Ch. 1 Go to School Shiro


A/N: I'm going to write a few shorts about Ichigo and living with his Hollow and Zanpaktuo.

Ichigo was lying on his bed coughing and sneezing. Hard to believe the hero of the Soul Sociey could get sick, and yet here he was. With a box of tissues next to him; Kon was hiding, afraid that he would get sick too.

"Oy King! Don't you have a big important exam today?"


"That was a yes." Zangetsu replied.

Ichigo rolled over still feverish, he hated getting sick. A cold especially. "I hate myself. I'm going to miss that stupid math final. Ugh…not like it would matter, I didn't study for it."

Hichigo Shirosaki aka Ichigo's hollow snickered. "So it's no big deal. That math you are taking is super easy."

Ichigo cracked open his eyes. "You…understand calculus?"

"What the hell?" he and Zangetsu yelled.

"Hey! It's not that hard. When I get bored I while you're at school I tune into your lessons."

If Ichigo wasn't lying down he would have face faulted. "Really?"


'Shiro…do you want to go take my Math final?'

The Hollow looked up. "Huh?"

'You get to possess my body at school today, just stay long enough for the exam. If you get the highest score I'll draw up a contract for you to be able to possess me on certain occasions. Oh yeah, and you get to brag in Uryu's face if you score is better than his.'

Shiro cheered.

'My uniform is in my closet, oh yeah, get a surgical mask from my dad's office and get him to write a note saying I'm just there to take my final.'

"Yah! I get to go to school!" Shiro chanted.

Zangestu sighed.

Shiro walked to school dressed in Ichigo's school clothes. Ichigo was in the inner world trying to sleep off the cold while Zangetsu listened to Ichigo's I pod. Don't ask how Ichigo got it in there, he doesn't know.

An hour later Hichigo was walking out of the high school looking smug. 'Pay up. Got a 98 and knocked Uryu to third! Ha ha!'

Ichigo woke up the next day groggy from his cold medicines. Hw didn't want to go to school but today was his history exam.

"Hm…hey Hichigo do you want to take a history test?"

"Heck yea"

The End