I promised you another story, here it is. But, it's not a sequel to Journey to a far off place but a sequel to the original movie. I had a weird idea about it and just started writing and now that I'm already at the middle of the story I decided to post it. Here you go!

NOTE: I own only the situations, story and few characters, Treasure planet and it's characters don't belong to me.


Two years after Treasure planet Jim finally gets his own crew and ship. But already on his first trip he's being attacked by pirates who want Flint's trove and treasure map from him, no matter fact it was already gone. When his crew defeats the pirates, Jim is attacked by a girl who wants the same thing. From her he finds out Flint is alive and he'll find whoever took the treasure from him. That means he's in danger now by the most notorious pirates, Flint and the mysterious girl to which Jim has some other feelings.

Chapter 1: First time as a captain

The best feeling on the world was standing in the Spaceport on the pier watching your own ship. Only yours. No one else's. You're the captain. There is a lot of responsibility but also honor that you get. That's how Jim Hawkins felt now what he had his own ship and crew. The Interstellar academy decided he's capable enough to take the title captain of Winds gift. The day they told him he'll me the captain he thought he was dreaming. But this wasn't a dream.

"Ben," Jim said to his robot friend who's accompanying him since he found him on Treasure planet. "This is it."

"Jimmy, another adventure, you and me. What else can be better?" he said excited. They both walked on the deck admiring the beautiful ship. Jim always remembered the RLS Legacy. Whenever he saw a solar galleon. So many beautiful memories. Then he recalled back the memories of Silver. That old cyborg never appeared again. Jim wondered where he was.

"All aboard, captain?" Jim turned to the direction of a very familiar voice. Even after two years, Amelia Doppler was the same as she was the first day on RLS Legacy. "They probably didn't mention on the academy but, I'll be on this ship with you all the time. You're still young and this is your first voyage as a captain."

"Wait if you're here, then…" he stopped talking when he heard an also familiar voice. Yes Dr. Delbert Doppler was walking down the deck, this time without the silly outfit. It was great that the old crew of Legacy was back together again. Almost everyone.

There was around of 20 to 30 members in the crew. They all reminded Jim on those from the Legacy. He hoped they weren't pirates. Why was everything reminding him on that ship?

It was it. The departure. The ship slowly raised and then flew from the Spaceport, where some of the passerby's were waving to them. Jim was watching in the distance to their destination: Watercropolis on Taurus 45. It was claimed that is the most beautiful city in the whole galaxy, and it probably was. It was built on a source of three great waterfalls on the Notia plateau and it was webbed with canals that were running down the waterfalls.

Doppler walked to Jim some time later.

"Jim," he said placing his palm on his shoulder. "I'm so proud of you. Have you ever imagined this? Your mom is also proud of you."

"I guess she is. But she would probably be happier if I was back in the Benbow kitchen cleaning the plates."

"She's your mother, no wonder she wants to keep you on a short leash."

"I guess." He paused a bit but then he broke the silence: "Why is Amelia with us on such a short way? I thought I'll get my first mate."

"I think its right you have an older more experienced escort. These spaces aren't safe."

"You think the rumors about a pirate onrush are real?"

Doppler nod. "Besides, this is more of a test."


"Ups… I shouldn't have told you that."

Jim sighed. "Well, I would find out sooner or later anyway…"

That kinda disappointed him. But he had a ship and a crew. Who cares if it was just a test? He'll pass it anyways. At least that's was what he thought…

The next day they had few more cosmic miles until Taurus 45. Suddenly the space dust started gathering on their way like a fog, which made the visibility bad.

"We can't see the way captain!" one of the aliens who was on the control tower said.

"Stay on the coordinates. We're moving on." Jim said a bit unsurely. They couldn't stop here, not now. He strained his eyes in order to see trough the fog.

"There's a ship behind us captain!"

Jim looked back. It was a ship. He thought about giving it a signal to stop next to them but then he looked better. Luckily they weren't sending any signals. "All men aboard! Now!" he yelled. The whole crew gathered on the deck wondering hat's going on. "Full power to the engine! Get those sails down!"

"Jim," Doppler ran out from under the deck. "What's going on?"

"A pirate ship! They're coming on us."

"Well then we need weapons." Amelia said. "You!" she pointed on one of the aliens. "Don't just stand there. Get the ammo! Now maggot!"

She just couldn't help herself but to give orders. It was in her nature. Jim didn't really mind tight now. He was too nervous to be able to think. He grabbed the wheel and turned to right, away from the pirate ship. It was too late. They collided with them and the pirate ship grabbed the deck of Wind gift with the claws so they couldn't move. No use, they'll have to fight. Pirates rushed on the ship and started slaughtering Jim's crew. They had almost no chances against them. Was this his sure death? On his first journey as a captain? No way. He took out his gun and started shooting on every pirate that tried to come on his ship. Few bullets flew by but one hit his shoulder. He moved away and ran under the deck where there were few others reloading their weapon.

"What do we do captain?" one of them asked.

A hard question for Jim. He didn't know what to say. "Fight back as long as you can. Try to get the claws off the ship so we can move on."

"Cannons." Amelia said. Where did she come from? "This ship has cannons. Go you maggots! Fill those cannons up and shoot that bloody ship away!"

The aliens ran down the stairs where the cannons are supposed to be. Amelia ran back on the deck. Jim followed her. There was a massacre on the deck but there was still less aliens than Wind's crew. They probably didn't expect there will be so many of them. The whole ship the shook and then a blast. Someone shoot the cannons. It repeated few more times.

"Retreat!" one of the pirates yelled. After few moments they were all back on the ship flying off. Jim collapsed on the floor leaning on the wall breathing deeply. He was alive, but he lost some men. He looked down on the deck looking at dead and dying bodies. He lost half of the crew. What a humiliation. He was sure he can do this.

"Doc? Where are you?" he called some time later.

"I'm here. I'm all right. Oh gosh Jim! You're bleeding!"

"I'm fine."

"It doesn't look like you're fine."

"Who were they?"

"The Savages." Amelia said coming from the captain's quarters. "Flint's disciples. They were looking for something."

"Are you sure they weren't just stealing?"

"Look." She said and pointed to the doors of captains cabin.

Jim's room was turned upside down. Papers, maps and all the things were lying all over the place. The globe of Montressor that was on the table was now shattered. "They knew exactly what they were looking for. Nothing is missing." Jim said.

"Right, and we should go straight back to the Spaceport." Doppler said.

"Rather not," Amelia said picking up a piece of cloth that was on the floor. "We're close to Taurus 45. We'll have to stay there for a while until we find a solution. We'll departure as soon as we can, maybe even the same day." She said and showed the cloth. "They'll come back for us." On it was written: You have nowhere to run!

"Why?" Jim asked. "We don't have anything valuable on this ship. Right?"

"They think we have something. Otherwise they wouldn't leave this message."

Jim took the cloth. He looked at the watermark closer. "Why are the most notorious, dangerous and mysterious pirates chasing us? Is this some kind of an irony? Because it's not funny…"

Doppler shrugged. Amelia turned around and left the room. "I'll send someone to clean it up."

"No, I'll do it myself."

"As you wish, captain."

Doppler followed Amelia out. Jim kneeled down to the Montressor globe, or better told what's left from it and started putting the pieces together, no matter that was pointless. First time as a captain and he ends like this. What a failure. Hopefully it won't affect on the grade, or whatever they were planning to do after he comes back.

Doppler was right, there were pirates around here at the moment. But what were they looking for? Flint's disciples? Weren't they gone for the past 5 years? Jim looked at the cloth again and it's watermark. He realized something wasn't right.

"Wait a minute… these weren't Flint's disciples."