Code: Digimon Season 3

Episode 33: The Great Burn

One important note: nukes can be detonated as an air-burst or ground-burst.

A ground-burst, which happened on File Island, is when the nuke explodes so that the fireball touches the ground. In this explosion, the target is vaporized by the energy of the blast. Also, because the radiation was expelled with solid matter all around, there's radiation fallout and the area can't be habitable until the radioactive isotopes decay.

An air-burst, is when the nuke explodes in mid-air without having the fireball touching the ground. Usually several hundred to a few thousand feet (100 to 1000m) above the hypocenter. In this case, the destruction is bigger because the blast isn't semi-absorbed by the ground. The target isn't incinerated, but rather crushed by the massive shockwave. It also minimizes fallout by keeping the fireball from touching the ground. That way, you can walk freely in the ground zero of an airburst right after the blast without risk of radiation.

Final note: every targeted city is on the report in the middle of the chapter. The details and scenarios were based on the NUKEMAP by Alex Wellerstein.

Chūō, Tokyo, 31st December 2002…

B Minus 1 Day

It was pandemonium, total chaos. All that Veemon remembered was standing at the Hamarikyu park, attempting to go visit Natsumi. And then the sky lightened up, like a ball of light. It felt like the seconds turned into minutes.

Sensing the danger, Veemon quickly digivolved into ExVeemon and he grabbed Davis. The two flew like never before, trying to escape the incoming heat wave.

"It's gaining on us." – this is what Davis tried to say, but ExVeemon couldn't hear him over the ringing in his ears. Even Davis couldn't hear himself. The sound of the nuke going off made it impossible.

They were about to reach Odaiba but it was too late. The heat wave would catch them and so ExVeemon wrapped himself around Davis. The human was completely involved by the Champion, but said digimon was completely exposed to the heat.

ExVeemon's skin burnt like never before. The two crash-landed on West Promenade. Fortunately, Odaiba had been spared from any destruction, expect for a minor shockwave. People were fleeing to West, trying to witness the horror that happened to the center of their city.

"Veemon…" – Davis coughed, trying to get up. Nobody paid him any heed with the current crisis. – "Veemon!"

There he was, now as Chibomon, shivering on the ground. More than half the digimon's body had 3rd degree burns.

"Chibomon!" – Davis hugged the little digimon, but he winced when Davis touched his wounds. – "You're gonna be ok, buddy."

There was a sound like glass breaking and Chibomon broke apart into data. Davis watched with tearful eyes as his partner floated away.

Paris, France…

"What the?!" – Jeremie shouted. The supercomputer just went offline after an instantaneous earthquake. – "What's wrong with you now!"

He tried to go to the elevator to reach the supercomputer level. But the elevator didn't work.

"What's gotten into this!"

Another earthquake, quick but more powerful than the previous. The ceiling collapsed and rubble fell on top of Jeremie. The boy was knocked out cold under the debris.

Tokyo, Kamiya apartment…

Tai ran as fast as his legs could endure. Even though his skin was starting to show signs of 1st degree burn. The building was deserted, the people had vacated it in panic.

"Mom!" – Tai burst through the door and there was Mrs. Kamiya lying on the ground. The glass and porcelain of the house was shattered, broken by the shockwave. Tai checked her and sensed a pulse. He grabbed his mom by the shoulder and began carrying her away.

He heard a continuous sound, like a hiss. Out of the corner of his eye, he spotted the source of the sound: the gas cylinder had a leakage. And close by it was a burning towel.

"Oh, no!" – Tai carried his mom out of there as fast as possible. When they crossed the apartment door…


The air exploded and the floor beneath Tai's feet collapsed. The two fell on the lower level. During the fall, a sharp piece of debris cut the flesh from his left ear to the top of the left side of his forehead. He would keep that scar for the rest of his life. The adrenaline kept him from feeling much pain. Fortunately the ceiling hadn't collapsed on top of them. Tai made his slow but steady way out with his mom.

Outside, the sky was dark and choked by the smoke of the localized fires. Trucks, cars and containers of volatile liquids were bursting in flames. People were rushing to loved ones, safe houses or any place that seemed sheltered. Only one nuke had been dropped on Tokyo but mass hysteria and terror drove them into believing more were coming.

"Come on, mom! Almost there." – Tai dragged himself and his parent to the nearest medical center. If this wasn't already filled with wounded.

Gennai's castle…

"Children, something has happened." – Gennai's voice was tense. – "Suddenly I lost contact with Tokyo and Paris."

"You think it might be XANA?" – Yumi asked. The Lyoko Warriors and junior Digidestined minus Jeremie and Davis were all patrolling through different corners of the Digital World.

"I don't know. Strange though, I can't detect any active electronic device on either city. It's like both just went dark." – Gennai kept typing. – "The supercomputer also went offline. I can't contact any D-terminal on Earth."

"Couldn't be a power down. Maybe some electromagnetic phenomenon." – Aelita suggested. – "I can try to reactivate the supercomputer from here."

"Wait, it's coming back." – Gennai said. Second by second, he noticed something was wrong. The telecommunications in Tokyo and Paris were either dead or sending panicked messages. The same was truth to many other cities around the globe.

"Children, I'm getting a strange report here. The scanners say that XANA has opened multiple vortexes all around Earth. Every vortexes seems have been…directly under every nation's capital." – Gennai said that last part in suspense.

"Gennai, what wrong?" – that was TK.

"This can't be right." – the digital man said that more to himself. At last, he could get a fix on Tokyo via satellite. The image, despite been corrupted with static, confirmed his fears. More and more satellite images came of other cities. Paris, New York, Washington D.C., Berlin, London, Madrid, Istanbul, Rome, Mexico City, Sao Paulo, Jerusalem, Mumbai, Moscow, Baghdad, Dhaka, Seoul, Shanghai, Karachi, Cairo, Canberra …

"Children I think you should come here ASAP."

"Gennai, what is it?" – Ulrich said. Gennai hesitated but gave in:

"We were wrong. XANA's target wasn't the Digital World. Those nukes were meant for your world." – Gennai tried to say that as delicately as possible but the outcome was the same. After the initial shock-silence the children barraged him with questions and panicked demands to return home. Gennai had to raise his voice to calm everyone down.

There were no terminals around them; XANA's Kankrelat had made sure of that. They were all returning full speed to the castle where Gennai could send them to the real world.

"What else did you learn, Gennai?" – William asked.

"I should tell you that personally when you get here."

"No." – Aelita snapped. – "When we get there the first we'll do his go back. Whatever you have to say, say it now!"

"From what I can tell, the blasts on Paris and Tokyo weren't close to your homes. If your families were at home and well protected, they are relatively safe." – Gennai hesitated. – "But not all are good news. I'm counting more than 200 nukes were detonated. Hundreds of kilotons each. All of them airburst. Some nukes delivered into major populated cities were in the scale of thousands of kilotons."

(A.N.: Airburst is explained in the beginning of chapter notes.)

"There's one more thing. The ground zero on Tokyo was in Chiyoda. Sora was there with Matt, Gabumon and Pyomon to visit her father at the hospital. When my equipment went back online, their life-signs were offline. I'm sorry."

TK kept his ears metaphorically closed to that. He would return home and find Matt wherever he was. Probably on his studio, sleeping through the whole event. His big brother wasn't dead. He just knew he wasn't. He just couldn't be.

"Before the blast, Davis was in Chūō. He's alive and in Odaiba now, but…he's not moving."

When the children arrived at the castle, another problem rose. The supercomputer was still not responding. Aelita tried to re-activate through her star-bracelet:

"The supercomputer is damaged but still functional. I can materialize us from here." – Aelita did so, making sure to send a digimon in every trio. She and Lunamon were the last.

"Wow, what happened here?" – Odd looked around. The floor and walls had several cracks and a part of the ceiling seemed ready to collapse.

"I think I know. Let's go through the trap door." – Ulrich said. They were lucky to have made that call because the ceiling of the Scanner Room did collapsed.

"Close call!" – Odd whistled.

"Jeremie!" – Aelita ran towards the knocked out genius, partly visible under the rubble. She and the other dag him out but the ceiling began to collapse all over them.

Gaomon digivolve to…Gaogamon!

Labramon digivolve to…Siesamon!

"Sun's Courage!"

"Spiral Blow!" – the two quadruped champions knocked the falling debris away and took the humans away from that decaying hole. The factory was collapsing in on itself. The digimon and humans got out just in time to see it falling on its foundations, destroying the supercomputer for good.

None said anything. Though the supercomputer was the least of their worries at the time, seeing it been sealed for good was like closing a chapter on their life story. And looking at the center of Paris, smoking and burning, that feeling was only stressed even more.

"It's over." – Aelita whispered solemnly. Yumi's cell phone called and she picked it up.

"Yes? Dad, I'm okay!" – she almost screamed, relived to know her parent was safe. The other Lyoko Warriors families were never in danger, living away from Paris. – "Mom is too? What about…"

Yumi went silent digesting what her father was revealing to her on the phone. She grew paler by the second and started to shake. Suddenly she drops the phone and breaks into a run.

"Yumi!" – Renardmon called out but she ignored him. The rest of the team had been silent during the all ordeal. Aelita and Odd had Jeremie on their arms but Ulrich, William and Renardmon went after her. The digimon leaped from building to building, evading the citizens' eyes.

The people on the streets were mostly uninjured but panicking. Boulogne-Billancourt had been spared from the blast, since it occurred in the heart of Paris. However, the heat wave hit the limit of the commune.

Yumi didn't stop until she reached a hospital. Renardmon wanted to go in but in the current state of events humans might not take kindly to her presence. Ulrich and William carried on after her. Yumi ran into a specific room, almost knocking other people in her way.

She finally came to a halt at a small bed. Her parents stood beside the same bed, hugging each other and faces tainted with tears. She approached the bed with shaking steps her eyes threatening to spill tears.

There was Hiroki Ishiyama, lying on the bed with half his body burnt. The boy was not breathing and Mr. Ishiyama, who saw Yumi entering shook his head silently.

Yumi fell on her knees and hugged her little brother's lifeless body. William and Ulrich watched from the door. Aelita was right; it was over. But the price was steep nonetheless.

1st January 2003…

Day B

"The Romans had a phrase for it." – XANA whispered to himself. – "What they couldn't conquer, they poisoned. If they couldn't have the land, no one else could. But I have my own phrase: what I can't conquer, I nuke."

He checked his timer, the final countdown for XANA's demise:

"Only 50 seconds left for me to live. Long enough. The humans partnered with digimon were my doom. Together they make a great combination. Now…I wonder what the outcome is when they're at each other's throats."

Only 20 seconds, XANA could feel the last remains of his essence breaking apart:

"But before the end comes, one last e-mail to my foes. Just the cherry on top of the cake."

With said e-mail sent, XANA finally passed away. The villain was no more but the human world paid the price. A victory for the Digidestined, but a pyrrhic victory nonetheless.

XANA was gone, but his legacy lived on.

Tokyo, 1st January 2003…

"Mommy? Daddy? Where's mommy and daddy?"

"It's gone. Everything's gone. My house, my family…"

"It was as if God had turned against us and said 'DIE!'."

Those were just a few of the whispered and shouted voices he heard as he made his way through the hospital.

Izzy entered the infirmary room and there were Kari and Tai sitting by a bed where their sleeping mother rested. She had bandages around her forehead and arms but the doctors said she would be fine. Just minor concussions and 1st burns.

The 200 kiloton nuke that detonated in Tokyo unleashed a massive heat wave that would have burnt the people of Odaiba with 2nd degree burns. However, the cool and moist weather of the day helped to attenuate those effects.

Tai was also slightly scarred in his arms and neck but those were just burn marks. The real permanent scar was the deep scratch running from his left ear to the forehead.

"Hey, guys." – Izzy greeted solemnly with red eyes. This was the second time he came to see them today. – "We just got word. Sora and Matt were in Chiyoda when the nuke came. The place was completely wiped out. There was no chance…" – he felt incapable to continue. The siblings just nodded; they had done a great share of crying already. They felt incapable of crying more now.

Moments passed as the tree watched the woman sleeping. Mr. Kamiya was out of town and was returning hysterically when he heard the news.

"Tai, Kari," – Izzy spoke. – "Gennai says he found something. He says it's urgent."

"I'm in no rush." – Tai spoke passionlessly. He sat up and walked to the window. The sky remained tarnished by the smoke casting a gloomy temperance on the city. – "Have you seen the damage?"

Izzy casted his eyes on the floor. Before he got out of the house, he got a satellite image of the center of Tokyo. There was nothing left. The Royal family was dead and the Prime-Minister was severely wounded.

"We still don't have a count on all the dead and wounded, but they say casualties probably surpass 50,000,000 just on Asia. How are we supposed to go ear more bad news right away?"

Izzy didn't answer that. There was no point. Another pause followed.

"Did you hear XANA's broadcast before the Great Burn?" – Tai asked. Less than a day passed and the people already had a name to the horrifying catastrophe: Great Burn.

"Yeah. XANA probably wants to turn the whole world against digimon."

"But we know the truth." – Kari finally broke her silence. Her dream was to see humans and digimon at peace with each other. Izzy shook his head sadly.

"The people won't listen to us. I've heard anger riots on the way here. They're tired, resentful and angry. Angry at what has happened, at the government, at God, at everything. This thing of XANA putting the blame on the digimon is the perfect scapegoat. People will hate them because they're the best target."

"But we…"

"We can't do a thing, Kari, because if we do, we'll have a Second Great Burn." – Izz said the last part silently but sternly nonetheless. This caught their full attention. Izzy approached them and talked lowly:

"XANA sent Gennai and e-mail right before dying. It's his so called 'Last Will'." – Izzy said bitterly. – "He has three demands and if we don't follow them to the letter…"

"How can he know? He's dead! We don't have to do anything he says. Especially after this." – Tai growled pointing outside.

"Oh yes, we have." – Izzy retorted, urging Tai to keep his voice down. – "Tai, he targeted every capital of every nation with a 200 kt nuke and kept some more powerful ones to other major populated cities. However, other major populated cities were left unscratched."

"You recall when XANA activated a tower for just a short time, causing some quick earthquake all over the world?"

"Yeah." – Kari quirked an eyebrow. – "That was right after we saved Davis. But those earthquakes were just some called off attacks."

"Turns out they weren't." – Izzy took a deep breath, preparing to deliver the dreaded news. – "They were caused by digi-gates been opened underground. XANA has planted fusion bombs deep beneath non-bombed major populated cities, plus two under Paris and Tokyo. Unless we do as he said, even more millions of people will die and the blame will go to the digimon."

"No, we…" – Tai palled while Kari was left speechless.

"The bombs are connected to us. If we spill anything, they will go off."

Tai kicked a wall in pent up anger while Kari sat back down, hands covering her face. The older sibling took a deep breath before asking:

"You said there were three demands. What are the other two?"

"One of those is for the Sovereigns, it doesn't affect us directly. But the other… he says it's probably the hardest thing we'll ever have to do."

In West Promenade, Odaiba…

Cody and Yolei had followed Davis' signal on their D-3s to West Promenade. They found Davis on his knees, breathing but looking dead on the inside.


They approached him but he refrained from moving, still. Cody touched his shoulder but he still refused to move.

"Come on Davis. Everything is gonna be ok." – Yolei said.

"Ok?" – Davis finally spoke, but in a tense tone. He turned his head around to look at her. – "You call THIS ok?"

He shouted spreading his arms to the destruction around. He got up and looked at the other two with a fire in his eyes they had never seen before. Pure, undiluted rage and hatred. The same eyes they had seen on many people on their way there.

"Davis, I'm sorry about Veemon." – Cody threaded carefully. – "But we need you."

"Yeah, where were you when Veemon needed help?" – he spat.

"Hey, it's not our fault!" – Yolei berated. – "We didn't bomb the world, for your information."

"Davis," – Cody took over to try and maintain peace. – "you're right to be angry. We can't imagine what you're going through. But we're a team…"

"Yeah, we are a team. And maybe that was my problem, all along." – Davis spitefully took his D-3 from his pocket and tossed to the floor. The device broke apart and dissolved into data. – "Getting into this got my best friend killed. Veemon is dead, Natsumi is dead and my sister is in a wheelchair for the rest of her life!"

Cody and Yolei didn't even dare to ask how he learnt that. He then proceeded throwing away the goggles Tai gave him. One of the lenses broke as it impacted on the ground.

"I'm through with this! With you!" – with that, Davis turned his back and ran away.

Later with Gennai…

Report of European cities struck by 200-kiloton nukes:

Capital (Nation) – Fatalities - Injured

Tirana (Albania) – 296,430 – 88,280

Andorra la Vella (Andora) - 45,470 - 17,470

Vienna (Austria) – 397,360 – 554,890

Minsk (Belarus) – 470,480 – 578,360

Brussels (Belgium) – 420,170 – 435,020

Sarajevo (Bosnia and Herzegovina) – 198,020 – 141,470

Sofia (Bulgaria) – 300,090 – 300,340

Zagreb (Croatia) – 291,260 – 244,730

Prague (Czech Republic) – 287,680 – 391,000

Copenhagen (Denmark) – 262,390 – 326,470

Tallinn (Estonia) – 119,600 – 135,850

Helsinki (Finland) – 92,760 – 180,770

Paris (France) – 1,144,960 – 1,827,950

Athens (Greece) – 500,080 – 983,000

Budapest (Hungary) - 308,670 - 566,030

Reykjavík (Iceland) - 97,780 - 47,830

Dublin (Ireland) - 227,310 - 359,030

Rome (Italy) - 524,350 - 791,880

Pristina (Kosovo) - 142,160 - 45,930

Riga (Latvia) - 242,170 - 250,920

Vaduz (Liechtenstein) – 21,860 - 31,070

Vilnius (Lithuania) - 286,240 - 155,870

Luxembourg (Luxembourg) - 83,560 - 47,130

Skopje (Macedonia) - 209,860 - 172,750

Valletta (Malta) - 110,680 - 126,410

Chișinău (Moldova) - 289,020 - 188,490

Monaco (Monaco) - 47,380 - 64,920

Podgorica (Montenegro) - 112,460 - 30,770

Amsterdam (Netherlands) - 346,650 - 321,940

Oslo (Norway) - 208,280 - 188,080

Warsaw (Poland) - 386,810 - 603,920

Lisbon (Portugal) - 253,070 - 492,470

Bucharest (Romania) - 541,210 - 633,160

San Marino (San Marino) - 19,940 - 22,690

Belgrade (Serbia) - 302,080 - 410,930

Bratislava (Slovakia) - 157,940 - 144,820

Ljubljana (Slovenia) - 159,170 - 86,400

Stockholm (Sweden) - 156,660 - 344,200

Bern (Switzerland) - 179,880 - 80,510

Kiev (Ukraine) - 261,900 - 779,410

Report of European cities struck by megaton nukes:

City (Yield) – Fatalities – Injured

Berlin (2 megatons) - 1,199,900 – 1,335,160

Madrid (4 megatons) – 2,439,010 – 1,435,570

London (4 megatons) - 2,651,990 – 3,196,630

Istanbul (5 megatons) - 4,255,640 – 3,608,370

Total European fatalities - injured: 21,050,380 – 22,768,890

Report of Asian cities struck by 200-kiloton nukes:

Capital (Nation) – Fatalities - Injured

Kabu (Afghanistan) - 1,365,810 – 1,197,290

Yerevan (Armenia) - 438,450 - 400,010

Baku (Azerbaijan) - 441,850 - 562,300

Manama (Bahrain) - 259,050 - 305,470

Thimphu (Bhutan) - 18,940 - 34,470

Bandar Seri Begawan (Brunei) - 115,300 - 66,500

Naypyidaw (Burma) - 34,800 - 113,050

Phnom Penh (Cambodia) - 764,830 - 464,440

Beijing (China) - 668,030 - 1,843,130

Nicosia (Cyprus) - 149,630 - 97,350

Dili (East Timor) - 137,530 - 45,720

Tbilisi (Georgia) - 345,900 - 298,900

New Delhi (India) - 1,472,830 - 3,447,250

Jerusalem (Israel) - 700,740 - 361,820

Tokyo (Japan) - 706,710 - 2,700,610

Amman (Jordan) - 503,860 - 845,190

Astana (Kazakhstan) - 236,920 - 194,330

Kuwait City (Kuwait) - 242,830 - 575,570

Bishkek (Kyrgyzstan) – 302,150 – 329,670

Vientiane (Laos) - 249,310 - 142,910

Beirut (Lebanon) - 696,730 - 429,550

Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) - 533,360 - 949,070

Malé (Maldives) - 121,440 - 10,300

Ulaanbaatar (Mongolia) - 364,630 - 276,450

Kathmandu (Nepal) - 645,170 - 615,350

Muscat (Oman) - 110,550 - 92,360

Islamabad (Pakistan) - 456,900 - 1,104,030

Gaza (Palestine) - 572,360 - 225,520

Manila (Philippines) - 1,487,700 - 3,691,320

Doha (Qatar) - 317,070 - 327,710

Singapore (Singapore) - 390,850 - 1,085,000

Colombo (Sri Lanka) - 532,060 - 677,590

Damascus (Syria) - 1,135,680 - 914,220

Dushanbe (Tajikistan) - 378,500 - 334,260

Ankara (Turkey) - 605,880 - 1,049,560

Ashgabat (Turkmenistan) - 241,930 - 186,760

Abu Dhabi (United Arab Emirates) - 372,230 - 171,040

Tashkent (Uzbekistan) - 476,680 - 870,590

Hanoi (Vietnam) - 1,265,500 - 946,360

Sana'a (Yemen) - 743,570 - 719,510

Report of Asian cities struck by megaton nukes:

City (Yield) – Fatalities – Injured

Moscow (4 megatons) - 3,358,470 - 4,260,940

Dhaka (2 megatons) – 5,874,060 – 3,735,030

Jakarta (2 megatons) – 3,614,310 - 5,830,110

Tehran (2 megatons) – 4,211,810 - 3,231,920

Baghdad (2 megatons) – 3,436,260 – 2,482,820

Pyongyang (3 megatons) – 2,161,100 – 789,800

Seoul (3 megatons) – 3,906,450 – 6,573,640

Riyadh (3 megatons) - 2,703,200 – 1,436,600

Bangkok (3 megatons) – 2,553,030 – 2,762,720

Ho Chi Minh city (2 megatons) – 4,553,820 – 2,078,260

Yangon (4 megatons) – 3,084,450 - 1,101,730

Karachi (4 megatons) – 6,908,560 - 3,818,430

Mumbai (4 megatons) – 7,302,860 – 5,861,660

Shanghai (50 megatons) – 11,903,080 – 4,571,040

Total Asian fatalities - injured: 86,662,090 – 77,237,230

Report of African cities struck by 200-kiloton nukes:

Capital (Nation) – Fatalities - Injured

Bujumbura (Burundi) - 319,120 – 149,670

Moroni (Comoros) - 79,600 – 35,250

Djibouti (Djibouti) - 278,750 – 94,490

Asmara (Eritrea) – 687,590 – 158,490

Antananarivo (Madagascar) - 715,410 – 507,810

Lilongwe (Malawi) – 203,420 – 222,610

Port Louis (Mauritius) - 135,780 – 138,540

Maputo (Mozambique) – 698,970 – 390,680

Kigali (Rwanda) – 360,780 – 268,390

Victoria (Seychelles) – 31,520 – 15,310

Mogadishu (Somalia) – 615,860 – 310,970

Juba (South Sudan) – 163,900 – 58,220

Dodoma (Tanzania) – 203,020 – 32,310

Kampala (Uganda) – 738,100 – 771,040

Lusaka (Zambia) – 437,640 – 567,470

Harare (Zimbabwe) – 323,530 – 584,510

Luanda (Angola) – 987,700 – 823,270

Yaoundé (Cameroon) - 877,420 - 658,350

Bangui (Central African Republic) – 740,190 – 201,320

N'Djamena (Chad) – 601,470 – 344,960

Brazzaville (Republic of the Congo) – 643,890 – 1,346,290

Malabo (Equatorial Guinea) - 112,480 – 6,940

Libreville (Gabon) – 409,230 – 148,790

São Tomé (São Tomé and Príncipe) - 84,330 – 19,140

Algiers (Algeria) – 633,920 – 670,100

Tripoli (Libya) – 296,970 – 346,900

Rabat (Morocco) – 455,760 – 583,550

Khartoum (Sudan) – 366,250 – 873,030

Tunis (Tunisia) – 306,650 – 505,750

Gaborone (Botswana) – 104,200 – 72,380

Maseru (Lesotho) – 229,030 – 62,690

Windhoek (Namibia) – 71,320 – 104,210

Cape Town (South Africa) – 189,080 – 404,030

Mbabane (Swaziland) – 103,360 – 21,840

Porto-Novo (Benin) – 316,860 – 156,590

Ouagadougou (Burkina Faso) – 780,060 – 377,770

Praia (Cape Verde) – 92,190 – 21,850

Banjul (Gambia) – 45,350 – 136,280

Accra (Ghana) – 823,300 – 819,530

Conakry (Guinea) – 455,750 – 389,170

Bissau (Guinea-Bissau) – 286,280 – 80,350

Monrovia (Liberia) – 376,350 – 297,790

Bamako (Mali) – 396,050 – 546,290

Nouakchott (Mauritania) – 446,990 – 191,400

Niamey (Niger) – 808,860 – 314,250

Abuja (Nigeria) – 346,550 – 247,290

Dakar (Senegal) – 460,750 – 775,130

Freetown (Sierra Leone) – 589,380 – 221,540

Lomé (Togo) – 508,220 – 349,410

Report of African cities struck by megaton nukes:

City (Yield) – Fatalities – Injured

Addis Ababa (4 megatons) – 3,077,830 – 607,420

Nairobi (4 megatons) – 2,239,650 – 1,220,270

Kinshasa (4 megatons) – 5,953,660 – 2,048,360

Cairo (4 megatons) – 7,704,050 – 4,891,060

Abidjan (4 megatons) – 3,041,360 – 865,260

Casablanca (7 megatons) – 2,078,050 – 1,097,150

Lagos (7 megatons) – 1,612,140 – 3,408,420

Total African fatalities - injured: 46,362,320 – 30,594,190

Report of North American cities struck by 200-kiloton nukes:

Capital (Nation) – Fatalities - Injured

Ottawa (Canada) – 150,760 - 254,410

Washington, D.C. (USA) – 408,990 - 483,420

St. John's (Antigua and Barbuda) – 38,930 – 18,560

Nassau (Bahamas) – 133,700 – 49,240

Bridgetown (Barbados) – 89,670 – 64,870

Havana (Cuba) – 547,160 – 656,590

Roseau (Dominica) – 21,370 – 8,330

Santo Domingo (Dominican Republic) – 638,950 – 941,660

St. George's (Grenada) – 30,860 – 11,950

Port-au-Prince (Haiti) – 886,600 – 760,310

Kingston (Jamaica) – 287,980 – 280,940

Basseterre (Saint Kitts and Nevis) – 16,700 – 4,980

Castries (Saint Lucia) – 57,860 – 13,890

Kingstown (Saint Vincent and the Grenadines) – 35,610 – 14,600

Port of Spain (Trinidad and Tobago) – 99,480 – 103,580

Belmopan (Belize) –16,290 – 2,210

San José (Costa Rica) – 457,470 – 543,010

San Salvador (El Salvador) – 359,720 – 510,110

Guatemala City (Guatemala) – 481,410 – 809,020

Tegucigalpa (Honduras) – 649,460 – 296,430

Managua (Nicaragua) – 466,270 – 342,510

Panama City (Panama) – 340,780 – 285,750

Report of North American cities struck by megaton nukes:

City (Yield) – Fatalities – Injured

New York (15 megatons) – 6,067,190 – 4,658,000

Mexico City (2 megatons) – 2,800,130 – 5,849,310

Total North American fatalities - injured: 15,083,340 – 16,963,680

Report of South American cities struck by 200-kiloton nukes:

Capital (Nation) – Fatalities - Injured

La Paz (Bolivia) – 754,760 – 520,690

Brasília (Brazil) – 398,870 – 453,530

Quito (Ecuador) – 797,230 – 792,140

Georgetown (Guyana) – 183,230 – 61,670

Asunción (Paraguay) – 347,330 – 392,530

Paramaribo (Suriname) – 123,360 – 118,070

Montevideo (Uruguay) – 366,150 – 457,280

Caracas (Venezuela) – 887,970 – 987,810

Report of South American cities struck by megaton nukes:

City (Yield) – Fatalities – Injured

Buenos Aires (2 megatons) – 2,605,490 – 3,338,400

Santiago (2 megatons) – 1,960,150 – 2,105,710

Bogotá (2 megatons) – 3,581,320 – 2,502,370

Lima (3 megatons) – 5,132,700 – 2,338,540

Sao Paulo (4 megatons) – 4,685,710 – 6,784,400

Total South American fatalities - injured: 21,824,270 – 20,853,140

Report of Australian cities struck by 200-kiloton nukes:

Capital (Nation) – Fatalities - Injured

Canberra (Australia) – 34,560 – 84,480

Wellington (New Zealand) – 67,540 – 58,250

Suva (Fiji) – 75,580 – 36,780

Port Moresby (Papua New Guinea) – 156,970 – 72,800

Honiara (Solomon Islands) – 45,840 – 20,900

Port Vila (Vanuatu) – 15,430 – 8,440

Palikir (Federated States of Micronesia) – 1,750 – 7,650

Majuro (Marshall Islands) – 10,180 – 6,070

Yaren (Nauru) – 5,890 – 2,250

Apia (Samoa) – 30,810 – 22,760

Nukuʻalofa (Tonga) –37,570 – 10,350

Total Australian fatalities - injured: 482,120 – 330,730

Grand Total World fatalities – injured: 191,464,520 – 168,747,860

The digital man took his eyes from the report. Most of those numbers were just estimates but of good accuracy. The Digidestined in Tokyo were connected via web-cam in Yolei's house. All minus Davis, Yumi and TK. Jeremie was still resting while the Lyoko Team was in Aelita's dorm since the supercomputer was destroyed. But the most mist presences were Matt and Sora. Gennai stood in the castle and gave a long, deep sigh:

"As you know, XANA's first demand is to never reveal the truth about the Great Burn." – the name given to the catastrophe was already very popular in the media. – "The second if for the Sovereigns. XANA wanted them to erase the Cycle of Destiny."

"The Cycle of Destiny?" – Cody asked.

"It's a program. It chooses children worthy of being Digidestined and gave them the digi-eggs of their would-be partners. The point of this program was to keep the number constant. Azulongmon de-activated it temporarily when he noticed the number of children was decreasing drastically." – Gennai explained. – "While the Sovereigns command the program, we created it after you kids defeated Apocalymon. I was hoping it could be the key to find new Digidestined after XANA was defeated. But now…"

"Wait." – Aelita stopped him mid-sentence. – "If that program is erased, then…"

"Then the cycle is over." – Kari finished, eyes wide. – "We're…the last digidestined!"

"Precisely." – Gennai's response was flat and passionless. It was hard to imagine the real bad news weren't even delivered.

"But we can stop this, right?" – Ulrich said. – "If we find those bombs, can't we defuse them? Or transport them away?"

"Yeah, and we'll help you guys." – Gaomon supported. Gennai winced at that, which many of them noticed:

"I'm afraid that won't be possible. My equipment can't track anything on Earth if it's underground. The only thing that could do it would be the supercomputer, but it's gone now." – Gennai felt a lump on his throat. – "Even so, your digimon cannot help you."

"Why is that? Just because now Earth is the HQ of I-Hate-Digimon fan club, people don't know much about them. We can hide them." – Odd replied.

"Because the third demand is for the gate between Earth and the Digital World to be forever closed and your digimon and digivices to remain with us."

Silent, horrified stares met that revelation. The dots were connected now. No truth to be revealed, no new digidestined and no more old digidestined. XANA's last will was to divide the two worlds permanently, all this to spite the ones who caused his demise.

"In twelve hours, the bombs will go into effect. If just one of these conditions isn't fulfilled, the bombs will detonate. And after what has happened I don't think Humanity would survive it."– Gennai spoke sadly. – "I'm sorry, everyone."

The prophecy was right; it was inevitable. For the impending doom can stop not be. While one dark night will be over, a new darker one will the sun cover.

This really was the end of Age of the Digidestined.

"The Sovereigns will do their part, for the sake of your world." – Gennai knew they didn't have a choice, as the Digidestined didn't either.

A few hours later, back on Tokyo…

"Citizens of Tokyo!" – the Japanese Prime Minister was addressing the people on TV. – "We faced and survived the rain of fire. We have been gravely injured, in body and soul. But we remain unbroken."

"While the night of fire, pain and death is over, a new struggle now begins. The fight to rebuild our city and our spirit…"

Tai stopped listening to the man's speech and focused more on what he saw. He and Agumon stood at the top of a building in Odaiba, looking to the destruction on the other side of the river. Chiyoda and Chūō were completely wiped out by the shockwave, as had the surrounding parts of Shinjuku, Minato and Bunkyo. The center of Tokyo, once filled with skyscrapers was flattened, building crushed into debris and streets blocked by layers of cars and more debris.

"He's already stirring up waves." – Agumon commented when he heard the man mentioning 'digimon'.

"Over 700 thousand died and over 2 million were injured just in Tokyo. Getting the people all riled up is no challenge now." – Tai said bitterly.

"Well… at least that scar looks good on you." – Agumon made a shy smile, feeling compelled to say something to lighten up his partner. The gloom look Tai gave him killed Agumon's intention.

"You know, our apartment has a direct view to Chūō." – he said pointing at the destroyed district. – "How am I supposed to cheer up when every day I'll have to look out at all of that?"

"You could always board up the window." – Agumon made another try to be met with failure.

"Give it up, Agumon. Nothing you'll say can change this." – he nodded his head to the destroyed metropolis. Despite his family been safe and his mother been recovering quickly, he was still depressed. And Agumon could feel it wasn't just because they would soon be separated for good.

"You know Agumon. I always thought we could do anything if he just believed we could and never gave up. But after seeing this…I can see everything going dark. For all of us."

At the end of that day…

The farewells had been mostly done. Now the whole group of Japanese Digidestined, minus Matt, Sora and Davis. Tai had asked Davis to come but the former gogglehead said he had no one to say goodbye to. The team was now at the abandoned summer camp where it all began.

"So, this is it." – Mimi's teary eyes looked down to Palmon. – "Second time we have to say goodbye."

"Last time you gave me your hat." – Palmon smiled, with wet eyes too.

"But you still have it." – the girl recalled a few days earlier when the two went out and Palmon brought the cowboy hat on.

Joe and Gomamon were somewhere else close by the river. Kari and Gatomon were with Patamon trying to console TK. Cody, Armadillomon, Yolei and Hawkmon were with Izzy and Tentomon. Tai and Agumon were mostly separated from the rest of the group.

The Digidestined in France were going through the same farewell ritual. Aelita was in the worst state. Not only would she be saying goodbye to Lunamon but also to her father. With the Supercomputer destroyed, Franz Hopper can't be re-materialized. Hence, he's bound to the Digital World for good.

Soon enough Gennai's message came in and Kari opened a Digital gate via Izzy's laptop. The vortex was opened and the digimon gave one last look to their human friends they would surely miss.

And just like that, it was over. The digimon were gone back to their world. The portals between Earth and the Digital World were sealed tight for good. The former Digidestined all looked at the spot where the portal had flashed with empty glares.

Tai gave a look to everyone else. Davis had been filling his shoes over time as the junior Digidestined did most of the work. While Davis was under XANA's clutches, TK took over and then Kari.

But now Davis was gone, TK was desolated and Kari seemed lost. The responsibility fell on his shoulders again. It was strange, though. To leave a responsibility to someone else only to have to take it back, later.

"We won't give up." – Tai thought to himself. – "We will find XANA's legacy, destroy it and join the two worlds again. Even if it takes the rest of our lives to do it."

Later, the 14 ex-Digidestined made that same promise, to themselves and each other. They would heal the wounds to humanity's soul and mend the bridge between Earth and the Digital World.

But they were destined to fail…

Tokyo, Imperial Palace, Year 2090 AD/ 88 PC

Cody, lying on his death bed, stirred and opened his tired eyes. Crown Prince Masaru Hida approached his father and grabbed his hand. Masaru spoke to him but Cody couldn't speak back. He was too debilitated. His time had finally run out.

"Armadillomon…everyone, I'm sorry I failed." – he spoke in his thoughts with regret. – "We promised we would never give up…but we still failed in saving our world from the darkness in our people's hearts."

"There wasn't enough time."

And with that, the last Digidestined took his last breath.