Full Summary: Rin was held captive by a mysterious fox-youkai who also put a word-binding choker on Sesshoumaru's neck. He promised to return Rin when Sesshoumaru agreed to join Sango, a human-mercenary in her travel. But little did he know that Sango was actually a demon hiding in human form. Sango, a full-fledged youkai in human form, joined the inu-tachi without them knowing what she truly was. She promised to help them in their search of a fox-youkai who had miraculously turned each of them into something else. What will happen if the demons from her past whom she had vowed never to meet again appeared in front of her and intertwined themselves once again to her current life?

Disclaimer: Inuyasha solely belong to Takahashi Rumiko. I do however own the plot of the story...^^

Demons from My Past
Chapter 1: The Royal Captive

The wind was howling over the rocky hard surface. Giant looming mountains stood sturdy as the hard wind blew over them. As far as eyes could see, there was no sign of life, only the grey foreboding mist hovering over the dusty mountains. The whole place seems deserted if not for a dark figure stood on the top of the mountain. The heavy cloaked one's eyes inspected the land stretched below; slitted golden orbs scanned the area from beneath the black hood. The wind flapped her right sleeve, revealing clawed slender fingers, lightly clenching 4 shiny shards of the infamous Shikon no Tama. Her lips were pulled into a smirk, golden orbs shined with glee. "Shikon no Tama", she mused with a dark smile, "At last. I've been waiting for you since the time of your abrupt dissapearance."

A young lady dressed in dark battle kimono stood tall in front of a village. In her hands there were many beautiful piece of cloths, fresh vegetables, and a wooden box full of golden coins.

An old man probably in his fifties stood in front of her and croaked, "Thank you Lady Sango for exterminating the evil mononoke. Please take these gifts, they are only little presents for our gratitude.", he said while gazing up to the flawless beautiful face.

Sango gave a little smile and replied smoothly, "Thank you chief village-san for these gifts. It's my pleasure to be of service for this village." The old man seems mesmerized by the smile which gave a glow to her entire features. But he soon noticed that he was gawking before clearing his throat, "You're welcome. May God bless a kind lady like you in her trip."

"Thank you.", she smiled again causing the men in the village to lightly blush, "Now I'll take my leave, Sayonara.", she turned around, walking gracefully out of the village. Her cream neko youkai trailed behind her silently before jumping to her shoulder.

"Take care!", the children which Sango saved from the youkai yelled at her happily. Their chubby hands waved at her retreating form furiously. Sango halted in her steps and flashed a brilliant smile over her shoulder before continuing her walk.

"If only I was younger..", the old chief murmured while gazing at her slim hour-glass body.

The men in the village sighed dreamily. Sango was a kind, strong, not to mention beautiful lady. An example of a walking goddess, hell even the goddess herself. She defeated the youkai who abducted the children with mere ease, slicing its body like a knife cutting through butter. She did everything with such inhumanly grace, even the way she held her head was graceful. Sango was caring too, the way she talked with the children and cared for their needs was an example of a good mother.

"She is perfect.", one of the young villager man said.

His friend nod in agreement, "Yep, a woman which is wanted by every man."

The said woman was walking down the path leading to a dark forest. The heavy thick branches loomed over her, the forest's presence itself was screaming danger. But the girl seems the least bit affected by it as her steps never faltered from its usual grace.

"Kirara", she mused, "We did it again, saving a village!", she smiled while stroking the soft fur of the neko. Kirara mewed in response leaning to her master's hand for more kitty rub.

"Look, we even get gifts! The old-jiji is very generous!", she grinned like a kid getting a bag full of candies.

Kirara mewed in response before shaking her furry head. She was already used with Sango's rapid changes of personalities, from serious, passionate, cheerful, idiotic to even intimidating. Sometimes her mistress' mood swing was scary. It fascinated her how fast Sango could change her outer façade.

Sango was a bag full of surprises, she could act like anyone, from common villager, assassin, a gruesome person, even a noblesse. She was capable of changing skin, wearing a mask of the chosen personality in accordance of the situation.

Sango skipped like a school girl before inspecting the darkening sky. "Hm, seems like we need to find place to camp soon", she mumbled silently.

She continued to stare at the path ahead but her eyes were drown in memories.

Both Sango and Kirara had been travelling together to be mercenaries, visiting villages and offering help whether from the youkai or just common ferocious animals. Some even requested her to find missing children, escort some humans who wished to visit to a quite far place, or even tending crops and harvesting them. The list was endless.

Sango stroked the soft fur of the neko youkai while her thoughts were drifting elsewhere.

How long had it been since she started travelling with Kirara?

Sango knitted her brows together to get a certain number from her head as she racked her brain.

Yes, her eyes shined as she found the certain number, well it'd been that long.

Seventy years, plus seven to be precise.

Humans might have laughed when she told them of this, after all, the number didn't suit well with her fifteen-year old teenager appearance, she mused silently. That'd been proved well when she resided in one of the village, the old chief served her a dinner consist of delectable choice of meal as a celebration of her success of slaying some bear demons. Within the middle of her conversation with the people in the chief's house, one of them inquired about her travel with Kirara. She had slipped off the year number, and was quite surprised when the humans laughed at her supposedly funny joke.

She didn't blame them though because humans by that age would have withered with skins full of old wrinkles, and possibly retired completely from their usual daily job in their prime ages. Humans weaken in just a few decades and then not long after it, they died, bodies decayed and rotten in the ground.

Sango understood it well, within her many years among the humans, eventhough she was not one.

Not a human, eventhough she appeared to be one in every aspect, appearance, scent, or even aura in case a quite strong miko had the abbility to decipher auras.

Sango narrowed her eyes down as her eyes began to take beautiful sheens of gold.

It's all because of HIM that a demon like her was forced to take this human facade, and travelled aimlessly for a whole century. Not that she hates humans but more to she didn't want to be one due to the ineffectiveness of it. Some humans might have suspected her if she did by any chance performing certain actions which humans were not capable of doing. These could be disastrous and possibly lead to a bloody way out.

And so she refrained from performing actions which were connected with the term youkai and chose to disguise herself as a human.

Thankfully she still can safely used her inhuman power, speed, enhanced senses and agility as a full-fledged youkai due to the simple fact that the demonic traits didn't emit any youki. And so her secret as a demon in hiding wouldn't have to face the danger of being revealed.

She was jerked out of her thoughts as the sound of a twig snapped beneath her feet reached her ears. The golden orbs dulled down to take the usual honey-brown hue.

Sango inspected the place where she was in at the moment.

They were inside the middle of the dark forest, heavy rooted tall trees scattered all over the place. Orange rays from the sunset seeped through the thick leaves, creating a nice calming view. Sango gave a whistle of appreciation before walking deeper into the forest, humming an unknown tune.

Well, now she was not so against the thought of being a human compare to a few decades earlier. Practically, she didn't care anymore. Although sometimes it's hard to act like a human even when she had been pretending to be one for quite a long time, but she definitely learning.

It impressed her at how fast humans can change their emotions, and it's even harder for her to choose and express the perfect one when a certain situation came, human style. But she definitely was slowly grasping the concept of it although sometimes Kirara told her that she changed way too fast and too different than her last one.

And so, she chose just one personality to go with for each different village. Quite a good training to be a human, huh?

As she skipped merrily in the forest, she sensed a youkai with powerful youki approaching. Sango halted in her steps, silently expanding her aura around the area in an attempt to identify the mysterious youkai.

Kirara mewed looking up to her master, questioning her abrupt stop.

"We have company", answered Sango quietly, her eyes never leaving the direction of the youki. The youkai was slowly approaching, he must be walking calmly. Sango lightly sniffed the air, catching the wisp of the youkai scent. She concluded that the man was a dog youkai, a strong one of that.

'So much for a peaceful night', Sango cursed silently with a roll of her eyes, 'Here the devil comes.'

Sure though a white clad youkai emerged from the shadows of the forest, his feet never betraying a sound. He's very tall and well armored, not to mention radiating off homicidal aura. But you could hardly tell his emotion for he put on an icy facade, emotionless. Perhaps the word beautiful would greatly described him, long silver hair flowing, twin maroon stripes adorned his cheeks and lastly an elegant indigo crescent moon on his forehead.

Sango studied him before concluding, 'Hn, he must be from a family of royalty. It's better not to oppose him.'. The demon golden eyes locked on her honey one, the intensity of them were forcing her to admit defeat. But Sango held her gaze defiantly. Then she bowed a little a sign of respect before saying politely, "Good evening, youkai-san."

After greeting him, Sango calmly walked past him deeper into the forest. Her steps were barely making any sound as she fluidly glided through the heavy woods

Silver hair and indigo crescent moon… where have I seen them before?

Walking in the forest was always refreshing for him, the aloof youkai was always seeking for a time to be alone, away from a certain squawking toad. Twin elegant silver brows furrowed in annoyance, why did he kept that wretched frog he didn't know himself.

His other traveling companion, his human, Rin, had always brought something rarely out of him, something akin to content, or perhaps dare he said happiness. But whenever the blasted frog called Rin names which he deemed inappropriate, he felt like shredding him to pieces. But of course, the heartless Sesshoumaru would never lower himself displaying such absurd act driven by mere emotion.

Sesshoumaru's golden eyes inspected the darkening sky. It's almost night, the beautiful twilight was hanging beautifully over the horizon.

The twinkling of the stars was faintly seen, the stars would definitely shown their fullest light when the darkness chased the light away.

'Hn, it's time to be back.'

The taiyoukai walked briskly heading towards where Rin and the others are camping. But Sesshoumaru's nose caught a scent from someone who normally should not be in a dense dark forest. A human? A weak human in the middle of forest alone? A woman nonetheless. Wait, correction, she brought also a neko youkai with her. What's a youkai doing with a mere human?

Sesshoumaru stepped off to the clearing, his eyes immediately fell to a certain human woman. Her black onyx tresses was put up in a high ponytail, the shorter locks was left out of the braid, framing her face. She was clad with dark outfit from head to toe. The girl wore something akin to a battle kimono, but not a kimono. The fabric material was weaved by a strong material, that's what his eyes could tell. All in all, the clothes was made that she could move freely without any strains but still covering her completely. The woman's hands were occupied with a lot of things such as vegetables, rolls of long fine fabric, gold and other useless(that's what he thought) ornaments. (A/N : Sango's battle kimono was not the same from what's she normally wore, the one she wears in the anime is too… tight, in my opinion. It's almost indecent for the early Japanese time, right?)

He could see that she had a little discomfort with him scanning her with his calculating eyes. Finally his eyes were back staring at her. Her honey orbs locked with his cold golden one. The taiyoukai glared at her petite form, his eyes boring into her honey pools.

But surprisingly she did not back down from his silent intimidation. In fact, she didn't seem the least bit scared of him, it was certain because her scent did not change at all.

Sesshoumaru was greatly taken aback by the human's calmness, although he didn't show it. No being in the ruthless taiyoukai's very presence could act like nothing's extraordinary was going on, except if the youkai was an idiot or overly confident, in this case a human woman.

The little woman then bowed a little to him, which surprised him, and then said politely, "Good evening, youkai-san." After saying that, she walked calmly deeper inside the forest before vanishing completely from sight.

Sesshoumaru's gaze still lingered at the spot where she disappeared, before resumed his walking.

'For a human, she has manners', the youkai thought silently. His feet silently brought him nearing to his destination, cold golden orbs staring ahead.

'But a human is still a human, nothing could change that fact. Their mere existence were a disgrace.', The inuyoukai closed his eyes, his face betraying no emotion.

' After all, mere weaklings have no place in this world.'

"My my guess I'm too late eh?", an amused voice purred right behind the stoic inuyoukai. The twin pools of amber widened slightly as he turned his body in a blur, claws flexed aiming to pierce the intruder straight to the heart. But the twin lethal weapons grazed no flesh only the empty thin air.

'How can he sneak behind this Sesshoumaru?'

The inu had smelled nothing, heard nor feel anything. The youkai practically appeared out of nowhere, it was the only logical explanation as to why the intruder went undetected from Sesshoumaru's practically restless-radar-for-enemies.

Sesshoumaru narrowed his eyes, straightening his back regally before fixing his gaze to the figure standing casually under a tree. Its low branches obscured his upper face from view, while his lips, which were a clear view from illumination of the moon, were quirked in a taunting smirk.

"Who are you?", Sesshoumaru asked monotonely. The smirk widened before he stepped forward to the clear lighting of the moon.

The first thing Sesshoumaru noticed was the bright-coloured hair, the shade of yellowish gold. Each strand shimmered delicately under the blanket of the black sky-night. His hair stopped at his shoulder blades, spiking slightly near the tip. He was clad in pure white kimono with simple bamboo leaves design, a green obi wrapped around his waist in a neat tie. A reddish golden tail wagged merrily, its tip was the color of clean white. The one thing strange though was his slanted eyes and they were shut closed, as the inu wondered how could the youkai walk without actually bumped to something. The closed slits accentuated the mischievous aura surrounding him as he all but glided towards him.

The youkai bowed deeply, "Ah forgive me for being so rude Lord Sesshoumaru.", he said formally with a hint of mischievousness behind the voice. "The identity of this mere fox was of no concern of yours. But it would be a great honor if Lord Sesshoumaru would kindly spare a little of his time to listen to this lowly youkai's request?"


Taking that as a sign to continue, the kitsune stood back to erect position, " Lord Sesshoumaru, you see, I am currently looking for this certain young girl...", his voice lowered down an octave.

"... which you've certainly met"

Sesshoumaru's cold glare increased in a notch as he icily spoke, "This Sesshoumaru has far more important errands to attend to than accosting women."

"Ah but this is not just any onna(woman), I believe you have just met her in this woods...", the youkai took a deep breath, nostrils flaring catching the fresh scent in the forest air, "..ahh yes, just a little while ago, too bad I am a little too late."

'Could this onna.. be the human girl back then?'

"Are you referring to the human girl with the neko youkai?"

The kitsune raised a brow in confusion. Hm maybe she really had changed her appearance to a human, after all he had attempted to find her for over a hundred years but still hadn't catched a glimpse or shadow of her. Talking about a cat youkai, she indeed had some of its scent on her. Travelling with a neko youkai huh?

What is your intention Sango? Avoiding me for decades... for what?

"Yep she is!", the kitsune nodded his head vigorously, before he bowed his head low, "With all due respect Lord Sesshoumaru, could you kindly bring her to this humble youkai? In this close time, she would definitely join your brother's gang because of a certain reason. And Lord Sesshoumaru should join her in her travel with the hanyou's pack."

Sesshoumaru narrowed his golden eyes boring holes to the youkai's head. If looks could kill, the kitsune would practically dead by now... with a hole in his head. What sort of nonsense was this crazy fox trying to imply? Requesting him to bring some silly human girl to the wretchful stray kitsune? And the idea of joining his low-life of a half brother's gang was atrocious to him, it's preposterous, and moreover to be near with the worthless humans the filthy hanyou had called friends…

"This Sesshoumaru refuses", the youkai stated simply, pivoted and started walking again.

The kitsune smirked in mild amusement, 'Thought so, the way you think is pretty much the same, as easy to read as peeling a banana's skin'

'Even though this one banana is one royal stuck-up brat with an icicle shoved up deep into his swelled ass.'

The blonde's tail was started to wag in anticipation.

"Oh really? Then perhaps you would change your mind... for this human girl?", he purred in low voice as his hand yanked at something or rather someone..

"Se-Sesshoumaru-sama", the little voice stuttered.

Sesshoumaru stood frozen, his mask slipping reavealing wide horrified eyes. Could it be? He turned his tall frame without wasting any time.

There, in the arms of the smirking kitsune youkai, the clawed fingers clenched the fragile neck of a trembling human girl.


His Rin...

The orange kimono girl trembled in fear, her whole little body was shaking. The deep brown eyes he loved so much were brimmed with tears, the glistening beads ran down the girl's cheeks. Her neck was tightly clenched with lethal clawed fingers, the sharp claws were drumming lazily to the fragile skin.

The taiyoukai's face remained emotionless, but his golden eyes were murderous. He was practically restraining himself from beheading the youkai with his very claws, hell his fingers were twitching for some blood now. He calculated the chances for Rin to be safely retrieved from the youkai but found none. By the time he made the slightest move of trying to save Rin, the kitsune would certainly have her head off the neck.

And he wasn't going to risk a chance….

How did he get Rin in the first place? He had smelled the bubbly girl just now, safe and secured in the camp along with Jaken and Ah-Un. But now, she was in possession of the kitsune completely at the youkai's mercy, somehow magically appeared out of nowhere at the time the man questioned his decision.

Sesshoumaru hardened her gaze to the smiling man just mere metres in front of him, willing the kitsune to burst into flame. But no sort of luck occurred unfortunately.

"Remove your filthy hand from her person or this Sesshoumaru personally will.", the inu growled venomously. Any man would instantly cowered under his cold intimidating glare, but this fox was not just any man.

"Tch tch, you're in no position of making threats Lord Sesshoumaru.", he wagged a thin finger of his free hand. Sesshoumaru gave him a death glare for the kitsune's absolute display of indecent act.

"How's 'bout a deal? The girl I'm looking for in turn for this human girl? I'm sure this is not a bad deal at all eh Lord Sesshoumaru?", he said tightening his hold slightly making the girl's breath hitched. Sesshoumaru almost launched himself to save the girl feeling a wave of protective instinct kicking to every bit of muscle in his legs. But he refrained himself from doing so because such motion would definitely pull the trigger for Rin's personal beheading-execution.

The youkai smirked seeing the tense muscle evident even through the thick hakama's of the inuyoukai.

"Well?", the kitsune asked tilting his head slightly to the side.

Sesshoumaru stayed silent for a while before giving an almost imperceptible nod.

The kitsune's smirk turned to a full-blown smile "Very good, now on with several of the necessary conditions…

Sesshoumaru stifled the urge to roll his eyes. Really, did the kitsune seriously want the girl? Just watch, he will definitely give the human, the carcass for the youkai. He inwardly smirked wickedly. He really wanted to relieve the priceless moments where the wretchful kitsune's eyes would widen horrifiedly when he receives the headless human. Then he will imply the same action he does to the girl for the kitsun-

"… she must be perfectly unscathed and then so will this human girl", the kitsune smirked seeing the slight exasperated look on the inuyoukai's face. It's nearly innoticeable for normal men to see behind the icy facade but not for him, he had hundred years of experiences which involved in deciphering stony faces, pretty much like this one in front of him.

"If not…", the youkai dug his claws to the skin drawing a little blood from Rin's neck, earning a whimper with a sob from the girl's lips. Sesshoumaru silently gritted his teeth, clenching his fists so hard that the skin drew blood.

The kitsune then rummaged through his kimono producing a light colored choker. It had a chocolate crystal paw ornament stuck to the front of the cream choker, "This is just a precaution in case… you disobey this only term of the contract." The choker immediately glowed a soft green and floated to the air. Sesshoumaru's eyes followed the movement of the choker, the golden orbs widened when the thing shot down to him. Before he had the time to react out of the way the choker had slammed to his neck. He squinted his eyes as a bright light emitted from the necklace. When the light died down, he felt a slight weight to his neck as his hand reflexively touched his neck. The inuyoukai growled as he felt the smooth texture of the choker circling his neck. He tugged the necklace hard but the thin strap stayed firm and even stung him a bit with a little electric.

"It's useless, the choker had been planted with a spell impossible for a youkai of your caliber to break.", the kitsune smiled.

Sesshoumaru narrowed his eyes. A youkai of his caliber? Did the kitsune think he was more superior than himself?

The kitsune ignored the death glare being pointed to him as he carried on, "The choker is a word-binding type, it will force you to obey whatever command given to you."

"Of whose?", the taiyoukai asked venomously. Somehow he felt as if he knew the answer already…

The kitsune fixed him with his crimson gaze, "Of course it's…", mirth started to dance in the pools of red, "….of the girl's."

"The only way the choker will come off if I break it myself, or...", he gave an evil glare,

"... if there's a development of where you are forever unable to hurt her in any way (which I certainly doubt would occur, he added in his mind) Forgive my rude doing Lord Sesshoumaru but I must do this to ensure that she will be perfectly safe from you."

The youkai bowed low before straightening back, "Then I will take my leave Lord Sesshoumaru, say your goodbye to the little girl.", the kitsune purred waving his free arm as he slowly rose to the air with a green wisp of youki surrounding his feet.

"No, Sesshoumaru-samaaa!", Rin screamed struggling in vain from the youkai vice-grip clutch. Her hands were outstretched to the youkai lord as her eyes wide with terror at seeing her father-like-figure going farther and farther from her sight.

Sesshoumaru's eyes widened as the golden orbs followed Rin's tiny form as she went farther from him. Instinctively he leaped towards her intend fully to free her, but it's too late, Rin... his Rin... disappeared slowly to the night sky along with the smirking kitsune. Rin's wide terror-filled chocolate eyes were the last thing he saw before the kitsune took her away.

The inuyoukai floated back to the earth as his black boots soundlessly landed. His bangs hid his face from view but anyone would have no problem in detecting the youki thicken around the area.

Sesshoumaru was angry no scratch that he was furious! His eyes started to bled crimson red his fangs and claws lengthening. A deep growl reverberated from his throat as he howled angrily to the black sky. A massive flocks of birds flew frantically from behind the shade of trees, screeching in fright at hearing the blood-curdling roar.

A rustle in the bush was suddenly heard before a midget figure appeared, a green huffing one. The faithful twin-headed dragon dutifully tailed behind the imp as the two heads stared curiously to their furious-looking master.

"Se-Sesshoumaru-sama", Jaken squawked, "Forgive this lowly Jaken but Rin has been taken away! I.. She was right by my side but then she dissapeared! I don-"

A deep growl shutted him in his mid ranting, "Silence!", the inuyoukai barked in guttural voice. Jaken immediately clamped his mouth shut. Wide yellow eyes stared fearfully to the blood-coloured one. The pair or crimson orbs glowed eerily under the shade of the trees, but the one thing surprised Jaken was the uncharacteristic fury in those normally cold orbs.

Then Sesshoumaru pivoted and silently walked away. The now silent imp followed with his head down with Ah-Un quickly following suit.

'Rin...', the aloof youkai silently thought, 'I will save you...'

Screw it with finding the human girl... this Sesshoumaru would personally hunt you down for he dare to take something belong to his... .

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