Mobile Suit Gundam/Kido Senshi Gundam: Peacekeepers

By: Ominae

Rating: T


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Kira and the others have begun their journey back to Mithril's Freiceadan Base in Lagrange 4. What await the four-man team in their return? Stay tune to this chapter to find out.

Chapter 13: Returning Back

Cabin, Enterprise-class passenger Shuttle, en route to Mithril Freiceadan Base, somewhere between Lagrange 1 and 4, Space

The journey Kira and company were making from Tenchu to Mithril's Freiceadan Base went well so far without any problems. Aside from the general boredom of having to wait for at least around a few more days, give or take.

"How much longer now?" Mark groaned out, feeling bored from space travel.

"We've been out here for at least almost two days, mate." Sai tried to reassure Mark in his seat next to him.

"I know." Mark sighed. "I just feel bored right now aside from sitting down and doing nothing."

"Hey Mr. MIB!" Kuzzey called for the man's attention, who was speaking to a shuttle engineer. In response, the man was feeling very upset of being called as a MIB.

"I am..." The shades-wearing man began to address Kuzzey. "not... an... MIB!"

"Sure, sure." Kuzzey waved him off. "How much longer now?"

"We're almost there. The shuttle should be at Freiceadan by the end of the day." The man took a glance at his wristwatch. "Hopefully before evening." Although I'm not sure what time zone the base is using again.

"Now it makes me wonder if we can pass the time..." Kira mumbled, standing up from his seat to get his backpack/rolling bag.

"Whatcha doing?" Sai asked Kira when he caught a glance of him standing up.


Command Center, Mithril Freiceadan Base, Lagrange 4, Space

"What's the ETA on the shuttle?"

"Approximately 5 hours and 29 minutes, Colonel Berserk."

Berserk had stayed in the command center ever since he got word that Kira and the others have boarded a shuttle and were already on the way back to Freiceadan that he oversaw operations to make sure the four-man team were safe. The only times he left is when he either needed to eat, head to the toilet or just head to his quarters and go to sleep. The special forces veteran had been receiving updates from the operator androids working on the consoles, especially in keeping track of the shuttle and on the ETA (with some adjustments if needed).

"Keep me updated if there are other changes."

"Yes, Colonel."

Berserk went to sit down on an unused conference table, intending on continuing on the paperwork he brought with him so that he won't need to run between his office and the command center. Among the documents he had to read was the immediate transfer of Kira, Sai, Kuzzey and Mark to the new Mithril ship the organization was going to commission into service very soon.

"I just hope those boys can handle it with a new commanding officer once they get transferred at once..."

Nearby, the digital clocks showed that the ETA for the shuttle was 5 hours and 22 minutes.

It's a long wait from here.

Corridor, somewhere in Mithril Freiceadan Base, Lagrange 4, Space

Kamille was traveling on a moving sidewalk somewhere in one of Freiceadan's corridors. He had just concluded lunch with Fa and Emma, the former reminding him to be more cautious of his health since he had been deployed in a few missions with the Argama.


The Green Noa I native gritted his teeth in frustration, still remembering the time he fought Jerid in a mobile suit after watching both his parents get killed in action. While it had been a while since the two saw each other in combat, it was still too familiar of a feeling for Kamille. The doctors were amazed that he didn't develop any symptoms of PTSD despite being a witness to such a tragic event.

"Kamille Bidan."

Kamille saw that Setsuna had called him out, meeting him in a three-way intersection.

"Ah, Setsuna."

"Are you alright?"

"Huh... Oh! Don't worry about me, Setsuna. I'm alright."

The Krugis native eyed Kamille carefully from head to toe.

"You don't seem to be very sure of yourself."

Kamille was a bit alarmed by what Setsuna said.

"I-I'm alright." The young 2nd Lieutenant said before he told him. "I need to head back to my quarters and get some rest."

Setsuna watched Kamille use the moving sidewalk, heading towards the residential area of Freiceadan.

"You seem to have given Kamille a bad nerve or something."

Setsuna turned to see Allelujah approaching him from the back.

"Allelujah Haptism."

"Anyway, been receiving word that Kira and company are suppose to be back after 5 hours."

Setsuna nodded.

"Do we have a mission yet, Allelujah?"

"Not yet, Setsuna. Right now, it's a good chance for us to have a break."


The two Mithril SRT operators were traveling in a moving sidewalk towards another part of the base.

Interrogation Room #1, Mithril Freiceadan Base, Lagrange 4, Space

Alice awaited the return of Rusty, who was brought back with a blindfold to cover his eyes. His hands and feet with cuffed while being escorted by armed Mithril soldiers. This was decided upon by Colonel Berserk, being aware of Rusty's Coordinator origins and to be on the safe side.

"Leave him be." The ex-OMNI officer told the soldiers. They nodded and left the interrogation room, leaving her and the ZAFT Red alone inside, although the two were being watched in another room by intelligence officers and analysts through a two-way mirror. The soldiers took off the blindfold after getting Rusty to sit down in a chair.

Rusty stayed silent when the armed soldiers left.

"Well, Mr. Mackenzie?" Alice questioned Rusty.

Rusty was confused. "Well what?"

"I am asking about your involvement with the destruction of Heliopolis..."

Rusty sighed, feeling frustrated. "Look lady. I only followed orders to either steal or destroy the mobile suits the Orban government made in cooperation with OMNI thanks to some intel we got from a double agent."

At the mention of "double agent", this made Alice very curious. "Hm..."

"Does that convince you now?"

"Perhaps. But do go on. You mentioned about this double agent."

"I don't know the details really. All I've been told is that the double agent was able to acquire information from the top brass in OMNI. I swear."

"Is that it?"

"Yeah. That's all I know."

"I see. For now, you'll be taken back to your cell while I speak to my commanding officer about this."'

"Dammit. Not again."

Cabin, Enterprise-class passenger Shuttle, en route to Mithril Freiceadan Base, somewhere between Lagrange 1 and 4, Space

"We should be nearing Freiceadan in a few hours' time."

Kira had been informed that the shuttle would be arriving at their base shortly.

"Good to hear." The Coordinator said after hearing the announcement.

"Will the general come to see us?" Sai asked the shades-wearing man.

"I'm not sure."

"What?! That can't be right, Mr. MIB." Kuzzey glared at the man.

The shades-wearing man wanted to approach and strangle Kuzzey for using such a name. It was a good thing that Kira and Sai were on hand to restrain him before things went too far.

"Come on Kuzzey..." Mark sighed and reprimanded him. "You know it's better to antagonize someone from intelligence."

"Sure. And they're also known for not being nice to us at times."

"Still it doesn't give you the right to make things worse."

Kuzzey ignored the last comment as he decided to take a nap, knowing that they won't arrive at Freiceadan for a few more hours.

Command Center, Mithril Freiceadan Base, Lagrange 4, Space

Berserk checked the digital clock after he yawned, feeling tired from doing work. He saw that four hours are left, although he can't tell how much minutes are left since he needed to rub his eyes to remove any dirt when he took a short nap a while ago before resuming work.

"Excuse me, Colonel Berserk."

The officer heard someone call for his name. He faced the person who called for him.

"I didn't expect to see you here of all places."

The visitor had an unusual appearance. Aside from her blonde hair and usual Caucasian features with her Mithril SRT BDU, the woman had a purple-colored eye and a green-colored eye. This feature was known as Heterochromia iridum, which usually refers to the difference in coloration in the iris.

"I apologize if you're busy." The blonde woman said after she saluted Berserk. "But I wish to confirm something."

"And you're confirming what, Lieutenant Tarask?"

"About Sergeant Liu and the others having new machines when they transfer to the new ship that's going to be officially commissioned."

Berserk frowned when he looked at the Heterochromia iridum irises of Katina Tarask, known Mithril hothead, ex-fighter pilot and commanding officer of the Octopus or Octo Squad.

"They've already requested this prior to their undercover mission, Lieutenant. If I recall..." Berserk eyed Katina carefully. "You already requested yours when command decided to put you into the new ship alongside Second Lieutenant Bagman since you wanted a change from piloting a F-28 Messer back at Merida."

Katina stayed silent.

"If that's all Lieutenant, don't waste my time here. In fact, let me advise you to stick with your new machine even though there are upcoming models out there. Mithril can't spend the money all the time just to purchase any new mobile suit that comes out of production."

"Ha." Katina saluted him and left the command center.

Berserk looked at the digital clock after he received Katina, seeing that it was 4 hours, 1 minute and 9 seconds.

Mobile Weapons Hangar, Mithril Freiceadan Base, Lagrange 4, Space

It was business as usual in Freiceadan's hangar. The technicians and engineers were busy conducting inspections and repairs of all mobile suits and armors stored in the facility.

Everyone had heard by now that Kira and the others are expecting to return today, which would coincidence with the launch of a supposedly brand new ship made covertly by Mithril. And that they would be transferred there from a semi-active PRT role back to their original SRT assignments when they were ordered to prepare for their undercover assignment.

"How's things?" Ian asked one of the engineers, who had been making visual inspections of all the mobile suits.

"Looks good, sir." The Mithril engineer replied. "Nothing serious for us to look at."

"Good work. Make sure it's done, especially with the new ship coming into the base soon."


"I don't get enough rest."

"There you are..."

Ian turned around to see Linda approaching him.

"Linda..." Ian was a bit surprised. "I thought you were with Nina..."

"Can't I see my husband after all?" Linda said, smiling at her husband.

"O-of course not."

"And how's Mileina doing? The last time I heard, she's been doing a lot of work with Sherilyn lately."

"I know, I know. I'll go and check in with Ms. Hyde and see if our daughter's doing okay."


A couple of brown Haros jumped up and down as they approached the Vashtis.

"What can we do for you?"


One of the brown Haros was picked up by Linda, holding the robot carefully. She slowly pulled the Haro's face up, revealing a small screen with a keyboard.

"A message from Mileina?" Linda asked when the PC was booted up, revealing a message addressed to Ian and Linda.

"Looks like it's for us." Ian grinned, telling his wife that they got an e-mail from Mileina.

Shooting Range, Mithril Freiceadan Base, Lagrange 4, Space

Freicedan's shooting range was occupied by three individuals going through their paces in shooting paper targets with just pistols alone, which were all Glock types. All of them had their standard issued olive green Mithril BDUs and combat boots on. They consist of an East Asian man sporting a green bandanna, a Caucasian man with brown hair and a bit of a calm (although some would say worried by first glance) look and a Caucasian with bluish hair whose olive green BDU jacket was opened instead of being buttoned up, revealing his white shirt and black lightweight vest jacket.

"Fine shooting there, Crowe. Even I can't top your shooting skills." The bandanna-wearing man complimented his comrade for his shooting skills.

"You're not bad yourself, Tasuku." Crowe Broust, ex-Atlantic Federation Army soldier and Mithril PRT operator also complimented his comrade. He lowered the weapon when he was done shooting. He began to eject the magazine and get the paper target to analyze his shots. He has the rank of sergeant.

"I know, I know." Tasuku Shinguji grinned while he ejected the pistol's magazine. He had his start as a Mithril mechanic before he was selected to join up with the new ship, its name not disclosed to him yet. He has the rank of sergeant major after joining the Octupus squad.

"I'm quite amazed that the Lieutenant allowed you to join with the squad as an SRT operator." The brown-haired man spoke to Tasuku, putting his pistol down on the counter.

"I know, Lieutenant Bagman." Tasuku replied to the concerns of Russel Bagman, who is the second-in-command of the Octupus squad. "I thought that I'd be in the new ship as a high-ranking mechanic or something." He has the rank of second lieutenant.

"So how did you guys do?" Russel asked. He was shown the paper targets of Crowe and Tasuku. While the officer was impressed by Crowe's shots in and near the target, he was a bit impressed with Tasuku's shots. Even though all of them didn't hit the center, most of the shots were located near the center.

"Well." Russel couldn't help, but give a whistle. "Those are very impressive."

"What about you?" Tasuku asked him.

"Same old, same old." Russel showed that he almost had the same results as Crowe.

"Not bad, but I really didn't see you to be the fighting type." Tasuke said before he shrugged. "Oh, I don't know. It just came to me."

"Well I don't blame you. I've been used to being bossed around by Lieutenant Tarask in the first place..."

Cabin, Enterprise-class passenger Shuttle, en route to Mithril Freiceadan Base, Lagrange 4, Space

Sai had emerged out from the toilet at the back of the shuttle when Kira told him that they would arrive at Freiceadan in less than two hours.

"Finally. Two more hours." Sai sighed, relieved to hear the ETA when he went back to his seat.

"That's a relief." Mark stretched his arms. "I wonder if we'll get a reception or not? Not that I care, of course."

Kira chuckled. "Of course you don't, Mark."

"Say, you guys think we'll have our first assignment when we get back to Freiceadan?" Kuzzey asked his fellow SRT comrades, slightly standing up from his seat to get their attention.

"I don't know. Aside from the stuff that we could get transferred from the Albion from our temporary PRT assignment to another ship full-time."

"Let's hope this assignment is worth it."

Mark placed his clenched fist underneath his chin while staring out at space, just waiting to arrive at Freiceadan like the others.

Commander's Office, Mithril Freiceadan Base, Lagrange 4, Space

Kowen had just received Alice a while ago, reading her report on her second attempt to interrogate Rusty. From what he could read, the African-American noted that Rusty has no idea that Heliopolis would be destroyed by D-Type Equipment.

He also read that she suggested two options. One would be his eventual return to the PLANTs. But Alice was concerned that he may be accused of being a traitor by "spilling" to Mithril, even though he didn't do much except with the orders given to him by Le Creuset. Another option was to recruit Rusty as a Mithril operative. Alice had said that it would be a good option, but she was not sure how it would be done. She concluded that it would be up to Rusty on how his fate would be.

The things I do.

Kowen began to write down his recommendations on Alice's report, making his decision on what to do with Rusty while he's still incarcerated until Mithril custody.

"General." A voice came through his intercom.

"Yes, what is it?" Kowen pressed a button on his intercom, replying back.

"Colonel Berserk wishes to inform you that the shuttle should be arriving in less than an hour and no problems have been reported."

"Tell him to keep me informed of any developments ASAP."

"Understood, general."

Research & Development Office, Mithril Freiceadan Base, Lagrange 4, Space

Nina and Mora had been looking at some blueprints and pictures on a mobile suit the office had been informed about.

"I actually thought that I'd never see this again." Mora commented, pointing to Nina the picture of a RGM-79FC Striker Custom mobile suit. "Last I heard, the BGST unit had these used to combat resisting Zeon and ZAFT units on Earth."

"Didn't the Titans take all of these and took care of them afterwards?" Nina asked Mora.

Mora shrugged and shook her head. "I'd sure like to know. But I'm sure shocked and surprised to see that we're about to work one out for active service."

"Do you know who's going to be the main pilot of the Striker Custom?"

"Sorry, Nina. The pilot requested that his name be anonymous."

"I have a feeling that it has something to do with the return of Kira and the others."

Mora didn't say anything, keeping silent.

"Something tells me that the silence means yes."

"Ah! I thought I'd find you two here."

The sliding door to the R&D office opened up, revealing a familiar Caucasian man with white hair in a short ponytail and a toothbrush-style mustache.

"Oh god..." Nina couldn't believe who she saw. "It's the Major pervert."

"Come now." Sean Webley, a major in Mithril and a former XO of the OMNI-commissioned ship Hiryu, was defending himself from the engineer's accusations. "Surely that the accusations you're making against me are false."

"I don't think so, Major Webley." Mora eyed the old man very carefully since he was in the office with two women. All alone.

"What?" The major feigned innocence.

"Don't try that trick on us." Mora warned the officer, glaring at him.

Cabin, Enterprise-class passenger Shuttle, en route to Mithril Freiceadan Base, Lagrange 4, Space

"We should be approaching Freiceadan now!"

The engineer shouted the status of the shuttle to the cabin. True to his words, the shuttle was now making an approach towards an asteroid that looks like 4 Vesta, except that it is a bit much bigger than some people could mistake it for a planet's moon like Earth's very own moon.

"We're almost there. And yet we're still far." Kira murmured, knowing that it's just 21 minutes left before the shuttle can dock inside Freiceadan.

"Just a little more, Kira." Mark said while he patted Kira's left shoulder. "Just a little more."

"Yeah I can't wait to see how things will be in Freiceadan." Kuzzey snorted, crossing his arms. "When the shuttle docks, the general's gonna see us and tell us congratulations and stuff..."

"I'm pretty sure the general's not gonna be all like that Kuzzey." Sai tried his best to change Kuzzey's mind about the potential events later when they arrive back at base.

Mark stood up and went to see the pilots in the shuttle.

Cockpit, Cabin, Enterprise-class passenger Shuttle, en route to Mithril Freiceadan Base, Lagrange 4, Space

Mark greeted the shuttle's pilots once he got his head inside. They consisted of a South Asian man in his early 30s and a African man in his late 30s. The engineer was not inside as he had to use the toilet.

"Yo." Mark greeted the pilots before he asked. "How much longer to Freiceadan?"

The South Asian man answered with a bit of an Indian accent when replied. "Not much longer. 17 more minutes until contact with Freiceadan."

The African man snorted in a South African English accent. "Considering that the base is one huge asteroid, is in front of us and we're not moving at the speed of light."

"Come now. No need to be like that."

"Right, right."

Just like Kuzzey.

"Alright, it's now 16 more minutes until contact." The South Asian man told Mark, tapping on the digital clock located near the controls. "Go ahead and tell the others."

"Thanks." Mark said as he went back to his seat.

Command Center, Mithril Freiceadan Base, Lagrange 4, Space

Berserk looked at the digital clock nearby, sipping from an open can of Diet Coke Zero to keep him active and not sleepy, he saw that 14 minutes were on the clock for the ETA for Kira and company.

And it was just a matter of time before 13 minutes would be up since the clock showed 10 seconds were left.

"About time."

"Colonel!" An operator called for his attention.

"What is it?"

"The shuttle is almost near Freiceadan. Shall I make contact?"

"Do that. And get the laser sensors ready afterwards. Get someone to contact General Kowen."

"Understood, Colonel."

"And if anyone's looking for me," Berserk tossed the empty soda can away before he wore his beret, which was placed in his BDU's left shoulder strap. "tell them that I'm heading towards the hangar. And inform everyone in the base!"

"Understood, Colonel."

Cabin, Enterprise-class passenger Shuttle, en route to Mithril Freiceadan Base, Lagrange 4, Space

"We're almost near, people." Mark told Kira, Sai and Kuzzey.

"Say, where's Mr. MIB?" Kuzzey asked, not seeing the intelligence agent around.

"Over there." Sai pointed to the back with the agent sleeping in the back to avoid an incident that would consist of strangling Kuzzey for calling him a MIB.

"ETA?" Kira asked Mark.

"Should be 10-11 minutes now..." Mark told Kira. "We probably need to wait two to three minutes tops for the pilots to make contact with the command center."

The engineer passed by the quartet and told them that they should take their seats since the shuttle is slowly approaching Freiceadan's outskirts.

The four agreed and did so, looking outside to see the shuttle come towards the huge 4 Vesta-like asteroid. They would wait for a few minutes as the pilot began to make contact with the command center, requesting for clearance to enter the asteroid base.

"Okay everyone. We're near the outskirts of Freiceadan and we actually arrived a bit earlier than five minutes ahead of schedule." The South Asian pilot said over the PA system. "We should be inside in three minutes tops."

"Alright." Kira said, doing a high five with Mark. "Looks like we made it earlier than scheduled."

"Great." Kuzzey said, stretching his neck. "Can't wait to see reception."

"Always the pessimistic one, aren't you Kuzzey?" Sai grinned at Kuzzey, teasing him.

"Whatever, glasses boy." Kuzzey told Sai, despite the fact that he had plans to ditch his glasses since the SRT operator didn't need them anymore.

"The next part is to get in." Mark commented, watching the Freceidan's laser sensors slowly activate from the base all the way out in space to guide the shuttle towards the hangar.

The four waited for the shuttle to be guided inside the hangar and docked before they were allowed to get off the shuttle with their baggage.

Mobile Weapons Hangar, Mithril Freiceadan Base, Lagrange 4, Space

The ground crew began to ensure that the shuttle had a ship bridge, positioning it at an angle so that the crew and passengers can get down directly. Once the bridge is in place, the door opened up inward.

Here goes.

By process of elimination between the four, Mark had to leave the shuttle and step out on the bridge in the hangar. Not that he had a problem with it.

Let's see how the reception's going to be for us.

When Mark was on the ship bridge, having his rolling bag/backpack in tow, he saw something fascinating in the hangar.

Everyone was in the hangar to greet them. And when everyone was in the hangar, it meant all of the personnel from fellow SRT and PRT operators, maintenance personnel, R&D scientists and engineers and officers were clapping their hands.

"Looks like it's a good welcome." Sai said, emerging onto the bridge with Mark. Kira and Kuzzey came behind, carrying their baggage while Mithril Freiceadan personnel clapped as they went down.

"Wow." Kuzzey was amazed while walking down the bridge. "Just wow, man."

"Never thought that it would be like this." Kira murmured, amazed with the welcome they were receiving from their Mithril comrades.

The four continued walking down the bridge towards the hangar ground, still being greeted by applause.

"I'm glad to see the four of you survived the ordeal at Heliopolis."

When the four arrived at the bottom of the bridge, they were greeted by Berserk. He looked quite refreshed with his OMNI special forces beret worn over his head.

"Colonel!" Mark was the first to salute the special forces veteran. Kira, Kuzzey and Sai followed likewise and saluted Berserk in unison.

"Good to see you." Berserk greeted Mark after he saluted them by shaking their hands. "Everyone in Freiceadan was very worried about what happened after Heliopolis was attacked."

"Well we survived sir." Sai told Berserk. "You should thank Kira for piloting one of the prototype mobile suits in Heliopolis."

"Indeed I should." Berserk nodded, intending to follow Sai's advise. The officer shook hands with Kira after Sai.

"Sir..." Kira was a bit nervous.

"Don't be nervous, Kira. Sai was right after all."

"O-of course, sir."

"I hope things went well in our absence, Colonel Berserk." Kuzzey told Berserk when the former shook hands with the latter. Soon enough, the applause began to die down before most of the base's personnel went back to work.

"Things are fine even when you four were absent." Berserk told Kuzzey when he spotted Kowen approaching. "And speaking of devil..."

"Nice to see you four made it." Kowen greeted the four without his peaked cap on since the greeting of the team was just an informal event.

"General." Kira addressed Kowen before he rendered him a salute. Kuzzey, Mark and Sai soon followed Kira.

"Mmmm..." Kowen nodded after returning the salute.

"I suggest that you guys get a check up done after you get to your quarters." Berserk told the four, who had their hands down and were just standing at attention. "I'm sure that you'd like to stay a bit longer and talk to the others, but it's getting a bit later around here. Currently, it's 21:09 hours."

"The Colonel's right." Kowen agreed with Berserk. "You four go and get some rest at once. Tomorrow by 08:00 hours, I want you guys to get a medical checkup before your debriefing. Is that clear?"

"Understood, general!" Kira, Kuzzey, Mark and Sai said in unison.

"Well, let's go guys." Kuzzey said, already moving to hit the moving sidewalks.

"I'm pooped anyway." Kira can't stifle a yawn after being dismissed.

"This is why I'm going to get a shower and then hit the sack." Mark said after he stretched his arms.

"Same here." Kuzzey said the same thing before he added. "So what now? We eat at the Bar Darza first before we all take a shower."

"Heh. Good idea." Sai agreed with Kuzzey's suggestion.

Commander's Office, Gate of Zedan, Lagrange 3, Space

Bask was seated behind his desk, reading over some folders given to him by Jamaican. All of the folders had the words CLASSIFIED stamped on them, meaning that only he can read it since he has the necessary security clearance to read its contents.

The googles-wearing CO went over the folders once he opened up, reading up profiles and evaluation reports of Kira, Kuzzey, Mark and Sai when they were still in COSMOS. The bald man was quite frustrated, personally knowing that these soldiers were among the best as one of the unit's commanding officers and yet, they were easily taken down eventually taken to some problems with the brainwashing.

Bask eventually ordered COSMOS to improve its efforts in creating better and efficient brainwashed soldiers in their ranks after learning of their capture by Mithril forces. He promised that he won't repeat the same mistake twice by ordering R&D on improving brainwashing technology.

The man then opened another set of folders, also having the stamped words CLASSIFIED so that only he can look at its contents. He read over profiles and evaluation reports of a couple of individuals who had teenage appearances.

"So these will be the ones to challenge Numbers 40, 42, 45 and 49?"

Bask was satisfied with the evaluation reports given to him by COSMOS scientists regarding the physical and mental conditioning of Seolla Schweizer and Arado Balanga, both having the rank of Sergeant. The reports said that they've been further conditioned from training in a facility called "The School".

"I never thought that the place would be used before OMNI ordered it to be closed." Bask sighed before looking over the reports. "No matter. As long as these two can defeat those damn defectors, then all would be eventually well with the world."

Mark Liu's Quarters, Residential Area, Mithril Freiceadan Base, Lagrange 4, Space

Mark had just gotten up, already donned in his Mithril SRT BDU. He looked like he cleaned up, but the ex-COSMOS soldier still yawned. He felt a bit tired.

"Dammit. Going on and on until it was almost midnight." grumbled the SRT operator. "Good thing that the alarm was already set up so that I can get up on time..."

Having check his BDU jacket to see that all the buttons were buttoned up and everything, Mark exited his quarters and began to walk towards the direction of the infirmary in order to get his checkup as ordered.

Infirmary, Mithril Freiceadan Base, Lagrange 4, Space

"Good morning."

Mark was greeted upon entering the infirmary by a female nurse, who was of Southeast Asian descent.

"I just need my checkup done as ordered by the general. That's all."

"Of course." The nurse nodded before she called for the doctor. "Doctor Mass. Your patient is in the infirmary."

"Thank you, nurse. I'll go and take care of him myself."


Mark was directed to sit in an empty cot by the nurse before she left him alone. A few seconds later, the doctor appeared and greeted him.

"Ah, good to see you. At least the rumors that you might die after the Heliopolis events are false."

A blonde woman in her 20s greeted Mark with a smile on her face, who had a white coat worn over her clothes. She also her had stethoscope with her.

"Dr. Sayla Mass." Mark greeted the doctor.

"Well, your other friends had their check ups done." Dr. Mass informed Mark before she placed the stethoscope's earpieces on both her ears. She then placed the chestpiece on Mark's chest after the doctor told him to take off his BDU jacket and lift up his shirt.

"Don't worry." Dr. Mass grinned. "You'll be fine while you're under my care."

"Fine." Mark sighed.

"If it were any other males aside from you or Kira, Kuzzey and Sai, they'll try to fake illness so that they can see me."

The OYBW veteran frowned before her smile came back, placing the stethoscope's chestpiece on his chest.

"Okay. Just breath normally."

Mark nodded, doing what the doctor instructed him to do.

"So how are things lately?" Dr. Mass asked while checking the SRT operator's heartbeat.

"Fine." Mark replied, waiting patiently as the doctor checked his heartbeat after placing the chestpiece at his back.

"Enjoyed life when you were in Orb?"

"It's not bad. Just like any neutral country."

"Well..." Dr. Mass seized any initial checks and went to write some words down on a piece of paper placed on her clipboard. "You seem to be fine. Heartbeat is normal..."

"So I'll be able to go..." Mark asked her, putting his shirt down.

"Are you feeling anything unusual ever since you got back to Freiceadan?"

Mark shook his head from left to right.

"If you do feel anything, come see me as soon as possible, alright?" Dr. Mass stared at him as if she was his teacher in elementary school.


"And be careful, you hear?"

Silence stirred in the infirmary before Mark replied back to the doctor.


Mark went on to wear his SRT BDU jacket, buttoning himself up before checking himself to make sure he looked decent. He excused himself and bade the doctor a good day.

When he got out, Mark got on the moving sidewalk towards the briefing room. He got out the balaclava from his right pants pocket and donned it to cover his face. This was followed by donning the SRT beret, which was black and had the emblem of Mithril pinned on it.

Briefing Room A, Mithril Freiceadan Base, Lagrange 4, Space

Mark had arrived at the briefing room to see Kira, Kuzzey and Sai waiting for him outside. All of them wore the standard Mithril SRT beret.

"You guys didn't go in yet?" Mark asked the trio.

"Nah." Kuzzey shook his hands while he shrugged. "Figured that we'd wait for you."

"It's only two more minutes 'til we're needed in for the debriefing." Kira reminded Mark.

"And since we're all here," Sai spoke up. This time, he didn't have his glasses on because he didn't need them. "we can go in and see the general."

"Although I wonder if we're suppose to be here or in an interrogation room..." Kira mumbled.

"Don't make things worse now, Kira." Kuzzey reminded Kira.

"Come on." Sai reminded the two. "Let's do our best and find out, shall we?"

Mark nodded, heading to the sliding door leading to the briefing room. He was the first one to enter. Kira followed next with Sai and Kuzzey being the last.

"Master Sergeant Mark Liu, Staff Sergeant Kira Hibiki, Sergeant Sai Argyle and Sergeant Kuzzey Buskirk reporting in, General Kowen!"

General Kowen and Colonel Berserk rendered a salute to the four when the group reported in.

"At ease, gentlemen." Kowen spoke to Mark. "I assume that all of you are given a clean bill of health?"

"Yes, sir!" The team said in unison.

"Very well, let's begin with the debriefing."

Berserk directed the four to take their seats at once. They noted that someone unfamiliar was in the briefing room. He was in his 40s. Caucasian. Brown hair. Wearing shades to conceal his eyes.

Most likely he's from intelligence.

"I'd like to ask you four about the things that happened before and after the destruction of Heliopolis..."

Corridor, somewhere in Mithril Freiceadan Base, Lagrange 4, Space

Sumeragi, Feldt and Christina were in a corridor riding on the moving sidewalk. The men of the Ptolemaios were either catching some time off by sleeping in, heading to Bar Darza to get some food as an alternative from the cafeteria food or goofing off since they were not given enough days that they can have a short vacation in Von Braun or in some other lunar city.

"So how do you think the guys are faring with their debriefing?" Christina asked Sumeragi.

"I honestly don't know." Sumeragi replied. "I won't be surprised if intelligence is just doing all the questioning."

Feldt stayed silent, standing a bit behind Christina.

"But I think we can see them later." Sumeragi tried to cheer Christina and Feldt up. "Besides, I'm sure that they'll want to thank you two for what you did after Heliopolis."

Feldt nodded after hearing Sumeragi.

"I just wonder how long their debriefing is going to be?"

"Who knows?"

Briefing Room A, Mithril Freiceadan Base, Lagrange 4, Space

The intelligence officer went over the answers given by Mark, Kira, Kuzzey and Sai regarding their actions before and after the destruction of Heliopolis at the hands of Le Creuset's forces. So far, they informed him that they didn't do anything to break their cover. Except for Kira as he had been forced to pilot the prototype Strike alongside a wounded OMNI officer.

Kira, for his part, told the officer that he didn't do anything to make her very suspicious that his false civilian identity would have been discovered. He also corroborated his comrades that ZAFT GINNS armed with D-Type Equipment had destroyed structural foundations of the colony. He also said that the intervention of the Titans made things worse.

"All right." The officer nodded, hearing what the four-man team had told him after being questioned many times. "Looks like the Ptolemaios team also mentioned the same thing."

"I trust that things are doing well." Berserk asked the intelligence officer.

"Yes, sir. The four are free to go at this point." The intelligence officer thanked the team for their time to participate before he left.

"I suppose I should thank you four for participating in this undercover op." Kowen told the team. "You should get some rest for a few days. I'll have Colonel Berserk work out some details when you're ready to get back on duty."

"Yes, sir." The team saluted Berserk and Kowen before the two officers left the room.

"Let's go then." Kira said, motioning to his teammates to leave since their presence in the room was not needed.

"Looks like the cat's out of the bag then. No need to be hush hush around here." Kuzzey said before he yawned.

Mark looked at his wristwatch. Today was the 16th of January, 0071.

"How's about we get some grub first?" Sai suggested.

"Good idea." Mark replied to Sai's suggestion.

Outside Briefing Room A, Mithril Freiceadan Base, Lagrange 4, Space

The four-man team went out of the briefing room, only to be met by Feldt, Christina and Sumeragi.

"Hey, you guys!" Christina happily greeted the four after they left the briefing.

"Yo..." Sai greeted Christina, smiling at her.

"Well it seems you four are alive and doing well." Sumeragi gave her greetings.

"Thanks for the help you gave us, Major Noriega." Kira greeted Sumeragi, happy for all the help that she and the Ptolemaios had done.

"My, oh my..." Sumeragi tried to be boastful. "I think you should thank Setsuna and the others for what they've done to help." She then sighed. "But I don't know if Tieria will accept any thanks from you guys."

"Um..." Mark approached Feldt and tried to smile, despite the fact that he was hiding his face behind a balaclava. Which was something he picked up from his COSMOS days when he was brainwashed. "Thanks for helping us."

Feldt smiled and nodded. "I... I just did my part."

Sumeragi then addressed Mark. "Can I talk to you soon?"

Mark blinked his eyes when he heard her request. He then nodded and said, "Okay."

"You ladies are having a break too?" Kuzzey asked Christina.

"Yeah." Christina nodded. "But we can't leave base yet since the top brass said that something may come up in a few days."

"And that is?"

"The Middle East actually." Sumeragi told the team. "It's been publicly known that OZ will join in military exercises led by the EF-MEU. So far, there are widespread protests in parts of the region, but intelligence needs a few days to see if there's going to be some tension."

"Dang." Kuzzey sighed. "And here I was ready to head to Von Braun to get some R&R."

"You're not the only one, Kuzzey." Mark patted Kuzzey's head. The latter, although knowing his comrade is sincere, didn't like the gesture since he felt that he was treated like a kid.

"So what are you guys going to do?" Christina asked.

"Get some exercise." Sai told Christina. "Probably starting tomorrow, I guess."

"Come on guys, let's go something to eat." Kira reminded them, gesturing them to the direction of Bar Darza.

"Right." Mark said before he told the girls. "We'll see you ladies later."

The four rode in a moving sidewalk that led them to the direction of the Bar Darza.

Darza, Mithril Freiceadan Base, Lagrange 4, Space

The four arrived at the Darza, which was Freiceidan's only bar/restaurant for the personnel to eat and drink whenever they aren't needed for any assignments/shifts.

"Ah greetings." Berserk was seated alone in a roundtable. "And don't salute. It's not needed. Besides, we're off duty."

The four nodded and sat down in the table.

"Boys." Berserk began. "Food and drink's on me for a job well done."

Kira, Kuzzey, Mark and Sai exchanged high fives and thumbs up with one another.

"And since you boys aren't doing anything important..." Berserk leaned in. "The Colonel and I are requesting you four to help out with a training exercise."

The four began to whisper among themselves if they should take the offer. A few minutes, there were collective nods.

"Sure, why not?" Kira replied.

"Excellent." Berserk beamed a smile, which the team groaned as they wondered what kind of task they need to do soon.

"And here you are, Colonel." A waiter arrived to serve a large pepperoni pizza, placing it on the roundtable.

"Thanks a lot." Berserk thanked the waiter.

Command Center, Mithril Freiceadan Base, Lagrange 4, Space

Kowen had just arrived at Freceidan's command center, preparing to oversee a major covert training operation.

"Are they ready to begin?" Kowen asked the assembled command center personnel, watching the main screen that showed a portion of the hangar that was placed off-limits to all Mithril personnel due to security reasons with the Hiryu Kai placed under maintenance until the official debut.

"Yes, General Kowen." The somewhat female monotone-like voice came from Sergeant Major Latune Subbota, who was placed in charge of analyzing data acquired from the training operation. "All the guards are in place."

"Perfect." Kowen nodded. "We can begin as soon as Sergeant Liu and the others are in position."

"Yes, sir."

"I hope I'm not too late."

Kowen turned around to see Berserk enter the command center in time for the covert operation to secretly kick off.

"Just in time, Colonel Berserk." Kowen greeted the colonel. "Sergeant Liu and the others should be in position to start the training exercise."

"I see." Berserk nodded. "And I'm actually surprised that we're doing this for the Hiryu Kai. In the style of the Red Cells used by American Navy SEALs."

"It's about time we do it anyway." Kowen replied to Berserk's comments. "We haven't done one since the day Amalgam nearly destroyed Mithril with traitors in our group. This is one way to ensure that the newest ships that would be commissioned soon would at least be prepared for such a scenario like this."

"General, they've begun to move in." Latune advised Kowen.

"Thank you, Sergeant Major." Kowen thanked Latune as the operation was starting. He saw the main screen's feed was taken on a hidden camera looking at two armed guards patrolling the open rear hangar bay doors of the docked ship. The three watched the video feed as two figures wearing all-black BDUs, boots and balaclavas began to stealthy approach the open rear hangar bay. Using the cargo boxes and parked forklift trucks as cover, they began a steady approach until they were near the docked ship. When the guards were not paying attention to the intruders, the masked figures dashed in carefully without making a sound.

"They've penetrated the first levels of security, general." Latune told Kowen, who began to record data on the exercise.

"Alright. Let's see if they can get through the second phase of security inside the ship."

The main video feed changed, showing a hidden camera with three masked figures infiltrating the corridors. The masked figures took out the patrolling guards by choking them from the back, using their issued taser pistols against them by disarming the guards or by using unarmed CQC combat skills.

"Ah, I apologize if we're late. And I brought Ms. Enfield with me."

Sean showed up with same officer Kowen spoke up in his office a while ago.

"Major Webley. Lt. Colonel Enfield." Berserk greeted the two. "Thanks for coming. And you two are just in time for the good parts."

"You're just in time, Colonel Lefina." Kowen greeted the young officer. "We're just beginning major security tests with the Hiryu Kai."

"Are you sure?" Lefina was a bit nervous, watching the Mithril guards get taken down one after another in the corridors of the ship.

"Don't worry, Colonel." Sean tried to assure Lefina. "The masked intruders are among the best in the Special Response Team. And they were ordered by Colonel Berserk to conduct a raid on the ship to test security responses."

"And it seems that they're going to get a reception." Several armed Mithril guards began to converge near the Hiryu Kai. Only those with ballistic shields and pistols began to enter the Hiryu Kai through the open rear hangar bay doors.

Another video feeds showed the five masked figures engaging the guards, firing submachine guns acquired from the downed guards. Some parts of the wall and floor had paint in them, indicating that they're using paintball weapons as a simulation weapon.

"Looks like I'll go and bet on the security teams beating them." Sean said calmly.

"I better go and bet on my guys." Berserk grinned at Sean.

Lefina wondered if it's such a good idea to make a bet when a Red Cell-style operation was in progress. She saw two of the five masked intruders "gunned down", covering their comrades' escape in moving towards the bridge.

"It seems that the intruders are going to win this one if they can get to the bridge and plant the bomb." Kowen said out loud.

"Eehhh...!" Lefina was shocked. "An actual bomb?!"

"No need to worry, Colonel." Sean told Lefina to allay her fears. "For this training exercise, the intruders are suppose to be planting a simulated bomb that would take out the entire bridge. If they do so, then they win the exercise."

"Which does mean that we'll need to be careful in evaluating the security of our other ships." Berserk further added.

The video feed then showed the intruders beginning to enter the bridge when one of them was shot several times in the back, leaving two more intruders left. In desperation, two smoke bombs were hurled towards the incoming security teams to delay them while the bomb was planted underneath the captain's chair. More gunfire was launched to delay the security teams even further as the bomb was starting to count down with a minute left until detonation.

"And here comes the kicker..." Berserk grinned, watching the security teams get pushed back when the intruders fired the submachine guns until they ran out of ammo. They ran towards another corridor, which they used to exfiltrate from the ship.

"Wait for it..." The Colonel grinned even further as the bomb was now counting down with 29 seconds left. A few seconds later after being delayed, the security teams were able to breach it and secure the bridge before another one began to comb the area in search of the bomb.

"Approximately 10 more seconds, general." Latune reported to Kowen, as the security teams eventually found the planted bomb. The explosives expert had just removed the bomb casing and was about to work on disarming the device when the bomb had counted down to zero, having a YOU LOSE! message.

"Looks like my guys won." Berserk grinned. "Which shows the training the SRT does to make them fine warriors."

"At least we'll be able to plan out what additional security measures can be adopted or fixed." Kowen said before he faced Latune. "Sergeant Major Latune, see that all data from the exercise be recorded and analyzed."

"Yes, general."

"Fine SRT operators eh, Colonel Enfield?" Sean asked Lefina for her opinion.

"Indeed." Lefina replied. "Will they be the ones to transfer to the Hiryu Kai?"

"I shall make some inquiries with Colonel Berserk."

"Thank you, Major Webley."

Gym, Mithril Freiceadan Base, Lagrange 4, Space

For the next few days, Kira, Kuzzey and Sai spent almost most of their time training in Freiceadan's gym to work out since they were not being deployed and that they were being transferred from the Albion to another ship. All three of them wore ordinary shirts, gym pants and shoes.

Kira, for his part, went to practice his punches and kicks. He had his hands placed in a glove-style hand wrap as a safety precaution before he began his strike at the body opponent bag with a few punches to the face and chest. The Coordinator did this for a few minutes, changing locations between the head or the chest when the brown-haired SRT operator felt sweat trickle down his forehead. He then practiced knee attacks and a couple of roundhouses.

"That's great, Kira!"

Kira used his left arm to wipe the sweat off his head when he was greeted by Feldt and Christina. Feldt said a soft "Hi" to Kira, feeling shy.

"What are you ladies doing here?" Kira asked Christina. "Not that I'm saying you two can't be here..."

"I'm helping Feldt exercise." Christina said with a smile. "But she wanted to see you practice your unarmed combat skills, so I couldn't say no."

"She did?"

Feldt smiled and nodded, feeling her cheeks go red.

"Well. Since you put it that way..."

Kuzzey and Sai engaged each other in mock combat in a vacant spot in the gym, being watched by various Mithril personnel. Unlike Kira, the two didn't have any hand wraps or gloves and instead, opted to go for no hand protection considering their positions in Mithril. For this fight, they didn't wear any footwear since they were using training mats to fight in.

Kuzzey went on the offensive first, executing several punches and a foot sweep. Sai almost tripped if he didn't leap and land on the ground before he jumped towards Kuzzey in order to try and smack his face.


Kuzzey dodged it by bending his back a bit backwards, only to be kicked in the legs.

"Take that!" Sai shouted, grinning in his attack. He helped Kuzzey up, the former appreciating the gesture.

Sai then executed his attack, conducting triple roundhouses. Kuzzey was able to block them, although he was feeling the brunt of the kicks.

"Nice one, Kuzzey!" Kuzzey gritted his teeth, doing double foot sweeps with an uppercut that didn't connect. Although the elbow attack on Sai's chest worked, forcing him to tumble a few steps backwards.

"Whoa..." Kamille whistled, impressed by the fight between Kuzzey and Sai. "That's amazing."

"Considering that they are the best in the SRT." Quattro told Kamille. "That's not to be unexpected."

"I couldn't believe myself that these two were actually SRTs until I heard about their participation in an anti-piracy mission." Emma told Kamille and Quattro.

Rachel commented on the fight. "At first, it does looks like they're doing just a fight out of high school. But I'm impressed with their unarmed combat skills."

"I sure could learn a thing or two from them the next time I'm in a mission." Reccoa Londe, Mithril intelligence agent currently stationed with the Argama, said as she was seated next to Rachel.

Siegfried Wedner, ex-Zeon soldier and current Mithril SRT operator, just watched the fight between Kuzzey and Sai patiently.

Shooting Range, Mithril Freiceadan Base, Lagrange 4, Space

Mark was in the shooting range alone, shooting a Shanxi Type 17 with the shoulder holster mounted. He had earmuffs on, worn over his balaclava as he fired bullet after bullet until the bolt was exposed.

"Out of bullets huh?"

The masked SRT operator turned around and saw Sumeragi had just arrived in the shooting range.

"Nothing to worry about." Mark told Sumeragi. "Just another round of shooting practice until me and the others get word of our transfer."

"So how have you been?" Sumeragi asked. "Still don't have any of your old memories?"

Mark sighed as he shook his head. He only knew that Sumeragi was linked to him somehow. But he didn't know in what why she was linked to him.

"At least you're doing okay." Sumeragi smiled and placed a hand on his left shoulder.

Mark nodded. "I know."

"Just hang in there, okay?"

"I will, Sumeragi."

Mark looked at her and said. "Thank you."

The PA system blared throughout Freiceidan, requiring all Mithril personnel except for those doing important duties for the day to assemble at the hangar.

Mobile Weapons Hangar, Mithril Freiceadan Base, Lagrange 4, Space

Lefina and Sean were in the hangar, having full dress uniform on. They were waiting with most of the officers and enlisted personnel, just waiting for a few more to arrive before the ceremony could begin where the Hiryu Kai is fully commissioned in service by Mithril.

"I sure would like to meet those boys." Lefina told Sean as they watched PRT, SRT and maintenance personnel get ready to assemble since they were still congregating.

"I'm sure that they'll be as eager to accept you as their new commanding officer." Sean was confident.

The two then heard boots shuffling on the ground, which was made by Mark and the others running into the hangar so as to be on time. Kira and Kuzzey had to jump over a small stack of boxes. Mark hopped over the boxes like an athlete doing the hurdles while Sai did a running slide underneath a cargo box that was being carried with food for the cafeteria.

"Sorry we're late!" Kira yelled out before he began to meet with their fellow SRT comrades.

Kowen sighed, wondering about the antics of Mark and his team. Lefina couldn't help, but giggle. She was very interested in them.

"Fall in!" An officer yelled out, making Mithril SRT/PRT/maintenance personnel assemble into platoons.

"Attention!" Sean yelled next. The assembled personnel stood at immediate attention.

"Salute!" The assembled personnel rendered a salute to Kowen and all the officers present.

"At ease!"

"I'm glad to see that all of you made it." Kowen addressed the Mithril body. "Today is the day we officially present one of our newest ships, the Hiryu Kai, into service."

He was given a pair of scissors by Sean, cutting the ceremonial ribbon that blocked the way of the ship bridge leading to the Hiryu Kai. The assembled Mithril personnel clapped their hands after Kowen had cut the ribbon.

"The Hiryu Kai will be one of the newest ships to enter Mithril service at the hands of Lieutenant Colonel Lefina Enfield as the commanding officer with Major Sean Weber as the executive officer."

Some of the officers clapped their hands at the announcement while an officer ordered the assembled platoons to render a salute to Lefina and Sean. The two officers saluted back in return.

A Mithril intelligence officer ran inside and whispered to Kowen that some urgent news required his attention. Kowen nodded and ordered the assembled personnel to be dismissed at once and mobilized all available PRT/SRT operators into the briefing room.

Briefing Room B, Mithril Freiceadan Base, Lagrange 4, Space

Briefing Room B was a lot bigger than Briefing Room A, in the sense that it looked like a big auditorium. Except that there is no curtains on the stage. Only for a podium, an overhead projector and a screen that showed a January 22 news broadcast of the civil unrest going on in Azadistan with protestors congregating in downtown Tehran and anti-riot officers trying to subdue them after the crowd tried to attack them.

"Ladies and gentlemen," Kowen began the briefing. "Intelligence has been informed that Rasa Massoud Rachmadi, a known figure in the Azadistani Conservative Party has gone missing after being abducted by armed gunmen. Rumors are spreading in the country that special forces were responsible for his abduction, especially with the military exercises going on between the EF and the MEU."

Some murmurs began to erupt in the briefing room. Berserk and Sean urged them to keep quiet.

"All intelligence knows is that the Titans are going to be deployed soon with assistance from the Atlantic Federation to quell any unrest. There is some news that pro-Conservative gunmen are conducting acts of terror in pro-reformist neighborhoods with reprisals from both camps."

"Which is why the Hiryu Kai is going to be deployed ASAP on its first mission." Berserk spoke up next. "Any other deployments will be announcements ASAP as soon as intelligence has other news to confirm."

"My apologies for the Hiryu Kai personnel that are going to be deployed soon." Kowen said with an apology. "But considering the situation, it's in our interest to have the Azadistan crisis resolved as soon as possible..."

Chapter 13 END

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* CMS-B/67 Shaldoll

* MSA-003 Nemo/MSA-003 Nemo High Maneuver

* PTX-014 R-Blade

* RGE-G1500 Adele Mark II (Ground/Space Types)

* RPT-010 Huckebein MK II M

* RPT-014 R-Eins

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