"Everything Will Be OK . . . Eventually"

Chapter 1 - 'Siblings Argue'

Author: Lorrie Ellis


Disclaimer: The following story is based on the characters of the TV Series "Good Luck, Charlie". The characters belong to Disney and the creators of the show. but the story is mine. ALL DISCLAIMERS APPLY. (No copyright infringement is intended.)

The Duncan household was up at its usual hour of 6:45 a.m. "MOM!" A loud shout emitted from the basement bedroom of Teddy. "Tell P.J. to get out of my bathroom!"

Amy Duncan lifted her head from the pillow and let her eyes rest on the alarm clock just as another shout drifted upstairs. "MOM!" Teddy shouted.

Amy lifted her weary body from the bed, shoved her feet into her slippers and padded her way down the hall. "P.J., there's no one in the bathroom up here, why are you bothering your sister while she's trying to get ready for school?"

P.J. stepped out of the bathroom and threw a towel at Teddy as he left her room. "Sorry, sis. Gabe was in the shower and I had to . . . well, I had a good reason for being down here." He took the steps two at a time and made his way back to his bedroom.

"ARRRGGH!" Teddy screamed as she generously sprayed Lysol into her bathroom and turned on the exhaust fan.

Thirty minutes later, P. J., Teddy, and Gabe were at the table, eating their breakfast as Amy came in with Charlie and placed her in her highchair.

"Good morning, Charlie." Teddy cooed at her baby sister.

"Egg." Charlie replied.

Teddy laughed. "I think she wants eggs for breakfast."

Amy stared at her youngest child. "Not this morning, little miss. You're having oatmeal . . . Yum!"

Charlie shook her head and repeated, "Egg."

Amy sat the small bowl of oatmeal on the table and began to feed Charlie. "Egg." Charlie said as she ate.

Amy smiled. "You can have 'egg' tomorrow. Weekends are much easier for eggs." She laughed.

Teddy finished her breakfast and picked up her belongings. She grabbed for the set of car keys that should have been hanging on the hook and retrieved air. "Where are the keys? I'm going to be late!"

"Chill out, sis." P.J. replied. "I'm driving you and Gabe to school this morning."

Teddy shook her head. "No, no, no. This is not going to work. I have to be at the mall after school to help set up for the fundraiser for the dance." She pouted and stated firmly, "I have to have the car today."

P.J. stared at her for a moment. "I have to get to work this afternoon after school, and I have a gig tonight, so you can't have the car. P.J. yelled. They both looked at Amy. "Mom." They said in unison.

"Sorry guys. I'm taking Charlie to the sitters and then I have a double shift, so I have to have my car too." She cleaned Charlie's face. "P.J., make sure you pick Teddy up on time. I don't like her waiting alone at school or at the mall."

"Where's dad this morning?" Gabe interrupted.

"He had to drop the other car by the shop to have it checked out before going in this morning." Amy explained.

Teddy turned to P.J. and stuck her finger in his chest. "OK, you win. You take us to school, but you have to pick me up at 3:00 and drop me at the mall, and then pick me back up at 9:00. Can you do that?"

P.J. moved Teddy's pointing finger aside and prodded both she and Gabe out the door. "Yeah, with my eyes closed." He said sarcastically.

"Let's make sure you keep your eyes open and make sure you're on time." Amy replied. "And Gabe, make sure you take the bus to Mrs. Rockmyer's. Your dad will pick up you and Charlie around 5:00."

"Mom, I'm not going to forget her." P.J. laughed. "At least not on purpose."

Amy gave him a definite 'mom' look. "You'd better not."

"Why is it that you and dad both think I'm so irresponsible?" P.J. mumbled as he headed out the door.

"Have a good day, mom!" Gabe shouted back as he climbed into the backseat of the car.

P.J. eased the car out of the driveway and headed towards Gabe's school.

"Hey, P.J. do you think maybe we can play that new video game tonight?" Gabe asked.

"I don't know, Gabe, we'll see." P.J. said off-handedly. "OK, squirt, here we are. Remember you're getting off the bus at Mrs. Rockmyer's, OK?"

"I know. I know." Gabe replied.

After letting Gabe off, he pulled up in front of the high school to let Teddy out. "I'll be here at 3:00, OK?"

"You'd better be." Teddy scoffed as she watched P.J. drive away to park the car.

"What's up with you, Teddy girl?" Ivy asked as Teddy opened her locker.

Teddy rolled her eyes at her best friend. "I've had the worst morning. The car is on the blink, so dad took it to the shop this morning and P.J. had to drive me and Gabe to school and . . ."

"Whoa, girl we have that thing at the mall this afternoon." Ivy interrupted.

Teddy nodded. "I know. P.J. promised he'd pick me up at 3:00 and take me to the mall, then come back for me around 9:00."

"That's not so bad." Ivy laughed as she pulled her books from her locker.

Teddy smiled. "No, I guess it could be a lot worse."