Not One For The Diary

Memory One: Thursdays

Disclaimer: The Doctor and River do not belong to me. It's very sad but I'm trying to get over it.

[also a big thank you to Randomcat1832 for making the lovely cover image for me.]

Author's note: Hello there, gentle reader. Just to let you know that this story was started many years ago now & therefore some parts may be slightly AU now but if you stick with it to the end it'll catch up to present-day events. This is a series of short drabbley moments that don't make it into River's diary- they're not in any particular order just as they come to me. Enjoy…

River snaked her arm around The Doctor, pressing herself close to him as he fiddled impatiently with the TARDIS controls. He was bored and looking for something to do, for an adventure to have.

"Sweetie…" She whispered seductively as she lifted herself onto the balls of her feet and kissed his neck slowly. She felt him shudder as he tilted his head away and cleared his throat slightly, trying to pretend he wasn't affected by her close proximity and the things she does so well to him. So, this is still new for him, River thought, this is going to be fun.

"Yes, River?" The Doctor replied with a slight tone of annoyance in his voice. Couldn't she see he was doing something very important and clever?

"I've got an idea what we could do today." She muttered as her hands danced across his chest enjoying the variety of small gasps she picked up as her skin touched his through the buttons on his shirt.

"There is nothing to do today. Today is Thursday and you know how I feel about Thursdays so I'm trying to find us somewhere fun to go where there are interesting things going on and it's very… non-Thursday…ey." He finished lamely. He was more preoccupied with trying to keep any logical train of thought going while River assaulted his body with hers. She kept kissing him lightly and touching him so softly it was making both his hearts race faster than he knew was possible. She had an uncontrollable effect on him and he hated the fact that she knew it far too well.

"I bet I can make you forget what day of the week it is." She promised with a small laugh.

"But urm… there are people out there who need me River, we haven't got time to-"

"Time machine." She stated simply as she placed one hand on his shoulder and spun him quickly so he was facing her. He gulped as he took in every detail of the woman stood in front of him. Her dress was exceptionally low-cut and clung on every inch of skin that he'd been dying to explore for so long now. "Plus," she whispered as she pulled his face back up from her cleavage to meet her eyes "I need you." She gave him a small smile and he saw the softness shine through. Beneath the flirting, beneath the teasing he saw the unconditional love that she always had for him that he didn't know how he deserved. That look broke his resolve.

"Fine. Fine. I give in. Do with me as you will Dr Song." He smiled as she leaned forward and ran her fingers through his hair, placing a gentle kiss on his lips as she did.

"You always do. And I always do." She raised her eyebrow suggestively. "That's why I married you."

"Oh you old romantic River." She let out her trademark laugh as she grabbed his hand and pulled him towards her and together they crashed onto the floor laughing, kissing and forgetting about the world outside of those blue doors.