Mobile Suit Gundam/Kido Senshi Gundam: Peacekeepers

By: Ominae

Rating: T


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Mithril has begun its first terrestrial deployment in the Kingdom of Azadistan, where it is undergoing stages leading to a full-blown civil war. Their mission is to secure Rasa Massoud Rachmadi from his kidnappers and take out any radical pro-Conservative terrorist groups and elements in the ranks Azadistani security forces. Can they find the man alive and take out the radicals or will they fail in their first comeback from the Cold War? Stay tune to this chapter to find out.

Chapter 15: In Azadistan

Cockpit, RGE-C350C Shaldoll Custom

Mark had just been deployed out of the Hiryu Kai when he decided to check on anything he got from the all-black mobile suit's cockpit.

"Better see if old man Madorna left any messages for me."

He went to search the database to see if a message was left for him to check on. The search results showed that a video was uploaded to the mobile suit's OS before Mithril covertly got it back from his workshop.

"Dammit. Gotta look later."

The OS had informed him that the mobile suit had just made a complete descent onto the ground. He then manually activated the mobile suit's optical camouflage to render it invisible to anything from the naked system to all known radar systems.

"All right. Since we're all here, remove the backpack thrusters and move out at once."

"Got it!" Kira, Kuzzey and Sai replied in unison as they also got their backpack thrusters removed from the rear of their mobile suits.

Mark wondered if he had to worry about collecting the backpack thrusters left behind. But he recalled from the briefing that they would be disposed of through self-destruction, which was a policy the new Mithril had decided to do as part of being totally discrete in terms of having their equipment left behind in the field.

"I just hope that the self-destruction policy that the backpack thrusters are going to experience is going to be very through."

"Can you hear me, Óglach 6?" The ex-COSMOS child soldier got a video transmission on his monitor, which was coming from the Hiryu Kai's bridge. He heard that it was the voice of Miyu coming through the transmission.

"All clear, Soitheach 1." Mark replied through the transmission. "I'm deployed with a few guys in Alpha Team. Not sure if Óglach 1 or 2 are deployed in the same area."

"Hey, are you trying to mock me or something huh?!" Mark sighed when he heard the voice of his commanding officer, Katina Tarask.

"You need to calm down." Russel Bagman was heard trying to calm his commanding officer down. "He wasn't trying to mock you."

Goddamit. This is all I need.

"If you can cut that out for a second, Óglach 1." The voice of Kai Kitamura, who was known by the codename Teagasc 1 in the reformed Mithril structure, was heard as well. "We have work to do..."

"Understood, Teagasc 1." Katina sighed and accepted her superior's instructions.

"For this first mission, you have two objectives." Kai began to relay his orders to all active SRT operatives in the field. "The first one is to defeat any and all mobile weapons and equipment used by the terrorists. The second one is to ensure the safety of the inhabitants of Nazarabad, especially since the city is under siege."

"Do we have a name for this terrorist group?" Kuzzey asked Kai in the transmission. Mark continued to pilot his mobile suit towards the objective.

"According to Sonraí agents based in Azadistan," Kai gave Kuzzey a reply. "the group claiming responsibility for the siege in Nazarabad consist of the Sons of Azadistan."

Sai could only chuckle at the group name. "Don't you think that it could be the work of agents provocateurs?"

"There hasn't been any conclusive evidence to suggest that is the case, Óglach 8."

"Will Bravo team be heading out to assist us?" Mark threw in the next question as his mobile suit.

"Negative, Óglach 6." Kai replied. "They will be heading out to another objective."

"SRT Alpha Team to Soitheach 1." Katina began to relay another transmission to all mobile suits that were in the outskirts of Nazarabad. "We've just arrived in Nazarabad. Proceeding with the mission at once."

"Roger that, Óglach 1." Kai replied again. "Good luck there and be careful. Commence Operation Touchdown."


Mark conducted a final check on his console to see who was in the field. He saw that aside from Katina, Russel with Kira, Kuzzey, Sai and himself, the other Alpha team members deployed to Nazarabad also consisted of Siegfried Wedner, Tasuku Shinguji and Rachel Aiphath. Their callsigns were shown on the digital map of Nazarabad to indicate their positions. So far, the entire team was converging on the main road leading to the city.

All right. Here goes nothing.

Bridge, Hiryu Kai, mountains near Nazarabad City, Nazarabad, Alborz, Azadistan, Middle Eastern Union

Lefina called for Sean and Kai continued to continue their work on the tactical map table, which was previously raised from the floor to the surface behind the captain's chair. The three officers were busy trying to figure things out in terms of the SRT teams that were deployed to Azadistan to quell the rising civil war.

For tactical reasons and to save on energy, Lefina gave orders to set the Hiryu Kai in the mountains near Nazarabad and use its newly installed optical camouflage system. She was confident that it would work, since she worked as an officer candidate on the ship previously on test runs before she was commissioned into Mithril's officer corp.

Lefina had been on the ship to secretly conduct tests on the equipment and weapon systems. Although the officer knew where the test runs took place, she was sure that she would be in trouble if she spilled the beans to anyone. Even though that she was amongst fellow Mithril officers and everything, the top brass gave orders to put the test results as a secret due to the real possibility that a double agent, spy or enemy agent could find out the details of the ship and use it against the organization. To her relief, she was told by General Kowen that all of the personnel in the Hiryu Kai had also participated during the ship's test runs.

"So it seems that most of the rogue mobile weapons controlled by the Sons of Azadistan are being amassed near its downtown area." Sean began to tell Lefina and Kai, pointing out the downtown core of Nazarabad when the map of the city was shown to them with a close-up done to get an accurate picture of everything from the buildings in a city block to the numbers of roads that can lead to and away from city hall.

"Still, are you ready to take Sergeant Buskirk's suggestion seriously?" Lefina asked Lefina and Sean about Kuzzey's reply.

"Perhaps." Kai replied to Lefina's concerns. "The worst thing to prepare for is with any rogue Azadistani military units to side with any radical extremists."

"Agreed." Sean agreed with Kai's thoughts. "Agents already in the city have acquired intel that mobile anti-aircraft guns have been posted in a ring formation around city hall."

"It appears that the building's been made as the headquarters of the SOA." Kai used his right index finger to make small circles on the digital map. The AI has noted the circles to be AA guns.

"Do we know any specifics on them?" Lefina asked Kai, pressing him for details.

Kai thought for a moment before he replied. "None from what I know, aside from the fact that it's either ex-Soviet, Chinese, North Korean or Iranian-made AA weaponry.

"Has Bravo Team been deployed?"

"We'll hear from them in a few minutes, captain."

"The PRTs should be navigating their way inside the city." Sean added while the officers were still in the planning phase of the operation. The digital map showed the outline on how the PRTs would infiltrate the city, ranging from using the back alleys to using the main roads while staying under cover to avoid being seen by the enemy.

"And the Air Unit?"

"I gave the order for them to be on immediate standby at once a few minutes ago."

Lefina nodded after she heard what Sean did. "I understand. I'll give the order for deployment to obtain air supremacy in the city once the AA weapons are taken out by either the PRTs or by Alpha."

"Yes, Captain."

Somewhere in the European Federation

"Fall back! Fall back!"

Two blond Caucasian men, being armed with IZHMASH AK-104 assault carbines, were seen in the corridor of a typical office building in Europe. They were both wearing tactical vests that one could buy at a military surplus store with civilian clothes, including windbreakers. They were both wearing tactical military boots on.

"Dammit! How did they get here? I thought that we had control of this building?!" shouted one of the AK-104-armed men, kneeling down to reload his assault carbine.

"How should I know? Just keep firing at those bozos, goddamit!" The other man shouted back, who was firing the AK-104 at full automatic.

However, a smoke grenade and a flashbang were simultaneously thrown at their feet.

"What the..."

Before the two men could get a chance to fight back, the two grenade devices exploded. One clouded the hallway with smoke and the other blinded them that they couldn't aim their assault carbines.

The AK-104-armed men were subsequently gunned down for their troubles.

Heavily armed men, clad in black from their ballistic helmets, respirators to their tactical boots, were now present in the corridor as they were aiming their Heckler & Koch 416A5 assault carbines. These had red dot scopes, vertical foregrips and laser designators, making them very deadly in CQB battles. Around six of them were present in the now occupied hallway.

"Hallway now secured." said one of the respirator-wearing men when he communicated via radio microphone attached on his vest. "Now proceeding to move into office interior."

"Copy. Remember to secure the interior and kill everyone you see. Even if they throw their weapons on the ground and beg for their lives."

"Understood, Overlord. Now moving out."

Somewhere in Nazarabad City, Nazarabad, Alborz, Azadistan, Middle Eastern Union

SOA-manned mobile suits, mostly olds Zakus, GINNs, GMs, Anfs and Fantons, were seen making the rounds, patrolling the main streets leading to the downtown core in Nazarabad City. So far, things on their end looked good that they were able to secure their hold on the pro-reformist city in Azadistan.

But that was only a few hours ago.

One of the SOA Fantons, armed with a Carbon Spear and a chin-mounted Smoothbore Gun, was attacked and destroyed by beam fire after being shot a few times in the cockpit. Luckily, it was destroyed in a few abandoned lots in the city, reducing any chances of destroying any civilian properties.

"We're under attack!" shouted one of the SOA rebels from the cockpit of an Anf.

"But from where? I can't see another mobile suit besides ours!" The shouts came from the rebel pilot of an Anf, scanning the area to see if there are any mobile suits.

It can't be. The Royal Army ain't here since they're busy keeping an eye on pro-Conservative protests and with concerns that some Azadistani military units may go rogue and side with them.

The Anf never knew what hit it when it was attacked by several well-aimed bean shots that were seriously meant for the cockpit and legs. The ex-Human Reform League mobile suit broke down before it was destroyed in an explosion, damaging a few buildings nearby.

A SOA-manned GM, armed with just a 100mm Machine Gun, didn't see the beam katar blades that pierced the cockpit and the head modules, followed by a volley of beam vulcan fire that riddled the ex-OMNI mobile suit with several holes before it collapsed on its knees and fell down on the side. It was destroyed in a few minutes by an explosion.

"Hey! Do we know if the people have been evacuated from Nazarabad City?! 'Cause I don't want to be labeled as a civilian killer around here with Mithril being reactivated after the Cold War and everything?!"

The loud concerned voice came from Kira, who had used the Gunner Gundam's Special Beam Rifle as a sniper rifle-type weapon after he previously calibrated the machine's OS to ensure accurate beam firing. The gundam's jamming equipment was also effective in rendering SOA communication equipment useless that they can't summon reinforcements. The Coordinator has his mobile suit under optical camouflage, sniping while using an abandoned apartment building for cover.

"No worries on that, Kira!" Kuzzey replied from the cockpit of his Perfect Gundam III, already armed with the Bazooka Gun. He calibrated the weapon to fire beam shots instead of solid shots, scoring a kill on the Anf. "The PRTs and Sonraí agents are taking care of evacuating any civilians in any town or city held by SOA and other radical conservative terror groups. Same thing's being done against radical terror groups fighting against the former."

"Let's wreck these guys!" Mark shouted from his personal Shaldoll custom after roughing up a SOA GINN armed with a MA-M3 Heavy Sword by knocking it down on its feet. He used the beam katars to stab at the ZAFT-made mobile suit.

"Eat this!" Mark yelled when using a beam katar to stab the downed GINN before did it again and again. "And this and this and this!"

A couple of SOA Zaku II Kais fired their MMP-80 90 mm Machine Guns at the direction where the beam shots were coming from, retreating backwards since the odds were getting against them.

"Take cover! Our optic camos won't protect us from gunfire like that!" Kuzzey shouted, retreating while firing the Perfect Gundam III's Bazooka Gun to keep the Zaku II Kais from suppressing him and the others.

"Sh-t! We can't keep risking collateral damage in the city with our mobile suits!" Mark agreed, maneuvering his personal Shaldoll Custom back from the incoming gunfire thanks to the customization made by Madorna to make it move fast when on the ground than the average Shaldoll Custom.

"Hey guys!" The trio could hear a familiar voice on their radios. "Incoming!"

"Is... is that Sai?"

Princess Marina Ismail's Office, Azadistan Royal Palace, Tehran, Azadistan, Middle Eastern Union

"Princess Marina, the United Nations has made contact with the Foreign Minister and informed him that the Atlantic Federation task force is arriving in a few minutes in Azadistan." Shirin told Marina after the former entered her office.

"And has the National Assembly accepted it?" Marina asked, quite nervous while watching a BBC broadcast that showed police officers of the Azadistani Police's Public Order Tactical Unit, which was an anti-riot unit that had some origin from the riot squads of the former Iranian police unit NOPO, an ex-police unit that specialized in anti-riot and rapid response operations in urban areas. They were decked in full anti-riot gear, standing at attention with anti-riot shields at hand, watching protestors trying to get to the Royal Palace through their helmet visors.

Shirin sadly nodded. "I believe so. I was informed by the Defense Minister that the UN Security Council has dispatched the Titans to oversee evacuation of foreign nationals who wanted to leave Azadistan while assisting our security forces in retaking the streets back from the protesting crowds, as well as to hunt down and root out any and all sympathizers in the military and in the police."

"I greatly fear that further foreign intervention will be worse. Don't they know the reputation of the Titans, especially what they did in the colonies?"

"I tried my best to dissuade the assembly from even accepting Titans assistance." Shirin sighed while watching the BBC broadcast of POTU riot officers charging at protestors after being attacked with rocks and bricks, including molotov cocktails. The protestors began to run away from the charging POTU officers, being fierce at their determination to take the streets back from radical pro-conservative protestors. Water cannon trucks later backed them up, spraying pressurized water to knock them down so that POTU officers can easily arrest them. "But it seems the reformists are eager to get them to help the security forces end the riots."

A Defense Ministry aide came inside the office and whispered a few words to Shirin's left ear.

"Princess." Shirin spoke to Marina again. "The Defense Minister has confirmed the presence of Mithril."

"Mithril?" Marina said, who was a bit surprised.

"Yes. They're attacking SOA-held towns and cities around Azadistan with their mobile suits."

Marina felt like she was going to have a big headache coming in to her temples. "I see. And the Titans?"

"Last I checked, they should be deployed from one of its bases in the Middle East."

Azadistan Army Zayer Base, Tehran, Azadistan, Middle Eastern Union


Zechs was greeted by an OZ soldier, who had been previously moving about.

"What is it?" Zechs replied.

"We've received word that the UN Security Council has authorized the deployed of the Atlantic Federation taskforce, including the Titans to help Azadistani security forces suppress the riots and find the massing imam."

"Understood. Notify all OZ and EF forces to move out at once."

"Yes, sir!"

"So this is it then?" Kati told Zechs as all EF forces were preparing to mobilize. "If you ask me, I don't trust the Titans to be here."

"So do I actually." Zechs told the EF officer. This remark apparently surprised the woman, given OZ and the Titan's ties back from the invasion of the USSA.

"This is the first time I heard that from an OZ officer who worked with them before..."

Zechs glared at Kati through his mask. "Just because I work with them doesn't mean that I have to fully like it."

Kati watched Zechs walk off towards the OZ mobile suits as they were beginning to get deployed.

That's interesting. Makes me wonder if OZ has some kind of rivalry going on with the Titans or it's just his personal opinion.

Somewhere in the European Federation

"What is the meaning of this?!"

A Caucasian man in his early 60s wearing a brown business suit was behind his office desk when he received word that the building was under siege by heavily armed men.

"I don't know, sir. But you need to evacuate at once! You're not safe here anymore!"

A Caucasian man wearing a black suit, shoes and shades had an earpiece on his right ear, armed with a pistol. He was peeking out of the office, shouting orders on the microphone clip on his right arm.

"Dammit. Dammit! I thought that La Eden has a guaranteed deal with that group! Goddamit!"

The man got a suitcase and began to pack up all essential documents and items while the gunfire outside began to get louder and louder by the minute.

I just hope I can get out of here by the chopper up on the...

An explosion was heard from the direction of the rooftop, followed by gunfire outside that resulted in the death of the armed bodyguard. He collapsed in the office, back first.

"That's it then..."

The same armed men that had taken control of some of the corridors barged in the office. They aimed their 416A5 assault carbines at the seemingly unarmed man.

"Overlord. We've defeated the last of the opposition. We're now in control of the building." One of the carbine-armed men reported back to his unknown superiors. He stared at the man through the respirator.

"Copy that Unit 1. Do you see the HVT?"

"Roger that, Overlord. Proceeding with the objective."

"See that you do, Unit 1. Don't report back until it's done."

"Understood, Overlord. Out."

The suit-wearing man raised his hands up in defeat. "I suppose that I surrender since you defeated most of La Eden's conventional forces."

"Not really."


"We've got our orders to execute you to clean up the mess you created. No offense really, but this is the part where you start thinking on choosing your next profession when you get the chance to do so in your next life."

Before the man could say anything, the armed men in tactical gear opened fire with their 416A5s. The man was hit in the chest several times, with the office table, the coat hangar, the potted plants, the desktop computer and the glass panes that framed most of the office space behind him. A few seconds later, the man fell backwards when he fell through where the glass panes used to be.

"Overlord. We got our target."

"Can you confirm that?"

A few minutes later after the suit-wearing man was gunned down in his office, the armed men could hear the voices of people screaming from the streets that someone's dead with his body smashing the roof of a parked taxi.

One of the armed men peeked to check if the commotion outside was real. He nodded and gave a thumbs up.

"No problem with that Overlord. Will take care of extraction details. Out."

Another armed man went towards the videophone, which was not damaged except that it was dangling on the side. He picked it up and placed it on the table. The videophone was then turned on since it was receiving a call.

"Are we on schedule, gentlemen?" A man was seen on the video screen. However, his identity was not revealed since the man's face and body was darkened to the point of having his voice digitally modified so that no one with a good ear can determine who the voice belongs to.

"Yes, sir. Primary HVT target has been silenced, sir."

"I see. Good work. La Eden cannot be allowed to exist anymore, especially with their vulgar threats to make us public. Which is not something the higher ups would like."

"Anything else, Mr. Gold?"

"Nothing else for the meantime gentlemen. Return back to your respective base for now." The man on the vidscreen added. "Gentlemen, Amalgam is back in business in the Universal Era."

When the vidscreen connection ended, the armed man brought up the stock of his 416A5 carbine before he smashed the video phone hard with the stock to ensure that it can't be fully recovered. After the initial stock, the armed man struck the video phone again with the stock after the initial strike broke the vidscreen and made cracks on the phone.

Somewhere in Nazarabad City, Nazarabad, Alborz, Azadistan, Middle Eastern Union


Everyone in Alpha Team could hear Sai's loud shouting as he manned his Huckebein 009, which had a black paint scheme instead of the original green paint scheme to better hide itself from plain sight during night operations aside from the use of its own thermal optic camouflage.

One of the Zaku II Kais aimed its machine gun at the incoming Huckebein until its head module was punched, disorienting its built-in camera. This gave Sai the opportunity to attack it by using its Roche Saber, a high-powered version of the beam saber, and slashed the offending mobile suit diagonally.

"Shit! Shit!" The second SOA Zaku II Kai got very angry when his SOA comrade was killed by the arrival of the Huckebein 009. But before the other Zaku II Kai could use the frag grenades mounted on the ex-Zeon mobile suit's waist, the black mobile suit fired its 60mm Vulcan Guns on the grenades and on the magazine clips for the machine gun to cause some damage to the mobile suit.

"Never mess with Mithril!" Sai yelled out loud as he used the Roche Saber to stab the mobile suit at the chest before bringing the beam blade down to cut it in half vertically.

"You know that you're pretty sick with that." Sai saw that Siegfried was talking to him from the cockpit of his LRX-077 Sisquiede, which was painted in a white and blue finish instead of the dark blue finish used by the Titans. It was also armed with an I-field Launcher, which is a beam rifle that can also serve as a powerful megacannon when needed. "And when I say sick, I mean that you may need help to see if you're pretty demented when you pilot that mobile suit."

"Whatever you say there."

"All right you two, that's enough." The order came from Alpha Team's leader, Katina. She was alongside Russel in their personal Gespenst mobile suits. For Katina, she's piloting her Gespenst Mk-II Kai Type-G while Russel is piloting his Gespenst Mk-II Kai Type-C. "Alpha Team to Soitheach 1, we've cleared all enemy mobile suits in the southern area of Nazarabad. How's Bravo Team doing?"

Bridge, Hiryu Kai, mountains near Nazarabad City, Nazarabad, Alborz, Azadistan, Middle Eastern Union

Lefina was wearing a wireless headset, talking to Katina via microphone when she was told that Alpha Team had cleared the south of Nazarabad City. She was looking at the tactical map table, looking at the map of the city that had a green area overlapping the city's southern region. This indicated that the area's been cleared of SOA mobile suits.

"The last I heard from Bravo Team is that they're being held up by SOA mobile suits near City Hall. But they've been able to destroy a few of their anti-aircraft guns by sneak attacks and ambushes."

"Damn, are those guys slow or what?" Lefina sighed when she began to hear Katina rambling off after being told of the news.

"That's enough complaining from you, Óglach 1." Kai went to put a stop to Katina's complaining, who wore a wireless headset like Lefina. Sean was on the bridge standing at attention, but Lefina assigned him to put everyone on the bridge at work and be the one at command since she was busy working on making the operation successful. "Concentrate on securing your area. We'll let you know if Bravo Team needs backup."

"Understood, Soitheach 1."

"Thanks for helping me out there, Major Kitamura." Lefina sighed when the connection ended.

"Not at all, Captain." Kai was very calm and also not boastful when he received compliments. "Just doing my job."

"Still I wonder if the two SRTs from Ms. Sumeragi's team was able to get any useful information in weeding out the loyalists from the radicals in the Azadistani military."

Small Town, somewhere in Azadistan, Middle Eastern Union

Setsuna had been walking around a small town in Azadistan, wearing his usual civilian clothes with a white turban wrapped around his head to look like a clothes. Aside from glances that the people could tell that he was of Krugis descent, nothing had happened to him so far.

The glances and the side comments that I've been hearing still indicates hostility towards the Krugis Republic. Not something that Allah would allow before Krugis was defeated.

The Exia Gundam pilot was about to pass by a small restaurant when he overheard some people talking about some mobile suits attacking SOA forces holding up Nazarabad and other city outside of Tehran. It was a good thing that Setsuna was fluent in Arabic, aside from Kurdish, Japanese and English, that he was able to understand what was going on.

Looks like Mithril's made a move. About time I make a move too.

The former Krugis national took out a mobile phone and dialed a number. He placed it on his right ear while it was ringing.

"Come on..." He murmured. Setsuna waited and waited he noted that someone picked up on the other line.

"Setsuna. Got something for us that can work?"

Setsuna waited for the line to pick up, which was great for him since Lockon was talking to him.

"I got some info. It appears that an Azadistani mobile suit unit is camped out in the outskirts of Tehran." Setsuna began to speak to Lockon while walking down the road.

"Any idea on numbers or anything?" Lockon asked his Ptolemaios-based teammate.

"Nothing yet." Setsuna replied. "But since the Azadistani Army received lots of military assistance from the EF and the HRL in the recent years, I have a feeling that they might be using second-rate mobile suits for the time being."

"Good work, Setsuna. I'll be sure to pass this on to the guys on the ground and to Sonraí and to Monatóir as soon as I can. Get back here when you can."


Setsuna ended the call and began to make his way of the town and to rendezvous with Lockon.

Bridge, ZMS Vesalius, Lagrange 1, Space

"Do you think we should intervene at this time?" Ades asked Le Creuset, who was watching a broadcast from the PLANT from his command chair regarding Mithril's first intervention at Azadistan to root out SOA forces, as well as Titans joining forces with OZ and on Atlantic/European Federation forces as a special task force with authorization from the UN Security Council with a resolution being passed as of now.

"Probably not a good one, Ades." Le Creuset told the officer. "Especially with Mithril, the Titans, OZ and Atlantic/European Federation Army forces heading out to Azadistan. When that happens and we deploy the stolen mobile suits, we'll still be on the loosing side. Even though they're quite good in the battlefield, you can't underestimate what Mithril, the Titans or OZ can dish out in terms of their own mobile suit forces."


"So instead my good man, we'll be waiting for verification that the legged ship is already deployed from the Atlantic Federation. The only thing we don't know is where it is."

"The legged ship." Ades leaned back on his command chair. "Been a while since I've seen it back from Heliopolis and everything."

"You're not the only one who's anxious on meeting the legged ship." Le Creuset had a smirk on his face. "You're not the only one, Ades."

Cafeteria, ZMS Vesalius, Lagrange 1, Space

Athrun, Dearka, Nicol and Yzak were now in the Vesalius' cafeteria, wearing their standard ZAFT Red uniforms. They were told by both Ades and Le Creuset that they would be deployed out in the field to pursue the legged ship and take it out alongside the Strike since it's now in OMNI's possession.

"So what do you guys think?" Nicol asked his fellow ZAFT Red comrades, trying to have a decent conversation without any fists or insults flying about.

"What do I think?" Yzak glared at Nicol, nearly slamming his hands on the table. Except that he decided not to do so in order to avoid getting any attention towards them. "I think we should get to Earth and kick OMNI's butt for having the Strike with them."

"Yzak. Be logical for a few minutes." Athrun spoke to Yzak.

"Logical for what?"

"First, the legged ship is not in Azadistan. Second, we don't have credible intelligence to determine where the legged ship is. And third, deploying out will get us in trouble since Mithril, the Titans and OZ are out there. God knows how we can get out of a situation in case those groups see us as a potential target to take out, given that we just hijacked our mobile suits from Heliopolis."

"Guess I'll have to agree with Athrun on this one." Dearka backed up Athrun's argument by agreeing with what he said.

"I'll have to agree with Athrun as well." Nicol shared his sentiment.

Yzak simply gritted his teeth, sighed and sat down.

Detention Cell, Prison, Mithril Freiceadan Base, Lagrange 4, Space

Rusty contemplated on the photos given to him while still being incarcerated by Freiceadan's prison block. He knew that sooner or later, he must make a decision on whether to just be sent back to ZAFT and silently allow future atrocities to go on again. Or he could make a bold decision to join Mithril. Or just be a civilian and hide with a new identity.

"What to do, what to do..." Rusty murmured while he was lying down on the cot, now feeling a bit better from the gunshot wound he sustained back in the Heliopolis operation. He was now making a decision on what to do next.

"Dammit..." The ZAFT Red captive was now trying to make the decision that would change his life. Of course, he wasn't sure if he wanted to get back to ZAFT, given what he knew of his commanding officer and what he did to Heliopolis.

"I never thought that the commander would actually use D-Type weapons." The orange-haired Coordinator. "I mean, that's already a war crime for attacking a civilian space colony."

He licked his lips, raised his right hand up while he stared at the ceiling. After flexing his hand for a few seconds, Rusty closed his eyes to ponder on his next move.

I just hope I make the right decision.

Rusty got up from his cot and slowly approached the bars of his prison cell door. And then he did the next thing that would surely startle the officers of this base.

He began to shout and yell at the top of his voice, saying that he wanted to join with Mithril. The Coordinator hoped that a surveillance camera would pick him up on his actions or something.

Near outskirts of Nazarabad City Hall, Nazarabad City, Nazarabad, Alborz, Azadistan, Middle Eastern Union

The SRT operators in Bravo Team were seen fighting in their respective RPT-014 R-Schneides. At a few of them were since some of the others also had been armed with their own personal mobile suits.

"This is Óglach 23 to Soitheach 1!" The codename belonged to Master Sergeant Nao Jessica Parker, ex-OMNI soldier who had spent time in both the Atlantic Federation and in the Republic of East Asia before signing up to join up with Mithril. She was taking cover with her Schneide mobile suit by using a 12-story office building for cover, even though she wasn't being targeted at the moment. "We're still busy engaging hostiles in front of Nazarabad City Hall! So far no casualties on our side, over!"

"Copy Óglach 23." Kai's voice. "Is Óglach 15 with you?"

"Yes, Teagasc 1. But I think most of us got separated from him a bit after being ambushed from the back. But we're turning the tables against them."

"And the status of the AA guns?"

"Most of them are destroyed. Just a couple of more left that are being used for ground suppression activities."

"Understood. Relay to Óglach 15 and the others the locations of the last two AA guns to keep the hostiles busy. I've been receiving word that Tús 2 is leading the PRTs into City Hall and rescuing the HVTs."

"Yes, sir!"

Nao waited until she saw a SOA-manned GM Type C was going to pass by her, armed with a HFW-GR·MR82-90mm Machine Gun and a shield on its arm. The ex-OMNI soldier waited until the GM Type C was about to pass her when the SRT operator used the Schneide's beam saber to cut its arms off before the G-Revolver was fired at the enemy mobile suit's chest several times.

Somewhere in Nazarabad City Hall, Nazarabad City, Nazarabad, Alborz, Azadistan, Middle Eastern Union

Armed men wearing black tactical uniform and gear of the Royal Azadistani Police's Unit 10, which served as its main anti-crime/terrorist unit, were seen infiltrating the interior of the Nazarabad City Hall.

"We're now infiltrating the City Hall. Going in to secure the HVTs."

Except that the men of this Unit 10 squad were heard speaking in fluent English. It was a good thing that no one else was around. Aside from the usual presence of armed SOA terrorists, patrolling the hallways with IZHMASH AK-12s.

One of the masked Unit 10 officers gestured to his comrade to sneak up and take care of a SOA terrorist, his back facing him. A few minutes later, a Unit 10 officer began to sneak up on the AK-armed terrorist, who had a balaclava and a tac vest worn over his shirt alongside jeans and rubber shoes. He brought out a combat knife from a sheath on the web belt.

"Ack!" The AK-armed terrorist felt that someone had forcefully brought him down on the ground before the combat knife's blade was driven to the terrorist's neck after executing a stab to render him dead in a few seconds. If not quickly, then the quick blood loss would do the deed.

"Prepare for breach." The command was given to the squad to prepare to get into the mayor's office and save the hostages inside before they would be executed.

Although, the squad leader also gave the order to position the breaching charge onto the wall a few meters near the door. This would probably disorient the terrorists inside, in addition to the plan of tossing in flashbangs.

A Unit 10 operator positioned the breaching charge onto the wall as instructed. Afterwards, the Unit 10 team moved near the charge by kneeling down and getting their suppressed assault rifles at the ready, which were Seburo C26As outfitted with suppressors and brass catchers that were mounted permanently. Which was unusual since Seburo was primarily based in the Republic of East Asia and did not sell any of its weapons outside REA territory aside from nations that were seen to be friendly to its leaders. The MEU wasn't included in its interests in terms of selling small arms.

"Five, four, three, two and..." The squad leader prepared his team for the assault, doing a five second countdown.

"One. GO!"

The breaching charge was deployed, blowing a hole into the wall. This followed by several primed flashbangs being hurled into the wall, creating several explosions that disoriented both hostages and terrorists.


Within minutes, the Unit 10 team moved into the breached location and began to aim for the disoriented terrorists. One by one, they were shot down by 5.45x45mm caliber bullets. But one of the disoriented terrorists attempted to uses a knife by stabbing in different directions in the hope of getting at least a kill in.

One of the Unit 10 operators decide to use his bare fists to counter the incoming knife stabs by grabbing the right arm to break the SOA terrorist's hold onto the combat knife. Once the knife dropped onto the ground, the unarmed police operator got the terrorist into a headlock before his neck was broken.

"Are you okay sir?" A Unit 10 operator approached the mayor while speaking in Farsi, who was on the floor covering his head.

"Yes." The mayor said.

"Everyone else is okay, sir!" Another Unit 10 operator yelled out in Farsi in order to preserve the squad's cover as elite Azadistani police operators being the ones responsible for liberating Nazarabad City's mayor and his secretary.

Cell Block A, Prison, Mithril Freiceadan Base, Lagrange 4, Space

Kowen was frustrated right now when he was summoned by Berserk to go to the prison section of Freceiadan. They were being accompanied by two Mithril PRT officers, armed with Sanjuro NP-721J submachine guns with reflex sights attached on the picatinny railings. The PRTs were armed just in case the prisoner would do, "certain things" in mind.

"I can't believe that I'm being called at a time like this after the hostage rescue op's being concluded." Kowen said, expressing his frustration.

"I understand how you feel, sir." Berserk shared his CO's sentiment. "But I received word that the prisoner needs to talk to someone who could listen to him with a request that he wants to speak up about."

"Well let's see what he needs to talk about." Kowen told Berserk before he told the guards. "If the prisoner tries anything funny, you know what to do."

The NP-721J-armed PRTs nodded when they were near Rusty's cell.

"Oh thank god that you guys are here!" Rusty shouted in the empty cell block, gripping the bars of his cell.

"Now that you made your ruckus." Berserk sighed. "Can you please get to your point?"

"I... I want to make a request to the commanding officer of this base."

"Name it." Kowen told Rusty, keeping an eye on the PLANT-based Coordinator.

Rusty gave a deep breath before he told the African-American.

"I would like to request to join Mithril."

Bridge, Hiryu Kai, mountains near Nazarabad City, Nazarabad, Alborz, Azadistan, Middle Eastern Union

"Arrange for all SRTs and PRTs to immediately head back to the Hiryu Kai at once." Lefina gave her order after hearing radio transmissions from her wireless headset that the mission in Nazarabad City was a success.

"I'm also reporting action in other cities held by SOA and other like-minded radical extremist groups. Looks like they're also a success." Kai told Lefina while Sean looked at the digital map of Azadistan.

"Has there been any word on the UN-made solar array station in the country?" Sean asked the two officers.

"We should be receiving word any time now, Major Webley." Kai replied to Sean's question.

A few minutes later, the digital map table showed the precise location of the solar receiver station.

"Look." Lefina pointed to the blinking dot. "It's at least 10-15 kilometers outside Tehran."

"And it's slowly getting dark too." Sean commented, looking at the windows of the bridge to see that the sun was starting to set.

"What shall we do?" Kai asked Lefina for her decision.

Lefina, for her part, looked at the map carefully while pondering on a decision. She then said to Kai.

"Once all the SRT and PRT personnel have returned back to the Hiryu Kai, have them assemble at the briefing room. I need to go over the information we just received."

"Yes, Captain."

Princess Marina Ismail's Office, Azadistan Royal Palace, Tehran, Azadistan, Middle Eastern Union

Shirin had received word by a Defense Ministry aide when he whispered to her. The glasses-wearing woman nodded before she told Princess Marina.

"Princess." Shirin sighed. "We do have some good news."

Marina waited to hear the good news Shirin was going to tell her.

"Mithril has been able to regain control of most of the town and cities held by the Sons of Azadistan and other armed extremist groups."

The princess was relieved to hear the news. "Thank goodness."

"But we're not out of the problem. We still haven't determined if extremists in the security forces will launch an attack against us due to the kidnapping and whether he's still alive."

"Shirin." Marina couldn't help but hear what the prime minister is telling her.

"And it's getting dark too. I better inform the defense minister to let the forces be on alert and start plans to get the state of emergency in motion."

Outside Swissôtel Tehran, Azadistan, Middle Eastern Union

Joint OZ/EF military forces have been mobilized to Tehran, securing certain portions of the city in cooperation with Azadistani security forces in order to ensure the safety of foreigners who wish to leave the country due to the growing instability. So far, there weren't any reports of the locals attacking foreign nationals. But it would be a matter of time before an incident takes place.

"All right! Secure all major roads leading to any and all hotels and serviced apartment hotels at once!" Kati shouted her orders to the EF soldiers standing guard around Swissôtel Tehran after she secured the chin strap of her ballistic helmet. A while ago, she had worn her tac vest with ballistic plates inserted with the addition of having a holster strapped on her right leg.

"Yes, ma'am!" A EF soldier saluted Kati, proceeding to ensure the OZ/EF checkpoint was secured.

"How are things there?" Kati received a transmission on her headset, placed on her head, but under her helmet. It was from Zechs.

"We're just setting up all roadblocks alongside the Azadistani security forces leading to and from all major hotels and apartment hotels."

"Good. I'll take charge of all mobile suit forces in the area. And that also includes regular EF forces."

"Not a problem, Colonel Zechs."

"Very well then. Good luck on the ground, Colonel Mannequin."

"Same here."

EF Army Special Forces Regiment commandos were also deployed on the ground to assist in the evacuation of embassies and other international facilities that wish to temporarily vacate its premises until the crisis is over. They would later be joined in by Titans special forces, assisting the SFR to ensure the safety of Tehran-based international facilities thanks to a recently passed UN Security Council Resolution, although they have their orders to secure OMNI member state embassies as well... given OMNI's checked history with the Titans.

Let's hope we can all get through this crisis.

Saint Gabriel Institute, Minato, Tokyo, Japan, Republic of East Asia

The Saint Gabriel Institute, a private Roman Catholic school located in Minato's Akasaka district. Most of its students were sons and daughters of foreigners who were living in Japan due to their positions, whether they are diplomats, businessmen, researchers and university professors. A minority were Japanese who were studying in the school in order to receive a better quality of education.

Among the students attending the school is Relena Darlian. She is the adopted daughter of Jack Darlian, who currently serves as the Vice Foreign Minister of the Sanc Kingdom, and Mareen Darlian. Partially because of her parents, Relena has become very known throughout the campus.


Relena was greeted by a few of the female students as she was walking towards the main campus building to attend her classes. The brown-haired girl already knew that her first class was mathematics, a subject that not all of her classmates found to be interesting since it was hard. And it involved numbers. Just numbers.

"What's up?" Relena greeted them with a smile. She was known to be a pleasant and gentle girl, all because she was a nice person to interact with.

"Did you hear about the latest news in Azadistan?" One of the SGI female students spoke to Relena. She was similar to her age, aside from being a Caucasian with blonde hair in a ponytail.

"I heard some things in the news that there's some kind of crisis going on." Relena replied.

The blonde student nodded.

"That's right, Relena. I got some family working in Azadistan in an embassy. My mom told me last night that they flew back to Canada after a few riots took place in Tehran."

"So what? It's like 1979 all over again?" said another SGI female student, who looked Asian but had some Caucasian features and short black hair.

Relena stayed silent, not knowing how to answer the question.

Penthouse, Hilton Tehran, Tehran, Azadistan, Middle Eastern Union

"Master Alejandro."

Alejandro Corner, American UN diplomat and a secret observer for Mithril, was seen standing near the balcony of the penthouse of the Hilton Tehran. He was being approached from the rear by a green-haired, purple-eyed man wearing what appeared to be Central/Western Asia-type clothing, although one may not even tell if the clothing the man wore was from the region.

"Yes, what is it Ribbons?" Alejandro asked, watching some of the riots taking place near the outskirts of the royal palace before being chased away POTU riot officers. He was enjoying himself by drinking a glass of rum with ice.

"Are you not going to leave?" Ribbons Almark was a bit known to the public as the designated manservant of Alejandro by the Corner family, acting as his butler and his assistant whenever he goes out to attend public and private functions. "After all, the UN Security Council and most of the embassies have warned that all foreign nationals must leave Tehran before things could get worse."

"I understand your concern, Ribbons. Believe me, I really do."

Alejandro had a smirk on his face.

"But right now, I want to get a good view of Tehran." The ponytailed man and ex-Atlantic Federation mobile suit pilot grinned before taking a sip of his iced rum. "With Mithril getting back on its feet long after the days of the Cold War, it would be an interesting thing to see how they'll do in terms of making the civil war a part of Azadistani history."

Ribbons could only stare at the back of his "master", wondering if Alejandro's plans to stay put in Tehran to watch Mithril in action would really be a good idea.

Corridor, en route to Briefing Room, Hiryu Kai, en route to Tehran, Azadistan, Middle Eastern Union

"I wish to thank you for helping me out there, Major Webley. Today's not one of my finest days in my debut as a ship captain."

"Not at all, captain. But one must not give up just because things may not turn out to be well in the first day."

"Still, I have you to thank for backing me up."

"You also have your share of the success when we cleared Nazarabad City of all SOA terrorists."

Lefina and Sean were now walking towards the briefing room, the former having designated Kai as the acting commander until she can go back to the bridge and take command once more.

"To be honest, Major. I was very nervous. But I'm glad that we have very professional operators in the field who were able to do their job."

"Very professional indeed. In fact, I know some of them very well who I'd really recommend be placed in a ship like this if I had the chance to go through the active roster of Mithril operatives."

Lefina nodded, knowing Sean's positive side in backing most of the PRT and SRT operators who were in Nazarabad City as part of their first official mission in unveiling the presence of Mithril as a serious faction to contend with. (The infiltration of Orb and other infiltration operations weren't counted since most, if not all, were done in cooperation with the Intelligence Division.)

"Have all the PRT and SRT operators been assembled in the briefing room?"

"I've made the order very clear to them that their presence is needed there once they got back in the Hiryu Kai."

Lefina nodded. "Very good, Major. Let's proceed."

Airspace above Nazarabad City, Nazarabad, Alborz, Azadistan, Middle Eastern Union

Among the first military personnel to arrive in Nazarabad after Mithril pulled out of the recently liberated city were forces from the Atlantic Federation's 8th Independent Tactical Fighter Squadron, aka the Overflags and the Anti-Gundam Investigative Squadron. They were seen flying in their SVMS-01 Union Flags, seen to be the mainstay mobile suit of the Atlantic Federation military.

On the ground, Titans infantry and mobile suit forces were utilized to quickly take control of the area, filling in the void after Mithril forces stealthy left before they could arrive. So far, things were looking good since there wasn't any SOA resistance. The only thing they needed to do was to make sure Nazarabad and other SOA-held cities and towns were protected until Azadistani security forces were able to arrive and take back control of these places.

"Man, I just wish the top brass would have let us request Titans support to release anti-personnel automatons in case of the need to retake an area occupied by armed terrorists." Daryl sighed while conducting a patrol over Nazarabad City from inside his Union Flag. "That would've made things easier."

Howard brushed off Daryl's suggestion. "You can try your luck, but that won't even happen. Not even in a million years."

"Well, why not?"

"Well because the top brass doesn't want to make things any worse. Plus, this kind of situation where things go out of control to the point of having a major national crisis is usually the portfolio of the Titans."

"But... but haven't you forgotten that the President and Congress has allowed us to be here to work with them, OZ and the EF forces?!"

"I haven't. But I'm sure it's because our politicians want to score a lot of points with the Security Council and the Titans' leaders."

"Come on you two." Graham was now interrupting their argument, riding alongside them in his Union Flag. "Besides, this isn't the time or the place to squabble over things like that after all."

"Ah, forget it..." Daryl was getting frustrated that nothing was going his way in terms of answers.

"Captain, how long before we leave this airspace and leave it to Azadistani security forces?" Howard asked his commanding officer the question while maintaining the city's airspace.

Graham frowned. "I'm not sure. I heard word that the Titans may provide airspace security later on."

"So does that mean that we're not going to be here very long?" Daryl was the next person to throw the question at Graham.

"Well who knows?" Graham couldn't help, but grin. "But just as long as I can get enough time to see if a Gundam from Mithril would be around or not."

Briefing Room, Hiryu Kai, en route to Tehran, Azadistan, Middle Eastern Union


Sean shouted at the top of his voice after he and Lefina entered the briefing room. All PRT and SRT operators, including support personnel, stood at attention and saluted the two officers when they got inside.

"At ease!" A Mithril officer shouted, allowing the enlisted to stop saluting the officers once they got in.

"Excellent work, ladies and gentlemen." Lefina told everyone assembled inside. "I'm glad to see that everything pulled through without any casualties."

Some eruptions of cheering and clapping were heard from the ranks.

"But our job in Azadistan is not finished yet."

"Take your seats." Sean told the assembled PRT/SRT operators to sit down.

"Is there something else that we need to do, ma'am?"

"We still haven't found an exact location of Rasa Massoud Rachmadi yet." Lefina replied to the question of a PRT operative. "And right now, things are starting to get worse with foreign nationals being evacuated out of the country due to the worsening events there."

"What happens now?" A concerned mobile suit engineer threw the question to Lefina.

"The next thing we need to do is to protect the UN-made solar receiver station." Sean stepped in to answer the question. "Lately, the engineers and support personnel based there have been receiving threats from radical extremists. Our agents familiar with the crisis have also mentioned the possibility that Azadistani security forces sent in to protect the station may be in league with the extremists, so we need to move in before the station is taken out."

Kira asked his superiors a question. "But what about the imam?"

"A SRT operative familiar with the area is checking out villages and small towns to determine anything out of the ordinary. So far, nothing yet." Lefina told Kira. "It'll be a matter of time before we get another lead."

Sounds of people groaning are heard, not believing that they need to wait.

"People, people." Sean tried to calm them down. "I understand that you want to get back in action and do everything you can to save the country from internal strife. But if we decide to act without anything substantial to back us up, then we will be doomed to fail."

"How long does the SRT guy on the ground check in, sir?" Kuzzey asked Sean next after Kira.

Sean looked at the clock on the wall and said. "Should be in a few hours. Last I heard, he's checking in on another village near where Krugis territory used to be."

"Krugis? I can't believe it..."

"You said it man. The guy must be either brave or not smart enough to plan ahead..."

"You think that part's a good idea?"

The old man sighed when he heard the murmurs going on.

I'm getting too old for this job.

"Are there any further questions?" Lefina asked her subordinates, making them stop whatever they were doing and wait in silence in case someone wants to ask the captain another question regarding the operation.

"If there aren't any more questions, then you're dismissed..."

Chapter 15 END

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