gundam to follow the three G mobile suits with three surviving GINNs firing their M8A3s to cover the Buster Gundam's retreat before they retreated last.

"It's good to see that those Marasais are doing so well." The pilot of the third Marasai told Jerid and Kacricon.

"Major Bader." Jerid greeted the third Marasai pilot. "It's good to see you around here."

"And the same as well." Major Ewen Bader replied to Jerid's greeting. "If it weren't for those GINNs that tried to blitz towards the Alexandria, I could have been here to help you guys defend the 8th Orbital Fleet with the GM IIs." He then looked around to see that some of the 8th Orbital Fleet ships were destroyed.

"Major." Kacricon addressed Ewen. "Do we have any casualties?"

"30% of our mobile suits were taken out in the initial attack. Most of the casualties were done by the G mobile suits." Ewen explained before he continued. "However, 10% of our fleet were shot down by the same G mobile suits with those GINNs having heavy weapons."

"Looks like we're doing better." Jerid remarked sarcastically.

"I can't say the same for those with the 8th Orbital Fleet." Ewen said with a snark. "Word I got is that they suffered a lot of destroyed mobile suits and ships."

"I guess they ought to be incorporated with the Titans." Kacricon said with a chuckle. "That way, they can fight a whole lot better than us."

As the three Marasais headed back to the Titans fleet, they were unaware that Mithril has began to broadcast their presence to the ships, the colonies and to the power blocs of their "return" to the Universal Era.

They also didn't notice the Mithril mobile suits withdrawing back to their respective ships before they traveled back to their Freiceadan Base.

Chief Representative's Office, Olofat, United Emirates of Orb

Uzumi Nara Attha, the United Emirate of Orb's current Chief Representative, was busy with paperwork when an aide came into his office and informed him that the Orb News Channel was beginning to show a video sent to them from an unknown source.

Uzumi nodded and told the aide that he had turned on the HD TV in his office, already tuned in to the ONC.

"The station has just received an unknown video from an anonymous source, intending to claim responsibility for some of the events that have taken place in the Universal Era..."

The bearded politician watched as the East Asian-looking reporter began the broadcast of a video that would show Mithril's return to the world after years of being hidden from the rest of the world.

What interested Uzumi was the video showed the silhouette of a person sitting on a desk. The person's facial features and clothes were completely masked by the dark thanks to the silhouette in order to prevent anyone from identifying the person.

"People of the Earth sphere and the colonies," The person began the video, making a gesture towards the camera by raising his left arm towards it. As usual, his hand was covered in the dark. "the organization known as M has officially returned after years of being under ruin from the Anno Domini Era."

So is this what you're doing Mithril? Letting people know that there's someone who's willing to fight for them like what you did in the Cold War?

Bridge, TS Alexandria, Titans 2nd Orbital Fleet, somewhere in Lagrange 1, Space

"While we began to reform ourselves, we were also observing the community at large to see if you would progress after space colonization has begun. But to our dismay, we were wrong."

Jamaican yelled out to the bridge crew to have the video feed cut off from the ship effective immediately. The mustached man became very furious when he was told by the crew that they couldn't find a way to disconnect the video from all of their screens on the Alexandria.

Major Gady Kinsey, captain of the Alexandria, began to inquire with the other ships in the Titans fleet if they had the same message.

To the major's dismay, he was told that the other ships were having the same video feed.

"This won't end well with Commander Bask." Gady groaned after giving the order for the entire Titans fleet to return once all major repairs to any surviving Titans ships were completed from prior engagements with the GINNs and the G mobile suits. He also gave the order to any Titans ship in the fleet to return back to base if and when it is deemed necessary.

Meanwhile, Jamaican was still continuing shouting at the bridge crew to cut the video feed at once. Even if they have to do anything that would ruin most of the ship's electronics.

Bridge, Menelaos, OMNI 8th Orbital Fleet, somewhere in Lagrange 1, Space

Halberton watched the video feed from the bridge when he was informed by Hoffman that Secretary Allster's presence is needed back to the moon in order to ensure his safety.

"Do that, Hoffman." Halberton sighed after hearing what Hoffman had said. "Do that."

"At once, Admiral."

"Not only did the various Solars Wars took place in addition to the third World War, but most of the power blocs had taken advantage of the advent of solar energy by economically degrading the Middle East. Among them included is the Kingdom of Azadistan and the former Republic of Krugis."

Bridge, OMNIS Archangel, en route to Earth

Murrue and everyone else on the bridge were able to catch some of the video feed broadcasted by Mithril a while ago.

"The worst thing that M has seen from man is the formation of anti-Coordinator/Spacenoid terrorist groups such as the like of Blue Cosmos and the Purists, both advocating for a blue and pure world."

Murrue and Natarle saw the dark-clad person point an accusing finger towards the screen.

"You purists claim that by killing off Coordinators and Spacenoids that you can bring a balance to the world. But instead, your actions bring about only hate and misery."

"Well said..." Mu couldn't help, but agree with the person's comments regarding the status of the world. "Well said indeed."

In another hour or so, the Archangel is due to arrive at JOSH-A.

Princess Marina Ismail's Office, Azadistan Royal Palace, Tehran, Azadistan, Middle Eastern Union

"Your very actions alone in this era are a hypocrisy alone. Shame on you for killing innocent Coordinators and Spacenoids who wish to live in peace. Shame on you for being the masterminds on the attack towards PLANT and Zeon civilian colonies with nuclear weapons."

"It seems that my sources in the intelligence community have confirmed it right."

Shirin Bakhtiar, the first female Prime Minister of Azadistan and the political adviser of Her Royal Highness Marina Ismail, had commented regarding the news broadcast that she was watching from the Azadistan News Channel.

"What do you mean, Shirin?"

Marina questioned what Shirin had said, seeing her prime minister filled with confidence.

"For the fact that the video showed that Mithril was able to prevent some of the more serious terror attacks from happening, such as the attempted attacks on peace talks between the UN and the Principality of Zeon alongside the PLANT."

"Will Mithril be able to help us solve our problems?"

"That..." Shirin sighed, fixing her glasses. "is one thing that I'm not sure of at this moment."

Conference Room, Bern House, Bern, Bern-Mittelland, Switzerland, European Federation

"Just the very idea that your actions will bring a natural balance to the world will not work with us."

Treize was present in the conference room alongside Zechs Marquise, Lucrezia Noin and Valder Farkill alongside a few senior OZ officers. They were all gathered after being told of the broadcast being done by Mithril worldwide, which they were still watching while seeing the figure place his dark hand back on the table.

"This won't do!" protested an OZ officer. "If they intervene in any events that we consider as our own affairs, they'll be in violation of our sovereignty!"

"But Mithril has done this back in the Cold War after the end of the 1st Gulf War due to the use of nuclear weapons." Another OZ officer pointed out. "Surely they'll do the same in intervening in our affairs, regardless if we want it or not."

"I don't know really." Valder smirked while watching Mithril's broadcast. "I do like to see how far they'll go to be the world peacekeeper and continue the work of their AD predecessors."

"What will happen next?" Lucrezia asked Zechs, who looked really interested while watching the broadcast.

"I don't know Noin." Zechs replied to the black-haired woman. "I honestly don't know yet."

Treize was fascinated with the way the person had spoken on the television.

And thus Mithril reveals itself unofficially to the world.

National Defense Office, PLANT Supreme Council Building, Aprilius One, PLANT

"Right now, we intend to watch you very closely to make sure that you don't attempt to kill innocent Coordinators and Spacenoids through genocide. But you people aren't the only ones we want to keep an eye on. This message also extends to those in the colonies who intend on doing the same thing."

Patrick felt a headache going on while watching the Mithril broadcast while he was in his office, preparing a speech. When he heard the phone ring, the politician picked up the wireless phone handle and answered the call.

"Yes? Yes?" Patrick turned the office chair around and stood up, looking outside. "Yes, I've seen the broadcast."

The man raised an eyebrow. "You want me to look outside? But what for, Chairman Clyne?"

Patrick sighed and gave in, looking outside the window of his office. Since the Supreme Council Building was located near the downtown district, he was able to see the crowds cheering and applauding when they were watching the large TV screen in front of a diagonal crossing.

"I see. So Mithril has returned. And it seems you were right on your hunch when they prevented the attack on the Granada peace conference years ago."

Will Mithril stand back if and when I call on the use of the GENESIS system to deliver rightful retribution to the Naturals responsible for hurting us and our Spacenoid comrades in Side 3?

Zum City Palace, Zum City, Side 3

President Leopold Fieseler had been in his office working on documents on a planned meeting with several ambassadors in Zum City. He remembered that he needed to see the news, which helps him work better in planning out the next few days. In doing so, the man turned on the HD TV and watched the ZeoNet Channel 2 news broadcast. The president was in time to catch up with the broadcast.

"We will fight for those who are defenseless. We will fight for those who are left helpless. We will fight for those who have been wronged."

"I know that you'll do just that, Mithril." Leopold whispered, seeing the the male news broadcaster showing a video feed of people cheering in the streets to the Mithril broadcast.

"You guys may be the only ones who I can consider to be righteous."

Oval Office, West Wing, White House, Washington DC, Maryland, United States of America, Atlantic Federation

President Copeland of the Atlantic Federation and Murata Azrael, a businessman representing the interests of the Azrael Conglomerate when they were interrupted by Mithril's broadcast for the past few minutes.

"This means that we will not take anyone's side. If we have to, we will intervene and fight against both sides to prevent unnecessary bloodshed from occurring any further."

"It looks like Mithril is really serious about tackling any anti-Coordinator/Spacenoid sentiment here on Earth." Copeland told Murata.

"But Mr. President, I thought Mithril was a myth made up from when the Cold War was taking place between the West and the East." Murata told Copeland, apparently not knowing about Mithril.

Copeland sighed and told Murata since it appeared that he didn't understand. "No, Mr. Azrael. I can assure you that Mithril's back in the game and that they're real. And it appears that they'll be taking on the anti-Coordinator/Spacenoid terrorism."

Murata sighed after hearing the president, subconsciously almost snapping the pen he was holding into two with his right thumb.

Hemicycle Room, Paul-Henri Spaak Building, Espace Léopold, Brussels, Belgium, European Federation

"M's policy will be one for neutrality. But we will take action and cooperate with anyone who needs our assistance if such a scenario happens, just like what we have done in the past."

Several European Federation politicians debated among themselves if it's good for Mithril to "come out" and reveal themselves to the world, especially in the wake of the aftermath of the One Year Bloody War.

So far, there is no consensus among them on where the EF should stand in regards to the Mithril broadcast.

It would certainly take a while because the EF politicians would continue to debate on the matter in the Espace Léopold for another day or so until the matter can be resolved.

President's Office, Zhongnanhai, Beijing, China, Human Reform League

"From this point on, your actions will determine if we need to be out there or not. Choose your next moves carefully."

President Luo Zhubin, who was also the General Secretary of the Communist Party of China, watched the video feed of the Mithril broadcast from his office. The 54-year old man with a crew cut haircut, due to his long time service with the Human Reform League military, was a bit nervous about the group's return to the Universal Era.

Mithril has come back publicly to an era when most people would not expect them.

The president hummed to himself after thinking about the possibilities of working with Mithril, considering that they are helping the United States of South American president hide in HRL territory.

But will they be hailed as heroes or as villains? This question could be answered depending on how Mithril responds to the various tensions around the world like in the Middle East.

"Excuse me, sir."

President Luo's attention was brought towards the door to his office, which was opened up. His aide, who looked to be in his 40s with East Asian looks, wore a black suit and red necktie with a white dress shirt and black oxford shoes. This was in contrast to the president, who looked the same except that he had a blue striped necktie on."

"Yes, what is it?"

"The media's been waiting to see if you're going to make a statement."

"And the same thing's happening in other countries?"

The aide nodded.

"I'll probably get our spokesperson for this matter in the meantime."

"I'll speak to her right away."

Titans Commander's Office, Gate of Zedan, Lagrange 3, Space

Bask Om was very angry when he watched the Mithril broadcast in his office via HD TV from start to finish.

"Those..." The googles-wearing Titans officer snarled out. "Those bastardsssss!"

He then grabbed the nearest thing he could to satisfy his frustration.

In this case, it was Bask's empty shot glass.


Bask began to shout a lot of foul words after he hurled the shot glass at the HD TV Screen. The screen wasn't broken and instead, the shot glass was the only casualty.

Bask's loud shouting was heard nearly throughout the Gate of Zedan that no one bothered to visit him, especially if he needed to do something important.

Arrivals Area, Olofat International Airport, Olofat, United Emirates of Orb

Orb Metropolitan Police Force officers began to seal off a portion of the Olofat International Airport's arrivals area as the OMNI Enterprise-class shuttles were now arriving. Airport personnel began preparations to have the jet bridge connected to a shuttle once it has successfully landed.

Police officers and security guards worked together in keeping most of the media at bay in order to give the area some space once the refugees begin departing from the shuttles. They were under strict orders not to let any reporter approach a Heliopolis refugees and ask them questions. This was done so that they could have some privacy.

At least until they can get out of the area.

Civilians were barred from entering the sealed off section of the arrivals area until the refugees were able to leave the shuttles.

The photographers began to snap photos of the refugees leaving the shuttles with Mark leading them out. Being mindful of his status with Mithril, he had used his hands to get the photographers to stop taking photos of them (and to stop taking photos of his face since he didn't want his face to be in the media). The police officers assisted him by keeping the photographers at bay and at the same time, help Mark escort the refugees out of the arrivals area.

"Nice to see you among the living." The officer told Mark, who was an East Asian woman in her 20s with short black hair.

"I know." Mark replied to the female officer. "After this gig is over, I'm planning to go home and sleep."

"Good luck then. I heard that you're going to be given some time off."

"Wow. Glad to hear that. It'll save me some time at least for some R&R."

Waiting Room, Olofat International Airport, Olofat, United Emirates of Orb

Kira, Sai and Kuzzey settled down in the waiting room while Mark was summoned to speak to a high-ranking Orb Metropolitan Police Force officer regarding his current situation. Mir was left with Tolle, the latter consoling the former. Flay had been picked up from the airport by a family friend, saying her goodbyes to him and the others before the red-haired girl left.

"What date is it today?" Sai groaned, feeling relaxed when he sat down.

Kuzzey went to check his Iphone's calendar. "Let's see. It was January 6 of 0071 when we had to evacuate from Heliopolis." The black-haired teenager checked the calendar. "And it's been 5 to 6 days now. So it's... January 12."

"That long huh?" Kira murmured. "And what now? We're here back on Earth and we're due to submit our reports."

Suddenly, a security guard bumped into Kuzzey while he was on roving patrol.

"Sorry there." The guard apologized to Kuzzey, making sure that he didn't trip. He then excused himself and went back to work.

"Hm?" Sai grabbed what appeared to be a folded piece of paper placed on Kuzzey's right leg. "What is this?"

The glasses-wearing teenager unfolded the paper and read its content before showing it to Kira and Kuzzey.

Pack the place up. Everything else will be arranged ASAP.

Chapter 11 END

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