Chapter 1 - 24 hours Intro

My first official fanfiction

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How things had changed in the space of a day, 24 hours ago she had come to the terms with her fate, 24 hours ago she was facing death by lethal injection for a crime she wished she could take back. It was true she hadn't had the best start in life...she once had a wonderful foster mother sure but that was over shadowed by her abusive foster father and when her foster mother died things had taken a sinister turn but that was her past. Her past that had led her to this ill fate.

24 hours ago she took in a deep breath and sighed as the door to her cell opened and five guards had came to escort her out..."this is it" she thought "my final moments...are in this place surrounded by strangers" she said looking down the grim corridor fighting back the tears that tried to escape her misty eyes.

"STOP!" shouted a man with a deep smokey voice from behind the gates at the other end of the corridor

The guards ignored the voice and carried on

"YOU HEARD THE MAN...I COMMAND YOU TO STOP AND BRING THE GIRL TO MY OFFICE AT ONCE!" said an older man who was now stood at the gate

"But sir, she's..."" he was cut off

"I don't care, you do as i say...i'm in charge here and i said bring her to my office at once...don't make me say it again!"

End of flash back

She woke up in a room just a little bit bigger than her previous cell room

"where in the hell am i?" she said looking around the room then she suddenly noticed him, she hadn't seen him before. He certainly wasn't the guy with the Smokey voice that was for sure...he was much older.

"Welcome to Division Nikita" The man Smiled

" in the hell are you?" she said trying to take everything in

"My names Percy, all will be explained in due time, all you need to know for now is that you've been giving a second chance at a new life"

"Why me?"

he didn't answer he just smiled...she couldn't put her finger on it but something in her gut felt wasn't a pleasant smile thats for sure

" This is usually Michael's job but he's been delayed on an important mission...he'll be here tomorrow morning to brief you and the other recruits...try get some rest've had an eventful 24 hours" He smiled once again before making a sharp exit.

She did as he said and lay back down on her bed in deep thought...tomorrow she would start her new life in Division...but what type of life?