Tobi lay across the couch, flicking through the channels on the television in a bored manner. He had no missions today, and Deidara was off on a solo mission. Sighing to himself, he chucked the remote down on the ground, getting up and heading to the kitchen.

The only other Akatsuki members still at the base besides Tobi were Hidan and Zetsu. Hidan was in the kitchen already, making himself a cup of coffee, and Zetsu was in his garden watering the plants.

"Hello, Hidan-san!" Tobi chirped to Hidan loudly when the young boy found the Jashinist.

Hidan dropped the coffee mug that he had been holding and turned to face Tobi. "You fucking idiot, Tobi! You scared the fucking shit out of me! Now look at what you've fucking done!"

Tobi flinched at Hidan's yelling and looked down at the ground, trying to hold in tears. He had thought that Hidan had heard him coming into the room…

"I'm sorry, Hidan-san…" Tobi said honestly. "Tobi thought Hidan-san heard Tobi come into the kitchen…?"

Hidan walked out of the kitchen, muttering to himself.

After making himself a glass of lemonade, the boy started to walk back to his bedroom, but he was ambushed before he could even leave the kitchen. Tobi squealed, thrashing wildly beneath someone's hold.

"Shut up, you idiot!" Tobi heard Hidan hiss.

Hearing Hidan's voice calmed Tobi a little, but he was still scared. Why was Hidan hurting him? Was he going to sacrifice Tobi to his god?

"H-Hidan-san…" Tobi whimpered, wrapping his hand in Hidan's cloak – trying to seek the tiniest bit of comfort that he could find, no matter whom it was coming from.

Hidan grabbed Tobi's mask and pushed back on it hard, slamming Tobi's head into the wall behind him. Tobi let out another whimper, trying to get out of Hidan's grip.

"If you don't shut up, that plant fucker will come out and see what I'm about to do to you." Hidan warned. "And if he finds me with you, I'll make sure you don't leave my room alive."

"W-what's going o-on?" Tobi whispered, fear emanating in his voice.

"Oh, don't worry, Tobi. When I'm done you'll only wish you were a sacrifice for Jashin-sama…"

Tobi screamed, trying with all the strength he could gather to fight away Hidan. Hidan was too strong, too powerful - too bent on hurting Tobi. Tobi let out another scream, louder than the first one.

"Zetsu-san!" He screamed. "Help Tobi!"

There was a rape scene here but it has been moved to my adultfanfiction account.


Zetsu had carried Tobi carefully back into his own room. He laid him down on Zetsu's bed and grabbed his medical kit. Tobi was quivering under the blankets, crying, and he almost wouldn't let Zetsu touch him again.

"It's us, Tobi."Zetsu said."Yes, now let us help you or we'll eat you. Don't say such things to the boy! Can't you see he's been traumatized?"

Tobi nodded slightly, quivering under Zetsu's gentle touch as he cleaned up all the wounds on Tobi's body. Looking further down, blood was still pouring out of the innocent opening. Sighing, Zetsu picked Tobi up once again, taking him into the bathroom and running him a bath. Tobi shook as Zetsu took his clothes off, sitting him in the bathtub.

"It's alright, Tobi, just shhh." Zetsu gently ran an old rag over Tobi's body, cleaning up the blood.

Tobi could only quiver. His eyes stared straight in Zetsu's, flinching whenever the older male came into contact with his flaccid member. Yes, he trusted Zetsu to not hurt him, but still - Tobi couldn't help but shy away when Zetsu gently helped him onto his knees, resting his hand on Tobi's lower back.

"Don't scream, Tobi, it's alright."

Tobi tried his best not to scream out, but the second that Zetsu put a finger on his ruined entrance he began thrashing, screaming and crying, begging to be let go.

"Tobi..." Zetsu mumbled sadly. He pulled Tobi into a tight hug. "It's going to be alright, Tobi; no one will ever hurt you again. If they do, I'll kill them."

Tobi stilled again at Zetsu's gentle tone, falling into the older male's hold, slipping out of reality.