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Chapter 30

Loveis not written on paper, for paper can be erased. Nor is it etched on stone, for stone can be broken. But it is inscribed on a heart and there it shall remain forever.
- Author Unknown


I beamed watching Edward with all five of our children. Yes, five children. We shouldn't have been surprised that I caught after our wild night in Twilight but once Thomas was born Edward and I decided five children was more than enough so we took the necessary precautions.

Three girls and two boys, I had never needed Edward by my side more but to him it never seemed like a chore. His family was what he lived for, the reason he got up in the morning.

Edward was always so elated when we were all together. Grace had managed to get some time off from her job as journalist and even Jack had turned up. His band took up a lot of his time but clearly Hope had called and spoken to him.

"Is that a grey hair dad?" Jack sniggered at Edward. He was the image of his father now in every single way. No wonder he was following in Edward's footsteps. We had two rock Gods in the family now.

"Watch it you. You're still not too old to put on my knee," Edward teased.

"Are you and mom going to come to New York next month to watch my gig?"

"Are we love?" Edward called over at me while I was still making dinner.

"I think we could manage that." I called back.

"Do you need a hand mom?" Grace asked resting her head on my shoulder. How did my baby girl get bigger than me?

"I'm fine Gracie."

"So you and dad are finally releasing your book."

"It seems like the right time."

"I think it's great." Hope smiled resting on the kitchen counter. "Your whole lives are in that book. It's more a love story than a biography."

"Can I go and see Mandy mom?" Thomas asked sulking. He was sixteen after all, family gatherings weren't really his thing.

"Mandy?" Hope raised her eyebrow. God, she looked like me when she did that. "Is that your girlfriend?"

"No," Thomas dipped his head lower blushing.

"Tommy has a girlfriend, oh my." Grace giggled with Hope. "Bring her over. We would all love to meet her."

"Meet who," asked Jack pinching one of the cookies that were still cooling by the window.

"Tommy boy has a girlfriend." Hope beamed ruffling Thomas's hair. He was getting redder by the second.

"Come on guys," Edward scolded. "Leave the poor boy alone. Go on Tom, go and see Mandy."

"Thanks dad," Thomas was out the door in seconds.

"You three should be ashamed of yourselves," Edward tutted.

"Where is Faith anyway?" Grace asked.

"Painting in her studio," I replied. "She has an exhibition coming up."

"Really, that's amazing. Come on, let's go and see our little sis." Grace replied grabbing Jack in a head lock. "Come on pretty boy."

"Don't call me that. I'm not ten." Jack chuckled pulling out of her hold. "Hey, you messed my hair up."

"Really? I can't tell."

"Funny," Jack pushed her gently.

"God, you two give it a rest." Hope huffed. "Grace is right though, Jack. Your hair looks just like dads use to."

"Used to, what are you saying Hope." Edward pretended to look offended.

"You know what I mean." Hope blushed smirking.

"Stop looking like your mother. You know I can't say cross at you when you give me that look."

"I love you daddy." Hope teased kissing his cheek as she skipped off with Grace and Jack.

I smiled feeling Edward's arms engulf me from behind.

"Can I do anything?" He asked.

"No," I leaned back on him. "But you can stay right there." Edward chuckled moving my hair away to plant kisses down my neck. "You like having them all under one roof don't you?"

"Am I that easy to read?"

"Most of the time, yes."

"Um . . ." Edward's hands gripped my waist tighter. "You smell so amazing. Is that the new perfume I bought you?"

"Edward, I'm trying to do the dinner and the children might walk in at any moment and they are old enough to know what you are trying to do."

"And what's that, love?" I could feel Edward smirk against my neck as he hands began to creep into the top of my sundress.

"Stop it," I hit his hand away before I started to pant. Our desire for each other never did fade.

"You're no fun."

"You are unbelievable." I muttered as the kids came back.

"Mom, can you tell them. I need to paint." Faith pouted, her brown eyes looked annoyed.

"How often do you get to see all your brother and sisters altogether?"

"Where is Tom then?" Faith questioned looking around.

"At his girlfriends," Jack replied going for another cookie. I wanted to tell him it would ruin his tea but Jack was a big boy now, in so many ways.

"You fu . .buggers." Edward looked at Faith just before she was about to swear. "Call me when dinner is ready. Then I can spend time with my whole family." Faith smirked rushing off.

"She is turning into a real smart ass isn't she?" Hope replied once Faith had gone.

"She sure is." I beamed. Our family couldn't have been any more perfect.


Edward and I were so overwhelmed by the success of our book when it was finally released. The book consisted of the bio Edward and I had written on his last ever world tour and our love in great detail, all the good and bad times. It seemed only right the world knew just what we meant to each other and there was no better time than now. The title was called 'Forever'. As soon as it hit the shelves it became a best seller.

I didn't have to fear many of his insane fans. Edward now worked on producing and writing music for new and upcoming bands. Jack's band, 'Midnight sun' being the first. Edward's Rock God status would always be legendary but finally I had him mostly to myself.


"Excuse me," A rude blond called pushing me out the way. I was just about to take my seat for the awards ceremony. I looked at my watch. Edward was late.

"No need to push." I muttered as she sat next to me.

"Sorry I'm late love." Edward charged in straightening his tux.

"Where have you been?"

"Traffic was a nightmare when I left the studio. I'm sorry."

"You're here now." I smiled kissing his lips. "That's all that matters. You look very handsome."

"I could . . ." Edward was interrupted by the blonde next to me.

" .God. Your Bella and Edward Cullen." The annoying blonde screeched with her mouth open wide looking at Edward. "This is an honour. Your book 'Forever'. It made me weep for days. I love you too Edward. God, I saw you on your last world tour . . .so hot." Still his fucking groupies were everywhere. "Good luck tonight Bella. I think you will win anyway."

"Thanks." I chuckled looking at Edward.

"What I was going to say before I was so rudely interrupted." Edward whispered in my ear. "Is that you look breath-taking tonight Mrs Cullen."

"I know you love me in red." I smiled kissing him one last time before the awards started.

Edward held my hand tight until my name was called out as the overall winner of the night. I froze in my seat. I hated public speaking but I knew I had things to say, things that I wanted Edward to hear. So with one last kiss from his sweet lips I squared my shoulders and walked up onto the stage.

"I'm really speechless," I gasped holding my award searching the crowd for Edward. He wasn't difficult to see. He was stood up still clapping for me. "I always get asked if any of this story was fabricated and well, I can assure you all it's not. The love inside this book is real. I never thought I would get the chance to share with the world just how amazing my husband is. I think myself lucky that I was his destiny and that Edward had the strength to love someone like me because I knew in the beginning, I wasn't easy to love. But love will always find a way. If you take anything from this book please remember to open your eyes to love. It really does change you for the better. I'm living proof." I smiled out at the crowd noticing Edward was still stood up looking at me as if I was the goddess of his dreams, which I knew I was. "So I thank you for this award and I will take it as I go and live in my forever with my husband." I descended the stairs to a round of applause and found Edward waiting for me at the bottom.

"Bella, that was." Edward was lost for words as I fell into his arms.

"And you thought I couldn't do public speaking." I teased before his lips crashed against mine. Fuck, yeah, Edward liked my speech.

As soon as we were in the hotel bedroom Edward pounced. He had been itching to get me alone since my award. His hands had been all over me in the back of the limo.

"Edward," I moaned. "Slow down."

"I can't." Edward snarled pulling the back of my dress undone. "You've done it again. Will you ever stop driving me crazy?"

"W . .What did I do?" I stuttered as the dress fell down my body.

"Made me love you even more," Edward smirked lifting me up into his arms to carry me to our bed. "And now I am going to show you just what a forever with me will feel like." I was a wet mess by the time Edward lowered me onto the bed. "I will love you forever Bella. You know that don't you?"

"I do," I smiled lifting up to kiss his ready waiting lips. "Because it's exactly how I feel about you." Edward lost control of his emotion crashing his lips against mine. I took it gladly, if this was what forever felt like I would take it.

In those moments I breathed in deeply knowing this was it. My life had always been fated for Edward. We had many more happy years to enjoy, our children growing, having families of their own. Edward and I growing old together, knowing as each year passed we would love one another more. I was so blissfully happy that I could hardly control my groans of pure ecstasy as Edward began to push me into my own personal heaven. I let my body go, enjoying the magic of his fingers and as Edward whispered in my ear, a single tear fell down my face. He felt this too. He knew what lay ahead for us and I closed my eyes and asked him to say it one last time before my body became overtaken by desire.

"Our love is forever Bella." Edward whispered so softly that my whole body shuddered into his touch and we both lost ourselves in our love knowing his words were true.

The End

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