From across worlds

Comes starlight

Entire worlds

Other suns, entirely

Shining out there, and here


You have to wonder

Who else do we share our sun's light with

Who else does it shine for

Because it's not really ours, in the sense of possession

We just feel

Attached to it

And that's why we say it's ours.

Is that how it is

When we meet someone we like

Someone totally wonderful and radiant

And we'll say, yeah, that's my friend

Or my girlfriend or boyfriend

You hardly ever hear people proclaiming proudly, after all

That's my enemy; we don't get along

But they all live in "our" world, so they're ours, too

And we're theirs

In a way.

It's strange, to think of it


Why do we fight?

Why aren't we all friends?

Don't we all want the same things:

Security, safety, love and recognition, affection, and equality

Food and a home, a place to lay down at night and sleep?

So why can't we all just get along?

Why do some people have to be greedy

Or not care if someone else is starving or homeless whilst they're living the "high life"?

Aren't we all just brothers and sisters

In this world?


Breathing the same air and going about our day, the same sunlight out our windows?

Why do we have to fight

And make war?

I don't understand, sometimes