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Chapter 7: What am I to you?

Keisuke wondered about in the kitchen as a soft moan escaped from pink lips. Akira lay spread out over the bed and he woke up slowly, yawning after a night of sleep. He rubbed his eyes softly as the morning sun shone through the one window of his apartment. He smiled to himself, hearing that Keisuke was already awake and busy.

"Good morning sunshine." Kei greeted his now lover. He was glad that they had talked last night. It made him feel like the bond they shared had become much stronger. Akira had even allowed him to sleep in the same bed as himself, which had never occurred before. Keisuke smiled brightly while he showed Aki what he had made in the kitchen. He carried a big plate with breakfast over to the bed and sat down on the edge, next to Akira.

"Ohayou Kei-chan." The sleepy head replied, sitting himself up in the bed and looking at his lover, smiling sweetly.

"I made you breakfast." Keisuke carefully place the plate on the nightstand and let his lover check out all the dishes. "How was your night? Slept well?" He asked with a certain tenderness in his voice, almost as if he was afraid to hurt Akira.

"It was fine." Akira said with his soft voice. Everything on the plate looked delicious to him and he couldn't wait to start eating the several flavours. "Thanks for doing this for me 'suke."

"You're welcome love, but I do want a reward." Keisuke smirked inwardly and invitingly showed his cheek to Aki and pointed a finger at it. Akira chuckled and closed in, his lips ready to peck Kei's cheek. Just before Akira could reach the skin Keisuke turned his head back so their lips met instead. Keisuke blushed cutely while Akira looked quite astonished. The former slave wasn't yet used to a normal relationship like this. Akira parted his lips slightly, something that had been taught him when kissed, and Keisuke gladly took advantage of that, deepening their kiss and making it more passionate. The brown-haired male wasn't satisfied with just a kiss and instead pushed their bodies together. He moved to get on top of Akira, slightly pushing him into the matrass. Akira's hands moved to Kei's chest while he tried to push their torsos apart.

"K-kei wait..st- ah~." Akira couldn't finish his sentence as the younger pinched his nipple through his night shirt. Akira was forced to lay on his back while he squirmed underneath Keisuke.

"What were you saying?" Keisuke said while a smirk formed on his lips. He moved to lick Aki's neck slowly while his hands made their way down Akira's body.


"AKI- . . .ra." The door slammed open and a panting black-haired male loudly called out until the loudness decreased to a quiet whisper. An awkward silence filled the room as the man's face turned amazed and yet also disappointed. The two males on the bed looked up in slight shock, not expecting anyone to run in on them. Akira pushed Keisuke away from him as he set up on the bed, looking at the male that had just burst through the door.

Shiki watched the two intertwined men on the bed. His eyes widened remarkably and there was something in his eyes that could kill, if you dared looking into them. A fierce glare was being directed at Keisuke, whom hadn't yet moved off of Akira.

"Take your hands off him." In a swift move the man's katana rested against the brown-haired male's throat. The blade pushed against the flesh. Keisuke brought his hands up in the air and slowly inched backwards until he could stand on the floor at the edge of the bed. "Did he touch you down there?" The male asked, watching the familiar face of Akira, whom only shook his head not daring to do anything else or try to stop the happening. Slightly noticeable was the fear on Akira's face. But there was also something else contradicting the latter; joy.

"Here, put these on." Shiki leaned over to the chair where Akira's close hang. Grabbing them he threw them on the bed near Aki's hands. Shakily Akira grabbed the fabric of his clothes and pulled it towards him. He did as he was ordered, even though it was by his former master, and dressed in his white pants and orange shirt.

Meanwhile Shiki had moved to tie Keisuke on the chair near Akira's desk. Red lines formed on the wrists of the tightly-bound rope. Keisuke remained silent all the while, although soft whimpers still escaped his lips. He wasn't sure if he should save his lover, since he had no idea whom this dark-haired male was. Akira however seemed to know him, judging by the fact that he wasn't as shocked as Kei.

"Come on, let's get you back." Shiki said with a determined look on his face as he already made his way to the door.

At first Akira wanted to obey, but then he remembered that Shiki had left him as his master and that he therefore needn't obey him anymore. "N-no.." The timid voice said softly.

"What no? You're mine, you're to obey. Get going." Shiki said, slightly narrowing his eyes and glaring at the silver-haired man.

Akira gasped quietly. "I-I'm not y-yours! I'm free." He stated.

"No. You're most definitely not. It has all been a mistake. When the slave is under eighteen years old and still a virgin he may not abandon his master until said person decides to take his innocence." Shiki said while he moved closer to his possession and grabbed said male's arm. "So therefore you.. are.. mine."

Akira was shocked. This couldn't be happening to him. First he was a slave, even though he had never asked for that, then they set him free due to him not having a year of freedom and now he was a slave again? It was all too much for him to handle. Finally he had his life back and he achieved a relationship with Keisuke, but now it would all be taken from him all over again.

On the other hand he was confused. His mind confused him. He was mad at Shiki for wanting to take him back, but he was also happy to see the man. He had missed him a lot and he knew that somewhere Shiki hadn't meant to just set him free. It was weird, but he enjoyed the feeling of someone being in control over him. But then again Keisuke could just as well do that.


The tall male laughed sarcastically. "It's not a choice." He said as he pulled the other along to the door.

"So that's it huh? That's the reason you came to get me?" Akira closed in on Shiki, whom had stopped walking and had frozen on the spot instead. He watched his slave glare at him with all hate he could. Shiki's eyes remained emotionless while the other was about to let a tear run down his cheek. Akira however tried to keep his composure and knew for sure that Shiki would never give him the answer he wanted to hear.

The raven turned to his slave and thought 'Why must I always turn things into a mess. Why can't I just tell him why I came back?'. It saddened him that he was so cold, but he could feel a hatefulness in Akira's words. The boy was beginning to dislike him. Nevertheless Akira had pissed off Shiki. How could he hook up with another man right after he was set free? Shiki would never admit, but it had hurt his feelings and most certainly broke his heart in more than one way. 'What a mess,' he thought, 'he'll never forgive me'.

"Well?" Akira demanded to know. Shiki looked his obsession in the eyes, not really knowing what to say. He could never voice the way he felt, let alone with the first person he ever had a crush on. Akira had turned cold on him right when he was able to get him back. 'Maybe I should let him keep his life, he doesn't want me,' Shiki thought.

Suddenly Akira was sure that the silence was his answer. He pushed his hands towards his, now, master as he trembled and looked up into the familiar ruby eyes: "If that's the case then do as you're told and take me home so you can fuck me and lock me up." Akira's harsh words stung. Keisuke watched the scene wide-eyed.

Shiki looked down vainly before something inside him snapped, due to Akira's words. "Don't you get it? You ignorant disinterested blind fool!" Shiki raged. "How could you d this? Why?" He flashed his katana in Keisuke's direction as he pushed Akria against the wall, their faces close to each other. He couldn't control himself anymore. This would mean the end for sure.

"Forget it. Just forget it all. Forget me, Akira." Shiki sighed and turned to the door, walking toward it slowly and disappointed.

Akira had no idea what feelings washed over him at the moment his master left him for the second time. Akira was accused of doing something to his master, while from his point of view everything had been done to him. He was confused and didn't understand.

"Did you .. set me free willingly?" Akira asked as the raven turned around shocked, shaking his head straight away. "Never would I have ordered you to go. I wanted you with me, but my family forced me to let you go."

Akira swallowed, he had no idea. Suddenly he understood why Shiki had been so mad. Aki had left him, without the both of them wanting that, and he had also broke the man's heart, starting to date Keisuke. He had been such a fool. Why had he never asked Shiki how he felt about him (Akira)? 'No.. I broke his heart.. No..' Akira thought as he collapsed to his knees, not wanting to hurt Shiki any more. "S-shiki… I…"

"Wait." Keisuke spoke all of a sudden. No one was expecting him to start talking so in surprise both of the other males' heads turned to Kei. "I know you can probably kill me for touching 'your' Akira, but when he sleeps.. He talks in his dreams. Heck, you're all he ever talks about when he's awake. He needs you more than you think."

A blush crept up on Akira's face. He knew it was all true, but he didn't know Keisuke had heard it all. It made it much more embarrassing to know that Keisuke made out with him even though he was still thinking of someone else.

Shiki stod facing the door, but with an expression no one had ever seen with him before; hope. "Is this true?" He asked, his voice not completely without trembling, as he tilted his head to the side to look over his shoulder, revealing one eye with a crimson red iris.

"Y-yes." Akira muttered, keeping his gaze to the floor and hiding his face with his bangs. Because he wasn't looking at his master anymore he didn't see him coming back. All of a sudden two arms surrounded him as his head shot up in surprise. Shiki pushed Akira against him, his arms holding him close. Stroking the silver hair with his gloved hand he wished he could hold him like this forever.

"I'm sorry Akira. It wasn't my intention to force you to go back with me. I just.. I was mad. At my parents and at you. First they take you from me and now you moved on with your life. I.. I thought I didn't mean anything to you anymore."

"How could I ever move on without you.. You're everything to me master." Akira looked up into ruby eyes with teary eyes himself and let Shiki lift him bridal style. His arms hooked around Shiki's neck while they kissed passionately. Shiki walked to the door and hit the light button located next to the doorpost once. The room turned dark while Shiki carried home his love.

"H-hello? Is anyone going to untie me? Hello?" – Keisuke.

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