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Pairing: Akira x Shiki

Disclaimer: Nitro+CHiRAL. & Tatana Kana & Suguro Chayamach & Kana Yamamoto own the story/novel/game

Warning: contains yaoi (male x male), torture, violence

Goshuujin = master (in japanese), Inu = dog (in japanese)

Chapter 1: Commanding the pet.

"Come over here Akira, I have something to discuss with you." Shiki demanded.

"H-Hai goshuujin." The inu replied. Akira crawled over to Shiki, who was sitting on a medieval chair inside his luxurious room.

Shiki grew up in a rich family that owned a lot of land around the castle. Because of his status a lot of people respected him. For decades the job of the family (mostly the male members) was to capture the inu's, as they called them.

An inu was a person that was accused of many crimes. No matter what kind of crime, the family was ought to catch them and lock them up in their dungeons. However, the owner of the inu (the one who caught the offender) had to choose the punishment.

So here we are in the big castle of Shiki's family. Recently a report came in about a guy accused of murder. Shiki had researched it and found out that the name of the accused one was Akira.

After a couple of weeks searching for his 'prey' he finally found Akira in an old apartment. Once he brought Akira to the castle, Shiki refused to lock somebody as beautiful as Akira up. So he decided to make Akira his pet.

Now Akira was being asked to come closer to his captor and obey everything he was asked to do. It happened quite a lot of times that Shiki wanted to 'discuss something', but mostly that didn't result in a nice way.

Akira slowly moved towards his master and stopped when he was at a distance of 10 meters.

"Too far away." Shiki announced with a harsh voice.

"Gomen nasai Shiki-sama." Akira bowed deeply to his superior. He felt the dark aura that surrounded Shiki, which meant Akira couldn't over-power his master.

Shiki suddenly rose to his feet and walked towards the trembling Akira. Grabbing his (Akira's) arm he pulled the pet closer.

"Over here would do. Now sit." il re said. For the first time in ages Shiki's katana was not in reach. That was a good thing. During their last fight Akira got a cut on his arm which bled severely. Shiki had bandaged him short after and sent him back to the dorm. Sleeping helped ceasing the wound a bit.

"What is the thing you wanted to discuss, Shiki-sama?" Shiki send a glare to Akira with hate and a controlling/possessing feeling. The dark aura never fading.

"Who are you to ask me questions?" Shiki asked, though it wasn't really a question, more like a threat.

The master raised his hand and smacked Akira on the face with the back of his hand. Akira flew back and crashed into the wall. His back ached and he fell limply on the floor.

In a flash Shiki reappeared before his inu. Slowly he tried to lift Akira up by putting his arms under Akira's.

"Is that clear?" Shiki questioned while Akira nodded in response and hang onto Shiki's shoulders. It was the only support he had now, because his legs gave up on him. He tried to relax a bit by putting his head on Shiki's chest. It appeared that his master was human after all, doki doki (heartbeat).

Though soon enough the warm object removed itself from Akira. Shiki walked over to the big desk and opened the middle drawer. Digging between the documents he found what he needed. He grabbed a collar attached to a chain along with a middle-sized ring.

Once Shiki removed his arms from his pet, Akira had fallen back to the floor, to weak to be able to keep on standing. He looked up when he heard footsteps closing in and the sound of metal jingling.

Before him stood his goshuujin with an enormous smirk. That meant trouble, because Shiki almost never smiled or made evil grins. Shiki got on his hunches before his pet and with his left hand he lifted Akira's chin.

"Keep your head up." Shiki ordered and used his both hands to put the collar around his inu's neck. It was a black collar with a few red flames printed on it. Akira wondered if Shiki preferred those colours, since his masters eyes were blood red.

When the 'click' was heard, Akira's master rose and pulled upwards with the chain, causing Akira to stumble immediately. To prevent himself from falling Akira put his arms out in front of him (a normal reaction for every human being). But since Shiki was still in front of him, he crashed onto his masters abdomen.

"Don't you know how to behave." il re said with an annoyed look in his eyes. He pushed Akira away and pulled the chain up higher so Akira would be able to stand on his own legs. When Akira finally stood firm, Shiki pulled the ring out of his pocket.

Akira's heartbeat was still racing as if he had just run the marathon. But everything changed when he saw the shining object in his goshuujin's hand.

Shiki loosened his grip on the chain a bit and moved his right hand towards the slightly panting Akira (It was a stunning sight indeed).

Slowly and carefully Shiki reached out to grab his pet's shirt. He moved it up 'till one of Akira's sensitive buds appeared. Continuing, Shiki let the shirt be and moved his hand (with the chain) to the back of Akira.

Pulling him closer he slipped his right hand down inu's abdomen onto his waistband.

Akira in response struggled some more and tried to get some space between the two bodies. But his master's left arm kept on pulling him close, almost like a (half)hug.

Shiki did not seem to be interested to look into Akira's eyes and moved on with his hands.

Akira stiffened when a cold hand was pushed down into his pants. First the fabric of his underwear prevented the cold hand to touch his own skin, but soon the hand moved under the fabric.

Now Shiki looked into his pets' eyes and saw a horrified look. This turned him on even more while he slowly started to reach for the tip of the organ he was currently holding.

Before Akira knew it something else was pressed against his thing. It moved up until the base and then there was the 'click' sound again.

"Now you will be mine forever." And with that said, the ring was attached to Akira's private parts.

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