Sin Like The Devil

Summary: It's been five months since Dean and Holly relocated and Holly got a new name. They're all set to be married and live life with no fears. Of course, that isn't going to happen when a phone call comes in. Now it's up to Dean, Castiel, Sam and Meg to protect Holly once more but what is she not telling them? Could her secret destroy the lives of those she loves? Will their wedding happen?

Rating: M (mature content, violence, etc. you know how it goes)

Disclaimer: You know how this goes too. I don't own any recognizable characters or places. Unless, of course, you read Love Like Sin and recognize Holly because yeah, I own her. and Dean share her.

Dean rolled over in bed and sniffed the air, keeping his eyes closed. The smell of bacon floated by and he smiled slightly. He could hear singing coming from another part of the apartment and that just made his smile widen as he opened his eyes and looked around at the aqua coloured walls that encased the bedroom. He wondered for a moment if he could just get up and stroll through the apartment then remembered what day it was and decided against the naked route.

He didn't want his brother walking in on that. Not again.

So instead, he climbed out of bed and pulled on some boxers and a t-shirt before making his way out of the bedroom.

"I want your love, I want your disease, I want you open mouthed, and on your knees." The blonde in the kitchen sang as she danced around in front of the stove, cooking up breakfast. Dean chuckled softly to himself and walked over to wind his arms around his fiancee from behind. Holly turned her head to look at him and grinned before kissing his cheek.

"Good morning." She greeting cheerfully.

" certainly is." Dean replied, taking in the fact that all Holly wore was one of his button up shirts and a pair of shorts. "I love mornings with you."

"Well I should hope so." Holly laughed. She moved the bacon around the frying pan, making sure it didn't touch the eggs that she was cooking as well. Dean watched over her shoulder and grinned. He kissed at her neck and ran his hands down her sides. "What are you doing?"

"Feeling up my hotter then hell fiancee." Dean replied simply. Holly shook her head slightly as his hands slid under the shirt she wore. She sighed and leaned back against him when his fingertips grazed along under her breasts.

"Sam's going to be here at any minute." Holly reminded him even though at this point she was more tempted to go to the door and lock it then actually making Dean stop. At least that was the thought until they heard someone coughing and both of them turned their heads to see Sam standing at the kitchen doorway, eyes rolling and a grin on his face.

"Don't you knock?" Dean asked.

"Don't you keep those activities to the bedroom?" Sam asked.

"Dude, it's my apartment." Dean countered. "And my fiancee. I can do what I want, where I want." Holly just laughed and brushed Dean's hands off her. He sighed and sent a glare at his brother. "Are you happy?"

"Let's I happy that I got to disrupt my brother having sex with his fiancee in the kitchen..." Sam pretended to think which only made Holly laugh more. He smiled at her then, when Dean walked over to the fridge, moved into the kitchen and kissed Holly's forehead before stealing a strip of bacon out of the frying pan.

"Hey!" Holly flicked the spatula at Sam but he jumped back in time to avoid it.

"First you break up my morning sex before it starts and then you go and steal my bacon? Bitch!" Dean grumbled as he pulled a container of juice out of the fridge.

"It's just one piece, relax jerk." Sam argued. "I'm going to be meeting Christie later."

"How's that going?" Holly asked.

"Pretty good." Sam replied. "I'm glad you introduced me to her, Holls."

"Just remember she thinks my name's Hannah." Holly reminded. Sam grinned and nodded. He swiped one of the sausages Holly already had cooked as she moved the rest of the food onto plates. "Sam, honestly, quit it!"

"Alright, I'm going, I'll see you guys for dinner right?" Sam asked, backing out of the kitchen.

"Yep, see ya then." Dean called after his brother. As soon as he heard the door close, he was right back against Holly, hands now working on the buttons of her shirt.

"And the break is over." Holly laughed.

"Damn right." Dean agreed, lifting her onto the counter. "We got a couple of minutes to make up for. Sam put us behind schedule."

"Damn Sam." Holly mock complained. Dean smiled as he dragged the shorts off the blonde woman's body. "Who does he think he is, walking in at that point in time?"

"God, I love you." Dean laughed, making Holly smile and kiss him.


His finger tapped his chin as he paced in his room. His eyes kept glancing over at the wall covered in pictures, newspaper clippings, photocopies of police reports, anything that showed or spoke about the people of interest to him. There were several people covering that wall but one was more predominant the the others.

The young woman with bleach blonde hair, ranging from mid back to shoulder length, sometimes with black in the underside. Bright blue eyes, some pictures having them heavily lined in black. Various expressions crossed her face in each picture. Some were old photos, the woman being as young as ten in some. One image from the collection had the woman standing between two men, one dressed in a graduation robe, his cap on the woman's head. That was the day other people joined the wall. Those two men, constantly with the woman. The photos captured what wasn't accepted in those days, how much the one man loved the much she loved him.

He narrowed his eyes at the pictures and picked up a glass of scotch. It drank it all in one go before squeezing the glass tightly in his hand. It shattered within seconds, bits and pieces lodging into his palm, blood escaping moments later. He looked at his hand with an almost stunned expression for a while before he slowly smiled.

And then he laughed. The sound echoed around the pitiful room. If he were asked, he wouldn't have been able to say why he was laughing, but that didn't matter, there was no one there but him.

And his pictures.

The pictures of people he would soon have. Six people were on that wall, one of them working with him. He would have his day and it would be soon. Very soon.

So a short first chapter but I wanted to get this out for all of you. I'll have a banner up for this soon enough. I'm not revealing who that person is at the end there so you'll have to wait. Could be Zach...could be someone else completely new. If you're missing Ash and Jo and their little Carly baby, they'll have their appearances eventually.