Uh, hi. Sorry it's been a little while. This one took me quite a while to write. There's one more chapter in the works, that'll be up...eventually. And then I think I'm going to do a total rehaul of this story. I feel like it could be expanded on so much more, and that there's a lot of development I left out of this. So, basically, I'll be slowly working on editing this and replacing each chapter with the new ones. Sometime. Anyhow. Enjoy what I have so far. :)

Leonard knew planning a wedding would be stressful. Hell, he and Jocelyn had nearly broken up over the planning of their wedding. So he knew what to expect this time around. Sort of.

Thing is, he hadn't planned on having Uhura, Chapel and Rand for help. Individually, those three women were quite intimidating. Put them together? It was downright frightening.

Throw Gaila into the mix, and Leonard may as well have been a puddle of goo for all the backbone he had in front of them.

For the most part, Leonard was content to let the women handle the wedding; they were more than excited to do it, and even volunteered as soon as the engagement was announced. Leonard sat back and enjoyed the ride, thankful he didn't have to contribute as much this time around. He knew what he wanted in the wedding, and told the ladies as much. They obliged, and he went back to chess and drinking with Jim and Spock.

Only problem with that, though, was the choosing of the dress.

Gaila was picky when it came to her clothing on the best of days. She was downright impossible on the worst. And the day they chose to go shopping? She was definitely the latter.

They'd managed to settle on a date that would mean they were on Earth, for shore leave. They had three months of leave, and planned for their wedding to be within the second month. Everything was prepared, except for the dress, as well as the bridesmaid dresses.

They were currently on Earth, having been granted three days' leave, to give them time to pick out her dress, as well as the bridesmaids dresses. Today, it was Gaila, Leonard, and Uhura shopping. Which, really, shouldn't have been as stressful as it ended up being. Uhura was supportive at each shop, picking out several different types of dresses for the bridesmaids, until Gaila settled on a shorter length, strapless orange number. It had a black sash around the waist that tied into a large bow at the back of the dress, and Gaila was just nuts over it.

Her dress, however, was harder to pick.

Gaila had never been a fan of covering herself up. Hell, it took everything she had not to alter the already skimpy uniform she wore. So trying to find a wedding dress that suited her was difficult.

They were on the fifth store that day, and Gaila was grumpier than Leonard had ever seen her. It wasn't until she snapped at the assistant that he stepped in, apologizing and asking for a few moments alone.

"Darlin', what's wrong?" Leonard asked softly, standing in front of Gaila, who was standing on the modeling platform in a strapless, poofy gown.

"I hate all of these," she replied, picking up the skirt of the dress and glaring down at it.

"They're so restricting. It's not right."

Leonard bit his lower lip, fighting off a smile. He knew exactly what Gaila meant, and found her need to show as much skin as possible, even at her own wedding, both amusing and endearing.

"Well…why not pick one you hate the least, and alter it yourself? I know you're fully capable of tailoring it to your tastes." Leonard smiled when Gaila's face lit up.

"Now why in the hell didn't I think of that one?" she asked, grinning a little. "Well, fuck. I did kind of like the third dress I tried on here. I can make something out of that….cut like half of the skirt off, take out some of the tulle…"

And she was off, muttering to herself about alterations and different styles. Uhura had returned with the assistant, and was pleased to find Gaila in a better mood.

She ended up purchasing the dress, and the three returned to their hotel, Leonard exhausted, Gaila and Uhura bright eyed and talking alterations and sewing techniques and other things Leonard knew nothing about.

Leonard didn't see the dress again until the day of their wedding. And if he hadn't known what it looked like beforehand, he would never have known it was the same dress.

The top of it had been altered, so the sweetheart neckline plunged a little lower than most would deem proper for a wedding dress, and the boning of the corset was more prominent. The skirt had been chopped off, with almost all of the tulle having been removed, so it didn't poof out nearly as much as before. It came to about mid thigh, and had a lace overlay on the bottom of it.

Leonard whistled softly as he watched her walk down the aisle, flashing everyone a bright smile, her red hair pinned up in an elaborate bun with a white flower in the side of it, clutching a bouquet of orange lilies in her hands. Her legs looked a mile long, between the short skirt and the high heels she was wearing.

He was pulled out of his staring by Jim, his best man, elbowing him in the side. He was grinning like an idiot.

"Dude. You are one lucky man to be marrying her. Holy shit."

Leonard didn't have it in him to be even remotely annoyed by the comment. His grin widened.

"I know."

And then she was there, standing in front of him, smiling up at him, blue eyes twinkling with mischief.

"You sure you're ready for this, old man?" she teased.

"Are you sure you're ready for this?" he shot back, only half teasing. Her smile softened as she replied.

"Yes," she murmured.

The ceremony went by in a blur, Leonard only vaguely aware of the preacher reciting the vows for them, each one repeating the words. It wasn't until Gaila's firm "I do," that Leonard was finally able to focus completely, his grin almost splitting his face when he responded in kind, and leaned down to kiss her. She nipped at his lower lip, throwing her arms around his neck and pulling him in close, much to the audience's amusement.

They were both laughing when they pulled away, Gaila's cheeks flushed and eyes twinkling. Leonard took her hand and led her away from the altar, and down to the reception area, where their friends and family congratulated them.

Jocelyn even came, and brought Joanna. The little girl took to Gaila immediately, fascinated by her green skin and curly hair. It warmed Leonard's heart to see the two interacting so well, and made the day that much better.

Later, when they were back at their hotel and packing for the honeymoon, Leonard paused what he was doing, glancing up at Gaila. She was fussing over her clothes, trying to pick out the perfect outfit for the shuttle ride tomorrow. Smiling warmly, Leonard crossed over to where she was, slipping his arms around her waist and kissing the back of her neck.

"I love you," he murmured.

He could almost hear the smile in her voice as she leaned back against him, reaching over to cover his hands.

"I love you too, old man," she said fondly, stroking his hands.

Leonard didn't think he could be any happier than he was right now, holding the woman he loved close, preparing for their honeymoon.