A.N: Anko- Auburn hair and eyes. Same skin tone as Kyouko. 2 inches shorter than her. Well behaved but playful. Motherly like and Kyouko's anchor to keep her in check. Worried easily. Outspoken and trustworthy. Christian. Wears an apron when cooking or cleaning and likes to wear loose long clothes like sweatpants or long sleeves. Wears a cross.

Settings: Kyouko's apartment from episode 9.

The park from ep 12.

A abandoned school with a swing set, a court, a wall large enough to play dodge ball with a few kids lined up to hit.

Anko pulled on Charlotte's cheek at the dinner table.

The doll was confused as to why the girl always did this to her but she knew that whenever she did this she was feeling down or playful.

Charlotte had learned to focus her rage and malice into adoration and affection. It was a slow process but after feeding her cheese long enough Charlotte had grown attached to the younger sister of Kyouko.

Anko had been cleaning their small apartment when Kyouko came home with Charlotte after her argument with Sayaka (3rd chapter).

"Did you steal it from a child?" Anko joked.

Kyouko stuck her tongue out and replied.

Her sister told her that it was a living being, it was once a small girl.

Her sister didn't understand but knowing what her older sister did to keep them alive...She could only agree.

At first she tried to feed it an apple, by a slice and the doll walked up to her and draped its long sleeves over her arms.

Anko would have died of its cuteness...until it sneezed.

Kyouko hit the catepillar away from her sister and it started to go after them.

It upturned the small table by the couch and then it knocked the couch over as it chased the two girls.

Kyouko encased it in a small barrier and Anko started to yell at her.

"What possessed you to bring it home?"

"It- it can make desserts." She replied twiddling her fingers.

"..." Anko folded her arms and gave Kyouko a stern look.

Kyouko scratched her nose with an index finger and looked away towards the fridge.

She then remembered that the girl liked cheese and ran to get some.

She grabbed a cheese stick out and unpeeled it.

The catepillar broke the shield and Anko got on her knees and started to pray.

She opened one eye and saw Kyouko feeding it the cheese stick and petting the catepillar.

It receded back into the doll and it burped.

Anko's feelings were mixed, at first she wanted to throw it out but she thought about the harm it could do to other people and decided to just keep it out of fear.

She fainted.

At first Anko was cautious to approach the doll when it was awake but warmed up to it after she thought of ways to let it help her around the house.

She got a cube of cheese and asked it to let her sit on the catepillar form's head.

The doll gave a thumbs up and opened its mouth and the other form emerged.

Anko gave it some cheese as well and it grinned.

She sat on it's head and started to dust the once hard to reach places she couldn't on her own.

Whenever she went out, she made sure to position it on her head and make it face the sky.

She didn't want her head to be eaten.

She did this just in case someone tried to mess with her and she could scare them away.

Charlotte used her witch kiss ability to make some people come to her with cheese and Anko didn't want to stop her from eating, otherwise she would have died and been a meal herself, so she let it do what she wanted.

When they were indoors she would teach it some things like how to cook, write or how to play games.

At an old abandoned school she rolled a ball to the doll and it would pop it, with a bite.

The doll would giggle with one sleeve to it's mouth with it's eyes closed and Anko sighed.

She pulled on the doll's cheek and the doll tried to eat her. She produced some cheese from her purse and the doll's other form would retreat.

She put the doll on a swing and pushed her.

Charlotte smiled and let her clothes feel the wind and she grabbed on to the chain tight in case she were to go flying. Anko smiled.

When they switched turns the doll ran in place trying to push her feet but not the swing.

After turning in her application for a job at a grocery market, she sat down on the outside of a ice cream shop nearby and asked Charlotte if it could really make deserts and the doll put its two sleeves together and it's ears flapped, and a donut appeared from the sleeve.

Anko grabbed it and split it in half and fed the doll half of the donut.

The crumbs on its cheek made it more cuter.

She wiped the cheek with her own hankerchief and the doll's ears perked up by flapping.

Anko gave a grin and inspected the inside of the doll's sleeve but didn't find anything but a small stub for a hand.

At the same school on a basketball court, Anko accidentally rolled the ball to Charlotte with a lot of force and it rolled past the doll.

Anko started to run after it but Charlotte held out a sleeve and stopped her from running.

It started to run after it. She tripped because of it's cape but got up and wiped it's tears and kept running. The ball stopped because of a wall.

She leaped into the air and landed on it like a feather.

She then started to walk on the ball over to Anko.

Anko was flying a kite and looked for Charlotte, but saw the doll riding the kite with a smile.

The doll looked down and waved to her with one sleeve.

Anko saw a rip in the doll's scarf and patched it for her. The doll shed some tears and cried on her lap. Anko patted it's head.

In the park Anko was looking for a 4 leaf clover.

Charlotte found one and waved to the other girl with a smile.

Anko bear-hugged her and the catepillar came out.

Anko made a cheese pizza with extra cheese and chuckled when she saw the doll drooling.

It drank from a tea cup using both hands as it toasted Anko for getting the job from the market.

When Anko returned form her first day she found that the doll had been waiting for her and it was frowning.

Kyouko played with Charlotte when she could but knew that it really loved Anko.

Charlotte pouted but then ran up to her and hugged her ankle.

She bent down and patted it on the head and decided to make it dinner.

Anko came home and Homura, Sayaka, Kyouko and Madoka yelled surprise!

Charlotte let confetti fall form her hands as she threw them up.

Charlotte went into the kitchen and re-emerged with a freshly baked cake and held it with both hands and was beaming.

Anko grabbed it and Sayaka cut everyone a slice with her cutlass.

Anko pulled on Charlotte's cheek and Charlotte smiled.

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Mistakes: Present and past tense are mixed and I can't decide to call Charlotte a she or an it but w/e this chapter isn't meant to be taken seriously.

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