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He stroked her neck and she backed away a little more. In a flash, he was behind her, pulling her against him and licking her neck. She started breathing hysterically and he grazed her pale flesh gingerly with the soft part of his fangs. She tugged at his arms, already aware of the fact that she was weaker than him, and kicked his leg as hard as she could with the point of her heel.

"Oh come on," he purred, "you're asking for it, wearing that flimsy little V-neck... I can see the vein throbbing in your neck... you want it, don't you?"

"No! Please, no, don't!"

"It won't hurt.. it'll be over before you know it."

"I don't want to be a vampire!"

"Then why did you come to this school?"

"B-because th-they said you were safe; that you wouln't harm us!"

"Is it for our charming looks, perhaps?" His voice was raspy like he would die if he didn't get any of her blood within the minute. And yet, he appeared to be calm and cool. His expression was smoothe and his bright, luminous blue eyes caught her in a trapped gaze.

"No, i-it's just that this school is the best school there is in Japan and I-I wanted to become a doctor and-"

He knew she was rambling on out of fear and he was no longer interested in her desires or ambitions.

"A doctor, eh? Then.." he spun her around to make her face him, "you must know all about the human body and.. what flows through it."

"Pl-please!" she begged.

"You'll enjoy this, I promise."

She shrieked as he pierced her flesh with his sharp little fangs and feasted off her. As he had said, she was starting to enjoy it and she moaned as he sucked her blood and allowed it to fill his mouth with glee. When he released her, she dropped to the ground and he simply wiped his mouth with the back of his hand.

"Ah.." he sighed, content. "What are you, B plus?"

She nodded shakily, body quivering as she tried to stand, but was too light-headed and hadn't the strength to. "A-a-aren't you going t-to..?"

"What? Turn you into a vampire? Why should I?"

"B-but I-"

"I thought you didn't want to become a vampire."

"B-but I-I'll die-"

"You won't. I've left you with enough blood to stay alive. And besides, I've got healing powers. Nobody I bite will die unless I suck all the blood out of them. You're lucky you had me. If any of the others got you, you would've been dead or a vampire by now."

"Th-thank you?"

"No problemo."

With a sigh, he swung his backpack over his shoulder and leaped up the building with only his feet, crawling through an open window and disappearing out of sight.

He took a deep breath and spotted Chouji at his locker, sucking at the straw he'd pushed through a plasma-pack.

"Okay, that is just disgusting."

"Huh? Naruto?"


"Hey! You got someone!"


"I can smell it! Where is she? Is she still alive?"

"Why couldn't it be a 'he'?"

"Cos you're not like that. You think girls have sweeter blood. You're a sweet-tooth, Naruto. Now tell me, where is she?"

"Get your own damn victim. I didn't do anything."

"Ooh, Tsunade's gonna get you for this one!"

Naruto punched his shoulder playfully and smirked. "Why would she find out?" he asked as he strolled away briskly.

"Ah! So you admit it!" Chouji looked down at his plasma-pack, realizing it was already empty, and tossed it underneath Shino's locker.

"You're late, Uzumaki."

"I'm sorry, sensei, I had some trouble getting to school."

"Fine. Whatever. Sit."

"Yes, sensei."

Uchiha Itachi continued his lesson and Naruto took his seat by the window, next to Sasuke.

"Where've you been, dobe?" Sasuke whispered, turning from his mentor at the front to his friend. The raven's eyes suddenly spread open wide when he saw the glimmering droplet of blood on the blonde's lower lip. "You... You got someone!"

"Shht! Keep it down, jerktard." Naruto smiled as he continued, "B plus. Delicious, I tell you."

Sasuke was about to reply, but Itachi interrupted him.

"You two in the back! Shut up."

"Yes, sensei!" the two said in chorus.

Sasuke turned back to Naruto and continued in a more hushed tone of voice, "Where? When? You're gonna get into serious trouble, you know that?"

"Trouble? What for? She's still alive."

"I said, SHUT UP."

"Sorry, sensei!"

Sasuke and Naruto both looked down at their desks until Sasuke kicked him and whispered in a menacing tone, "You idiot, you're gonna get expelled."

"Not if I don't get caught."

"Okay! Uchiha and Uzumaki, detention for a week."


Sasuke kicked the blonde again and Naruto yelped.

"I mean, sorry, sensei."

Itachi smirked ever-so-lightly and went on with the lesson.

~*~*~*~ During Lunch ~*~*~*~


"Hm?" Naruto looked up, only to come eye to eye with his mentor, Hatake Kakashi.

"Tsunade-sama wishes to see you."


"Get moving."

"Yes, sir."

As the two of them walked through the halls, Kakashi scanned the area to see if there was anyone around before pushing the blonde against a row of lockers, causing a whole lot of noise. Naruto merely chuckled though, looking up curiously.

"What appears to be the problem, sir?"

"You know what the problem is," Kakashi hissed.

"Oh yes?"

"If you can't control your hunger, we don't need you at this academy."

"Is it such a problem, then? I mean; she's alive and well. She'll be back to studying in an hour or so."

"She is scarred for life and prepared to scar the reputation of this school, as well."

"How was I to know such a thi-" but his mentor had already pulled him back by his T-shirt and shoved him against the lockers once more.

"If you insistantly couldn't control your need anymore," the man growled in a lower tone of voice, "you could have come to me."

There was silence for a while, until, "You know I don't like male blood."

"This isn't a matter of taste! Blood is blood and if that is what you are craving for, then go for it. Just do it with the right people. You all got blood pills, why are you not taking those?"

"My body can not endure them at times. It depends on how strong my body is. And you know what makes it stronger."

"You could have asked Chouji for a plasma pack."

Naruto pulled a disgusted face.

"You could have done a million other things besides biting a human girl!"

Naruto huffed. "Look, can we just go to Tsunade-sama's office to get it over with? I'd really like to get this talk off my back."

"Oh it isn't just a talk, Naruto. I doubt you'll be coming back to this school at all."

The teen was silent, but persisted upon going to speak to the bleach-blonde principal.

Tsunade slammed her fist on her desk, causing a huge crack to burst the middle of it. If she had wanted it to, she could have made the whole table crumble to pieces, but it wasn't exactly in the school-budget to go buy polished desks for the fun of it.

"You idiot!" she jammed out through clenched teeth. "How could you do something so stupid? What are you, retarded?"

"I'm sorry, Tsunade-sama." Naruto replied with his arms crossed behind his back and his feet a little apart as though he were a soldier.

"Yes, well, sorry isn't going to get my reputation back, is it? Do you have any idea what the consequences of your actions are? For years we have been able to keep up our clean name and now you've destroyed all the hard work of my predecessors! Do you even have the slightest idea how many vampires have bitten a human in this school before?"

".. Very little, m'am?"

"NONE!" Tsunade boomed. "None! Not one vampire has succeeded to soil the name of Rouku Nintai Shouri (Hardship Endurance Triumph) High! And you -" she took a while to contain all her anger in her fist. "You are the retard that screwed us all over! I don't know whether to kill you or just expell you!"

Naruto didn't shriek or anything. "Do whatever you think is best, Tsunade-sama."

The bleach-blonde female smirked, throwing her fist against the wall behind her, causing a huge crack to spread all the way to the ceiling. "I will do exactly that. You are going to stay in this school-"

Naruto let out a big sigh, but her sentence wasn't over yet,

"-and you will donate your own blood to the school's laboratory, to help fill up plasma-packs."

"What? But, Tsunade-sama, if I lose that much blood, I'll-" but his mentor had kicked him in the face, which resulted in the blonde smacking right into the wall, but Kakashi didn't care in the slightest.

"Thank you, Tsunade-sama," he said, bowing to the lady, before heading over to his charge and dragging him away by the collar of his black-white-red school uniform.

The vampire lounge was filled with sofa's, occupied by those who enjoyed to feast on each-other in the dim lights of the fiery neon-displays on the walls. It had been the idea of the two female class-counselors, Ino and Sakura, to create a vampire lounge. After a lot of begging and persuasion ( of which plenty had been the hard evidence that vampires long for blood more during school-hours , being surrounded by a bunch of humans ), they had gotten what they wanted. And the decoration? That was female fun.

Sasuke, Shikamaru, Chouji, Shino, Gaara and Sai, had been sitting on the sofa's in the corner of the lounge, unaccompanied by the female vampires who were basically throwing themselves at each-and-every vampire in the room.

Kakashi nearly tripped over Kiba and Hinata who were laying on the floor, drinking from each-other's necks as though their lives depended on it. (Which they did, if you thought about it.)

"You're damn-ass lucky," the teen's mentor lectured the blonde, before dropping him next to Sasuke and leaving the vampire lounge with some quick words of, "Keep it safe, kiddies."

Naruto's friends all turned to him as he sat up straight, groaning as he cracked his neck.

"And?" Shikamaru asked.

"And what?"

"Oh come on, Naruto," Chouji said, "you know what we want to know."

"Are you expelled or not?" Sasuke demanded.


"But?" the raven prodded him on.

"But I've got to help out with filling the plasma-packs."

"Wow, you got off the hook easily," Chouji smiled, popping a couple of blood-pills in his mouth. Before Chouji became a vampire, he was chubby. Now he was as lean as all the rest, being it so that he craved for blood more than junk-food.

"No," Shikamaru replied. "That can't be it. There's got to be a catch. They wouldn't want Naruto to help out with filling the plasma-packs; he's too clumsy for that. They want iyour/i blood, don't they? They will be helping iyou/i to fill the plasma-packs; not other way around."

"You know, Shikamaru, you are way too smart for your own good," Naruto chuckled, standing up when he heard the bell for the start of the second half of school.

"Hn," was Shikamaru's only response, though.

When Naruto and Sasuke headed to class together, the raven was staring at him intently, which was annoying Naruto thoroughly.

"Okay, seriously, I know I'm attractive, but could you quit staring?"

"You're gonna break if you donate blood to those guys."

"Yes, well, there isn't much to be done now, is there? I can consider myself lucky I can stay in this school."

"Naruto, we all know that when you're hungry, you're weak. When you're weak, your body can't handle the blood pills. If they suck too much blood out of you, they'll k-"

"Worries for later, Sasuke." And the blonde waved the raven off as a sign that he didn't want to hear it anymore. Sasuke complied and the two of them started annoying each other and poking each other on their way to Maths.

Kurenai-sensei was, obviously, a vampire. Of all the teachers, she was the one that stood out the most as a vampire. It was probably her eyes that gave it away. She had been born a vampire, so she couldn't do anything about it. And being it so that her natural eye colour was red, the glow in her eyes was so intent that her eyes appeared to have the colour of blood.

The only thing different about vampires' eyes, is that their eyes seem to be glowing when it's dark. The colour itself stands out more, as well, and when they lose themselves and to berserk, the whites of their eyes turn black. Once that happens, the vampire cannot be stopped, nor can it stop itself and lives will, inevitably, be lost.

"Inuzuka, four. You'd better study hard for the next test." She glared at Kiba for just a moment, too short for humans to notice, but long enough for the vampires to see.

Naruto gniffled. Kiba was Kurenai's charge, along with Hinata and Shino.

"Uzumaki, three."

Naruto abruptly stopped and noted his grade in his agenda, only 'correctly'. Basically, he noted it as a seven, because he believed it was only fair.

It was an unwritten rule that vampires without parents would have to show their grades to their mentors. And Kakashi sure as hell wasn't gonna be happy with his grades at all if he found out. It made Naruto wish he had Shikamaru's mentor, Asuma. That man was unstoppable when it came to being stoic and uncaring. Kind of like Shikamaru. Only Shikamaru was kinder and less obvious when it came to not giving a shit at all. At least he was able to state it politely.

Naruto's only occupation during Maths was throwing tiny pieces of paper at Kiba, who threw them back just as hard, if not harder. Kurenai had caught it with her eyes, but didn't say anything, out of fear that the students just might give up all hope on learning together with vampires, because they were just too dangerous. None of the humans were able to see the tiny bits of paper, and it would only scare the shit out of them if they knew what was going on without their knowledge.

And nobody dared to wreck the name of this prestiguous school... except Naruto, of course.

Biology was Naruto's last period of the day and he wasn't looking forward to the teachings of his mentor at all. It was the only class in which the blonde really had to pay attention if he didn't want any of his mates thinking he was slacking off cos his mentor was his teacher, and he also knew that Kakashi wouldn't believe he was trying his hardest at understanding Biology if he didn't put in an effort.

It wasn't true, of course. But he loved to play offended whenever the silverhaired vampire accused him of being lazy and unmotivated.

And it sure wasn't fun to have to learn about the human body and the cells that it contained when under the pressure of not-biting anyone. Even with Kakashi's back to him, he could feel the killer intent radiating from the man's body whenever he so much as ilooked/i at the beautiful, soft neck of the girl in front of him.

~*~*~ After class ~*~*~

Naruto wiped his forehead with the back of his hand as he and Sasuke exited the classroom.

"Izumi-san?" Sasuke asked.

"She has the most exquisite smell in the whole world. I swear, if blood could smell like flowers, then hers does."

"Get a hold of yourself, mosquito-boy. You could suck a whole collony dry."

"Are you telling me uyou/u couldn't? You're a famous Uchiha. You could drink up a herd of cows if you wanted to."

"But I control the strength of restraining my lusts. If only you were born an Uchiha, then perhaps you might understand."

"Psh, are you telling me Itachi can control himself when the two of you are alone?"

Sasuke pushed the blonde roughly, yet still playfully. "You know that's a whole different matter. The only blood that could satisfy an Uchiha is the blood of another Uchiha."

"Still, he's your ibrother/i, dude. I couldn't imagine having a family-member as my mentor."

"Well, he is, whether I want him to be or not. It isn't my fault he wanted to become a teacher. Speaking of mentors, yours is standing at the stairway."

Naruto turned around to look at the man all the way at the end of the hall. "So?"

"So why do you think he's there? He's waiting for you, of course."

"Shit! The plasma-packs. He's probably making sure I actually go to the lab."

"So are you?"

"'Course not."

"Now I know you," Sasuke grinned. "Tell him you're going to help me find my jacket first. They always buy that one."

"But if we head to the vampire dorms, he'll just come find me there. Fuck, fuck, fuck."

"You could always hide in your locker all night long, like last time."

"Har, har, very funny." Naruto rolled his eyes. His blood started to boil and rush through his body, though, when his mentor walked over to him.

"Sasukeeeee," he whined, expecting the raven to come up with an idea for him.

"You gonna stand there and piss your pants or are we gonna get to the lab already?" Kakashi asked the blonde, standing in front of him in a flash.

"Hatake-sensei, do you think I could bring Naruto to the lab?"

"Like I don't know you two. C'mon, Naruto. You're not running away from this." He grabbed the blonde by his tie and dragged him along, only sparing him enough oxygen to turn around and hiss at the raven, "Great going, Sasuke, that was ingenius!" sarcastically.

They called the vampire dorms moon dorms, because it sounded nicer. Female vampires slept in the East wing, while Male vampires slept in the West one. The dorms were in the back of the school. If you wanted to get to them, you had to cross the Garden of Hope. Another pretty name for something extremely dull and grey. Apparently, it had been full of life, once. Long ago.

Naruto leaned all his weight on his mentor as the older male guided him to the back building, crossing the stoney path in the Garden zigg-zaggily. Eventually, Naruto slung his arm off his mentor's shoulder and dropped to the ground, taking deep breaths as he held his waist, trying to contain himself.

Kakashi kneeled down before the blonde and bit his wrist through his mask. His fangs had created two little holes in the black fabric, but they were so tiny you could barely see them.

Naruto's mind raced and he wanted to grab his mentor's arm and drink all the blood it contained, but he knew well enough that you couldn't disrespect an older vampire like that. His feet started to kick and it took both his arms now to hold himself back. He turned his head away and shut his eyes, but his nostrils had caught on to the scent of his mentor's sweet blood and he couldn't help but whine like a puppy in longing.

The silverhaired vampire held his wrist out to the blonde and nodded his head in praise, almost as if to congratulate him for restraining himself so well in such a weak state. When a mentor nodds his/her head, it is usually their way of telling their charge they are permitted to drink, only because they were respectful and waited obediently.

Naruto grabbed the vampire's arm with both hands and feasted off his blood happily, head in the clouds like a child who had gotten fifty dollars in a toy-store. He ravaged off his mentor's cells and took them up in his own body, claiming them as his. Not once had any vampire thought about illnesses that came with taking up another's blood, because they are too strong to get sick.

But not only that; for a vampire to become a mentor, he or she must be an extremely strong and accomplished vampire. And those who are able to get that far must be utterly healthy and immune to all sicknesses.

And Naruto had drunk Kakashi's blood before. He knew his mentor was healthy as a horse.

The older vampire held up his other hand as a sign that the blonde had to stop and Naruto, finding it as hard as ever, braced himself as he pulled his fangs out of his mentor's arm. He had not been satisfied with so little blood, even if he had created two additional holes to suck from. Naruto barely ever was satisfied. But that was just because he was a pureblood. A pureblood vampire without parents to drink from.

Still, he felt stronger and more capable to get by alone again.

"Can you find your way to the West Wing by yourself?"

"Yes sir."

"Alright, I'll leave you to it." And with that, the more accomplished vampire headed for the mentors' dorms in the South wing.

Naruto took a deep breath before continuing on his way again.

His mates had all been asleep already when he entered his room. Ever wing consisted of ten rooms; with space for eight people in every room. It was highly prohibited and against the rules for a male vampire to go to a female vampire's room at night and they were not allowed out of their rooms after ten p.m.

It wasn't true that vampires die in the sun. They only get weaker. This was something that Tsunade had taken advantage of when she created the school, and she had made it so that all vampires must attend class during the day instead of at night, because they are weaker and less able to cause much damage. This only served to be brutally annoying, though, because most vampires are therefore extremely tired at the end of the day and sleep all through the night, when they should be awake.

Naruto didn't mind, but his friends did, because when they went home for the holidays, their whole sleeping-pattern was off. Most of his mates slept through New Year's eve, when their parents and youngest siblings went to celebrate at a banquet.

Naruto himself, had never been invited to such a banquet, but he attended them sometimes. Just for the fun of it, you know. Humans with the most delicious blood were present at these 'parties' and the wine was mixed with blood, causing vampires to not only be satisfied, but also woozy.

The blonde crawled into bed tiredly, his mentor's blood still rushing through his veins, keeping him awake. He hated this. He was tired like hell and he couldn't fall asleep. All he could think of was Kakashi's wrist as he planted his lips on it and pierced it with his fangs. He relived the moment and felt shivers all over his body.

He wanted, nay, ineeded/i more.