I was planning on making this another drabble in my series 'Pieces' but it kind of took on a life of it's own and now it's a one-shot. I hope you enjoy it :) Just to reiterate, this isn't slash.

Summary: Arthur knew something or someone was watching over him and he began to hope that his guardian angel was someone he had thought was lost to him forever.

Contrary to some people's beliefs, Arthur was not stupid. He knew that there was something protecting him, something watching over him. The feeling had been with him for a while now. He felt as if it had arrived when he needed it the most. He'd been heading down a bad path, letting it all go to his head and becoming the kind of noble that he now despised. Lately he felt as though something was gently pushing him in the right direction and guiding him through the darkness.

Then there was that beautiful, glowing ball of light that led him out of the cave. It was so pure that he instantly trusted it. There was something so familiar and friendly about the power emanating from it. Something that benign and peaceable could never be the magic that traitors practiced, no matter how unnatural it seemed.

His Father had described it as a guardian angel. The words resonated with him more than he cared to admit. An angel…it couldn't possibly be…he didn't dare to hope. But he did hope. As the months went on and he saw more and more evidence that something was keeping him from harm he began to hope that maybe it was a someone, not a something. Someone protecting him, with him always.

As Uther seemed to become more demanding and, although he hadn't thought it possible, less affectionate he hoped with all his heart that maybe it was her. The one who loved him unconditionally, watching from beyond the grave. As much as he tried not to get his hopes up, the idea gradually became less fanciful and more comforting. In times of darkness he clung to the idea that his Mother wasn't lost to him. That she was taking care of him even if he couldn't quite reach her.

Because his life had improved greatly since he began feeling this presence. He was making his own decisions, learning to think in his own way not just the way a Prince was supposed to. And he felt a new respect from his people. But more than respect he was also experiencing new things. Something that he would have described as friendship were it not for the class difference. His clumsy, hapless manservant was definitely growing on him not that he would ever say that. Banter and teasing was far more their style. Arthur wondered if maybe his guardian angel was providing him with all he needed to become the great King he longed to be.

So when he swivelled round from fighting a bandit and saw Merlin casting a spell to stop another from attacking Arthur, everything seemed to turn cold. His mind started piecing things together as much as he tried to stop it. Wheels just kept turning, ripping apart his fantasy and shoving the harsh reality in front of him. Merlin had magic. His Mother was dead and gone, with no way to reach him. This protection was not her, just a lying sorcerer. He could see Merlin looking at him imploringly, his eyes begging for understanding, but Arthur turned away, feeling only bitter disappointment.

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