I'm pretty, yeah

I'm outspoken, I have a voice

I'm not afraid to use it

I like people

In general

I like having friends

I like people liking me

I'll stick up for you

If you're my friend

If you're a decent sort

I'm pretty and loud and funny

But I've got a heart

What do I want to be when I grow up?

Well here's something I still want to be - something I always want to be -

I wanna be me

Don't try to change me

That's my choice

It's up to me

To realise my mistakes

And do better the second time around

You won't impress me

By shoving your bad attitude on me

You'll just put me in a bad mood, too

Slow down, explain it to me

Give me time to think

I can think

I'm not stupid

I'm a human being, too

I'm Alice, by the way

That's me


I think.