Title: I Want to Sing For You

Subtitle: Her Boyfriend

Genre: Angst, Romance, Hurt/Comfort

Rated: K+

Fandom: Vocaloid

Type: Two-shots

Disclaimer: Vocaloid © Crypton Future Media

Warning: One-sided LenXRin, KaitoXRin

A/N: Vocaloid here IS a program, but in the form of a robot. They could talk, unlike the real Vocaloid ^^ Enjoy...



I still remember...

The first time I opened my eyes, you were right in front of me.

You smiled kindly...

I didn't understand anything.

Who am I?

Why am I here?

Who are you?

How could I awake?

All I know was; that my purpose was to sing...

"W―Wake up, Rin-san!"

"Just...five more minutes..." the girl called Rin mumbled. She hid her face under the pillow. He boy who tried to wake him up frowned, then pulled the blanket until Rin almost fell down. "H―Hey, Len! I told you that all I need is five more minutes! How could you be so cruel?" she pouted childishly.

"But, you also told me that five minutes ago, and five minutes before that, then five minutes before that again. How should I know whether you really mean it or not this time? After all, I'm just a Vocaloid," Len talked with his monotonous tone. Rin giggled while staring at Len, "Sorry, Len..."

Len nodded, "Oh, I almost forgot to tell you. It's 6.47 already, and school starts at 7. You should hurry and prepare yourself." Rin stared at him wide-eyed, "I'll be late!" she shouted while running to her closet and turned to Len, "What are you looking at? Get out! I'm gonna get change or I'll be late!"

"O―Okay!" Len quickly got out of the room. He closed it and leaned on it. He blushed (since when a Vocaloid could blush, anyway?) and bit his lips, "Stupid Len..." he murmured.


Len stared blankly at the room. The students in the room already grouped together with their friends or went to the canteen. Rin also done so, she grouped with her friends―Miku and Gumi. Rin who noticed Len approached him and pulled his arm, "Come on, join us, Len!" she said.

"Eh? B―But I..."

"No buts..." Rin pulled him to sit beside her―with her group. Len only bowed a little. Miku and Gumi giggled while looking at him.

"He sure is cute, huh? I can't even believe that he's not a human!" Miku exclaimed.

"Yeah, he's looks so human and real!" Gumi continued. She opened her lunch box cap and started eating, "Itadakimasu!"

"Here's yours, Len!" Rin gave a drinking bottle to him―which he gladly accepted. She turned to both of her friends, "I sometimes forgot that he's a Vocaloid too. He act so natural and looks like he had his own mind."

Len carefully opened the bottle cap and drank it, "Thank you, Rin-san!" he said while smiling happily.

"Ooooh~ He's really so cute. I wish my mom would buy me a Vocaloid too!" Miku said while playing with Len's soft hair. Gumi sighed at her, "Forget it Miku. It's so expensive, and you don't have any talents in music anyways."

Miku pouted, "Yeah... Thanks a lot, Gumi..." she looked at Len for a second then asked, "By the way, what did he drink? I thought a Vocaloid doesn't need to eat nor drink?" she asked out of curiosity. Gumi stared at Len too, "Yeah, I thought that's what I heard..."

Rin chuckled, "He needs to drink―drink oil," she explained with simple sentence. Both Gumi and Miku pretended to gag, "Eww..."

"Kagamine-san! Is Kagamine-san here?" asked someone from the door. Rin turned at her and stood up, "Eh? What's wrong?"

"Kaito-senpai asked me to tell you this: I'll be waiting at the rooftop," she girl informed. Rin blushed and covered her mouth, "Eh?" Suddenly the class started to get noisy, people whispering here and there. Rin faced her friends and said, "I―I'll be back soon."

"Wow, Rin... I never thought that he would confess this early!" Gumi whispered. Rin blushed even more, "S―Shut up, Gumi! It's not certain anyway!" she responded. Gumi and Miku giggled at red-faced Rin as she ran outside. Len only stared at them with confused face while drinking his oil.

"What's...going on?" asked Len, tilting his head.

"According to us, she's gonna get a boyfriend soon!" Gumi replied with a smile.

"Boyfriend? What is it? Rin often used that word when making songs, but I don't really understand," Len continued while rubbing his neck. Miku and Gumi stared at each other, "How should we explain?" They tilted their heads. Miku cupped her chin and thought, "It is when you know that someone you love loves you back and both of you like―let's say―have a special bond afterwards," Miku explained.

"Eh?" Len parted his lips into a small 'o'. He also widened his eyes and stop drinking. He put down his drink and ran, following Rin.

"L―Len!" Gumi yelped, she quickly stood up, intending to pull Len's arm. But, she too late, Len ran too fast and she didn't even have a chance pull him. She turned to Miku over her shoulder, "Is he going to follow Rin?"

Miku shrugged, "Well, I dunno..."


He ran as fast as he could, following his instinct about his master's location. He ran towards the stairs, going upstairs. His expression changed a bit when he saw the metal door in front of him. He slowed his steps and then stopped right in front of the door. The blonde lifted his hand, intending to open the knob, but hesitated a moment.

He himself didn't know why he had to run over to Rin too. His legs just moved by itself without Len's command. He frowned a little, then decided to peek since he had already reached here. He was actually very curious anyway.

Len opened the door slowly―trying to make as little noise as possible. He peeked inside and could saw a blue-haired guy―wearing blue long scarf. And Rin―facing her back at Len. Len tried to hear the conversation, thanks to the wind―he could hear their conversation a bit.

"E―Eh? Are you sure about this...Senpai?" asked Rin. Len raised his eyebrow, sure about what?

The blue-haired guy's next sentence explained the question Len gave, as if he knew that Len's there. "Of course. I love you, Rin. Maybe you would think of me just a weird ice cream freak, but―I just want to tell you this," he rubbed his neck while giving a...weird smile. "Oh! You don't have to answer it now, really. Just visit me when you've the answer in mind, okay?" he continued.

"N―No! I―I mean, I already have the answer in mind, Senpai!" Rin tried to stop Kaito. Kaito widened his eyes in surprised of Rin's sudden shout. "I want to be your girlfriend..." Rin whispered (this one was quite hard for Len to hear, but he roughly heard it, though.)

Len bit his lips hard. He was glaring at the man who was now hugging Rin. Len really wanted to kick the door open and shouted at the man. But―no. Of course he won't. It was Rin's own choice, if Rin wished to be hugged by that man, than it won't be a problem, right?

But, why is it so hurt?

Len didn't understand where the wounded part was, but he knew it wasn't physically. He closed the door slowly again, leaving those two there. He walked downstairs, slipping both of his fists inside his pocket. He sighed, "What's wrong with me? A Vocaloid shouldn't be able to have this kind of feelings."

He returned to his classroom and joined Miku and Gumi again. He sat down and showered with stares by Miku and Gumi.

"Where are you from, Len-kun?" asked Miku out of her curiosity.

"From...the restroom," Len answered short.

Miku and Gumi looked at each other again, "Restroom?" Then turned to Len again and continued together, "We thought a Vocaloid doesn't need to go to the restroom?"

"Uh..." Len scratched his not-itchy-at-all head and faced another direction, "But, there's a lot of things to do in the restroom that human don't do," he explained. He didn't even understand what he's talking about, he just blurted it out without thinking. Miku and Gumi's eyes gleamed, "R―Really! Then tell us, what is it?"

"Hey...? What are you two doing? Picking up on Len?" asked someone. They looked up and saw Rin standing there with both hands on hips, feet tapping the floor, and eyebrow raised.

"Of course not, Rin! Why would you even think of that?"

She stared at them for a moment and sighed. She took her seat beside Len, "Because Len looked troubled, y'know?" She patted Len's head, Len blushed a little that no one there realized it. "I won't forgive anyone―even if it's you two―if you upset Len, okay? He's already like my brother―my twin!" she exclaimed.

"Wow... You two really are so close, huh? Oh, by the way, what happened between Kaito-senpai and you just now?" Gumi said in a soft tone, knowing that it would be a big gossip if she spoke louder than that. For a second, Len gasped without sound. That ache again, he gritted his teeth and clenched his fist.

Len hate it. No, he didn't hate Kaito, he hate himself for not be able to happy in Rin's sake. Why? Rin already had done a lot to him; she was the one to stretch her hand to him and smiled kindly. Why Len couldn't at least repay his debt, starting with feeling happy for her?

He turned to his side, gazing at Rin―who was talking about her Kaito-senpai at the moment. He lowered his gaze and took his oil, drinking it till no droplets left.



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