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I sort of stick to the characters.

The ever so sweet RaCullen asked me why I hadn't posted it up here so, I thought what the hey, throw it on up there.

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Chapter 1: Threatened

Bella's POV

I was more than ready to go home. It had been a long day and it was only Thursday. Tomorrow was my brother's first night game of the season. Sort of a big deal. There would be a lot of partying this weekend. I just wanted this week to be over so I could unwind and have fun with my best friend, Alice.

All I had to do was put this last book away and I could head home to catch a nap before coming back to pick up my brother, Jasper from football practice and then cook dinner for him and my dad, Charlie.

I wandered through the stacks in the library trying to find the right spot for my book.

Ma-Me. There it was.

I slid the book back into place. I worked here last summer and I hated reshelving books, so I did all I could during the school year to help the librarians out. I took the long way back to my table, almost skipping. Don't get me wrong I was ready to get the hell out of school, but I loved being around books. I loved running my fingers across the worn spines.

I rounded a corner and then I saw them at the end of the aisle. I should have been able to hear her moans across the library, but I was so focused on my homework. Her head was tossed back, eyes shut tight, her leg was hitched up over his forearm. He had his hand up her plaid skirt and he was kissing hungrily down her neck. I could see where his hand was, her panties pushed aside, at least two fingers inside her, massaging roughly. My core tightened, getting a little wet at the sight. I was slightly aroused , but more terrified.

We went to St. Mary's Academy, known for its lack of virgins per capita, this sort of things was nothing new. It wasn't what they were doing. It was who was doing it.

Emmett McCarty and Rosalie Hale.

Emmett was Alice's brother. We were sort of close. And Rosalie, well Rosalie was kissing a guy who wasn't her boyfriend. Her boyfriend, Edward Cullen, was probably in the locker room right now, where Emmett should be, getting ready for football practice.

I gasped as my brain finally registered what I was seeing.

Emmett's head snapped up. "Bella," He said, fingers still inside Rosalie.

"Oh fuck me," She groaned. She pulled Emmett's arm away and pulled down her skirt.

"I'm sorry—" I stammered my eyes darting about. I had to get out of there.

"She's probably gonna go blab to Alice or Jasper," Rosalie huffed. My brother, Jasper and Edward were best friends. They were supposed to be really tight with Emmett too.

"No I—I wouldn't, I just- -I'm sorry."

"Bella please don't say anything, please," Emmett begged, rolling the sleeves of his collared shirt back down and straightening his tie.

"I won't. I promise," I whispered.

"Thanks Bella. I gotta get to practice. Later." Emmett grabbed his blazer and his backpack off the floor and took off for the boy's locker room I assumed.

I stood there, still frozen. Rosalie pretended to ignore me as she readjusted her panties. She reached up under her sweater and pulled her bra back down into place.

Finally she looked up at me. "Listen, just because St. Mary's golden boy, Jasper Swan, is your brother, doesn't mean I won't completely fuck up your life. If you say a word, I'll find you and you wont be happy." I gulped as she pushed past me towards the door.

Rosalie wasn't joking. She was very capable of making my life a living hell. I was moderately popular. Or popular by association, both Alice and I were, simply because our brothers were hot Seniors on the football team. We were both sophomores and we had plenty of our own friends, but Rosalie and her posse of junior assholes, Lauren and Jessica, would only let us rise so far up the social ladder.

I quickly went back to my table and grabbed my stuff.

I rushed out to my car avoiding Rosalie's glare as she and Lauren stared me down.

Chapter 2: Thinking of You

I was so happy the house was empty when I got home. Dad wouldn't be back from the station until at least 8, but it was still a relief to be alone with my thoughts.

I ran up to my room and threw may bag down. I wanted to call Alice, but I was afraid I'd slip. I had to give myself a little while to convince myself that I could keep their secret.

Rosalie and Emmett. Wow - what a slut.

I flopped down on my bed and stared up at the ceiling. I'd had a crush on Edward Cullen since I was seven years old. He, Jasper and Emmett, used to make me play catcher when they would play stickball in Edward's enormous backyard. One day Jasper accidentally hit me with the makeshift bat, splinting my eyebrow open. I had to get 15 stitches and Edward held my hand the whole time while my dad was screaming at Jasper in the waiting room. Ever since then I'd pretty much been in love.

He started dating Rosalie last fall after he hit the final wave of his growth spurt. Edward was always really cute with his pouty lips and green eyes, but when he showed up to school after a summer away at football camp, he was nearly 4 inches taller and built like I don't know what, with a jaw line that could cut glass. Rosalie made it clear that he was hers the first day of school and the rest was history.

How the hell could she cheat on him?

Emmett was hot in his own right, but Edward was really nice and sweet and funny and really smart. He could play a bunch of different instruments in addition to being an amazing athlete. His parents, Carlisle and Esme, were the sweetest people I had ever met. Emmett was just a meathead. I had a ton of fun with him playing video games and acting stupid, but he was no Edward Cullen.

Was it even my place to tell anyone?

Maybe Edward was a really bad boyfriend, the kind of guy who is so perfect in public, but he was just really selfish or mean in reality.

ARGH! I hated knowing stuff like this.

I would keep my mouth shut, but I secretly hoped that he would find out.

Soon my cell phone rang. It was Alice.

"Hey," I said trying to sound normal.

"Hey, are you going to ride to the game with me tomorrow?" she asked brightly. Alice was like a cute little wood nymph who belonged in a fairy tale. She was so little and cute and everyone loved her bubbly personality. I could just picture her skipping around throwing glitter on people.

"Yeah. Jasper can keep the car up at school." I replied.

"Great. The party is at Edward's house after the game," she said.

I froze. Crap, I wouldn't be able to avoid him. Or Rosalie.

"You there?'

"Yeah. Umm okay."

We talked for a little while longer and then I left to get Jasper from practice. When I got there, all the 'players wives' were waiting in the parking lot next to the gym exit. Rosalie was sitting on the hood of her car with Lauren who was waiting for her boyfriend Mike Newton and Angela who was waiting for her boyfriend Ben. Angela was nice and didn't typically hang out with Rosalie, but they all talked while waiting for the boys and usually sat together during the games.

I parked and pulled out my cell phone and started texting Alice the regular nonsense. I couldn't help but notice when Edward came out of the locker room. He was on my radar. I noticed every time he came into a room or any time he was in a 500 yard radius of open space.

I could see Rosalie's slutty smile as she hiked up the skirt to her uniform, opening her legs for Edward. If he only knew she wasn't wet for him.

The anger shot through me.

That was weird.

I was usually so calm. I was used to being sexually non-existent to Edward and pretty much every other guy. Why would Rosalie's attempt to turn Edward on bother me at all? She was always doing stuff like that in front of people.

He scooped her up off the hood and she wrapped her legs around his waist while they kissed- well more like made out for a minute straight. It was pretty gross. When I fantasized about Edward our kisses weren't like that. They were slow and sensual, like we were really trying to taste each other. Just as he put her down, Jasper and Emmett came out of the gym.

When Jasper got in the car, Rosalie shot me an evil look as she was pulling out of the lot.

I was quiet through dinner, but Jasper and Charlie didn't seem to notice. They yammered on about the game. Charlie had let a bunch of the force have a few hours off to go to the game. Not much of a big deal, because the whole town would be at the game anyway.

Charlie offered to do the dishes and I shuffled up to my room to get ready for bed.

I couldn't stop thinking about Edward. He was going to get his feelings hurt and I would be all my fault. I should say something. Maybe if I tell him, we'll all be there for him, me and Jazz and Alice. We'll help him get through it. Imagines of me comforting Edward flooded my head and soon became imagines of a different sort entirely.

Edward had always been the subject of my fantasies. At least four or five times a week I would find myself in the shower, on my bed, or when I was really turned on, on my floor touching myself thinking of Edward.

God- I was like a boy, with their ritualistic yank routines.

I always did it before bed and I always had to be completely naked. I felt sexier that way. Sometimes I would use my hand and some times I would use the vibrator Alice gave me for my birthday. Either way, I had a pretty steady schedule going.

I knew Jasper was a before school kinda guy. Having walked in on him twice, it was decided that I would never be the one to wake him up again.

My fantasies were always the same, somewhere alone with Edward and he was going down on me. I know it was weird that I'd never pictured us having sex, but my virgin mind wasn't capable of putting the pieces together. Emmett had made me watch this porn a couple years ago where this guy was eating this girl out for a really long time. It was so hot and it looked like it felt really good. So that's what I thought about that night, when I climbed in my bed naked and touching myself, Edward's head buried between my legs.

When I got to school the next morning, people seemed to be in a little bit of an uproar. A ton of people in little clusters whispering. It didn't take me long to figure out why.

I stopped to fix the strap on my shoe and Jasper went on ahead. Alice came running up behind me and pulled down the hem of my skirt a little.

"You were giving us quite a show. Nice undies," she giggled.

"Thanks," I said, standing up. Alice laced her arm with mine. "What's going on why is everyone all chit chatty?"

"Jasper didn't tell you?"

"Tell me what?"

"Edward dumped Rosalie last night."

I froze right where I was. Should I run for the car? Rosalie would no doubt think I told and then she'd try and kick my ass. I tried to play my fear off as shock.

"What happened?" I exaggerated my gasp.

"She was fucking my brother and Edward found out," she said matter of factly. Alice knew that Emmett was a man whore, but she didn't care as long as he stayed away from me, her best bud.

"How'd he find out?"

"Emmett told him I guess. Edward came over last night after he left Rosalie's house and him and Emmett were acting like nothing happened." Alice shrugged.

I left out deep sigh of relief. Rosalie had no reason to stab me at my locker.

"So," Alice said suggestively.

We walked to first period.

"So what?" I asked.

"Edward's on the market now. You gonna make a move?"

"HA! No. Are you high?"

"Don't act like you don't like, him."

"That has nothing to do with it."

"Then what is it?"

"I don't have a chance. He just looks at me as Jazz's little sister. And he just spent a year fucking Rosalie. My body doesn't even compare to hers. There's no way he'd take a step down like that."

"Well I say you wear something hot to his party tonight and he'll see you in a totally different light."