Prelude: Mission Complete -- prelude to The Island of Galleno (Only a man who has felt ultimate despair is capable of feeling ultimate bliss.)

by Isabelle

Rating: R (for cursing, mild nudity, adult situations and violence)

Disclaimers: BTVS belong to Joss Whedon, ME, and UPN they are being used for entertainment, I don't own them. The Count of Monte Cristo belongs to Alexandre Dumas -- Spike's journey was taken from the idea of the book and is used in the skeleton of the Series.

Summary: The moment that Spike finally has Buffy he is vamp-napped by Riley and a new officer, Jack Marshall and sent to the Island of Galleno off the Moroccan coast where all the leftovers of the Initiative are being placed. Buffy frantically looks for Spike but gets news that he was 'accidentally killed' by Jack, who decides to make Sunnydale his residence. The whole thing is Spike trying to get back to Sunnydale and Buffy thinking he's dead. It's filled with exotic places, tons of Original Characters, mysticism, enchantment, magic and love. It takes him years to find out who he is before he can find the one he loves.

Spoilers: Set after Normal Again, Season 6


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A/N: I need adventure so here it is. This is an angsty story. But like Joss said once, trust the story not the storyteller. This is B/S fiction, I write nor read any other. I decided on the no sex rule since we have plenty of Smut to cover the sex part *g*


White was the color of the table that held the black suitcases that hosted the men who started the conversation.

"Where has he been spotted?" The commander asked his assistant.

"He's still in Sunnydale, sir. The Slayer is still protecting him," the oriental officer told his senior and handed him the newest files.

The commander looked over them, reading in between the lines, looking over the photos and snorting at the love-fest the vampire and the Slayer were caught in.

"Disturbing," he said. He looked up and threw a picture of the lone vampire on top of the table. "He'll be an excellent candidate." He stared at his other officer whose face was stone cold. "Agent Finn, were you not instructed to dispose of the hostile a few weeks ago?"

Riley Finn clenched his jaw and met his superior's eyes. "The Slayer said she would dispose of him, sir. I took her word."

The commander eyed the pictures of the vampire and the Slayer in different sexual positions. "She took care of him all right."

Some of the agents chuckled. "Did you know she was having relations with the creature?"

Riley fisted his hands to calm himself. "Yes, sir I did."

"So you failed, Agent Finn, did you not?"

Riley took a deep breath and nodded. "Yes, sir I did."

The commander smiled and closed the files, handing them back to his assistant. "Then I suppose you'll make it right, won't you, Agent?"

"Yes, sir."


"Yes sir."

"No mess-ups this time. Right?"

Riley nodded. "Consider it mission accomplished."


He was about five foot eleven with light brown hair, square jaw and a soldier's body. Scored perfects in all physical, weapons, and combat tests. His father went to West Point and so did he, he was the government's pride and joy.

Loyal to the cause above all else.

He walked up to his commanding officer, and saluted.

"Agent Marshall reporting for duty, sir."

Riley looked up at the soldier before him and saluted in return. "At ease, Soldier."

Marshal relaxed.

"I've been briefed this morning by General Polis, the mission must not fail." Riley paused and looked at him. "Any questions?"

"No questions, sir."

"Good. We leave at sixteen hundred hours for the little town of Sunnydale, California. It's Hostile 17's long awaited day."


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