You were given this life because you were strong enough to live it - unknown

for Katalina.

from Bella.

"You awake?" I whispered. I kissed, peppering and dusting over my favorite tanned, toned shoulders. I wondered too far, worried too much. Late night, early morning, Southern sounds, unfamiliar bugs and birds always waking, leaving me anxious. "Edward… hey…" Hands drifted, gently over his bare stomach, a little lower, I breathed. The quiet hours found me floating somewhere between excitement and fear. "Love you…"

"Hmmm…" He stirred, stretching. I nuzzled behind, molding, fingertips tracing.

"I can't sleep," I mouthed over warm skin. "Talk to me."

"Okay…" He reached, angling to hold, reassure. Lips to my temple, my cheek, tucking deeper into our pillows. "What's wrong?"

"Nothing. Everything." Turning, shifting beneath cool sheets, he swept wild, overnight waves away from my face and stared.

"The baby?"

"A little… I guess…" I shrugged slight, he sighed.

"Come here." He pulled me over him, we struggled smiling, the moon easy and full, filtering through second hand sheers.

He worked up and under the worn cotton covering my belly... our baby. His fingers gently skimmed stretched skin, pushing the fabric up. He teased under and along my breasts, as I tugged the shirt up and over. My nipples hardened as I grasped his tired, calloused hands, squeezing tighter and begging for more.

I whimpered as hips rocked against and his hard length teased.

"Is that good, baby?"

"Yeah... "

He righted and leaned back slightly, pillows propped along the headboard as I moved languid, loving. His hands roamed still over my skin as his eyes roamed my body.

"Quit staring at me like that."

"Shut up, I'm admiring the view." His tongue trailed over his bottom lip, I nipped it gently.

Cupping my cheeks, slow thumbs traced my cheekbones as his tongue slid into my mouth. The kiss sensual, always, then deepened desperate. We pulled, breathing heavy, his nose slid over and down my jaw, my neck. Warm breath soothing trembling skin. I tangled my hands into his hair, needy, closer but frustrated at the impending distance between.

I lifted to my knees over him as he gripped his cock, the tip teasing. I slowly lowered, as his head fell, rested at my chest, a hiss and hot mouth peppered grateful.

"Fuck, you feel so damn good."

I rocked, rotating and adjusting to the fullness as Edward let me set the pace.

I rode him slow, lifting myself just enough to grind against with each movement. His hands roamed my body, teasing my nipples, skimming over my ribs and settling at my hips, fingers digging into my ass, pulling me tighter back against him with each movement I made. I braced myself against his shoulders, as my clit dragged against him I felt my body and muscles tightening as my movements grew fevered. His thumb slid around my body, finding my clit... one touch, I exploded. My nails digging into his skin as my moans filled the room.

His fingers found my hips again, pressing hard as he held me in place and thrust against me. I watched as he reached his peak, his face awash in pleasure.

"Better?" he wondered, breathing slowed. I nodded my bliss, watching the shifting shadows across the popcorn dotted ceiling waiting for my heart to rest.

"Thank you for the diversion." I offered a wrinkled nose smile, wide eyes, turning towards. He slowly stroked down my cheek, over my mouth, I trapped his thumb in playful gnashing teeth. "I know I'm huge and heavy and ridiculous like that… on top." Grabbing his strong hands to cover, I hid, shaking silly.

"You're perfect. I'd like to keep you like this." He gripped my hip, rolling it closer, trailing up.

"Bullshit. I know you watch those hot ball dancer girls… seventh inning stretch hussy whatevers all nice and up close…" I pursed lips, winking.

"Shut up."

"You do. I know you do." I pulled him tight, close, biting the silver disk charm around his neck to tease.

"No, I mean shut up, those girls take our balls serious." He pinched, then smoothed down, around my ass.

"That's harassment, dirty pitcher boy. You go on and dream about their tight white shorts while I get some juice." I shoved, shaking my head in mock disgust.

"You're the one who called them hussies!" A pillow hit my head as I hurried, still bare.

"I'm just pathetically jealous of their youth and size, Edward. I can't help it. Plus they get to be near you when you're the sexiest."

"Oh yeah? When's that?" he shouted. I returned, sipping, climbing carefully back onto the bed.

"Sweaty. Hot. Rotating these." I ran soft fingertips over and down. He nestled back as I settled over again, offering the glass of sloshing orange juice.

"I've never dreamed about any other hot hussy in my life. You're plenty and more." He smirked, caressing, hands splayed over my thighs. "And… I know what you're doing."


"Trying to get him moving."

"I'm thirsty, it that alright?"

"Worrying isn't good for you or him. So stop."

"I will," I mouthed a sarcastic promise. Falling near, I emptied the glass and smacked my lips.

"Liar." He propped, pausing to sigh. Pinching my chin tight, he leaned to kiss. "He's fine."

"Promise?" Honest darkness would overcome quick and fierce. It surprised me in random moments. An irrational sensation of imminent doom…

"Promise." Another kiss, deeper than the last… "We can do this." I wanted to drown in his resilience and belief.

"I know," I whispered against his hovering, open, gentle mouth.

"I'm here, baby…"


"He's seriously the cutest baby boy I've ever seen," she shouted over the swell of lady lunch nonsense. In my fresh baby moon daze, I couldn't place her face with a name or player husband, I quietly beamed gracious. "We all just love Edward. I'm so happy that you could finally come out to the ballpark too, Bella."

"Yeah, sorry to be so distant. I'm not really a joiner and I've been in nursing school and…"

"Oh sweet God look at that face. He's the most gorgeous thing." Helmets of blond and blonder approached, cooed and doted. Sammy slept peaceful, used to an ESPN blare of commentary, the stir of Southern twang, high and happy rang the same. I peeked beyond the dark green peeling steel edge of the box and stand, searching for my grounding. A flash in bright white and sunshine, he spun in speed and heat. Edward. I need you.

"Bless. I just miss that feeling of the first. We've got four now. But I won't forget those sweet nights we spent just simply amazed by the first. Savor it, honey." An older, attractive woman sat close, peacefully taking us in. A coach's wife, I wondered. First… it rolled on a loop through my mind, my heart. I released the fist of pale blue sundress I squeezed. Shifting the baby, snuggling him against, I rubbed my cheek along his.

"Our first baby died… Riley." It was done. Clarity and truth… I crossed the void. Sammy squirmed, tiny bare toes dug along my tender breast. Then her face, I watched it absorb. I felt it too. I traveled the conclusion with her as she processed.

"I'm sorry. I can't begin to imagine…"

"No, it's okay. But thank you…" Thank you for letting me speak. For letting me be… "I think I've needed to say that." I smiled, eyes damp. An odd and beautiful moment of catharsis, of understanding passed between this lovely stranger and myself. A subtle shift within, I squared slightly taller, breathing the baby in deeper.


"Oh hey, Mrs. Cullen. I'm done with him." The team doctor held the locker room door wide. "He's the only one left. Go on ahead in… I won't tell." A kind, sun wrinkled wink assured. I snuck down the benched rows, whistling, bouncing Sammy light in the plaid pouch over my chest.


"Hey. Look at you two." His smile lit his tired eyes. His bare chest glistened, the edge of his shorts low and damp. He reached desperately for the baby, taking him quickly from the carrier. Three kisses from Sammy's forehead to his nose, he giggled wide eyed in reaction. "Come here…" he whispered, seeking a soft kiss from me, then more. He rubbed along my jaw, cradling Sammy one armed, close. "I'm sweaty." We smirked against open, silly mouths. I bit easy at his bottom lip, whimpering to flirt. "You like it… huh?"

"I do. I do…" I wrapped, needing, finding our courage and light again. "I missed you." We sat, he straddled the worn, scratched metal bench, staring endless.

"I wasn't far. Could you watch a bit?"

"Yeah. Yeah. I did. You looked good. How is it?" He reactively flinched, rolling his neck towards the years old damage.

"Not too bad. Doc worked it out some just now. But this guy… He makes it all worth it." He dragged his nose along Sammy's. Spastic, excited feet and hands flailed, tangling in Edward's chain and charm.

"I should nurse him before we head home."

"Sure…" A hand off, a nuzzle, Edward tugged me to sit in his lap as I nourished our baby. He kissed tender along my neck, cozy, holding us steady. "I love you."

"I know. How could you not?"

"I swear… you…" He nibbled, we laughed easy, pure and healing. The best...


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