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Tobi sat in Zetsu's room, staring out of the window. He had been here for several months now. He had been able to put his trust back into Zetsu, but he still wasn't ready to trust anyone else – not after what Hidan had done to him.

Zetsu was gone a mission, Tobi knew. He didn't know when his elder would return, but he hoped it would be soon. He had been promised a trip out of the base if he had behaved himself. So far, Tobi had been very good. He had accepted meals without complaint and stayed out of everyone's way.

"…Zetsu-san…" Tobi mumbled as he moved to Zetsu's bed. He pulled the covers back and climbed in, sniffing the unique flowery scent that was Zetsu. "…Zetsu-san should come back to Tobi soon… Or Tobi will be very sad…"

Tobi sighed and closed his eyes, hoping that Zetsu would return soon. Before he knew it, he was fast asleep.


Zetsu walked through the base's corridor quietly, wanting to surprise Tobi. He had come back earlier than planned and was ready to take Tobi for the day out he had been asking for. When he pushed open his door, he smiled as he found his precious subordinate fast asleep in his bed.

"Tobi…" Zetsu called in a gentle tone as he approached the bed. "Tobi, wake up…"

Tobi stirred for a bit before he awoke. He yawned and rubbed at his eye before he smiled up at Zetsu. "Zetsu-san…"

Zetsu returned the smile as he sat on the bed and pulled the younger into a tight hug. "Come here…"

"Zetsu-san, Tobi can go out now…?" Tobi's voice was still laced with sleep. Zetsu found it absolutely adorable.

"Yes." Zetsu picked Tobi up in his strong arms and carried him over to the door. He grinned as the boy's arms wrapped tightly around his neck.

The other members watched in curiosity as the two left the base, wondering what they were doing. It was extremely rare for Tobi to leave the room, even with Zetsu by his side.


Tobi sat on the soft grass, looking up into the bright sky. He smiled as the clouds drifted along in a lazy pace. Zetsu was behind him, admiring a group of plants.

"Hey, Zetsu-san…?" Tobi called warily. He smiled and rested his head on the elder's shoulder as Zetsu sat next to him. "…Tobi has wanted to tell you this for a long time…"

"What is it?" Both sides of Zetsu spoke simultaneously.

"…" Tobi blushed and fiddled with his sleeves. "…Tobi… has always… liked Zetsu-san…"

"I know that," Kuroi pointed out. "Hush. What are you trying to say, Tobi-kun?"

"…" Tobi's blush darkened as he ducked his head. "…That Tobi… like-likes Zetsu-san… Always…"

Zetsu wasn't surprised in the least. He had always known that the boy had those feeling for him, but he had never wanted Tobi to feel pressured to admit to them. He had wanted the boy to be the one to come out first.

"We have always felt the same, Tobi-kun." Zetsu smiled as he reached out and ran a hand through the ink-black locks before him.

"Z-zetsu-san has…?" Tobi's eye widened. "W-why didn't Zetsu-san say anything…?"

"Because we didn't want you to feel as if you had to go along with it." Zetsu pulled his subordinate into a tight hug. "We love you too much to do that to you, Tobi."

Tobi nodded. "…Will Zetsu-san… date Tobi…?"

Zetsu smiled. He kissed the boy's forehead before he nodded. "On one condition."

"What's that?"

"That you try your best to become friends with the other members again. Except Hidan. Yes, except for Hidan."

Tobi smiled and nodded. "Okay, Zetsu-san. …Can Tobi… kiss Zetsu-san…?"

Zetsu nodded. He tried not to laugh as Tobi clumsily locked their lips together. He pulled the boy onto his lap, holding him in an almost possessive manner. He would never allow this boy to be hurt again. He would be the one to hold him in his most painful moments, and he would be the one to help him heal. He was sure of that.