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Memory Ninety-Nine: So This Is Christmas

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Author's Note: So, yesah. I would like to give a big sloppy kiss to everybody who has reviewed my story. I LAVS YA. This is going to be my last part before Christmas so I would like to give it to you all (not like that. You dirty beggars)as a little present from me to you because you are all wonderful and fabulous and, yeah. That. This is an early Doctor/older River- I imagine it being early s6 for the Doctor, so he's had the first kiss but not a lot else. Enjoy…

"So, this is Christmas, and what have you done?" River sang as they sashayed back towards the TARDIS. Both of them looked thoroughly ruffled- their hair was messed up, their clothes muddy but small smiles playing on their tired faces. "Well, as you asked, I've stopped a fleet of Shakara that had invaded the government and avoided the destruction of the world by generally being amazingly clever. All before the Eastenders' Christmas special. What about you?"

"Oh not much. Just the usual." The Doctor laughed as they stopped outside the blue doors they both knew so well. He leaned casually against it as he fiddled nervously with his braces.

"Every time. Every single time on Christmas day." River groaned. "Do you think they do it just because they know everyone will be too busy eating to notice a massive explosion outside?"

"Very possibly." He laughed.

"Well at least we've got the rest of the holidays to enjoy. How about mince pies and tea all day tomorrow? We can watch The Snowman if you want." River smiled.

"The Snowman! That's my favourite!" The Doctor beamed.

"I know, Sweetie." River smiled gently.

"But, I mean, I can't… I don't… I have to go." He stuttered, not making eye contact with her.

"Oh right." River stepped back, startled. "It's just usually-" She shook her head- forcing her mouth shut before she said anything she shouldn't.

"Usually what?" The Doctor asked, questions dancing in his eyes.

"Oh, nothing. Doesn't matter." He looked back at her and her usual smile was fixed to her face- all traces of pain wiped from it.

"I don't, River. It's not you. It's just a thing. I don't do Christmas. I come and I save the day but I don't stay." He rambled.

"No, no. Of course not." River agreed and tried to restrain the urge to roll her eyes. "But you're missing out."

"Yes. I know. Mince pies and that." The Doctor did roll his eyes as if, compared to his usual hustle-and-bustle lifestyle, mince pies were nothing.

"Yes, mince pies." River replied cheekily. "And trips to the pub, and opening presents and new pyjamas and staying up later on New Year's Eve. You really don't know what you're missing."

"New Year's Eve? There's a thing about it being a new year?" The Doctor asked curiously, his eyes lighting up in the way they always did when he thought he was about to learn something new about the planet that was so close to his hearts.

"Of course! There's drinking and dancing and singing and everyone gets together just before the turn of midnight and they count down and then… Oh, never mind." River stopped suddenly.

"Never mind what?" The Doctor asked quickly with the air of a child who is being denied a treat.

"It doesn't matter. I can find someone else." River answered as she examined her fingernails in an attempt to appear casual.

"Find someone else to do what?" The Doctor whined.

"Oh. Just someone else to kiss." River grinned as she watched his jaw drop.

"To… To what?" He gaped.

"To kiss. That's what happens after the countdown, you find someone to kiss. It's a tradition and I thought maybe… But I'm sure I can find someone else." She smiled slightly.

"Oh. Well, no. I mean…" The Doctor cleared his throat as he scratched at his neck nervously. "Seeing as I'm already here, I might as well stay. And I've never seen a New Year party before, so that'd be something."

"Great!" River grinned.

"Yeah, great." The Doctor repeated, a small smile creeping onto his face.

"So want to get a room somewhere, get some mince pies and not move for the next few hours?" River linked her arm through his as she dragged him forwards, away from the safety of his TARDIS.

"And did you say there would be presents, and pyjamas?" He asked uncertainly.

"Oh, you better believe it!" River laughed. "Sounds good, huh?"

"Sounds like the best." The Doctor grinned.

"Well, it is me. What else did you expect?" River smirked.

"Nothing at all. You are the best, River Song. The very best." He kissed the top of her head lightly.

"You better believe it." River nudged him in the ribs and they laughed as they walked off into the unknown.

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