Ch. 79 Madness


Inspired by Upsilon Forty-Two

There was a great deal of mayhem as Aizen was fighting with the Seretei Captains. His side was now down to him and Stark who was being tag teamed by Ukitake and Kyoraku. The Ryoka Ichigo Kurosaki disappeared a few minutes ago.

"You can't win!" Aizen yelled.

"We will destroy you at all costs!" Yamamoto yelled, preparing to unleash his bankai.

"This is madness!" Aizen bellowed.


Aizen shuddered as Ichigo appeared out of now where with an ancient Greek solider beside him.

"THIS IS SPARTA!" the Greek bellowed kicking Aizen in the face and sending him through all of the remaining buildings.

The man raised his spear.


The ground split open revealing a fiery pit and several men dress similarly to Leonidas ran out.


"You were right Zangetsu. Getting Leonidas out here was a great idea. " Ichigo commented as he watched the Spartans beat the crap out of Aizen.

Hueco Mundo was then renamed Sparta.