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Memory One-Hundred-And-Two: The Weather Outside Is Frightful

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Author's Note: Hellllo. A bazillion thanks to all who have reviewed/favourited/read the last chapter. This little one is inspired by the copious amounts of white stuff that has been falling on my country this last week. & it is a mid-time fic. Enjoy…

"Nope, sorry River. Nothing doing." The Doctor announced as he bounded back into the bedroom where River lay in bed absent-mindedly picking at her nails.

"Nothing doing?" River repeated in confusion.

"Nope. Nothing at all. So scoot over." He stood by the edge of the bed and wafted his hands in her general direction.

"I'm afraid I don't quite understand." River replied patiently. "You were supposed to be going outside to work out exactly where and when we are as opposed to your vague 'somewhere in the twenty first century' assessment when we landed last night and you were meant to be finding fun and exciting things for us to be doing today so how can the response be 'nothing doing'?"

"Well, you see," The Doctor continued as he nudged River back across to her side of the bed so he could slide in next to her. "It's snowing."

"Oh great! You love snow!" River grinned excitedly.

"No, you see, it's snowing in England in the twenty first century." He nodded knowingly.

"And is that supposed to mean something to me?" River raised one eyebrow.

"Oh come on River, know your history!" The Doctor teased. "It's a well known fact that as soon as there is a tiny bit of snow in England around this time the whole country shuts down. People stay in their houses. No schools open, shops sell out of food, no one goes to work… No. It's not a good place to be. Nothing happens at all."

"Oh but we could build snow angels and make snow men and go sledging!" River suggested eagerly.

"We could…." The Doctor replied slowly. "But I feel like I've got a bit of a cold coming on and over-exposure to cold weather would make it a lot worse and you know what your circulation's like- your hands would be freezing and painful in no time!" He sighed heavily. "I think it's safer all round if we avoid the snow."

"All right, fine." River said impatiently. "Well let's go somewhere warm and sunny then. Do you want to fly her or shall I?"

She went to sit up and move from the bed but the Doctor put his arm across her quickly, pinning her into place.

"Ah, no. Don't think we can do that." The Doctor said shiftily. "Too much snow y'see. It's half-way up the doors so she's stuck fast."

"Oh really?" River said sceptically.

"Really." The Doctor nodded solemnly.

"Really?" River questioned with a smirk.

"Would I lie to you Doctor Song?" The Doctor teased her gently as he played with one of her curls.

"Rule one!" River laughed.

"Yes but only about important world-savey time-line changey things. Not about snow." The Doctor insisted.

"Right. Of course. So you have no ulterior motive at all behind this?" River teased as she ran one hand down his side and enjoyed watching as he swallowed hard.

"How could I? I mean it's not like I… It's snowing River!" The Doctor maintained, his voice slightly higher than he intended it to be.

"Of course." River nodded and pursed her lips, attempting to look solemn. "I just thought, maybe, (and this could just be me) that you might be using this snow as an excuse to keep me chained up in bed all day." The Doctor choked as River grinned wickedly.

"I didn't… I mean I never… chained?" The Doctor stammered.

"And I just wanted to say" River whispered as she lent closer to his ear. "That I do not object to that plan in the slightest."

"Right… urm… okay… chained?" The Doctor gasped.

"Most definitely." River lent back with her most wicked grin in place. "Your handcuffs or mine?"

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