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Maybe Charlotte wasn't Charlotte at all.

Maybe she had a twin.

Growing up the poor girl had been sickly.

She ate her twin in the womb and as irony would have it, she developed a habit of eating as a way to get away from the fact that she was the unfavorite simply because of something out of their, the parents, control, losing their possible daughter or son.

She was cute but to the other kids they gave her sweets and tried to be her friend but her gluttony and greed took over alienating the 6 year old.

For years this developed until the age of 10.

This would come to bite her back harshly though as she had to be hospitilized for her sickness for three separate reasons: Diabetes, heart attack and cancer.

Her mother's positive type blood attacked her negative type blood during the womb stage and left her weak, she only survived thanks to the other twin being a sacrifice.

The other two came about because of her poor eating habit. With the cheese clogging her arteries and the sweets almost making her go blind and losing her limbs.

She soon lost her ability to eat the sweets and the swiss cheese she desired so and when that cat rabbit red-eyed creature appeared she made her wish.

Sadly in her greed of having a thin body while being able to eat whatever she wanted and having a "cure" for her 3 reasons of being in the hospital, she had forgotten the most important part of her wish: To make cheese. She thought of desserts first because of what she craved on that day but not of cheese which on occurred to her later.

Eventually alone and without someone to share her abilities and feelings of inadequacy with, she lost to despair near a hospital.

Due to Mami's life as a secret protector, she never really had time to sit down and make friends normally so she ate lunch in the bathroom at school. Occasionally she would hear about a few things that were talked about like a violin boy and her innocent affection for him or a loving family consisting of a brother, mother who always came home late and a stay at home father and a journey to another country from a trio of girls who walked in to fix their hair or wash their face.

She would hold back the tears but that didn't stop them from dropping from her envy.

A few days later she would save one of those three girls.

She had been on the side walk bawling her eyes out.

Mami appraoched her with caution.

"Shouldn't you be at home?"

The blue haired girl looked up and nodded.

Mami sat next to her and asked her to tell her what was wrong. She was surprised the blue haired girl started to spill out her troubles like a raging storm to a small row boat for 1, unable to handle but able to understand that she shouldn't have gone deep first.

When it was over Mami put a shoulder around her.

Boy troubles.

It was something she didn't understand since she had no time BUT to be a girl who struggled with balancing homework and trying to keep her soul gem clear.

Her next issue about the boy:


Mami grit her teeth. It had been personal now.

Unfortunately before she could talk to this violin boy, she had to talk with a certain alien cat about what the girl was in for.

Sharing tea and cake at her rich but empty abode, Sayaka understood the hell she was in for.

After some pressing of information, Sayaka nodded and joined Mami in battles against witches.

She finally had someone to be with unlike her last failure with Sakura. That poor girl Oriko...

She cornered and held a magic gun to the boy's face. She was wearing a hat and hoodie to not be recognized.

"Next time you leave Sayaka without telling her," He gulped and was sweating bullets. He didn't tell her he left the hospital, "The next time you make her cry," He was crippled, backed into a wall and had a gun at him point blank and now wetting himself, "I will come back."

She fired a blank.

He passed out.

Sayaka stood in her new armor completely still. She seemed to be intimidated by the creatures with the mustaches.

Mami said that she had to swing her sword like a hero and at once Sayaka sprang into action.

"Guess I found the right thing to say for once..." She thought with a smile small creeping on her face.

Although Sayaka landed the finishing blow and cut the butterfly witch to ribbons, Mami took the grief seed. She promised the next one would be for Miki.

After the battle with Getrud had settled, Mami showed Sayaka what do with the grief seed that had fallen and applied it directly to her soul gem. It went from a dark purple or black back into orange and yellow.

After all, Sayaka barely used magic in her swords.

They started to hang out with each other at school and when Madoka and Hitomi joined them after a few weeks (of Sayaka trying to get them all together) Mami was delighted at first but eventually the ugly truth reared it's head, she had to share information about herself.

"Hi, I hunt creatures which try to kill you and I use their remains to fuel my guns."

At first she was shy and mumbled but Sayaka "rescued" her by saying that Mami recently inherited some money from her parents.

Understanding the implications Madoka grabbed the older girl's hand and they agreed to go out and be friends with her.

"There's this bakery my mom took me to last week..." She said trying to recall the name.

Kuybee had found Mami at home trying on different clothes for her first day out with her new friends.

"Mami, there's a witches familiar at a bakery at-"

She was out in a flash.

She had to take care off this pest before she could finally go out on her first outing since Oriko and Sakura.

She sensed the witch with her ring and noticed one of her familiars about on the street. It was as quickly eradicated as soon as it was seen. She entered the barrier and made her way through shooting everything on site. She finally reached the end of the maze and saw the witch.

Three chairs. Many tables.

One empty chair, the witch and what appeared to be a different looking familiar.

The witch had been eating some cake and was chewing on some and tried to wipe the frosting off its cheek.

Ironic, just what she was going to get after this mission.

Mami slammed the chair with her rifle and instead of swinging it far, she let it fall. She shot it in the head on the way down and missed by a few centimeters into the torso. A "catepillar" emerged and when they made eye contact, she froze up and knew that her own hubris of thinking that she could finish hastily would be her own undoing and yet as her soul gem was the first to shatter, she was spared from the cruel fate that awaited her had she lived longer.

Yet death had been kind to her.

For one she finally had someone to eat with, two she no longer had to care about her figure and three she finally had a family again.

She was surrounded by twins, both had pink hair, one with red eyes the other pink, both reminded her of Madoka but she realized there was someone else she had left behind.

Ironic the very thing she hated, lonliness, was what befell Sayaka, the would be protector of Mitakihara.