Hello there one and all! This isn't so much a "Keep Story" as it is just documenting all the crazy things I've experienced on the magical website, MagiStream. Just as the description says, the T rating is because I have a bad habit of cursing. The actual content is easily K-K+. Well, if you choose to read, I do hope you enjoy.

When I first entered the Keep, I had no idea just what I was getting myself into. I had been brought there by my best friend, a girl I know as Poochy. We had been looking for a place in which to rediscover our young teen years by roleplaying. On that day, I discovered the place was crawling with amazing, whimsical creatures. I wondered where I could get one, and if I would ever be as great a magus as all these other people.

After stumbling around on my own for a bit, I somehow found my way outside of the Keep and to a little stream that ran by it. I was entranced by the numerous eggs I found floating there. So many bright colors, and some already showing signs of hatching. I wanted to take one for myself, but couldn't decide which to do so. Around me, older magi were wading into the stream and taking the eggs carefully in their hands before returning to the Keep. I wanted one too, but I wanted to wait for the right one. The one that would be best for me. And then I saw it.

A small, boring tan egg floating towards me. It already had two tiny brown wings protruding from its shell. I reached out, scooping the delicate egg into my hands and lifting it from the cool waters. I had done it! I had retrieved this beautiful egg from the stream, and it was now mine! It was mine and one day it would become a powerful beast under my command!

Cradling the egg in the sleeves of my robes, I made my way back to the Keep and to my private room. After wrapping the egg snuggly into some blankets, I checked the records I had been provided with, and discovered the egg belonged to that of a gryphon! My heart swelled with joy. I knew just the name to give a gryphon! The perfect name for one! Oh yes, I was ready to have a gryphon. So, so ready to have a gryphon. I was ready for my little Charlie to hatch from his shell and greet me for the first time.

Two weeks later, after much hassle in figuring out how to properly care for the egg of a magical beast, the egg hatched! The little newborn gryphon crawled out of its eggshell and looked up at me. My eyes were sparkling as I took the infant into my arms and lifted it above my head. It was so tiny, but I knew it would grow much larger in time. It stretched its wings and let out the tiniest of squawks, and my heart soared. I knew from then on that Charlie and I would be inseparable. And that we would literally be taking our first steps into the world together.

…Did I mention Charlie turned out to be a girl?


Yes, my username on the site is Azeekiyal. If you read my older profile, you would know that I go by both "Redawilo" and "Azeekiyal".