Summary: Sango, a full-fledged youkai in human form, joined the inu-tachi without them knowing what she truly was. She promised to help them in their search of a fox-youkai who had miraculously turned each of them into something else. What will happen if the demons from her past whom she had vowed never to meet again appeared in front of her and intertwined themselves once again to her current life?

Disclaimer: Inuyasha solely belong to Takahashi Rumiko. I do however own the plot of the story...^^

Demons from My Past
Chapter 4: Discovery, Sesshoumaru, and Choker

Several days later...

Slow steps on a dried dusty poorly constructed path were heard clearly, followed by a whine. The hot rays of sun seemed to burn everything, even our favorite slayer.

"Urgh, so hot! If I knew this, I would definitely accept the old chief offer of staying in for one more day!", Sango shouted frustated, her hands, while carrying some goods of gifts from the village, were trying to get rid of the sweats on her forehead. Her bangs were sticking uncomfortably to her forehead. Kirara mewed in agreement, she wasn't dealing with the hot temperature any better, in fact, her thick cream fur was making her hotter or in other word worse.

Sango continued walking down the path; dust was flying up with each of her steps. As she sighed once more something was coming to her senses. Her ears caught a faint scream and a sound of battle. Sango quickly riveted her gaze to the woods just at the end of the path. Without a second thought, she took off towards the woods, determined to see what's going on, were some humans attacked by youkai? While running, she muttered a few incantations before the goods in her arms disappeared in a puff of smoke.

Her feet were a blur as she dashed with inhuman speed deeper into the forest. She carefully dodged every branch skillfully; making no sound as her feet stepped on the dry leaves ground.

Sango lightly took a sniff, 'These scents" she thought with recognizition,'it's them'

Although the scents were definitely different from the last she smell it. But now, she would focus first into saving them. She could smell the blood clearly; it was not too heavy indicating that none of them was seriously injured. But she increased her speed nonetheless.

The clashing sound of battle could be heard by now, with one final leap she finally came face to face with a giant centipede demon.

She had a clear look on the scene just as the demon swiped its long tail that sent one of the group, which she was not sure who, flung and crashed to the ground with a bone-crushing force. The impact was hard enough to cause rubbles and dust flying up. Her eyes were fixed for a second to the enormous demon before riveting towards the group. A quick inspection and Sango deemed that their wounds were nothing serious and could be tended later.

The honey orbs were once again trained on the demon, her head inclined upwards due to the sheer height of the multiple-legged demon.

It shrieked and once again heading towards the floundering group with incredible speed. Before it could get them, Sango leaped and with a swift kick connected to the centipede's head, the youkai lost its balance and fell to the ground. The slayer landed but jumped once again, barely avoiding the sharp projectile that was at the centipede's tail. Her feet landed lightly to a high branch of a tree but was forced to move out of the way once again when the youkai came slamming down to it with great strength. The tree crashed without any resistance, splinters of wood flying everywhere.

Soaring in mid air, Sango spun herself looking downwards to the shrieking youkai. She narrowed her eyes, her right hand shot inside her white scarf grabbing the chain necklace around her neck which was full of many charms. Her hand lightly grasp a little sword charm. Just as she was about to pull it out, her eyes caught the sight of the group.

'No, I can't show this in front of them. It will definitely lead to questions that undoubtly could threaten my secret', her left hand then came rummaging her pouch, 'Then I'll make it certain, that they will not see this.'

She pulled out a little purple ball then threw it down. As the ball hit the the youkai's head, it burst into thick purple mist which quickly spreaded out wrapping the whole clearing.

The group quickly covered their face with their hands in hope of blocking the purple mist.

"What the hell?", Inuyasha yelled. The purple mist block their vision as they could see nothing in front of them. Even the large form of the centipede youkai was engulfed with the mist, only its shrieking and the thundering friction of its legs on the ground that can be heard and felt.

Sango extracted her right hand from inside the white scarf, pulling out the sword charm which glowed a bright orange hue. The orange light died down to reveal an elegant silver blade.

Its a very long but thin katana(length: 1.5m) which hilt's color was white with light green shredded bandage wrapping around it. In the hilt's middle just a little above where the hand normally grasp, was a snowy white fox circling it. The fox's eyes were a pair of beautiful emerald gems, the pair of orbs were wide as if glaring at the opponent with its smoky green piercing eyes. The hilt was connected to a long chain with a wicked looking sickle on its end.

Due to the law of gravity, Sango began to fall down into the thick mist. When she was surrounded by the purple mist, she closed her eyes as there's no point in keeping them open within the thick mist. Solely using her nose and ears as her guide, she managed to land on the centipede's back.

With a light tap of her sword to the youkai's hard skin, she whispered, "Monosugoi-Kaze (Earth-Shattering Wind)".

A surge of green power emitted from the sword, fierce wind was circling the blade as her clothes danced along with it. Then the greenish power shot down forming a blast which cleanly cut the centipede in half. Blood was spraying everywhere and coated the nearby surrounding with its dark red color, the youkai shrieked painfully before dropping to the ground with a giant boom. The body spasmed for a few seconds before stopped moving completely. From the remains of the youkai oozed out thick red blood, it pooled around the youkai's body, painting the ground with blood-red hue.

Wiping a drop of blood belong to the deceased youkai on her cheek, Sango straightened her back, her hand held up the sword pointing to her neck, pushing it down carefully. The sword disappeared with an orange glow.

Sango fixed her scarf gently, then waved her right hand quickly diminishing the purple mist out of the clearing. The group stared at her back in awe, Inuyasha and Miroku's jaws were practically on the ground.

"Woah, Sango-chan that was awesome!", Shippou shouted clapping his tiny hands together, his eyes were filled with stars of admiration.

Miroku smiled charmingly (at least that's what he thought) saying sweetly, "Indeed dear Sango, you are as beautiful as you are strong."

"Are you guys alright?", Sango whipped her head to face the group, but her eyes widened in surprise, appalled at what she thought she saw.'What the?'

"Yeah, thank you Sango-chan, I'm alright.", answered Kagome, grinning brightly.

Sango shook her head, "No you guys definitely are not alright. What had happened?", she said in a disbelieved tone.

"Well..", the young miko trailed trying to find a way to answer. The two furry dog ears twitched in anticipation, I repeat FURRY DOG EARS!. Her once raven black hair was now a smooth silver one. Her eyes were the brightest gold, glinted with the ray of the sun. Sango was getting more and more horrified as she riveted her eyes to the guy next to her.

Miroku's once violet eyes were bright green emerald, his auburn hair was definitely longer and had reached way past his shoulders. Short bushy tail wagged in anticipation as it was mostly hidden by his thick houshi robe. In place of his feet were two bare fox paws, his sandals had dissapeared, most definitely because of the ridiculously huge appendages, the sandals' certainly won't fit.

Inuyasha's hair had turned into a dull black along with his eyes. His fangs and claws had dissapeared too. Shippo's hair also had taken a deep chocolate hue, the kit's once emerald green eyes were replaced with dark brown that were almost black. His fox's paws were now normal human legs.

Sango tapped her foot, waiting for an answer impatiently, "Well?", she asked with a quirk of her brow. Inuyasha squinted his eyes in irritation, "Keh, it's all that guy's fault", he scoffed.


Kagome bit her lip trying to find a decent explanation.

"Well, he...


Four bodies were laying on the ground, their moans of pain could be heard everynow and then. One of them slowly rose up, his hands stabled him as he rose into a kneeling position.

"Damn it, what the hell was that?", he rubbed his pounding head and growled painfully, but surprised when hearing the sound he made from his vocal cord. It sounded so... human.

Some strands of his hair fell on top of his shoulder down to his chest. His hands quickly grabbed the annoying locks to positioned them back, but his eyes were wide in shock at seeing his current hair,

"Black", he breathed,blinking several times to check if he was imagining it.

Inuyasha brought his hands in front of his face, noticing his clawless fingers,"Wha What...?"

Inuyashe knew completely that he normally transformed into human at night and the problem was, it's not night, I mean everyone could tell because the sun was shining brightly! And moreover he was sure this time around wasn't going to be new moon because he's gotten hisspecial time of the monthjust two days before...

"Surprised?", an amused voice purred.

Inuyasha's whole body went tense at hearing the familiar voice as he quickly whipped his head to the voice. The blond haired youkai was sitting on a decent sized rock which miraculously appeared out of nowhere, his chin rested on his palms. He was smiling brightly just like an innocent child, but the once inuhanyou was eager to rip the smile off the fox's face and shoved it down his throat.

"Teme..", Inuyasha growled, or what he thought it was,

"WHAT THE HELL HAVE YOU DONE!", he yelled, his voice was full of venom as he glared murderously at the golden-haired fox. But the youkai continued smiling, not even flinching at the loud angry tone or the hostile glare.

Feeling even more aflamed with fury, Inuyasha tried to push himself up but instead winced in pain and dropped off on his butt. Only now that he noticed that his body was sore, each and every muscle winced slightly at the numb pain as he tried to clench his trembling palm.

Seriously, what has this teme done to him?

He heard a moan just right beside him and found the miko trying to get up. Inuyasha's eyes widened in surprise as he found the miko had two silver ears on top of her head and long silver hair and when she opened her eyes, the color were bright gold.

Not only him but Kagome too? What kind of joke has the heaven befallen on him and Kagome and.. and..

His jaws dropped lower and lower to the ground as he saw the changes of his friends.

"Careful, or you might swallow a fly.", the youkai said, smirking when Inuyasha glared at him.

Kagome rubbed her sore muscled at her thigh, wincing slighty. She successfully sat up with the support of her hand and observed the clearing. Then she saw it, Miroku's purple houshi rob and the twitching of a fluffy bundle of fur.

Is that?

Kagome pointed a finger to Miroku and breathed, "Miroku, your eyes.. ", she stared at the brilliant emerald eyes in wonder. "and hair..", she lined her gaze along the long auburn hair which flowed smoothly down his back. Putting one and two together, finally her whirling mind made the final click, "Oh my gosh, you are a youkai! Kitsune youkai for godsake Miroku!"

Miroku ignored the miko's exclamation of surprise as he got his own one, his furry tail twitched like crazy. He also pointed a finger back to the miko, his face a mix of shock and disbelieve,

"Kagome-sama, you have two dog ears on your head!"

"I do?", she asked, her hands went on top of her head. She couldn't hide her squeak of surprise at feeling the two furry appendages.

The miko held her sudden dizzy head, she held a few of the silvery locks and rolled them in her fingers tentatively. She noticed that her fingers which were once blunt human nails, were now equipped with sharp-looking claws. She could feel her throbbing head by now, were all these things real? If this was some kind of dream it was certainly not funny.I mean come on, she was a miko and there's not a damn way she could be a youkai!

"Kagome.", a small voice whined.

Kagome maternal instinct quickly worked its way to her brain and took the small kit into her hands. She rubbed the young fox's back in a circular comforting move, and that's when she notice the difference "Shippou… your hair… it's black.", Kagome said, her eyes were scanning the kit in wide eyes, his fox paws were just normal human legs. "You're human."

Inuyasha flicked his head towards the youkai again, "Tell me, What have you done to us!", he snapped. His eyes were narrowed in fury, staring with uncovered hate to the fox.

"Ah ah, let me explain", the youkai rose to his feet, started walking towards the group. The reaction was immediate, he smirked seeing the whole group fell into defensive postures as their wary gaze watched his every movement.

He contemplated whether to push their growing agitation further or not, by appearing in front of them in a blink and scared the helll outta them sounded very tempting, he mused giddily. The whole thought sent a shiver of excitement down his spine, their scent of shock and fear would be priceless. After all, he was a fox by nature.

But then he decided against the thought no matter how much appealing it sounded. Because simply for the fact that this little mission of his worth more then anything as he couldn't wait anymore to see HER. How long had it been since he last saw her? A few decades? A century?

His slanted eyes continued to fix to the group, pinning them with their strange glare eventhough the orbs were completey hidden beneath those lids,"I have put a very complicated fox spell on you four. The result is quite impressive don't ya agree?",he asked nearly splitting his face with a grin seeing the group's irritated expression.

"Just get to the point teme!", the black haired once-hanyou yelled, obviously peeved.

"Hai hai, don't get your pants in a twist...human", he chided emphasizing the last word which was making Inuyasha angrier.

Sensing the murderous aura which was getting thicker and thicker in the area, the fox decided that it was enough fun rubbing on their nerves, he continued his speech, "The spell alters your core of soul which contain your source of power and pushing it out forcefully. With me so far?" .

At everybody's nods, he continued, " In every living beings, if their source of power is gone, their life force will be reduced to zero...", his thumb and forefinger made an 'O'shape . It looked so childish for someone who had just amazingly turned them perfectly to their opposite they knew better, that behind this facade he was a malicious fox demon who loved twisted games and played with other people's minds and enjoyed every moment of it.

"... or in a simpler word, dead. But we could change the trick a bit so the dead part could be eliminated if the being is to be given a new power source.", he finished the sentence with a grin.

Oh this can't be anymore fun, can it?

Kagome started to put pieces by pieces and with a snap of her head, finished the puzzle, "So, in other words you.."

The fox smirked and said, "Very good miko, you're catching up! Yep, it's exactly as what you think it is. So in other words, I exchanged your life force with one of your friends, one to one!", he declared cheerfully.

"NANI?", Inuyasha yelled indignantly,

"Yup, The hanyou with miko and the houshi with the kitsune kit! Very easy, don't ya think?", he chirped.

"Teme, why did you do that bitch!"

The youkai flinched and poked his ear with his pinky, "Ouch, that hurts. As a matter of fact, I'm an adult male fox not a female dog. See?", he grabbed his golden tail which was indeed of a fox and showed it to the group.

The group watched him dumbfounded, until Miroku decided to speak, "Um that's not really the point, the question is will you return us back?"

"Maybe yes or maybe no, both choices sounds good to my ears…", the fox shook his head in mock confusion. He smirked sensing the group growing trepidation and irritation spiked by a notch. Teasing humans were so fun for that they showed a myriad of emotions, and plus the strongest among the other living kinds.

"Just get to it, what do you want us to do?", Kagome said growling lightly, she kinda like her new ability of growling, it sounded pretty cool, but right now her patience had grown dangerously thin, and trust me you don't want to deal with an angry Kagome.

"Aha, very clever indeed miko.", he saluted by clapping his hands appreciatively, " You four only have to do one thing, find me. It's simple right?", he said, his right hand patted his chest to make the word 'me' clearer.

Miroku looked thoughtful for a moment before asking, "It's too simple, there must be a catch to this, some kind of conditions…"

"Very sharp houshi, yes, there's a condition. It is…..

End flashback

"He wants us to ask for your help, Sango-chan.", Kagome said seriously looking at Sango's eyes, "Only when he saw that we bring you together that he will agree to turn us back."

"Huh? What kind of condition is that? I mean what's the purpose?", Sango asked tilting her head sideways.

Kagome shrugged, "Dunno. I guess he's just that weird."

Ever since she transformed into a half dog demon, Kagome couldn't bring forth her purifying power, making her really useless in battle. Her youki locked her spiritual power and no matter how much she tried to open it, the youki would only repel her back. It's true that she had inhuman strength and speed, but it's not really helping her in battles if she didn't know how to use it properly.

Sango looked thoughtful, her eyes were looking downwards. The deep honey orbs were swirling with an emotion which Kagome couldn't really put a word for it.

Miroku then continued Kagome's speech, "He said he's been looking for you for years but always comes to a dead end. Your towel that you gave us is his best lead because it has your scent on it, so he said the best choice is to let you come to him."

Miroku wobbled before dropping ungracefully on his butt. He sighed quietly, that's been happening a lot, all because of those! He whined mentally, observing his fox feet/paws. Really, how could Shippou walked with these? They completely broke your balance; it's very hard to even stand on them let alone walking.

"Let her come to him? By changing us?", Inuyasha spat. He's felt really uncomfortable, no scratch that, he's awful for these past few days. Not only his hearing, but all of his senses had been reduced to the point that left him completely felt like an old man that had to walk with his sticks. So yep, he was indeed very awful.

"He said it's to make things more fun. What a sick guy..", Shippo said. He also felt uncomfortable, unlike Inuyasha, he's never had the experience of being a human before, so he's completely defenseless and super weak. His power was that of a seven year old human kid, not even enough to defeat a low-level demon.

Sango stared at them one by one, she could practically feel their inner turmoil.

'Hm, I need to help them. They can't survive on their own.', she thought quietly. The slayer closed her eyes, suddenly feeling tired.

'Really now, this won't be easy if it's HIM.'. Sango face-palmed in irritation, how could she be so stupid? She had always made sure to erase her scent on everywhere and everyone she met, making sure that no trace was left. But now this towel, this simple piece of garment completely wasted away all of her hard efforts. Has God decided to play a prank on her?

'Stupid!', she slapped her face. Feeling eyes on her Sango snapped her eyes open.

She noticed that the group was all staring at her, all with a raised eyebrow.

She sweatdropped and asked, "So what's your plan guys?"

"Well, we're originally heading towards Kaede, um a friend's village. Apparently, the fox youkai has informed every youkai in the vicinity that the miko which has the Shikon no Tama is defenseless.", she spat in annoyance.

Really that fox was really irritating and knew just the way to get into her nerves, "And he's right, we couldn't fight at all.", Kagome answered quietly, "But now, I wonder if you would.."

Sango smiled before cutting her off, "Of course I would, I'll help you find the fox to change you back!"

All of the group cheered, except Inuyasha who only scoffed his infamous 'keh'. But Miroku's face quickly convert to serious mode, "But Sango, what will you do when you meet with him? Do you even know this fox youkai?"

"Hm, I don't know, let's think of that when I meet with him!", she declared cheerfully, "And I don't know him. Do we Kirara?". Kirara shook her furry head in a no. "See? I've been traveling with only Kirara for years, and any contact that I make with youkai is only when I save a village from one.", she smiled brightly.

Sango then knelt beside Kagome, "C'mon now let me heal your wounds.", she said, putting her hands just above Kagome's bloody arms. Then a surge of green power formed on her hands, the group watched in awe as the wound quickly closed.

"Wow Sango-chan! How can you do that?", Shippo exclaimed in awe. He jumped over Sango's shoulder and observed her glowing green hands in admiration.

Miroku nodded in agreement as he inched closer, "Indeed Lady Sango, that is truly incredible! If you would please bear my ch…."

All of the chatters fell deaf on Kagome's ears as she watched Sango carefully, her eyes were thick with suspicion.


The fox youkai was now directly in front of her, "I want 'her' to come with you, only that I will turn you back.". The youkai smirked seeing Kagome's fearful eyes. He leaned towards her and whispered to her ear, "I want you to help me achieve what I want", the fox's blood red eyes glinted darkly.

Flashing his fangs he slowly purred, "And I want what is rightfully MINE…"

End flashback

Kagome stared a t Sango as the slayer was busy healing her, 'Just who is the youkai to you Sango?'.

If the youkai was so eager to meet with her, then how could she haven't met him before? Applying a little logic, one could conclude that they had shared some kind of relationship years ago, at least until she began travelling with Kirara.



"Kagome-chan!", Kagome snapped her head up, realizing that she had spaced out.

Sango, who had been waving a hand in front of her face, straightened her back to a standing position.

"Kagome-chan? Are you alright?", she asked with a hint of worry in her voice.

"Um ye yeah, just kinda spacing out hehe.", the miko said rubbing her head sheepishly.

Sango raised her eyebrow but shrugged it off, "Well, come on then, I've healed everyone else, so uh…", she said while staring warily at the gloomy looking forest, "… let's go, this place creeps me off."

"It sure does", Kagome nodded then stood up. The rest followed her action as they quickly settled in a leisure pace.

"Ne, why did you guys end up in this scary forest anyway? This sure is not a good place to stroll around, especially for travelers."

Kagome fidgeted, "Well, uh that's because-"

"Keh the wench said she felt a Shikon shard somewhere around this forest. But it turned out that it was a wrong signal so we stuck in this hellhole-", Inuyasha stretched his arms clearly referring to the numerous tall trees scattered around them, "-then out of nowhere that centipede barged in on us trying to eat Kagome along with the Shikon. We fought with it then that's where you came in.", Inuyasha finished the whole story in one breath with his finger pointed extremely close to Sango's nose.

"Uh… Thank you for the wonderful enlightenment Inuyasha", Sango said, blinking at the finger which was so close her nose. It's only a few days since he transformed into a human but it appeared that Inuyasha had taken a pretty common personality found in most humans, chatterbox. Sango shook her head in amusement.

"Wow", Miroku piped in, "I always think that you are a one-minded person with only a handful of vocabularies, mainly around obscenities. But it appears that I was mistaken…", Miroku gave a mock bow, "you've gained my respect Inuyasha."

Inuyasha shot the monk a dirty look, "Hahaha so funny Miroku, how should I take it in? As a sarcastic compliment from my monk friend?"

"Ouch", Miroku touched his chest, "You've hurt me Inuyasha. If I may enlighten you, this humble monk only speak what he has deep in his logical mind."

"Why you little fiend", Inuyasha shook his fist, "I'll show you what I have deep in my mind!", he yelled then started to chase Miroku in circles around the group.

"Go go Miroku! Don't let that Inu-baka catch you!", Shippo shouted on Kagome's shoulder.

"Inuyasha! Stop acting like a baka!", Kagome shouted, "INUYASHA, OSU-!", Kagome couldn't finish the word because a hand cupped her mouth.

Sango put a finger to her lips, "Sssshhh Kagome, I think we have an extra acquaintance.", the slayer said flicking her eyes to their left, nose taking a sniff discreetly, "And this one is not as friendly as the centipede."

Kagome's eyes widen a little. Not as friendly as the centipede? The hell?

As soon as Sango said that, a figure appeared behind the shadows of the trees. His golden eyes cold and face expressionless.

"Little brother, it's been quite a long time. But I see that you are still as childish as ever.", the monotone voice spoke, his deep baritone brought a chill down their spines.

Inuyasha quickly stopped his run, face scrunched in distaste as he saw the very subject on the top of his hate-list, "Sesshoumaru."

Sango observed the magenta stripes and the indigo crescent moon on the youkai's face, 'Oh the member of royalty I saw before. So his name is Sesshoumaru, what does he want with us?' She didn't need to voice her question because Inuyasha did it for her.

"What do you want, Sesshoumaru?", Inuyasha spat venomously, eyes burned with pure loathing.

"How impertinent, a half breed like you have no consent of addressing me without my appropriate formality.", Sesshoumaru spoke icily.

"Keh, like hell I care.", Inuyasha crossed his arms.

Sesshoumaru scanned the group with calculative eyes. The supposedly miko was now a half inu-youkai, monk a kitsune, the kitsune kit was a regular human child, and lastly, Inuyasha had long black hair, human ears, dull claws and fangs, and black iris'. A human… Sesshoumaru narrowed his eyes at the nearly impossible sight in front of him.

Then he decided to speak his mind, "Tell me Inuyasha, this Sesshoumaru find your as well as your pack's appearances quite… different from our last meeting. And it seems that you've got yourself a new woman aside from the miko." He said monotously, eyes landed on the petite slayer stood a little behind Inuyasha. Sesshoumaru narrowed his eyes, 'So this is the onna that the kitsune wants. What did a youkai possibly want from a human?', he thought eyes observing her from head to toe. He took a careful sniff of Sango's scent, 'Undoubtly a human.'

"Keh, why would you care anyway? Besides she..", he pointed a thumb to Sango, "… is not my woman nor is Kagome. I'm not that of an ass as to have two women, who do you think I am Sesshoumaru?"

Inuyasha immediately regretted his question when he saw a slight glint on the taiyoukai's eyes.

"A whore."

That did it.

"Asshole!", Inuyasha screamed in rage as he lunged towards the taiyoukai. Sesshoumaru readied his claws in case he decided that this would be the last day of his half-brother's life. But something faltered his steps and before he knew it, he was already on the ground with his face eating dirt.

Miroku raised his eyebrow and spun his head to Kagome. The miko held her hands up in defense, "I'm innocent! I swear I say nothing!"

Inuyasha pushed himself of the ground. His eyes burned with anger as pieced of dirt fell from his face, "Wench, how dare you tripped me!", Inuyasha yelled shaking a fist to Sango.

Sango shot him a glare and then quickly faced Sesshoumaru, "Sesshoumaru-san, I apologize for his rude behavior, he tends to be a bit… hyperactive at times.", Sango said politely bowed.

"Hyperactive? Why you little bitc-"

"As you see Sesshoumaru-san, he also need a proper preaching about his indecent vocabularies."

"Indecent? Wh-"

"Indeed. Half-breed this Sesshoumaru expect you to stop being a disgrace to our family, especially to father's name.", Sesshoumaru said expressionlessly.

Inuyasha stood up in anger.

"Inuyasha don-", Sango tried to say but Inuyasha beat her.

"You're the one who's a disgrace you freaking ice block! Do you really plan to rule father's kingdom by that expressionless face and voice of yours?", Inuyasha lunged towards him, fist ready to give a blow.

Sesshoumaru narrowed his eyes as he prepared a fist too. As both of them ready to punch each other, Sango yelled, "Stop it!"

One of them did stop, Sesshoumaru did. The golden eyes widened as he stared at the slightly glowing choker on his neck. His fist stopped in mid-swing as did as the rest of his body, "What?", he thought as he struggled to fight the invisible binding that prevented his body from moving.

But all of his attempts went futile as he felt a sharp pain hit his cheek. Having no control over his body, he stumbled and crashed to the ground, hard.


Miroku stared at the scene in shock, "He hit him?"

"Inuyasha actually hit Sesshoumaru?", Shippo also said, disbelieve thick in his voice.

Inuyasha stared at his hand and then at the slumped form of Sesshoumaru, "I hit him?", then his face broke into a grin, "Yay! I freakin' hit the teme! I fuckin' beat the high and mighty Sesshoumaru", he exclaimed jumping happily like a child.

Sango observed Sesshoumaru carefully, 'No, judging from the time and speed, Sesshoumaru should hit Inuyasha first, not the other way around. But in the middle of it, Sesshoumaru stopped his fist and thus letting Inuyasha gave a clean hit to his face.', her eyes then landed down to his neck silently drinking the little cream choker, 'Is this your other prank, Haku?'

Sesshoumaru, finally released from his frozen state, stood up fluidly. His eyes glinting in fury and the aura around him suddenly dropped down in temperature, 'That fox, I will kill him!', he roared in his mind, absolutely pissed off beyond words, and immediately made a list of what he would do once he meet the little criminal. An extra hella long one.

But outside he looked as if he was thinking of the best way to fry the tachi in front of him.

"Oh no, now he's mad", Miroku sweatdropped.

"No I think he's way past mad, Miroku", Kagome whispered nervously.

All of the group watched in baited breath as they saw Sesshoumaru walked calmly and directly stopped in front of Sango.

Sango looked up due to their sheer differences on height as she stared directly to Sesshoumaru.

Sesshoumaru looked down to the short woman in front of him. He narrowed his eyes as he glared to Sango in an attempt to scare her. But like before, he detected not a sign of fear from the human girl. Sesshoumaru mentally shook his head at his sudden urge to behead the girl, 'No focus, focus! This Sesshoumaru will not let a mere ningen to deprieve him!'

He took a long breath, of course discreetly, as he prepared himself from what he was about to say. 'This is for Rin, this is for Rin…', he chanted in his mind.

"Onna, this Sesshoumaru wished to join your pack in your travel."

"NANI?", all of them exclaimed in horror except the slightly confused Sango.

That's the end of chapter 4! Sesshoumaru may appear to be a little talkative but that is in order to brighten his cold air(even if a little).

Bai bai ^^