Song: Broken beyond Repair by Sonar Author' note: You don't have to sign in to review this one. I was having problems getting into my fictionpress account so it's going here and well, for some reason, I was not even thinking Deathnote but it kind of reminds me of some of the characters. I wrote this song in less than a half hour.

Shut up the voices in your head You might as well be dead if you can't stay in control Watch all your walls crumble as your body stumbles

Quit being your own critic Don't become an addict of losing your own mind so many times over,
you have fallen over and needed help to get up

You're already broken Broken beyond repair Not even Satan would accept you You're just losing control Shattered beyond hope How do you expect to cope?
When you are your worst enemy

You make yourself suffer for sins you did not do Your mind has already shattered Your faith has gone to drugs You might as well bleed your heart out

Cut yourself wide open Find that you lost your hope Your mind just cannot cope No one can't even save you Even if you tried to reach out Your inner voice defeats you You're left in shambles

You're already broken Broken beyond repair Not even heaven can cleanse you Your mind is blowing apart Your soul is beyond help Shattered Beyond hope How do you expect to cope When you are your worst enemy?

Nothing you do can free your soul from the torment that comes from within You are broken and beaten down Your soul shall wither and fade away just like a old memory You're held back by the past It sounds like you won't last

Your body's already broken Your inner voice has torn you Not even a prayer can help you Your mind has blown apart Shattered beyond hope Your soul falls into the depths of hell How do you expect to cope when you are your worst enemy?

You're already broken Torn beyond repair Your mind is cross-wired No amount of prayer can save you Even Satan will not take you You got forbidden by god You have lost control You are your own worst enemy!