Chapter 11: Breakdown

Emmett's POV

I felt like a fucking idiot. I should have known. I played Rosalie's little games all weekend and she still wouldn't give me an answer. I went down on her three times on Sunday and still nothing. But at least she really did seem over Edward.

Or So I thought.

What the fuck was I supposed to do now. She almost beat up my fucking sister. She tried to beat up Bella and for what? To get rid of some of that displaced anger? Teach Bella a lesson? Keep her role as St. Mary's Mega Bitch intact? Well she should give herself a big ole pat on the back. At least she had the bitch thing down.

I skipped Spanish when I didn't see Alice heading toward her French class. Edward had bailed with Bella and I was a little freaked that Alice had gotten suspended too. She was big girl, I know, but neither of us were in the mood for another one of Mom's rants and Alice just didn't deserved to get bitched out for something that wasn't her fault.

So I waited outside of the office. I could hear voices inside. I leaned a little closer to the door, but I couldn't catch what they were saying.

Alice came out, clutching her bag to her chest.

"Al—" she cut me off with the meanest glare I'd ever seen. She was two feet shorter than me almost, and obviously she didn't scare me, but I knew right then that those two feet put her at the perfect height to rip my balls clean off.

"I don't know what the fuck her problem is," Alice snarled, "But you better get your little fucking girlfriend under control."

I just stared at her, blinking. Just then a tall blond woman came speed walking down the hall. Nearly 5'11, red skirt with matching blazer, buttoned over a white lace bra, bright red high heels, matching red lipstick and matching red nails. Alice and I both jumped out of her way as her barged into the principal's office, slamming the door behind her.

It was Rosalie's mom.

"I'm going to class," Alice sighed and started walking. After few steps though, she stopped. "Em?"


"I think – if you keep seeing her – I think you owe Bella and Edward an apology. Like a real one."

I just nodded, which seemed like enough for her. Alice was completely right. I was a shitty friend. I fucked Edward's girl and now I was seriously contemplating pursuing her even though she'd hurt Bella.

Damn it. Bella. Bella would never hurt anyone. Yes she could be a little pain in the ass right along with Alice, but she was a good girl. She took such good care of Al and me and Jasper. Even if she was the reason for Edward breaking up with Rosalie, she didn't deserve this bullshit.

Rosalie and I were gonna have a little chat. She was gonna apologize to Bella and if she didn't, I was through. I wouldn't fuck with her anymore.

All the sudden determination had me pacing outside the office. I had no idea what the hell I was gonna say, but I would make her talk to me at some point.

Finally the door opened and Mrs. Hale's spiked heel came out into the hallway. I held on to what little courage I had for the five second confrontation I had planned with Rosalie before her Mom probably dragged her off school grounds.

Rosalie came through the door right behind her mother. I took a deep breath, ready to make her stop. But then I saw the look on her face and the giant bruise starting to spread across her cheek.

Though the mark was rather impressive, it wasn't what held my attention. There was something in her eyes, besides some unshed tears. A crushed looked I had never seen before.

Rosalie for once, was not in control.

"What should I do about my car?" Rosalie muttered to her mother.

"I don't give a fuck. Let's go," her mother snapped walking down the hall. As her mom stomped off, Rosalie and my eyes met.

"Do you want me to drop your car off for you?" I said quietly.

"Yes, please," Rosalie replied, digging through her bags for her keys. Her eyes met mine again as she hand me the keys. She accepted the small smirk I gave her and returned it with an even smaller one. She was grateful, but she knew she didn't deserve the kindness I was offering.


But then I realized, if I didn't offer it no one else would.

The rest of the day was fucking awful. I spent the next few hours plotting ways to ditch practice. The diarrhea excuse would have to do the trick.

Then I thought out Bella, whether she was okay. Yeah AL have gotten a few text from Edward saying she was fine, but still I wanted to know if she was really, really okay.

And then there was Edward. Edward had a temper, a big temper. It didn't come out much, but he wasn't a forgive and forget kind of guy especially when it came people he really cared about. During lunch Alice had told me how he almost cold cocked Rosalie in the office.

I knew he wouldn't stoop to some level to get back at Rose for the way she had treated Bella, but he definitely wouldn't be up to double dating with Rosalie and I any time soon.

Newton agreed to give coach my excuse and he even offered to pick me up from Rose's later. There was no way I was going to ask Alice. I gave her the keys to our car and bounced in the middle of last period. When I got to the lot I noticed our car was already gone. Alice probably took off to see Bella.

I grabbed Rose's BMW and sped out of the parking lot. Thank god Chief Swan and his boys didn't actually give too much of a shit about speeding.

When I pulled into Rosalie's driveway I saw another car there. Rose's mom was still home.


I decided to go to the front door. Sure she didn't give a fuck about daughter, but I wasn't really in the mood to get chewed out by her if I got caught in Rosalie's room. The bedroom door was just a bad idea.

I rang the doorbell and waited. After a second or two I heard those murder heels clacking across the marble floor. The door swung open.

"Well tell him to wait. Nothing is going through to without my approval," Mrs. Hale growled into her cell phone.

My mouth hung open waiting for an in, but she just pointed over her shoulder and walked away.

I assumed that was her cue for me to enter.

I went down to Rosalie's room and knocked "our knock" on her door.

"Come in," she said, but not very loud.

Rose was sitting the edge of her bed, still dressed in her uniform. Just staring at the floor. Big tears were running down her cheeks. I wondered if she'd been sitting like that since this morning.

"Rosalie –" I whispered.

She didn't look at me. "I'm sorry," she sobbed. She rocked herself forward a little on the bed. The look I'd seen her face in the hallway had taken over her whole body. She was completely falling apart.

"I'm sorry. I'll apologize to Bella. I promise, just say you'll forgive me." She looked up at me then.


"Emmett, please. I know I'm a total bitch. I know I fucked up, but please. I need you. Please forgive me."

I had NO fucking clue what to say.

I walked over to her bed, slowly and got down on my knees in front of her.

"Rosalie, what happened?"

She took a deep breath, trying to choke back some of the crying. It sort of worked.

"This morning. In the parking lot. I overheard Edward telling you how he gave his virginity to Bella."

Oh fuck.

I remembered the two second conversation exactly.

Me: Did you and Bella hook up?

Edward: Yeah.

Me: Your first right?

Edward: Yeah. It was pretty righteous. She's perfect.

Me: Cool man. Fuck, I don't wanna go to practice.

"I don't love him Emmett. I swear. It just-"

"You don't have to say it Rose." She lost it right then and fell into my arms.

"I just feel like no one wants me. But still I want you to want me, Em. Please say you still want me."

I felt like a total pussy, but my heart was really breaking for her. Clearly she hadn't been paying attention all weekend when I kept asking her to be my girlfriend.

"Shh Rose, stop—"

"I know Bella is your friend. And I wasn't even mad at her. I'm just – I just. I'm sorry." God I wasn't even sure Edward could stay mad at her at this point. She was a fucking mess. Still hot though.

I held her against me for a minute. She seemed to calm down a bit, but I wasn't sure how well it was working.

"Em," she whispered. "Do you still want me to be your girlfriend?"

I pushed her hair back and she looked up at me. I think it was the first time she ever really looked at me.

Yeah she was royally fucked up and I probably would have to deal with her parents and their bullshit affect on her WAY more than I wanted to, but for some messed up reason I really liked her. Like genuinely liked her, aggravated assault and all.

"Yeah I do." I smoothed back he hair on the other side of her face and kissed her. Suddenly I had a raging hard-on. It was a bad time. She was really trying to open up to me and really be with me and still in the back of my head I really wanted to whip it out and give it to her.

She started leaning into my kisses more, rising higher on her knees between my legs.

My hands went up her skirt. I couldn't help it.

"Wait," Rosalie said softly. She pulled away and stood up, pulling me with her. She turned me and pushed me down on the bed.

I watched her as she pulled her panties off and threw them across the room. She was on my fly in a heartbeat, undoing my pants. When my dick was free, she stood back and undid her bra under her sweater and slid it down her arms.

Next thing I knew she was straddling my lap, riding my dick. She had been crying just a few minutes ago, I don't know how she got so wet so fast, but she was now. And I think this time it was actually for me.

We were a couple now. I knew she would apologize, but I had a feeling that certain things between Rose and I wouldn't change.

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