Her hair was braided.

Tiny white flowers rested within that braid. Soft make up coated already pink lips while pale shadow made impossibly large eyes larger.

Upon her throat a simple blue choker and on her feet simple white slippers were placed upon her.

Her arms were out as the soft under garments slid over her naked flesh causing goose bumps to trail up her Limbs.

Cool silk slid over the simple undergarment. The short sleeves fastened with a button at each elbow while down the front silk snaps tied together with small loops.

Flowers rested in her hands of white lilies and roses of red.

As the first note zipped through the silence, a veil was placed upon her head.

Doors creak, music starts, and her eyes though open remained down as she stepped slowly towards the alter.

A man in black, long hair now short and elegant, stands with his back to the young girl. Beyond him is an older man, large book between is hands as he welcomes her to her place.

A simple gold ring, all they could find is placed upon the slim finger of the girl; a matching on the man's.

Large brown eyes that fill with tears, a kiss placed upon soft lips…the touch they had only shared a few times before.

As the music reaches a crescendo, feathers flutter, wings burst from the backs and all is drowned into a sea of light.

Whispered words float out in the night as death ends a beautiful dream for two.


A ring slips from a cold hand, forever lost to the one it was meant for.

A girl's tears fall as her heart stops cold…for not even death would keep them apart.




Don't know why, felt like writing a ficlet . but it is sad and kinda of beautiful in a way Q_Q

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