Title: I Want to Sing For You

Subtitle: My New Purpose

Genre: Angst, Romance, Hurt/Comfort

Rated: K+

Fandom: Vocaloid

Type: Two-shots

Disclaimer: Vocaloid © Crypton Future Media

Warning: One-sided LenXRin, KaitoXRin

A/N: Vocaloid here IS a program, but in the form of a robot. They could talk, unlike the real Vocaloid ^^ Enjoy...



"Len~" Rin called out. Len quickly approached Rin and asked, "What's wrong, Rin-san?"

Rin turned to Len from her computer and giggled, "I got new idea for our next song!"

Len smiled brightly. Yes, that's good. His purpose here was to sing for Rin, right? Then, if he couldn't greet Rin with happiness about her new boyfriend, he still could sing to make her happy, right? He still could repay his debt. Len nodded at Rin.

Rin turned to face her computer again with a smile lighted her face, "I intend to record our song into a CD and gave it to Kaito-senpai... I hope he'll like it!"

What? Len's smile faded away. So, Rin's smiling right now not because she was happy to spend her time singing with Len? So, it was about Kaito? Len bit his lips and clenched his fist. Then, that means, this smile wasn't belonged to Len? Even after Rin's home and not with Kaito, her smile still belonged to his? Was...this bond that Miku talked about before really that strong?

Rin―realizing her friend didn't said anything―turned to Len and tilted her head, "... Len?"

Len lifted his head and looked straight at Rin's blue eyes. He forced a smile on his face, "Yes, I really hope he'll like it." No, I hope he'll hate your song and leave you, Rin.

Rin's face brightened and she nodded. She jumped and hugged Len, "That's so kind of you, Len," Len could feel Rin's wide smile on his shoulder. He hugged her back while this painful smile still on. Rin pulled back and looked at Len, "I'm really happy that Kaito-senpai and I are lovers now! Y'know, I already had a crush on him since I entered high school!"

"Really? Then, that's good, Rin-san! I hope...you'll be happy with him."

Rin nodded, "I hope so too. He's a cute and good guy so, I doubt he'll cheat on me or do anything bad," she clasped her hands together and smiled brightly―a really innocent smile, so pure, just like a new-born baby's smile. Rin must be really happy right now, thought Len. He bit his lips again (and he really was grateful that he was born a Vocaloid that won't feel physical pain nor bleed), and looked at Rin's blue orbs. Why? Len had already known Rin for about 4 years, that Kaito guy only knew her about a few months. But, why did Rin chooses him? And besides, they always spent their times together, why didn't Rin fell for Len?

No... That's not the right question. It should be: how could Len―a Vocaloid―fell in love?

There were only music and singing programs installed to him, then how could he know this human's heart program? If he thought it clear headed, it's just something so impossible. But, what if someone taught him? Then, it shouldn't be too odd, right?

Rin taught him how to love. Rin showed him a family love, but Len instead learned something more than just family love. Len loves Rin as a man―not a Vocaloid. He knew these feelings were real! Maybe he should find other Vocaloid and asked them about this kind of things?

"Len?" Rin waved her hand in front of Len, she raised her eyebrow, "Are you daydreaming while I was talking about Kaito-senpai?"

"Eh? N―No! Of course not―! I heard what you said clearly, really!" Len quickly waved his hands in front of his face and shook his head. Rin was so scary when she's angry. "Oh, really? Then, tell me―what were I talking about before, Len?" she folded her hands on her chest and tapped her feet.

Len slowly looked away with a weird face (it was a combination of scared + thinking hard + a forced smile to lighten the mood!), "Uh... I forgot it, Rin-san..."

Rin smiled (not usual smile, it was...such a scary smile that I don't even want to describe), she put her hand on Len's shoulder which made Len shrieked. "But, you said that you heard them CLEARLY, Len," Rin said, increasing the volume when it reached the word 'clearly'.

"Uwaaa! S―S―Sorry, Rin-san! I promise to never ignore you again!" He clasped his hands and bowed his head.

Rin chuckled softly. "Eh?" Len raised his head and looked at Rin confused, "You're not mad?" he asked. It's strange, really strange. Kagamine Rin didn't throw him or something after being ignored? Rin shook her head, "Nope!"

Len straightened his body, and tilted his head, "Why?"

"Because I'm feeling happy today!" she grinned happily. Happy? Oh yeah, it must be because of that Kaito guy again. What a guy, he changed Rin so much with just a simple word 'love'. Did he cast some spell on her or maybe hypnotized her?

"Oh yeah! I almost forgot! We'd better make our song now, Len," Rin said. She took her seat in front of her computer and Len sat beside her then put on his headphone too. Rin began to work on with her Vocaloid program and they spent the rest of the day singing and laughing.

But, that day, Len didn't laugh as naturally as he usually did. He acted it all up. They said a Vocaloid didn't have any emotion, but Len might be a different kind of Vocaloid that had them, could it be? Then, that explained how he could act on his own all these years.


"Kaito-senpai!" Rin called out. She ran to a guy with blue long scarf around his neck. The guy called Kaito turned and threw a gentle smile. "What's wrong, Rin?" he asked while tilting his head.

Rin caught her breath for awhile when she reached Kaito and then stood straight,"I―I have something to give to you, Senpai," she took out a CD from her bag and gave it to the older guy. "This is a song that I made along with Len for you! I made the song and Len sang it. I―We hope you'll like it!" Rin's face turned crimson.

Kaito accepted her gift and smiled warmly, "Thank you, Rin. I'll be sure to listen to it when I'm home. But―" he hung his words. But?, Rin thought to herself. "Of course it will be better if you were the one to sing it."

"Eh―!" Rin shrieked. She covered her gasped mouth with both of her palms. Eyes widened in surprise and walked backwards a few steps.

"W―What's wrong, Rin?" asked Kaito as a respond to Rin's reaction after he voiced his thought. Rin shook her head quickly, "I―It's just―" she lowered her head while hands still covering her mouth. "I'm not really good in singing, that's why I bought a Vocaloid so that I still could make songs and someone to sing my songs..." she talked in a soft tone.

Kaito chuckled a little, "It's no problem... I really want to hear your voice. I'll listen to it, I promise." Rin hesitated a moment before nodding.

And near them, there was a blond boy watching them from behind a corner. He bit his lip and looked at them with a pair of gloomy eyes. He clenched his fist and then ran away after he saw Kaito closed the gap between the two faces.

He ran and ran. Ignoring the stares around him. He finally stopped under a big tree. He didn't even realize that he had reached the school park. He leaned over the tree and slid down. Stared blankly at anything in front of him. He closed his eyelids slowly and sighed. "Why can't Rin look at me? Only for a second... Only that―and I'll be happy..."


The Vocaloid rolled over a few times on his bed. His mind is filled with Rin―his user. He was musing while Rin knocked on the door, and he didn't realize it. Rin opened the door slowly, peeping at Len and whatever he was doing. She walked slowly and sat on the edge of Len's bed.

"... Len?" she called out softly.

Len snapped up from his daydream and looked at Rin, "Rin-san? You're here? Since when?" He sat up and blinked a few times at her. Rin sighed, "I entered just now. I knocked at the door but you didn't answer," she explained. She stared straight at Len's blue eyes, "What's wrong with you?"

Len averted his eyes and shook his head slowly, "N―Nothing..." he simply answered.

Rin narrowed her eyebrow and then hit the bed with both of her hands, succeeded in making Len gasped. She glared at Len, "What. Actually. Happened. To. You. Tell me, Len!" Len closed his gasped mouth and bit his lips. Should he just tell Rin how he felt? About how irritated he was with Rin's relationship?

Rin groaned and folded her hands, "Fine, if you don't want to tell me." She pouted then turned to Len again, "But―remember, Len," she began to stroke Len's hair, "―you are already like my own brother. So, I'll always be there. I'll listen to your problems too! Even if the world turned on you, I'll be by your side, Len! Because I'm your big sister!" she grinned. Even though they were nothing more than a user and a robot, Rin treated him just like her own brother. But, do you know, that sweet innocent smile that Rin put on her face was the thing that hurt Len so much?

Len wanted Rin to look at him as a man! Len wanted Rin to treat him special! Len wanted Rin to leave Kaito! Len wanted―Len wanted Rin! He wanted to monopolize her, but now―could he? The answer is: no. Who was he, to demand such things? He had no rights to do anything. And he should have been grateful that Rin even think of him as her family!

Len bit his lips, knowing that he was nothing to begin with. Knowing that it would be better if he just kept silent and hid his feelings. He jumped to Rin and hugged her tightly, "I thank you...big sister..." forcing a thin smile on his face.

Rin smiled warmly, she patted Len's head gently. When Len pulled back, she still fixed that smile on her face, "I... Since you're fine already, there's something I wanna tell you." Len tilted his head. "Kaito-senpai asked me to sing! I mean―he wanted to hear my voice. I―I think I should make another song and sang it by myself. So... You're free of work today, Len!"

Free...of work? No. Of course Len didn't want that! He wanted to sing! He wanted to sit beside Rin and sing for her, because...that's his purpose of living, right? He lived for that. Then why? Why was Kaito stealing everything from him? Everything―Rin's smile, Rin's laugh, even Len's purpose of living and Rin herself!

"Then, you can use your time to rest!" Rin stood up and intended on leaving the room. Just before Rin touched the door knob, Len rushed to her and hugged her from behind. Rin gasped, "E―Eh, Len!" Len tighten his hug, he didn't want to let go of Rin. "Don't..." Len said in a soft voice. Don't leave me alone, Rin!

"L―Len?" Rin blinked a few times.

"Don't..." Len bit his lips. He really wanted Rin to stay here and accompany him. Why couldn't Rin think of only Len when they were alone? Len didn't matter even if it was all only and act, he didn't mind at all! He bit his lips harder, don't leave me, Rin!

"Are you okay, Len?" Rin asked out of concern. Len didn't move nor said anything up until now. Was Len broken and stopped functioning? Rin knew of the answer when Len slowly loosened up his hug, hands still tugging Rin's clothes. Rin turned around to see whether Len's okay or not. Len looked up and smiled brightly,

"Don't mess up while singing, Rin! Do your best!"

Rin blushed slightly and then smiled, "Okay! I'm going to make Kaito-senpai shivered of my voice just like how you make me shiver with your voice, Len!" she waved and left the room―leaving Len alone in that small room filled with machines and cables.

The room suddenly felt so cold, dark, empty. Len fell on his knees. After all, he still didn't dare to take away Rin's smile. He knew―if he had tried to stop Rin just now, she would know of his feelings. And that would make the situation worse. Maybe he wouldn't be Rin's brother anymore.

If this was the best for Rin, then Len would take this way. He swore to himself that he will never make Rin cry. He swore that he would always make her smile―no, he would always keep Rin's smile. That's all he could do now, because Kaito was the one to make Rin smile, and Len's job here is to protect the smile lighted on Rin's face.

He would do anything to keep her smile.

Anything―even if that means to torture himself.

Even if my real purpose had been taken...

I'm still alive.

That's because,

I had been given another purpose to live.

That is―to keep the smile always lights your face.

I want you to look at me...

But, in spite of that...

I want your happiness more.

Your brother, Kagamine Len―



A/N: Finished! :D I'm so happy about this project. I dunno, I like the plot here ^^ And a sequel idea crossed my mind too. But, I dunno if I should write the sequel or not. Tell me you opinions, okay? By the way, did anyone notice Len's name at the end? It says 'Kagamine' (the same as Rin) but he is a Vocaloid! So, actually, his given name was Len. But, at the end he used Kagamine Len because he accepted his life as Rin's brother. And thus he used Rin's last name ^^ Oh, I hope you all like it! Please leave some review ^^