Mobile Suit Gundam/Kido Senshi Gundam: Peacekeepers

By: Ominae

Rating: T


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Mithril is engaged in their first known deployment in the Earth Sphere after a major crisis erupts in the Kingdom of Azadistan as the Hiryu Kai is deployed on this first mission. In this intervention, can Mithril keep their words and bring peace to the country before civil war breaks out and destroys Azadistan? Stay tune to this chapter to find out.

Chapter 14: Deployment

Mobile Weapons Hangar, Mithril Freiceadan Base, Lagrange 4, Space

Mark was already running as fast as he can towards the Hiryu Kai as the PA system announced that all personnel who are assigned with this ship are required to leave depart from Freiceadan at once. So far, the SRT operator had gotten most of his gear and personal items that he can bring into the ship. The only thing that mattered was just to bring himself onboard.


Before Mark can approach the ship, he turned around and saw that Sumeragi was running towards him. The amnesiac looked at her, hiding his facial expression that he was stopped by her underneath his balaclava.

"What is it?" Mark asked Sumeragi.

"Two members of my crew will join up with you on this mission." Sumeragi replied.

Lockon and Setsuna were standing next to her, the former greeting the masked, beret-clad SRT operator. "Yo."

"Ahh..." Mark nodded at Lockon.

Before Lockon could say anything else, Setsuna was the first to speak up to Mark. "Congratulations on your transfer from the Albion to the Hiryu Kai."

"Come on..." Lockon groaned at Setsuna. "I was about to tell him that."

Setsuna calmly faced Lockon and replied to him without any hint of any emotional change in his face. "I apologize for taking your line, Lockon. I will be careful next time so that I will not cut you off in a situation like this."

Lockon simply facepalmed.

"Look..." Sumeragi said, trying to defuse any tensions between the two SRT operators placed under her command. "The general ordered that Lockon and Setsuna accompany you on your debut trip. Considering that you're heading to the Middle East..."

"I see." Mark stared at Setsuna, remembering that he had Middle Eastern heritage. But when he looked at Lockon, the masked man raised an eyebrow at him.

"I'm just coming along for support." Lockon tried to reason with him. "Major Sumeragi did say that Veda agreed with General Kowen's idea of getting us to be deployed on the Hiryu Kai."

"Alright." Mark replied and nodded. "Not like I'm going to object anyway."

Katina was then making a run for the Hiryu Kai's ship bridge, drinking a can of Red Bull when she tossed an empty can to the nearest trash can.

"Russel!" Katina shouted to her subordinate. "I need another Red Bull! Right now!"

"Y-yes, ma'am!" Russel ran very close to Katina that she was able to grab another Red Bull can from his arms since he was carrying a lot of Red Bulls for the Hiryu Kai's debut deployment.

"Come on." Lockon told Setsuna. "We need to get on the Hiryu Kai."


"Take care." Sumeragi told Mark after the two Ptolemaios-based SRT operators went on the ship bridge. "We'll need to talk more again soon, okay?"

Mark sighed and nodded. "All right. I will."

Bridge, Hiryu Kai, Mithril Freiceadan Base, Lagrange 4, Space

"Captain on the bridge!"

The bridge crew stood in attention as Lefina and Sean arrived together at the bridge. The former saluted to everyone in the bridge when they had all stood at attention and saluted to her.

"Take your seats, everyone." Lefina ordered the bridge crew. "The Hiryu Kai is about to have her maiden voyage to Earth."

"Captain." 1st Lieutenant Eun Hyojin, one of the operators assigned to the Hiryu Kai, asked her superior officer and "friend". "The ship's going to be deployed to Azadistan without any backup?" She had formerly served in the Republic of East Asia army as a communications specialist before she resigned her commission and decided to join Mithril. Eun was officially the main person in charge of all communications within the ship, which also includes communications from the ship to communication facilities and units.

"I can assure you Lieutenant Eun that the Ptolemaios has offered the assistance of two of its SRT operatives under our command for the time being." Sean stepped in and answered the Korean's concerns. "In addition, we have a couple of observers who are in Azadistani territory ready to help us out when we get there."

"I understand, Major Webley."

"Okay, everyone! To your seats!" The loud voice came from Junas Liam, one of the ship's operators in charge of the bridge crew with the rank of Captain when Lefina and Sean are not around. A native of Ireland, he had served with the European Federation's space forces, including a stint at the formerly active space station Artemis before being recruited by Mithril. He's also responsible for manning the Hiryu Kai's Fire Control Systems and the laser designators, which he had a knack for as he was an expert in getting kills via FCS use.

Like Junas, a majority of the bridge crew had served with a military force with a few others either having served in Mithril due to family ties or were recruited from civilian life.

"Captain, we've been given the all-clear to take off at once." 2nd Lieutenant Sarah Hollins reported to Lefina. The blonde woman, who was of American heritage and from the Atlantic Federation army, was responsible for assisting Eun with communications. This was the first time that Sarah was placed in a ship bridge, although she was familiar with communications since the woman was formerly in a few army units as an operator.

"Hiryu Kai's powerplant and life support systems are fully operational and stable." This was reported in by Warrant Officer Shaw Ruska, who was in charge of ensuring the Hiryu Kai's Combat Information Center was operational. He also monitors the progress of the powerplant and life support systems, though he would assist Junas in handling FCS if and when necessary since the latter was his first priority. Prior to joining Mithril, his family had been refugees from the chaos that took place in the OYBW. Shaw worked for some time in the civilian transport industry after the end of the war since his parents later died of old age before he decided to join the organization.

So far, Shaw was the only bridge crew member who didn't come from a military background. But after his entrance to Mithril, he had been given military training to ensure he can cope with the others.

Shaw gave the thumbs up to 1st Lieutenant La Mira Luna, who returned the gesture. Like Shaw, La Mira (or Mira to those who know her well) was in the CIC station responsible for handling electronic warfare operations. Nothing was known about La Mira, except that she served for a short time in the Atlantic Federation Navy as an EW specialist without any major combat experience. The deployment would be her first time, aside from doing well in simulated combat exercises.

"We're good to go." 2nd Lieutenant Miyu Takizawa said to her colleagues from the CIC. Formerly with the Republic of East Asia's army before joining OMNI, she had been part of the SCVA-72 Thoroughbred before being assigned to the OMNI Army's Augusta Base, which is currently notorious for its research as the Augusta Newtype Lab. She's tasked to provide battlefield support for all SRT/PRT operators stationed with the Hiryu Kai.

"Hiryu Kai! Prepare for takeoff!" Lefina gave the order for the ship to depart. "We'll use the plasma engines in our voyage only. The GN drives are to be used only if there's an emergency. Is that clear?"

"Yes, Captain!" Junas replied, directing his gaze towards the drivers of the Hiryu Kai.

"Yes, Captain!" The other bridge crew personnel replied in unison.

"Just leave that to us!" 2nd Lieutenant Ernst Jaeger shouted while he raised his fist up. Also from the European Federation's space forces of Swiss heritage, he had a well-known reputation for being one of the best ship drivers in the force. So it was a sudden surprise for everyone in the EFSF when Ernst left.

"Come on. Don't try to rub that in." Chief Warrant Officer Maria Owens glared at him. Hailing from Canada, she had served with the Atlantic Federation's space forces prior to her Mithril recruitment. Maria was quite a rare commodity since most military ship drivers were male, which makes it quite interesting to have a ship driver position.

Commander's Office, OMNI Joint Supreme Headquarters Alaska, somewhere in Alaska, United States of America, Atlantic Federation

Murrue and Natarle were standing in front of a desk in full OMNI uniform. A desk that belonged to JOSH-A's commanding officer, Rear Admiral Timothy Mackenzie. The OMNI officer of Canadian-American heritage in his early 50s, who had brown hair and a clean shave on his face, had just taken the post in JOSH-A after his predecessor had publicly announced his "retirement" from the service. Rumors had persisted for some time, some of it suggested by conspiracy theorists and a few political scientists, that he had been forced to leave his post due to pressure from Blue Cosmos and other anti-Coordinator/Newtype groups.

"Is this official, Rear Admiral?" Natarle asked the rear admiral for confirmation after the two women were told that they would be commission formally as personnel of the Archangel.

"It's official." Mackenzie told the black-haired woman. "Apparently, OMNI high command wants to use the Archangel as its flagship now that tensions are going to be high between OMNI and ZAFT with some potential support from renegade Zeon factions."

"And we're going to be deployed in the field?" Murrue asked Mackenzie.

"Personnel are being finalized." Mackenzie told Murrue in reply. "But aside from the survivors of the Heliopolis attack, there are few who inquired on joining the Archangel as volunteers."

"Volunteers, sir?"

Mackenzie nodded. "If I recall, a Lieutenant Junior Grade Rena Imelia was among those who are going to be assigned to ship after your little fiasco in space."

I don't believe it. She actually is serious.

"I've also heard rumors of more personnel coming, but I'm not told on the details yet. Although I heard word that Lieutenant La Flaga is being asked if he would like to be assigned back to the Archangel."

"And did he agree?"

"I won't be surprised if he is. The last thing I heard after you came back, Lt. La Flaga was immediately assigned to the Atlantic Federation Navy's California Base as a pilot instructor while doing some training to be a mobile suit pilot."

"I see."

"Well in any case, that will be all." Mackenzie said. "Congratulations to you both on your recent promotions."

"Thank you, Admiral Mackenzie." Murrue said before she and Natarle saluted the rear admiral.

Since the day after the Archangel made its safe return back to the Earth Sphere, Murrue had been promoted from Lieutenant to Lieutenant Commander while Natarle had been promoted from Ensign to Lieutenant Junior Grade.

Briefing Room, Hiryu Kai, Lagrange 4, Space


The order was given by Major Kai Kitamura, a veteran military officer assigned to command Mithril's military forces assigned to the Hiryu Kai. Prior to joining Mithril, he had formerly served as a special forces officer in the Republic of East Asia's army, leading a covert mobile suit unit called the "Aggressors" in the OYBW. It was until his retirement from the REA military and the end of the war that he decided to join Mithril, partly to make sure that there was enough money for his daughter to finish her university studies while Kai also believed that the major conflicts lately are being manipulated by Blue Cosmos and other anti-Coordinator/Newtype groups.

In response to the major's orders, all SRT/PRT operators in the briefing room stood up from their auditorium-style seats and saluted Lefina and Sean when they got inside the briefing room.

"At ease, everyone." Sean told the assembled operators. They responded by taking their seats, waiting for the captain and the XO to stand in front of the assembled personnel. An overhead projector turned on and showed video broadcasts of the news regarding the problem in Azadistan, which showed non-violent protests in the streets, followed by a few bombings and shootouts with Azadistani police.

"As you may know..." Lefina began to debrief the SRT/PRT operators regarding the troubles in Azadistan. "The United Nations has declared that the Azadistani conflict is beginning to head into the early stages of a civil war. In the wake of the abduction of Rasa Massoud Rachmadi, things have gotten a lot worse between the Conservative and Reformist parties with rumors blaming each other for terrorist attacks at pro-Conservative and Reformist towns and cities."

Sean began to step in, debriefing the teams in Lefina's place. "A couple of observers are already getting ready to assist us in our mission. One of them's holed up in downtown Azadistan, but he's been updating us with intelligence on the situation in the cities. The other one should be on her way to Azadistan via VTOL plane as we speak."

Sean noted that Sai was raising his hand to ask a question. "Yes. Do you have a question, Sergeant Argyle?"

"What exactly is our mission once we get to the Middle East, Major Webley?"

Sean nodded upon hearing Sai's question. He then faced Kai, who gladly answered Sai's question.

"Our objective is to locate the whereabouts of Rachmadi, rescue him and bring him back to Tehran." The ex-special force officer replied before he continued. "In additions, units would be deployed to Azadistan to take down hardline terrorist cells before they can do much damage and make things worse. We're also going to assist in the evacuation of any UN personnel who wishes to leave the country."

"Is the evacuation due to the solar energy agreement Princess Ismail had with the UN?" Kira raised another question for clarification.

"That's partly what our analysts think." Kai replied. "Especially since the UN did limit the export of oil from OPEC nations after solar energy was advocated as an alternate energy source after the creation of the Universal Era. We're doing the evacuation on our own initiative. After all, the UN Security Council raised concerns of rogue security forces units trying to make a go for either the solar energy facility or any UN personnel or facilities in Azadistan."

Some murmurs and whispers began to erupt from the SRT/PRTs.

"Intelligence from the ground has suggested that whoever abducted Rachmadi is not going to kill him for the time being." Sean told the SRT/PRT operators. "However, we do need to prepare for the worst."

More murmurs and whispers erupted once again after Sean gave caution to the SRT/PRTs.

Lefina then stepped forward and gave out her order. "I want you all to head back here in the briefing room for announcement on SRT and PRT deployments as well as who's going to be deployed out in the field. For now, you may go."

Entrance, ZAFT Officer's Barracks, Aprilius One, PLANT

Athrun, Dearka, Yzak and Nicol were waiting outside the gated entrance of the ZAFT Officer's Barracks in a parked van when Le Creuset left the area after showing his ID to a ZAFT Green soldier in the guardhouse.

"Sorry to keep you waiting." Le Creuset greeted the ZAFT Reds as he got into the van by entering through the front passenger door. "We better get moving, Athrun."

"Right." Athrun nodded, who shifted the van's mode from Park to Drive Mode while Le Creuset got his seatbelt on. The ZAFT Red soldier began to move slowly before getting onto the main road after driving away from the curb.

"Um, commander." Dearka asked Le Creuset from his seat. "Are we heading out for another mission?"

"Probably." Le Creuset advised Dearka. "The Supreme Council is scheduled to conclude another meeting with Chairman Zala going on the offensive to point out a need for fighting against OMNI and the United Nations while Chairman Clyne is trying to prevent another needless war."

"So when is the decision going to be made?" Nicol asked the masked ZAFT White officer.

"We'll probably know later. For now, we'll need to be on our guard and wait."

Athrun sighed as he drove the van, wondering if his father was doing the right thing for all Coordinators living in the PLANTs ever since his mother was killed before the beginning of the OYBW.

Briefing Room, Hiryu Kai, Lagrange 4, Space

Everyone began to file out of the briefing room after Lefina instructed the SRT/PRT operators to leave at once and wait for further orders. However, she did instruct Mark, Kira, Sai and Kuzzey to stay behind for a few minutes.

"What now?" Kuzzey asked, almost sounding like he was whining.

"Listen to the captain's orders." Mark advised Kuzzey as the four stood in attention to wait for Lefina.

"Thank you for staying behind for a few minutes." Lefina approached the four SRT operators. "I would like to say that it's an honor for me to have the four of you transferred to the Hiryu Kai as SRT operatives."

"I-it's alright, really." Kira was trying to tell Lefina no harm was done.

"I did see the four of you in action when security tests were conducted on the ship." Lefina then spoke further to the four before she said her thanks. "I must thank you for taking your time to help test the ship's security."

"It's our pleasure, captain. This is something the SRT usually does." Mark told Lefina to reassure her.

"The captain and I look forward to you being deployed in the field with the crisis in Azadistan." Sean told Mark.

"Yes, sir." Mark nodded. "Please excuse us. We'll be taking our leave."

The four SRT operators saluted Lefina and Sean before they excused themselves and left the briefing room.

"Do you think that they'll be alright, Major Webley?" Lefina asked Sean for his opinion.

"I have the utmost confidence that they'll do well in this operation, Colonel Enfield." Sean said with confidence. "After all, these four are the same SRT operatives who broke into the Human Reform League's space colony Quanqiu to assist the Ptolemaios."

Lefina nodded. "I hope they'll be fine."

The two officers then exited the empty briefing room.

Azadistan Army Zayer Base, Tehran, Azadistan, Middle Eastern Union

Zechs and Kati were in the Azadistan Army's Zayer Base (or AZA Zayer for short), which was located near the outskirts of the city. The two officers were discussing plans for further exercises in Azadistan.

"It seems that further exercises with the MEU will have to be put on hold." Zechs told Kati, going over an inventory to make sure all European Federation Army and Air Force vehicles, including mobile suits, were accounted for with the included personnel. "Given the abduction of the Imam and head of the Azadistani Conservative Party."

"Did the government request the assistance of OZ Price or EF special forces?" Kati asked the masked OZ officer for clarification.

"Not that I'm aware of. So far, the prime minister's holding off that and instead, had anti-riot squads deployed with special police units being placed on a 24/7 standby."

"Hmmm... The only issue I'm worried about is with pro-conservative radicals in the Azadistani security forces, especially those in the Azadistani military and intelligence services."

"Excuse me, sir!"

Zechs turned around and saw that an OZ soldier was standing in attention.

"Yes, anything on the details going on in Tehran?" Zechs asked the OZ soldier.

"Widespead protests have started again in downtown Tehran." The OZ soldier reported. "We're getting word that pro-Reformist towns and cities are under attack from bombings and shootouts with local police."

"What about the Defense Ministry?"

"No word yet, but one official our liaison spoke with suggested the possibility of OZ and EF deployment to help with their military to quell the violence."

"I see. Let me know if there's a major change in Tehran."

"Yes, sir." The OZ soldier then added. "There's one more thing I need to mention, Colonel Zechs."

Zech raised an eyebrow. "And what is that?"

"The UN Security Council has allowed the authorization of an Atlantic Federation task force to enter Azadistani territory to help put down the violence."

"What?" Kati was surprised that the UN Security Council had allowed the AF military to intervene. "But I thought that OMNI would be the first ones to be deployed in a situation?"

"It looks like we're going to be the country's possible saviors alongside the Atlantic Federation since the UN Security Council decided to make good use of us." Zechs grinned at Kati before he addressed the OZ soldier. "Get me the name of the task force and the units who are included in it."

Although the only thing we need to worry about aside from the AF task force, OZ and regular EF forces is with the intervention of Mithril.

"Understood, colonel!"

Mobile Weapons Hangar, Hiryu Kai, Lagrange 4, Space

Mark and Sai were the first ones to enter the hangar. They were later joined up by Kira and Kuzzey, heading inside with their comrades to see if their mobile suits are prepped up and ready for combat.

"How much longer 'til we get to Earth?" Kuzzey asked as the four floated in the hangar.

"We oughta be there soon." Mark told Kuzzey. "If I recall, the ship has engines that are way better than the ones used by OMNI and the Zeon armed forces." Well I can't say if they are better than the ones used by the renegade Zeon factions. Maybe some renegade ZAFT factions too.

"Hopefully we can see the mobile suits and give them a preliminary check." Kira gave out his thoughts.

"Glad you guys made it!"

The four SRT operatives were greeted by an African-American woman donned in a Mithril mechanic uniform in her 20s.

"It's Annie!" Sai greeted Annie, giving her a high five.

"Good to see you, Sai." Annie greeted Sai. "And you guys! I almost thought that you were toast back in Heliopolis."

Mark grinned at Annie. "We're not going to be dead until you see our bodies." He gave a chuckle before he asked the mechanic. "So I believe that you came to see us because our mobile suits are ready."

"Yep." Annie replied. "Just come with me and I'll show them to you."

The mechanic escorted the SRT operators to a section of the hangar, where four mobile suits were under maintenance alongside most of the RPT-014 R-Schneides used by other SRT operatives who did not go and acquire their own mobile suit.

"And here you are." Annie smiled and showed off her hard work to her colleagues. "Ready to go and looking good as new."

"Thanks a lot, Annie. We owe you one." Kuzzey thanked the mechanic before he went off to personally inspect his mobile suit.

"R-Blades Annie?" Mark asked.

The mechanic shook her head. "Nope. These are R-Schneides. Officially, these babies are going to be undergoing OPEVALs with a few non-OMNI nations for military service, whose names weren't revealed."

"Let me guess. Mao Industries says there's trying to prevent industrial espionage?"

"Bingo on the mark. Although I'll say that these guys are a lot better than the R-Blades, considering that the test data was used in the R-Schneides' development."

"Hey, Mark! Come on!" Kira gently pushed Mark so that the two would float over to the non-powered PF-78-3 Perfect Gundam III and the RX-78SP Gunner Gundam.

"So we're going to use these guys huh?" Mark asked, looking at both the Perfect Gundam III and the Gunner Gundam.

"Actually, Mark..." Kira trailed off a bit before he told his SRT colleague. "You're partially right. But if I recall right, your mobile suit's not with either these two."

"Does that mean that..."

Kira nodded. "Kuzzey's going to be using the Perfect Gundam III and I'll handle the Gunner Gundam."

"That's right. You got some good shooting scores next to me, of course." Mark replied after Kira explained. "But I'll be interested to see what Sai pilots this time as a change from the old GMs, Zakus and GINNs we first used before."

"The other two mobile suits the team'll use should be over there."

The brown-haired Coordinator pointed out the location of the non-powered RGM-79FC Striker Custom.

"I never thought I'd see this." Mark commented. "Especially since the BGST was suppose to have this."

"Mithril was able to get two of these." Kira said. "But this Striker Custom has an all-white finish, which is mine."

"I guess mine's not ready yet... Considering that I placed in a request for a mobile suit replacement as soon as possible."

"Oh yeah, you're due to replace this particular Shadoll mobile suit you got the old man from Madorna to customize it for you."

The PA system gave an announcement that all SRT and PRT operatives must proceed to the briefing room for final announcements on the deployment to Azadistan.

Princess Marina Ismail's Office, Azadistan Royal Palace, Tehran, Azadistan, Middle Eastern Union

Marina and Shirin were in the former's office with a pair of black suit and shades-wearing men of the Royal Bodyguard Division, which has traditional and modern duties ever since Azadistan was established from the turmoil of Iran when the Middle East was affected by World War III. The two women were talking about whether the OZ-deployed EF forces should assist in quelling anti-royal/reformist protests that were taking place in downtown Tehran.

"I've spoken with the defense minister on my way here." Shirin spoke to Marina. "He said that he's very concerned about having OZ forces assist our security forces in pacifying the demonstrations."

"And I believe that he did the right thing." Marina replied. "Having foreigners assist us in doing internal security could make things worse than before."

"Or we could ask them for assistance in locating our missing man." Shirin added. "I was also told that OMNI's authorized an Atlantic Federation task force to help out as well."

"Since when did they..."

"I was told of that before I came to see you."

Marina sighed as she leaned back on her couch. The black-haired woman knew that things would probably get from bad to worse. Who knows what the AF task force would do? They might do something that could make things worse and make a lot of people join the protests.

"When do they arrive, Shirin?"

"I am not sure yet. Last I've heard, they're suppose to arrive in a few hours. No exact details, I'm afraid."

Will the foreigners make things better for us aside from the United Nations' economic assistance to help the people?

Unfortunately, Marina didn't have an answer to her own question.

Outside Briefing Room, Hiryu Kai, Lagrange 4, Space

The four-man team were now outside the briefing room after getting their instructions on their Azadistan deployment. Apparently, they are going to be deployed in their mobile suits after the Hiryu Kai has completed atmospheric reentry into the Earth before the ship would get over Azadistani territory.

"I can't believe that we'll be on our first deployment after so long." Kira told his comrades.

"Well I'm particularly beefed up for this." Sai spoke to Kira.

"I'm indifferent." Mark said before he yawned. "As long as I get out there and save the day I guess..."

"So to the hangar?" Kuzzey asked his comrades. The trio nodded. But before they could leave...

"Can I have a minute?"

The four-man team turned around to see that Lefina was addressing them. Sean was standing at attention behind her.

"Yes, Captain?" Mark said as he stood in attention. The others followed his actions likewise.

"I do wish to let you know that I want you four to be careful in the field, even though I had mentioned this in the final debriefing." Lefina explained herself. "It's been a while since you guys were in any SRT operations after a few years."

"The captain and I want to let you know that we have the utmost confidence in your abilities as Special Response Team operatives, although please be aware of any anomalies especially with growing reports from Azadistan that we may have elements in the Azadistani security forces who may collaborate together with extremists to attack reformists."

"Understood, sir." Kira said before he saluted him. "We won't let you down." The others saluted Sean and Lefina before they told him that they need to leave.

"I hope that wasn't too much, Major Webley." Lefina told her XO after she watched the SRT operatives run down the corridor away from the briefing room towards the hangar.

"Do not worry. I'm sure that they know that you're worried about their welfare." Sean replied to Lefina. "I know that Sergeant Liu and his colleagues will do their best in the field and resolve things in Azadistan before things would get worse."

"Perhaps." Lefina nodded at Sean's advise. "For now, let's go back to the bridge. We need to get back for the atmospheric reentry towards the Middle East."

"Of course, captain."

Passenger Section, Carrier Plane, en route to Azadistan, somewhere in European Federation airspace

The passenger section of an Atlantic Federation Carrier Plane consisted of First Lieutenant Graham Aker and MSWAD scientist Dr. Billy Katagiri, who's serving the organization as a mobile suit technical adviser alongside chief scientist Professor Ralph Eifman. Although Master Sergeant Daryl Dodge, Warrant Officer Howard Mason and Second Lieutenant Joshua Edwards were also present in the transport plane, the three of them were currently in the hangar getting their personal Flag mobile suits ready for potential deployment alongside EF forces. Their plan is to meet up in Zayer Base where they would meet up with OZ officers and pass orders from OMNI that they would help subdue any unrest with the Titans' Middle East command getting ready to be deployed in case further assistance is needed.

"So I didn't believe that we'd be here in the Middle East." Billy spoke to Graham. "It seems Congress was working alongside the President and OMNI on this matter."

"Even though we don't have any reason to be here, we just happen to be in the European continent during a training mission." Graham sighed, stretching his muscles.

"I really thought that the Archangel would be deployed to Azadistan with us, considering the things the crew went through in space."

"Hey Lieutenant." A small wall-mounted computer screen turned on, showing the face of Warrant Officer Dodge. "Are you sure that it's okay for us to be deployed to Azadistan from our training exercise in Europe?"

"It's fine." Graham insisted to his MSWAD subordinate. "Besides, it's possible that we could see those mobile suits from Mithril."

"You sure that the Gundam-type mobile suits we faced before are from Mithril?" Daryl asked Graham. "But most public literature and media are suggesting otherwise."

"If I may..." Billy kindly interrupted in the conversation between Daryl and Graham. "I have a feeling that the top brass does want us to see if we can capture a mobile suit being used by Mithril, especially those Gundams."

"But won't that be a problem?" Daryl replied to Billy's thoughts. "Mithril was a worldwide peacekeeping organization that worked alongside the UN during the AD era. I'm pretty sure any action we take against Mithril could spark some political and military repercussions."

Billy nodded after hearing out Daryl's concerns before he said. "As long as we do our part in obtaining any part of the Gundam mobile suit or the entire thing, it won't be a problem for the top brass to make sure our tracks are covered, Warrant Officer."

"Understood." Daryl nodded before he ended the conversation with Billy and Graham.

"That went well." Graham commented.

"Yeah, I know." Billy said, a bit surprised by how the conversation went. "Although I understand the Warrant Officer's concerns and everything..."

"Excuse me." The PA system in the passenger section addressed the two men. "But we should be approaching MEU airspace in an hour or so."

Bridge, Hiryu Kai, Lagrange 4, Space

Lefina and Sean entered the Hiryu Kai's bridge, being greeted by some of the bridge crew.

"Captain on the bridge!"

Kai shouted, standing near the captain's chair, as everyone was busy making preparations to get the ship ready for atmospheric reentry that they didn't have time to salute the two officers.

"How is the Hiryu Kai proceeding?" Lefina asked after she took her seat in the bridge.

"Looking good right now, captain!" Maria told her CO. "All systems are completely normal."

"Can we use the GN drives to help make our reentry instead of our plasma engines?" Lefina asked the drivers.

"I guess we can do that, captain." Ernst replied to Lefina's question. "But we didn't have enough time to conduct more tests on the GN Drives on atmospheric reentry to make sure that we can use them all the time."

"Let's just use the data we collected from our previous tests." Sean told Ernst. "It's better than nothing."

"Yes, sir." Ernst replied with some hesitation before he decided to follow the major's orders. "Okay, you heard him."

"Right." Maria nodded before she announced. "Activate all active GN Drives for atmospheric reentry!"

"All hands, prepare to brace for any impact!" Kai gave the order before seats rose off the floor for him and Sean to sit down before atmospheric reentry.

"Beginning countdown!" Ernst shouted as everyone got seat belts ready by wearing them over the lap and chest, something that Kowen had ordered the engineers to do since he didn't want any casualties due to anyone not having a seat belt worn on either the chest, lap or both. For that part, it would be a worst case situation if a ship would get hit in an enemy attack that they would fall down from their seat and get hit in the head or sustain serious injuries.

"10, 9, 8!" Eun and Sarah were on the comms warning everyone on the Hiryu Kai to make preparations for the reentry.

"7, 6, 5!" Junas and Shaw made final checks to the ship's FCS to ensure that they were operational. The latter also did conducted checks to see if the stations in CIC were okay.

"4, 3, 2...!" Miyu and La Mira conducted final checks on their stations to see if everything else was running okay. The last thing the ship needed was for something to go wrong.

"1!" Ernst shouted as the Hiryu Kai was now making its approach towards the Earth's Exosphere.

"Activate the GN Field!" Lefina issued her command from her command chair.

"Activating the GN Drives now, captain!" Shaw shouted from his CIC seat when he got the GN drives activating.

As the Hiryu Kai began to make its atmosphere reentry towards the Earth, the ship's GN Drives were beginning to activate in time as a GN Field was starting to form around the ship. This was done so that the Hiryu Kai can be protected from the extreme heat, which would normally destroy a ship if countermeasures were not being taken to ensure that the ship and its passengers are protected.

"Brace yourselves!" Maria shouted as the ship was now beginning to descend to the Earth. Like everyone else assigned to the Hiryu Kai, she knew that the GN Fields can hold off the extreme heat and protect the ship from being destroyed. The only thing that she and the rest bridge would need to worry is getting any serious injuries in case turbulence would force something to fly off their seats or something.

"I hope we'll be alright like in the last test we had!" Kai grunted as he struggled to stay in his seat, a bit worried that the seat belts may not be enough.

"No need to worry!" Sean was trying his best to reassure the officer that things would go well. "You were with us when the Hiryu Kai was undergoing field tests with atmospheric reentry!"

The Hiryu Kai continued its descent, just passing through the Exosphere as the ship was now beginning to make it course towards the Middle East region or West Asia as known by a few geographers and by those who have studied about Asia.

I hope nothing goes wrong with the ship's debut to Earth. Lefina mused as the ship continued to make its atmospheric reentry. The only thing she was able to do is to hold onto her seat and hope that the trip would be alright like the last trips she did with the ship during testing runs.

Briefing Room, ZAFT Military Station, Aprilius One, PLANT

The Le Creuset team were directed into one of the many briefing rooms of the ZAFT Military Station, which was known to have a large cylindrical shape for most of its structure. The masked officer's subordinates had no idea after arriving at headquarters if a new mission was going to be placed on their hands.

"Is there a reason why we're here?" Dearka asked after he took his seat.

"Is it okay for you to be here?" Athrun asked Nicol in a whisper.

Nicol replied back in a whisper. "Don't worry Athrun." The green-haired Coordinator continued. "It's been a few days since we got some R&R. 'Sides, my parents understand."

Yeah, the 23rd of January by now at least... Athrun mused.

"Thank you for coming..." A ZAFT Black officer came inside the briefing room, having a folder with him. He appears to be in his 30s and was of Southeast Asian origin. The team wondered what the folder contained. "I'm sure all of you know about the mysterious broadcast made in both the Earth sphere and the colonies."

"I would like to know if there is any kind of significance to the broadcast." Le Creuset asked the officer, who he assumed to be an intelligence officer.

"There is, Commander Le Creuset." The officer replied, showing off the news broadcast regarding the events going on in Azadistan. "I've got an example of the news broadcast going on in Azadistan, especially with the joint military exercises between the EF and the MEU".

The Le Creuset team watched the HD TV screen of various protests going on in Azadistan with reports of a bombing in a certain part of Tehran.

"So are you saying that Mithril has resurfaced?"

"That's what all the analysts are suggesting. Especially with the simultaneous theft of mobile suits, ships and vehicles that were seized on both side of the OYBW."

"And if this Mithril is out there revived and all..." Yzak began to throw his question to the intelligence officer. "does this mean we're suppose to stop them?"

"Intelligence doesn't even know if that Mithril is working alongside parties responsible for helping the development of the prototype OMNI mobile suits..."

"That doesn't sound kinda right." Dearka raised an eyebrow. "From what I know about Mithril, they'd go after OMNI if they got evidence that they're going to do atrocious things equal to what happened to us and the Principality prior to the OYBW."

"What about the legged ship?" Nicol asked the officer. "Are we going to be deployed to go after it?"

"The Supreme Council had a short meeting a while ago." The officer spoke up after hearing Nicol out. "And while there has been a deadlock, there is some consensus that the legged ship and the mobile suit left in OMNI hands is a future threat. The initial objections were the lack of combat experience for either one of them."

Dearka frowned, crossing his arms on his chest. "That's a load of bull and they know it."

Everyone in the team looked at Dearka, including the officer.

"And what are you suggesting?" Le Creuset asked his subordinate.

"What I'm suggesting is that the Council should have already recognized the threat the legged ship and the lone mobile suit, now back within OMNI hands since the pilot and the crew already got battle experience just from facing us and the other teams before they got back to Earth."

"Well the Council did have an unanimous vote in hand, calling for your team to check on the legged ship ASAP." The officer addressed Le Creuset. "Although some of the moderates including the Chairman are opposed to this."

"I'm not surprised to hear about that." Yzak commented, leaning back on his chair. He knew that his mom was in the Supreme Council was a radical supporter of Patrick Zala, whose policies are appearing to be borderline radical as well.

Not that he cared about politics since he didn't have time to pay attention to them when Yzak has duties as a ZAFT Red soldier.

Bridge, Hiryu Kai, Lagrange 4, Above Azadistani Airspace

"Captain! The Hiryu Kai has completed atmospheric reentry to Earth. We're now over the Middle East." Maria informed Lefina as soon as the atmospheric reentry phase for the ship was completed.

"Finally." Lefina sighed. "It's over for now."

"Of course, captain. The other matter is for the Hiryu Kai to get to Azadistani territory to launch our operation." Sean spoke to his superior from behind her seat.

"Yes, of course." Lefina nodded without looking at Sean. "You're right."

"Have we been detected during our reentry?" Sean asked the bridge crew for a status report.

"None so far, sir." La Mira reported to Sean from her CIC station. "The GN Field was able to mask our ship from any of the military stations at the orbital elevators, even if we were near one of them."

"It'll be a matter of time before the superpowers could possibly get their hands on our technology." Kai mused, placing a hand underneath his chin.

"Indeed that's a possibility." Sean understood Kai's concerns regarding the protection from GN technology from falling into the wrong hands. "We need to ensure that it doesn't happen."

"Can we launch our mobile suits and ships?" Lefina asked the CIC crew.

"I believe we can as soon as we infiltrate Azadistanti territory, captain." Miyu informed Lefina. "We're lucky that the ship landed in the waters north of Tehran."

"Can we get assistance from our comrades in the region, sir?" Shaw asked his superiors for details.

Sean and Kai thought carefully about Shaw's question.

"The last time I went over the map of the Earth back at Freiceadan..." Sean spoke to Shaw. "Mithril has a covert base located in the midst of the Azadistan-Azerbaijan border with another one at the Azadistan-Turkmenistan border."

"Two bases huh?" Junas grinned. "That ought to cover a lot, especially since that can cover Azerbaijan from the west and the east if needed."

"Indeed you're correct there, Captain Liam." Sean replied. "But since we're needed to rapidly respond to this threat, it may not be possible for us to count on our allies for immediate resupply since we need to immediately locate and rescue the imam before a civil war begins to erupt in Azadistan."

"Inform all SRT and PRT personnel to be on immediate standby!" Lefina gave our her instructions. "We're about to intervene in the Azadistani situation."

"Captain!" Eun faced her superior and friend. "We're getting an encrypted transmission!"

"Who's it from?"

"It's from Wang Liu Mei..."

Corridor, Azadistan Royal Palace, Tehran, Azadistan, Middle Eastern Union

Shirin was talking to the Azadistani Defense Minister in an empty corridor of the Azadistan Royal Palace regarding the involvement of the Azadistani military in the tense situation after Rasa was kidnapped.

"So did you authorize the involvement of the military to help the police force?" Shirin asked the Defense Minister, who was a man in his early 50s with a bit of dark skin, black hair with a light mustache. He had a black suit, red necktie and a white dress shirt on.

"I did, Prime Minister Bakhtiar." The Defense Minister replied. "The assembly has given the vote for it without any opposition since the Conservatives walked out of the proceedings in protests."

Shirin couldn't believe that things were now getting worse instead of at least a bit better. "The nerve of them..."

"I've sent out the Azadistani National Guard to assist the police for law enforcement duties in the wake of terrorist attacks against pro-Reformist party towns and cities in the country. With the wake of more attacks, the situation may get worse."

"Of course. What about the foreigners?"

"I've given out explicit instructions that they are not to intervene in any matter. Any actions taken without our consent will be taken as a violation of our country's sovereignty."

"See to it that the EF forces in Zayer Base do comply. And make sure that their safety is taken care of."


I hope Mithril can help us in a pinch out here.

Mobile Weapons Hangar, Hiryu Kai, Above Azadistani Airspace

Most of the SRTs and PRTs, including Lockon and Setsuna, were mobilized to move into the hangar after atmospheric reentry was complete and that it was safe to now move around the Hiryu Kai. This was going to be the first time that Mithril forces have intervened in Earth covertly after the end of the OYBW and after the organization's revamp in making itself much better than its predecessor in conducting anti-terrorist operations.

"You two are going to join up with us?" Kira asked them as he was just about to get ready for deployment.

"Yeah." Lockon told Kira. "But we're going to see Wang Liu Mei somewhere else."

"Really now?"

"Yeah. Captain said something about us having to do additional recon."

"Your mobile suits are ready! Hurry up!" A mobile suit technician shouted to get the Irish's attention.

"Come on, Setsuna! Let's go!" Lockon shouted as he ran for his Dynames mobile suit.

"Understood." Setsuna did the same thing, except that he ran towards the Exia.

Mark went to gather Kira, Sai and Kuzzey, the four of them already in their pilot suits. "You guys ready for the first mission?"

The three ex-COSMOS soldiers gave collective nods.

"Good." Mark replied, giving a nod of his own before he said the following to his comrades. "You guys know what to do, right?"

"Yeah." Kuzzey replied. "Me and Sai'll be the first ones to be deployed, followed by you and Kira."

"Right." Mark nodded. "Captain just gave us reports of terrorist attacks at pro-Reformist Party towns and cities that just happened a few minutes ago." He showed off an electronic tablet that displayed the geographic map of Azadistan.

It also showed off red dots, showing towns or cities that have recently been attacked.

"The red dots here indicate that these towns or cities were hit pretty bad by pro-Conservative terrorist attacks. So far, intelligence has got no individual or group claiming responsibility for the attacks."

"Bastards..." Sai gritted his teeth.

"I agree with you, Sai. Which is why we're going to be deployed in to secure one of the cities from being attacked."

"What about the military?" Kira asked.

"Good question, Kira." Mark tapped the tablet screen to show off some pictures of Azadistani National Guard soldiers protecting government establishments and the Azadistan Royal Palace. "National Guard's out in full force. But as you may know, there are suggestions that the National Guardsmen could have some Conservative leanings and as such, could play a fourth column-type role for them."

"This isn't going to get any better for us in the SRT." Kuzzey sighed.

"I know." Mark agreed with Kuzzey. "I think things'll get worse for the PRTs once they get their boots on the ground."

"Alright you four." Annie approached the four-man team. "Technicians already went over your mobile suits for a final checkup and they all look okay. So start boarding 'em right now."

"You heard the lady..." Mark told his SRT teammates. "Let's move out."

"Right!" Kira, Kuzzey and Sai said in unison as the four of them ran off to their respective mobile suits.

Cockpit, RGE-C350C Shaldoll Custom

"Alright, here goes nothing."

Mark had entered the cockpit of the Shalldoll Custom, sitting down on the lone seat in the mobile suit and sealing the hatch before he wore his pilot helmet. Afterwards, he began to turn on the mobile suit's powerplant and electronics, waiting for the loading screen on the console in front of him to get it over with and just get to the main screen.

"And here comes the lady of the hour." Mark grinned when he was about to put down the visor on his pilot helmet when Miyu's face showed up on his console from the bridge.

"Hey..." Miyu greeted Mark with a smile. "Just to let you know, the weather in Azadistan is looking great, so you and the others shouldn't have a problem when you get deployed out there."

"Understood..." Mark replied while he began to run a quick system check on his mobile suit's weapon systems and equipment. He took a liking to the panoramic view screens and the drum-style cockpit system being employed by the Flags and the Enacts to reduce some G forces off him. Although as a formerly conditioned special forces soldier, Mark has no problem being subjected to high amounts of G forces alongside Kira, Kuzzey and Sai.

Let's see... System checks on the backpack thrusters and boosters... Beam Vulcans... Beam Sabers... Beam Spear... Beam Katars and the Beam Rifle. Also checks on the powerplant and the arms and legs.

"Anything else I should know about, Lt. Miyu?"

"Lockon and Setsuna will be deployed first since they're going to be meeting with Ms. Wang Liu Mei somewhere else."

"I heard word that another observer is in Azadistan right now. What about him?"

"Captain says not to worry about him."


As Mark and Miyu spoke for a few minutes, he had received word from his comms that the Dynames and Exia were already deployed out of the Hiryu Kai.

"All right, it seems that the Dynames and Exia have taken off. You've been cleared for immediate deployment from the Hiryu Kai."

"Understood, bridge."

Mark maneuvered his personal Shalldoll Custom to the Hiryu Kai's launch catapults, taking the right catapult while Kira was on the left side with his Gunner Gundam having a flight system platform since his mobile suit doesn't have flight capabilities installed. For the Shalldoll Custom, it has a backpack thruster installed on it with additional ones on its legs to have some control on flight movement on Earth, but have fast movement for space-based applications.

"Kira, ready?"

"Ready as always, Mark."

"Roger. See you down in the field."

"I gotcha..."

Mark positioned his personal mobile suit onto the launch catapult, ensuring that its feet were clamped on securely before he would launch from the ship and onto the ground. It's a good thing that he and the others got their mobile suits to have shock absorbers ready before they piloted their mobile suits.

Here goes. Good thing the Hiryu Kai isn't positioned that high above Azadistan or we'll need to get MS Flight Systems or special booster packs to help them fly.

"Mark Liu, Shalldoll Custom, heading out!"

With that, Mark moved out of the Hiryu Kai as the launch catapult propelled him out from the ship and into the battlefield.

Things were heating up in Azadistan and they're about to get hotter.

Bridge, Hiryu Kai, Lagrange 4, Above Azadistani Airspace

"How are they doing?" Lefina asked Miyu for an update on the deployment.

"Deployment's going smoothly, captain." Miyu replied. "Just a few more minutes before all available SRT operators are deployed. PRT operatives on R-Schneides will be in the field. Other PRT teams will be deployed on foot."

"Alright." Lefina nodded. "Keep me updated after the Air Unit's fighters are deployed."

"Yes, captain."

"Captain." Lefina stood up and went to the tactical map table that was raised from the floor. She saw Sean and Kai go over a geographic map of Azadistan.

"There you are, captain." Kai spoke to Lefina. "I'm going over the details with the Major on the concentration of armed hostile groups and the position of OZ forces in Zayer Base near the outskirts of Tehran."

"Do we know if these hostile groups have mobile suits?"

"Yes captain. So far, the intelligence given by the observers in Azadistan have raised the possibility that the pro-Conservative groups attacking pro-Reformist towns and cities have mobile suits in their disposal. We're still trying to get more details to be sure."

"One more thing, captain." Sean spoke up to Lefina. "The OZ-led EF forces are in Zayer Base, but there are suggestions from the media that they might intervene since the Atlantic Federation is deploying to the country under authorization from OMNI."

"Have they begun movement?"

"None at all." Sean shook his head. "They've maintained their positions. We're still looking for where the AF forces are coming in from, but the information we got from the observers do suggestion it's from the direction from Europe."

"Then we have no time to waste."

"Indeed. But it may be a moment of time before OZ decides to get involved and their hands dirty."

"Let's hope that they don't get involved at all."

Chapter 14 END

PS - Chapter 14, ladies and gentlemen. And it's about time that I should start listing down the peeps in the Hiryu Kai, although not everyone will be listed (e.g. all personnel in the PRT/SRTs for instance like how FMP! didn't "portray" all of the PRT operators). Do note that with the Hiryu Kai in Mithril service, codename placements for people/ships have been revamped again. They've been doing this after Mithril's reestablishment as a security measure. Again, the Irish callsigns are in chapter 9. Ranks of personnel on the ship (and in other Mithril forces) are in chapter 8.

All I will say is that while the Hiryu Kai will be the main ship involved kinda like how the TDD-1 is the main ship of the FMP! franchise (except for Another), other ships will be involved from time to time.

Also note that most of the peeps can be found in the Gundam wiki or in the Gate of Magus, which is a compilation of Super Robot Wars information. Any Gundam Battle Master character data can be found in Hardcore Gaming's website (Hardcore Gaming 101). There are others that can't be easily found like Akira Hongo and Dennis Napalm since they aren't featured in recent SD Gundam G Generation games. Let's say that Dennis Napalm is a muscular Caucasian with camo paint all over his face and Akira Hongo's a red-haired Japanese man with a white headband placed on his forehead. As for Shaw Ruska, nothing face I can say except he's a kid-like guy with blackish hair.

Hiryu Kai - Soitheach 1


* Lefina Enfield - Intleacht 1
Rank - Lieutenant Colonel

* Sean Webley - Intleacht 2
Rank - Major

* Kai Kitamura - Teagasc 1
Rank - Major

* Junas Liam
Rank - Captain

* Eun Hyojin
Rank - 1st Lieutenant

* La Mira Luna
Rank - 1st Lieutenant

* Sarah Hollin
Rank - 2nd Lieutenant

* Ernst Jaeger
Rank - 2nd Lieutenant

* Miyu Takizawa
Rank - 2nd Lieutenant

* Maria Owens
Rank - Chief Warrant Officer

* Shaw Ruska
Rank - Warrant Officer

1st Fighter Squadron, Air Unit:

* Edward Harrelson - Garda 1
Rank - Captain

* Amy Bauer-Meister - Garda 2
Rank - 1st Lieutenant

* Texan Dmitri - Garda 3
Rank - 1st Lieutenant

* Garnet Sunday - Garda 4
Rank - Master Sergeant

Primary Response Team:

Alpha Team:

* Mercury Promenade - Tús 2
Rank - Captain

* Dennis Napalm - Tús 8
Rank - Sergeant

* Akira Hongo - Tús 10
Rank - Corporal

Bravo Team:

* Abu Dabia - Tús 14
Rank - Warrant Officer

* Patricia "Pat" Estefan - Tús 17
Rank - Staff Sergeant

* Edmund Edgar Smith - Tús 23
Rank - Corporal First Class

Special Response Team:

Alpha Team:

* Katina Tarask - Óglach 1
Rank - Captain

* Russel Bagman - Óglach 2
Rank - 2nd Lieutenant (Scheduled for promotion to 1st Lieutenant)

* Siegfried Wedner - Óglach 3
Rank - 1st Lieutenant

* Tasuku Shinguji - Óglach 4
Rank - Master Sergeant

* Óglach 5 (Currently vacant)

* Mark Liu - Óglach 6
Rank - Master Sergeant

* Kira Hibiki - Óglach 7
Rank - Staff Sergeant

* Sai Argyle - Óglach 8
Rank - Sergeant

* Kuzzey Buskirk - Óglach 9
Rank - Sergeant

* Eterna Frail - Óglach 10
Rank - Staff Sergeant

* Sheld Foley - Óglach 11
Rank - Corporal First Class

* Rachel Aiphath - Óglach 12
Rank - Warrant Officer

* Rachel Ransom - Óglach 13
Rank - Corporal First Class

* Óglach 14 (Currently vacant)

Bravo Team:

* Shin Matsunaga - Óglach 15
Rank - Captain

* Philip Hughes - Óglach 16
Rank - 2nd Lieutenant

* Sophie Fran - Óglach 17
Rank - 1st Lieutenant

* Ranlow Shade - Óglach 18
Rank - 1st Lieutenant

* Lon Kou - Óglach 19
Rank - 2nd Lieutenant

* Yuri Ajissah - Óglach 20
Rank - Warrant Officer

* Summona Fulis - Óglach 21
Rank - Warrant Officer

* Crowe Broust - Óglach 22
Rank - Sergeant (Scheduled to have possible promotion)

* Nao Jessica Parker - Óglach 23
Rank - Master Sergeant

* Sulu Suluzu - Óglach 24
Rank - Staff Sergeant

* Billy Blaze - Óglach 25
Rank - Corporal First Class

* Florence Kirishima - Óglach 26
Rank - Corporal

* Doc Darm - Óglach 27
Rank - Sergeant

* Óglach 28 (Currently vacant)

Maintenance Crew:

* Lucette Audevie
Rank - 1st Lieutenant

* Annie Brevig
Rank - Master Sergeant

* Kay Nimrod
Rank - Sergeant

* Hermiya

Now for the music involved, I chose "Rhythm of Wind, Sky and Earth" by Yasunori Mitsuda from the Chrono Trigger OST when Mark and the other SRT operators, as well as the fighters get deployed out to Azadistan in resolve the situation. I kinda like the drumming beat used.

I wish to point out that the military forces of the Middle Eastern Union are different from the Atlantic/European Federation and the Human Reform League. In the MEU, the countries under it have their own military forces, but they are under the MEU umbrella. I hope that's clear. Also have no idea how an ideal Republic of East Asia flag would be like. I also decided to use the RPT-014 R-Schneide as the main SRT mobile suit as a combination of all the data from the three R-Blade prototypes in the SRW series, which has the same weapons and physical features of the R-Blade as well. I just like it better than the Huckebein (Although I also don't mind it) that it would be an elitish MS for Mithril to use.

The CMS-B/68 Shaldoll Custom is a custom-made mobile suit I just made up based on the CMS-B/67 Shalldoll Custom. More of it in the next chapter.

At this point, I'm really thinking of getting the Diva involved from AGE as a Mithril ship. Oh well, we'll probably see is that'll happen or not. In the meantime, expect another update soon if I can.

Happy Halloween to everyone! XD