Two weeks. Two weeks had passed since Jim had first told Leonard he'd wanted his space. Two weeks since that last horrific fight, that had nearly ended in fists being thrown. Two weeks since Leonard had suspected Jim of cheating on him.

Two weeks, and it felt like two goddamn years.

Leonard managed to stumble his way through his shifts, numbly going through the motions and keeping his focus on everything but Jim. He was thankful for Chapel, who would readily murder any of the nurses who tried to spread gossip about his relationship with the captain, but she couldn't stop the sympathetic stares they cast his way when they thought he wasn't looking.

Returning to his quarters at night was hell. Jim had been living with him, and he'd taken his things out the day after their fight, while Leonard was on shift. Walking back to his quarters to find it more barren than before, the second presence that had kept him company gone for God knows how long, was almost more than he could bear.

Leonard had drank himself to sleep that night.

He was going to try and talk to Jim today. He couldn't continue on with this silence, ignoring each other and acting like they weren't hurt. He missed Jim, and damn it all if he wasn't going to at least get their friendship back.

Walking down to Jim's quarters, he knocked on the door, heart pounding. He waited a few moments, and knocked again, just to be sure that Jim really wasn't there. When he still got no response, he began to turn around, ready to head to the bridge or the mess in an attempt to find him.

However, the sound of the door wooshing open made him turn back around.

Standing in the doorframe was Jim, lips swollen and pupils blown wide with lust. His shirt was rumpled, and his pants were buttoned but unzipped. His blonde hair, already normally messy, was even more so, as if someone had been running their fingers through it.

"Oh! Bones! Hey-uh…what brings you by? I'm a little…busy right now."

Leonard stared at him, feeling his anger beginning to build.

"Bones? You okay? You need something?"

"Who're you in there with?"

Jim's expression changed from sheepish to pissed in seconds, jaw clenching and eyes narrowing into a glare.

"Bones, we broke up two weeks ago. Who I'm with is none of your business."

"Jim, answer the fucking question. Who are you in there with?"

Jim continued to stare at him, expression unreadable, until he finally responded.

"Spock," he said softly.

Leonard felt like the ground had just fallen out from underneath him, like his heart had been ripped out of his chest and stomped on. The exact same person Leonard had suspected Jim of cheating on him with was in Jim's bed, waiting for him to come back so they could fuck.

And here was Leonard, standing in the hallway with the intention of trying to make things work again, looking like a pathetic fool. So he reacted in the way he best knew how to.

"You're a fucking ass, Jim. First you cheat on me with that bastard, and then you have the gall to say you want some space-giving me the goddamn false hope that what we had wasn't completely ruined-and when I come to try to talk this shit out, you're fucking that pointy-eared bastard? Fucking rot in Hell, Jim."

"Look, we broke up two weeks ago-you have no right to be mad about this!"

"Oh yes I fucking do!" Leonard was all out snarling at Jim now, ignoring the crew members who had stopped to stare. "You're a fucking lying bastard! You broke my goddamn heart, and now you're acting like you didn't do shit wrong?"

"I told you I wanted to have some space, Bones, which I thought you knew meant-"

"That you needed some space! That we were still together, just separated. If you wanted to break up for that pointy-eared bastard, you should have fucking said so." Turning on his heel, Leonard stormed off, glad for once that the few lingering crew members were so terrified of him already; they scattered as soon as they saw him turn, leaving him to storm back to the lift. Once inside, he hit the button for his floor hard enough to crack it.

Stomping off of the lift and down the thankfully empty hall to his quarters, Leonard barely managed to keep from punching the wall. It wasn't until he was in his quarters with the door shut and locked that he truly let himself go, slumping to the floor and allowing the tears to flow.

"Fucking golden-skinned bastard. Knew he'd pull a stunt like that. Knew he'd break my fucking heart, just like Jocelyn-goddammit!"

Grabbing the glass of whiskey he'd been drinking before heading to Jim's quarters, Leonard flung it across the room and felt marginally better when he heard the shatter of the glass. Standing up, he staggered over to the bed, grabbing the bottle of whiskey on his way. Chugging straight from the bottle, he flopped down onto the bed, not caring that some of the alcohol sloshed out and onto his chest and sheets.

He was going to get drunk, and he was going to forget all about that beautiful smile and the way his skin felt beneath his fingers. He was going to forget all about Jim, and the mental image of him and Spock in bed, limbs tangled and pale skin contrasting against golden skin.

Two hours and a bottle of whiskey later, and Leonard's ceiling was spinning. His vision tunneled a few times, and parts of the night were patchy. Just as he was extending an arm to feel around for a hangover hypo in his nightstand, he heard his door open.

"Jim? 'Sat you?" he asked, tongue stumbling over the syllables. He tried to raise his head and found he couldn't; the action brought on a fresh wave of nausea, and he really didn't feel like throwing up that night.

"No," a soft female voice said. "Not Jimmy. Just Gaila. You okay, hon?"

"Jimmy dumped me," Leonard slurred, feeling tears prick at the corners of his eyes.

"I know, Lenny," she cooed. Leonard cringed a little at the use of her pet name for him, but was too drunk to care.

"Dumped me for that pointy-eared bastard."

"I know."


"Lenny, sweetheart, the whole ship knows. Almost everyone heard about your fight with Jimmy earlier."


Leonard's head was beginning to hurt, and he thought he just might throw up.

"Hypo?" he slurred, motioning towards what he thought was the nightstand. Gaila didn't answer, but the sound of her rummaging through the nightstand drawer told him she was searching for it. He barely felt the prick against his skin as she administered the medicine. His head began to clear some, and he felt less like throwing up.

"Thanks," he murmured.

"Anytime. You going to be okay, sweetie?"


Leonard heard her sigh, and then felt the bed next to him depress as Gaila climbed in next to him.

"I'm gonna stay here with you tonight. I don't think you really need to be alone."

"You're right."

He sighed softly when he felt her press up against him, arm draping over his waist. He wrapped one arm around her shoulders, the other resting over the hand on his waist. He was grateful for the company-God only knows what else he would have done if Gaila hadn't shown up.

"Get some sleep, Lenny."

"Mmm." He closed his eyes and focused on the feeling of another body pressed against his, rather than the ache in his heart.

In the morning, he awoke with a mild hangover and an armful of Orion. His heart still ached, but he didn't feel so lost as he had last night.

He pressed a kiss to the top of Gaila's still sleeping head.

"Thank you," he murmured.

Two weeks since his first meaningful relationship since the divorce with Jocelyn fell apart. Two weeks since his world had turned upside down.

Two weeks, and he was finally starting to feel the vice-like grip around his chest loosen just a little.