Chapter Eleven


When I was younger, I was always excited when Phil would take me to work with him. Walking around, making his rounds with him and seeing all the sickly people had somehow gave me pleasure. Driving around in the cruiser with Charlie did not give me the same feelings. I felt dirty and a bit ashamed of myself. Is that what all non-cops are suppose to feel like when they're forced against their will in to a black and white car with bars separating the front and back seats? Well, unless you were some kind of sociopath. Those mother fuckers can slit a throat, dump a body in to an ocean and then go and get takeout for their family.

Alright, no more SHOWTIME for me. Why is Dexter so addicting?

Anyway, I'm off track. The whole point of my little spiel was that I'm stuck in the Police Cruiser with Charlie who decided he was going to drive me to school from now on. Not that I really blame him for making this decision. I mean, I did kind of runaway and didn't come for several days. But still, the cruiser? Someone please just strap me down naked to a table covered in plastic wrap before chopping me apart limb from limb.

I was anxious to get to school today. It was my first day back after the showdown between Benjamin Cheney and I. Who knew what people were saying about him and about me... about Angela. I wonder how she was holding up with it all. All this gossip concerning her must be torture for a girl who likes to stay under the radar.

Charlie's eyes seemed trained on the road. But, I could feel his glance on me every now and again. I think that all parents have that special ability, they can make you just feel when they're looking at you. I leaned my head against the window. The glass was cold and it felt nice against my forehead. "You'll smudge up my window son, sit up," Charlie said.

"Dad," I spoken softly.

"What is it son?"

He pulled the cruiser up to the front of the school. I knew that the eyes of the way to nosy students of Forks High were watching, wondering why the police was there. I swallowed a pool of spit that swirled in my mouth. "I love you," I said to him before jumping out of the cruiser. I slammed the door in his face before he got a chance to say anything else.

I don't know why I did that. I guess he deserved to hear it out of me after everything I put him through since I got here. But, still, I think I'm a bit uncomfortable with us trying to get close. I knew that we'd never be close like Billy and Jacob, but I think that I should at least make an attempt to get closer to him.

Wandering through the halls of the school made me feel awkward. I wanted to shove my head in to the nearest locker and hide there for the rest of the day.

"Hey Branson!" I heard someone call out. My stomach erupted in butterflies. I conspicuously picked up the pace in each step that I took. "Yo B! Wait up!"

I stopped in my tracks. It was just Mike. Mike I could handle right now. I felt an arm place around my shoulder and I looked up to see Mike's face giving me a soft smile. "Hey buddy. Nice to have you back," he told me.

I felt a smile bile rise up in my throat. "Yeah, thanks."

"Seriously, You've been the talk of this school for the whole week. I mean everywhere you went you would here Branson this and Branson that. You're becoming the town's celebrity!"

Son of a bitch.

I think I need a drink. Or four.

Screw it, just get me a big tumbler of penicillin and I'll take on the whole world.

Mike escorted me in to first period where several people already had taken their seats. Luckily, it was only those quiet, awkward, know-it-all brainy kids who didn't care about gossip. Mike gave me an assuring squeeze before going off to his own class. I sat in the back corner, hoping that nobody would notice me. I managed to avoid Jessica as she blabbered on to some girl she came in with.

But then, my heart dropped down to the pit of my bowels.

I watched Edward Cullen gracefully trudge in to the room.

Okay, first I want to apologize for not only the long wait, but for also the real short and crappy chapter. But, I just felt so bad about not updating in so long. I just have really bad writers block and have no idea where to go with this story now. This is one of those make them up as I go along stories so I really dont have any idea what to do.

You may also want to note the name change. This was once Dearly Devoted but I changed the name. I decided to use Taylor Swift's song Enchanted as the story's head... song... thing. Yeah. There's a link of my favorite version on my profile (a duet between Taylor and Adam Young from Owl City that I am in love with).

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