Chapter 1: XANA's new territory

This takes place on at the final of Season 2 of Digimon and after my fict 'XANA's craziest plan ever!'. And, you better read it!

At the Computer Lab

Aelita was typing on the SuperComputer, searching for Replikas. So far, she had found several copies of Lyoko's sectors, all of them scattered around the world. The princess ceased her search and began to try find a way to get Jeremie out of XANA's clutches.

"Oh…Jeremie." she moaned, sadly. It had been three months since Jeremie was possessed by XANA and went to the Network. Aelita had taken the full time job of genius of the group. She was smart, but not super smart like Jeremie. Nevertheless, they could still face XANA now that William was back.

BEEP! BEEP! BEEP! The sound of the Super Scan didn't go unnoticed. Aelita eyes went wide, for the Scan didn't detect an activated Tower. It had actually detected strange activity from the Replikas:

"XANA, what are you up to, now? Hey, what…?" the Scan showed the last thing Aelita had ever expected from XANA. "I don't believe this!"

The pinkette quickly dialed the numbers of her friends, calling them to the factory.

Meanwhile, in Japan

"You're wondering why I called you here, aren't you?" said Izzy, glaring at the Junior digidestined and their digimon, on his bedroom.

"Because you want to show us your new computer program?" asked Davis, gaining an annoyed glare from the red-head computer pro.

"No. I called you here because I was watching the Digital World on my computer and detected an area marked with Control Spires." he said simply.

"But, we demolished the last Spires weeks ago. The map showed nothing but white areas." retorted Ken, half-incredulous half-angry for the creations of his past were back.

"Yeah, but I just checked the map and one single area was black."

"Then, should we go to check it out?" asked Cody.

"Well, duh! That's why we're the digidestined!" Davis stood up with his D-3 in hand.

"Davis, will you stop being a hot-head just for a minute?" asked Yolei.

"If he did that, then he wouldn't be the Davis we know." said Poromon.

"Listen guys, I think it's not a big deal, but you should go and inspect that, just in case." said Izzy.

"Wow! Izzy just agreed with Davis. Who knew?" noted TK.

"What did you expect? Great minds think alike." Davis grinned and Izzy facepalmed, which drew a collective laugh. Unbeknownst to the heroes, the Eye of XANA appeared on Izzy's screen, before disappearing as quickly as it had come.

Back in the Lab

"What, XANA has deleted ALL of his Replikas? Why?" questioned Yumi, puzzled. The Lyoko Warriors were all gathered at the Lab and Aelita had just told them what she learned.

"I don't know. But, I also found out that XANA is now hiding in a specific Replika." the leader of the Lyoko Warriors spoke.

"Hold on, princess. I thought you said XANA had erased all of his Replikas." said Odd.

"And he did. The Replika where he is living is not of his own creation. Plus, I don't think we can even call it a Replika, because it's not a copy of any of Lyoko Sectors." clarified Aelita.

"If it's not a Replika, then what it is?" asked William.

"It's a totally different virtual world, created by someone else than my father." Aelita sighed. There was a momentary silence, which Ulrich broke:

"Then, should we go to that not-Replika, to check it out?"

"Yeah, I've been preparing the Skid for all of us." the pinkette girl said, setting up a timed virtualization.

"Wait, you're coming with us? Who'll manage the SuperComputer?" asked Yumi, an eyebrow quirked. Aelita smiled.

"Me. I just made an upgrade on my Lyoko Avatar. I can command most of the SuperComputer's functions from there."

On the Digital World

The Junior Digidestined had spread out, to locate the Control Spires. So far, no luck. Curiously, it was the same area in which Tentomon had discovered the mobile base of the Digimon Emperor. Kari and Nefertimon were flying above towards the mountain-crater where the base was first found.

Kari made a disturbed sound, which caught Nefertimon's attention:

"What is it, Kari?" asked the armor-digivolved digimon.

"It's the Control Spires, again. They were all MaloMyotismon's doing. I have a feeling that he might be back."

"I don't think he is back, Kari. I lived with old fangs' or many years to feel his presence. He is gone for good, I'm positive." the digimon partner assured and Kari had to giggle at the nickname for the evil late vampire.

The girls got to the top of the mountain, where they could see the crater. When they gazed at the bottom, they were overwhelmed.

Down there, three Control Spires were standing. Said towers had a red aura surrounding each one. To join the strange scenario, a humanoid figure was looking at the towers, their arms raised horizontally and most strangely, they were floating in mid air.

"Don't tell me we have to deal with a new Digimon Emperor." Nefertimon mumbled.

"Are those digimon?" the human partner asked.

"No, I've never seen anything like those." Along with the human, there were several different types of creatures. Some seemed like red and giant crabs, with only 4 legs, no pincers and three opaque eyes. Others were a kind of giant white spiders with 4 legs and 6 eyes. The most stranger of all were those who seemed like big metal balls. The last ones were like blue manta-like creatures, but instead of dwelling within the sea, they were flying.

"We better tell the others about this." Kari said, sending an e-mail to her friends. When she was done, another event called her attention, as well as Nefertimon's.

On the World's Network

"We've arrived!" announced Aelita. The entrance to the new virtual World was closed, but it took no time to break it. The Skidbladnir entered the tunel, until it reached the surface.

"Aelita, how are we going to teleport, if this world doesn't have any towers?" asked William.

"We won't. We'll just investigate this world…" Aelita hummed to herself, when a window of the Super Scan popped up on the screen of her cabin. "The Super Scan picked up 3…no, 4 activated Towers."

"So this world has towers, right?" wondered the Geisha.

"Yeah, but…these towers seemed different than the ones we know." replied Aelita. She maneuvered the Skid to fly towards the activated towers. "According with the Super Scan, the 4 towers are on giant crater."

When the Skidbladnir arrived at the crater, they were astonished. Not only the number of monsters was elevated, but the variety was also elevated. And, to top it all, Jeremie was among the crowd.

"Wow, XANA has been busy! Look at all those monsters!" said Ulrich.

"Forget the monsters. The Scyphozoa is attacking someone!" shouted Odd, pointed at the said monsters. It was true; the Scyphozoa had just grabbed its prey.

"OK, Odd, you go and attack the fish face. Once the Scyphozoa is gone, you join us in destroying the monsters. Disembark!"

Back with Kari and Nefertimon, a few minutes before...

Right in front of the unknown human, a new Control Spire sprouted from the ground. The tower glowed red, like the other 3. Kari gasped and stood up to see it better. Big mistake! One of the Mantas unleashed an ear-piercing cry and shot a laser from its mouth to the girl and digimon.

"Oh, great!" the flying creatures headed to the girls. Karia lcimbed back onto Nefertimon, and they took flight. Unfortunately, XANA's minions wouldn't let the intruders escape that easily. Two Mantas joined forces and shot a double laser to Nefertimon's left wing, making her crash-land.

"KARI…HANG ON!" the digimon cried out. The landing was painful, but not deadly, unfortunately (A.N.: Just kidding! I'm NOT a Kari-hater).

The digimon and human stood up, now surrounded by groundbound monsters. However, these weren't planning to attack, yet. They seemed to be waiting. The Armor-digivolved stood ready to fight. Some of the creatures departed to reveal the human who had 'built' the Spires.

Blond, thin and apparently with 14 years old, his face was emotionless. He wore a white and different shades of blue outfit that would be proper for a skier. In each hand, he wielded a crystal spike. On his forehead, he had a black insignia tattooed; the same insignia was on his weapons, kneepads and chest. Each monster had the same symbol.

(A.N.: I have Jeremie's XANA outfit on Deviantart. Just go to my Profile to find the link, or search in my gallery. My Deviantart name is orichalcosdark)

He remained looking at them, and then his monotonous glare was replaced by a smirk:

"You're a lucky girl. My Master has some plans, for you; otherwise, I would destroy you, right now." he declared mockingly. His voice seemed to be electrical, somehow.

"Just you try." Nefertimon challenged and the boy looked at her with distaste.

"I wasn't talking ot you, freak." with a gesture of his hand, ice suddenly froze Nefertimon's paws to the ground.

One of the Tarantulas grabbed Kari and moved her away from her partner.


"Let go of me!" Kari struggled in vain against her captor. She was taken to the tallest monsters she had seen today: a giant, floating, Cyclop carminejellyfish.

"Another one who shall gladly join our cause." the blond XANA Warrior, Jeremie Belpois gleefully watched Kari being grabbed by the Scyphozoa.

What will happen to poor Kari? Is she going to be XANAfied permanently, like Jeremie? Are the Lyoko Warriors manage to save? Will our heroes defeat XANA? And, where the frig are the other digidestined when you need them?

Stay tuned for the next episode of 'Buffy, the Vampire Slayer'...I mean, 'Code: Digimon'.