Hello (: I have read all your reviews… and yeah, since some of you guys requested a sequel (though this totally ruins the awesome cliffhanger ending I painstakingly crafted for Silent Atonement, I guess even I can't be that cruel and leave Ciel and Sebastian like that.) I PRESENT YOU THE PROLOGUE of this sequel.

I remembered feeling cold. I remembered the way the ice burned into my skin as I watched the endless shower of snowflakes falling before my eyes. The sky was a brilliant inky black, dotted with uncountable diamonds. But I was leaving. I was leaving my consciousness behind, just as everything was starting to fall back into place, just when everything felt right.

But it was my fault after all.

I remembered reaching out with my hand to grasp at whatever memories there were left in the snow. Grasping at the bare fallen branches on the ground, half buried. It made me wonder how trees felt like. But there was no life pulsating through the fallen wood, and the ground was too thick with snow for me to draw in the warmth of the earth.

I remembered as my vision blurred and faded, as the grip of my hand on the snow slackened, I was trying to stay awake. Somewhere deep in the recesses of my misted-over mind, I knew there was something that I was waiting for. And I had to wait, no matter how long.

And the world turned into a vortex, hungrily pulling all energy from me, and I was falling, falling, hurling, tumbling, and disappearing, into this void of fathomless tribulation, where even shadows ceased to exist.

A/N: Okay, this is just a prologue. Just 200 words give and take some. It's obvious whose point of view it's from :D I'm still depressed over softball so give me time to update. Oh look, I have somewhat abandoned my spirited away fanfic. Whatever :D Kuroshitsuji is just so much more awesome, right :D Okay, so please give me comments: tell me how I can improve on this, suggestions for the plot, (actually I already have one, but maybe I can extract some of your ideas?) and what you like about it so far including Silent Atonement. I don't mind reviews calling me awesome either. (Well yeah, I'm egoistic, my bad :D) LOVE YOU ALL (: