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The anger completely contorted Ash's face.

What once used to be a pale, angelic face was twisted into the most hideous downturned smile. The light shade of lavender that ringed the angel's eyes darkened in hatred and narrowed into slits.

"Ciel Phantomhive," the suave turned hoarse voice hissed. "You will regret this."

"Even if I would, it's too late. Once I make a decision, I will live with it, be it I feel regretful or not." The boy regarded Ash coolly, his sapphire eye not showing a single sign of fear from a few minutes before. He turned to the butler. "Did I not give you an order?"

The corner of the demon's lips twitched upwards in amusement. His Bocchan was starting to return to him, bit by bit. The Bocchan whose soul he had painstakingly raisedー it was slowly coming back. Sebastian could almost taste the exquisite fragrance of tainted innocence that emitted from Ciel. "You did."

Ciel gave Sebastian a wary glare. "I reckon you forgot to say something."

Sebastian dutifully knelt down on one knee and placed the gloved contract hand to his chest, ignoring the seething angel. "Yes, my Lord."

"What will you do?" Ciel demanded.

"I will be Bocchan's butler," Sebastian took his time to give Ash a casual onceover. "Until the angel has been destroyed to the extent where the possibilities regeneration is beyond his ability."

"Fancy words," Ciel scoffed.

"No worries, they will be achieved through fancier actions."

"Dirty," Ash rasped at the pair. "Impure. Stained. Polluted." As the angel chanted, his voice turned dual. "Disgusting."

In a flurry of falling feathers, wings exploded from the silver haired angel's back, breaking through his suit. When Ash lifted his face, Ciel noted that his lavender orbs flashed fluorescent violet and the signs of an angel was gone. His mouth curled into a mocking grin.

Something was not right. Ciel continued to stare at Ash, rummaging through what little memories he posessed, as the winged creature took slow, languid steps towards the Earl.

When realization struck harder than lightning, Ciel whirled around to Sebastian, who had an expression of extreme concentration and slight confusion.


The demon turned to Ciel. "It seems that Ash-san is no longer a pure angel."

"I can see that. His wings are black!"

The feathers were darker than the color of burning charcoal, likewise dimly lit with the dying embers of a heated fire. When the angel flexed them, ash surrounded the air around them, carrying in their wake a thin swirl of smoke and the stench of cinnamon tinted forest wood.

Master and butler watched the approach of what was supposed to be an angel with an eerie sense of panicked calm.

"What could have happened?" Sebastian mused. "This is a demon-angel hybrid."

"Demon-angel hybrid?"

"They are angels who have fallen to low to ever be invited back into heaven, neither are they allowed to roam Earth."

"What can they do?"

"They have the abilities of an angel, but the mindset of a demon. They prove to be unmatched in murdering. Over time, their angelic advantage will fade, but Ash-san seems to be a newborn." Sebastian slid the glove off the contract hand and turned to Ciel. "Bocchan, this might be dangerous for you. They can be skilled in manipulation of humans."

Ciel wasn't listening. Already, he could feel the pressure on his chest from inhaling the smallest of breaths. He staggered backwards but continued to stay on his feet.


"Can't... Breathe..."

"Calm down, Bocchan. It's a manipulation of the mind. Take deep breaths, don't look into his eyes."

Ciel shut his sapphire eye, but not before he connected one more time with Ash's cold stare. A streak of burning pain shot into his head through his eye, his skull nearly imploding from the sudden mental assault.

He let out out a strangled half gasp, half yell and collapsed onto the ground, pressing his forehead against the cold marble, willing the merciless throbbing to go away.

Just when he thought the pain was subsiding, a light exploded in the middle of his consciousness and he gave another yell.

Images. People. Voices. Feelings. They all swirled around his disorientated mind, becoming a maelstrom of insistent buzzing. It hurt.

His heart felt like it was about to be torn into pieces by the mixed feelings filling up the gaping spaces. It felt heavy. It hurt.


"Don't think he can hear you, Sebastian Michaelis," Ash drawled. "I'm giving him back all his memories, since that was what he wanted."

"What are you planning?"

"I plan to suffocate him by his kwn pain. Memories are a burden. After being so free of this burden for such a long time, his body will no longer to get used to the weight they carry."

Ash smirked, enjoying the carefully masked though obvious distress on Sebastian's face over his disability to help his Young Master. "The only way to save the boy," Ash whispered mockingly, "is to defeat me, a newborn angel-demon hybrid."

Sebastian's eyes sizzled fluorescent violet. "You'll regret you ever got yourself involved with a Phantomhive and his demon butler."

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