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Tobi had been gone for four years now, and he had changed – for the worse. He was aggressive and bitter and allowed no one near him at all.

Having not socialised for so long, the anger and confusion towards Hidan had grown into something that he had no control over anymore – consuming the boy in deep hatred towards the world and paranoia.

As the boy rested beneath a tree, he could hear people approaching him. He reached down for the kunai that he hid beneath his clothes, ready to hack and slash at whoever came near him.

Tobi was right to do so – three rogue nin had ambushed him, wanting his money. He could only laugh – Tobi hadn't so much as seen money in four years – he had to steal whenever he was hungry.

Without hesitation, Tobi raised the kunai and slit the nins' throats with practised ease. He narrowed his eyes at the ninja before kicking them in the side.

"Fuck…" Tobi whispered. "…You…"

Yes, it was safe to say that Tobi was no longer the sweet little boy that he once was. It didn't seem like anyone could save him – he was so lost in his anger and fear.


"Tobi…" Zetsu whispered, looking out of the window as he wished desperately for Tobi's return. All he had done for past years in his free time was search for the boy. Everyone else had given up on the boy, but not Zetsu – Zetsu would never give up.

"We should ask to go and have another look." Shiro said. "Yes. Let's. We must find Tobi."


Tobi ate quickly, not wanting to be caught with stolen food – he knew that he could be killed for stealing food.

When Tobi heard someone approaching, he snarled and hid the food beneath his cloak. "Who's there?"

"Tobi…?" Called back a semi-familiar voice. "Is that you, Tobi…?"

Tobi's eyes widened – how could someone know his name? He growled loudly, tensing more.


When the figure that had been calling Tobi's name arrived in eye-sight, Tobi's eyes widened.

"Z-zetsu…?" Tobi whimpered, sudden fear overwhelming him.

"…" Zetsu gasped. His eyes filled with tears as he ran to Tobi. "Tobi…! We've found you!"

Tobi wasn't impressed by this turn of events – he snarled hatefully at Zetsu, ready to flee. Zetsu could sense this and encased him in vines, keeping him in place.

"Don't run, Tobi…" Zetsu pleased with tear-filled eyes. "Please, don't run…"

"Fuck… you…"

Tobi saw the man's face contort in pain and he sneered. He was completely unprepared for a blow to the back of his head, and then everything went black.


When Tobi woke up, he was lying in bed. Tobi immediately tensed, unsure of where he was. All he expected was for someone to hurt him.


Tobi jumped and turned at his name. He looked at the same man who had presumably brought him to this bed – Zetsu. He snarled.

"What the fuck do you want?" Tobi growled. "Let me go. I hate you."

"Tobi…" Zetsu's eyes filled with tears. "…I'm so sorry… I'm so sorry that I couldn't protect you from Hidan… So sorry…"

"Sorry means nothing¸ bitchface! You let me get hurt! I hate you!"


"No! Don't talk to me! I don't want to see you! Fuck you!"

Zetsu couldn't take it. He had to leave before he broke down in front of the boy.


Tobi had been back for a month now. Things were a little better. Tobi had stopped screaming and swearing at everyone who entered his bedroom, but he still wouldn't talk to anyone. He would only glare at people until they left the room once more.

Zetsu had done all that he could for Tobi, but it seemed that the younger boy didn't want anything to do with anyone. The best that he could do was make sure that Hidan was kept far away from Tobi.

In all honesty, Zetsu had no idea what he could do to help the boy.

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