AN: OC fic! With superheroes! So, I know how these things go. Most people will just skip straight to the OC form, so I made sure the intro isn't important. It's just a bit of background, letting me get my prologue out. It's just showing how everyone got their powers, and setting it up so OC's can easily be added for the next several chapters. So… tada?

Disclaimer: The wonderful Matt and Trey own the wonderful South Park. I'm merely taking a few things from it and adding some fan-girly-ness for my enjoyment.


"Stan! Stan, get up!" Randy Marsh was shaking his 17 year old son violently.

"Dad, what the fuck?"

"Randy, what is going on?" Sharron Marsh was standing her bathrobe in the hallway. Randy didn't answer either question. He grabbed his son and wife's hands and led them down the stairs and out the door, shuffling as quickly as he could in his fuzzy slippers.

Stan and Sharron knew better by now, and simply followed along as Randy eagerly shuffle-ran down the road toward the hill just outside of town. Apparently it was another of South Park's infamous events, because more robed families were pouring out of the houses around them and joining them. The entire town was congregated on top of the hill within ten minutes.

A giant, still smoking, meteor was sitting in a newly formed whole. And, of course, everyone had to stand and stare at it.

"Dude, how does everyone find out about these things if we're all sleeping?" Kyle rubbed a hand over his face as he came and stood next to Stan. Ike, who was now 13, had his head resting on his brother's shoulder, snoozing lightly.

"Hell if I know. But I'm really getting tired of getting dragged out of bed like this. Can't the universe decide to shit on us when we're in class?"

"It doesn't want to give us more then we can handle. In class we have to see Cartman." Kenny lazily swung an arm over each of his friends' shoulders.

"Shut up." Said boy came over to the group. The five boys stared at the large rock silently for a few moments.

"Dude. This is gay." Kyle pointed out. "Like more than usual. At least something exciting normally happens."

"Yeah, the rock exploding and crab people climbing out of it trying to take over the world. Again." Stan agreed.

"Or more meteors falling down, creating a worldwide disaster that only Irish step dancing can hold off." Kenny added.

"Or maybe, it's just a meteor shower." Cartman shrugged casually. The boys could only contain themselves for three seconds before breaking out into quiet giggles.

"Yeah, I wish it was something as normal as that." Ike said while yawing. "More likely the meteor is giving off some kind of weird gas that will only affect certain people." The older boys stared at Ike with blank expressions. "Or it's just a meteor shower." Simultaneously, all five boys sighed and dropped their heads back to stare at the sky.

"Dude!" Kyle and Stan shouted simultaneously, pointing up at the sky. A bright white streak flashed across the sky just as they had looked up.

"But, isn't there normally more than just two?" Kenny asked, looking between the sky and the rock in front of them.

"Normally. But since when is anything here ever normal?" Stan pointed out. "We should probably start learning how to step dance."


"Whoa! Dude, did you see that?" Clyde was jumping up and down excitedly while pointing to the sky.

"See wh-wh-what?" Jimmy asked, looking up in confusion.

"Oh my god! It's an alien ship coming to rape us!" Tweek twitched violently. He turned to run off but Craig and Token grabbed his arms, keeping him there.

"It was a shooting star, Tweek. It won't hurt us." Token reassured the blonde boy. Tweek continued to spazz, not listening to Token's reasoning. "Craig, tell him he's safe." But the noirette was busy staring up at the sky, a slight frown on his face.

"Craig?" Clyde questioned.

"You're fine, Tweek." He said in his normal, nasally, monotone voice. Craig finally looked down and gave a small smile to his best friend. "Here." He handed over the styrofoam cup in his other hand, and Tweek took it gratefully.

"Do you always ha-have coffee on you, Craig?" Jimmy asked.

"With Tweek as a best friend, it's necessary." Clyde laughed. Token looked over the others' heads, his eyes meeting Craig's. An unspoken message passed between them: South Park's next 'adventure' was here.


"Oh, oh boy! Mom, did you see that?" Butters stared up in awe at the clear night sky.

"See what dear?" Mrs. Stotch asked kindly.

"The shooting star!"

"Don't be silly, there's only the one down here." She smiled obliviously at him.

"Don't be making things up, young man!" Mr. Stotch reprimanded. "I was just looking up, and I didn't see anything."

"O-oh." Butters looked around him, seeing all the adults around him looking only at the unmoving, uninteresting meteor in front of them. Even most of the kids, who normally noticed most things, were staring at the rock.

Stan and Kyle were pointing up, the rest of their group and Ike were all excitedly talking. Butters guessed that they had all seeing the star too.

Craig and those guys were acting like their usual selves, Clyde being the only one who was looking up. Though that didn't mean much, Craig and Token wouldn't be showing it if they had noticed, and Tweek would be freaking out no matter what. Jimmy was shaking his head, arguing with Clyde over something now.

Wendy, Bebe, and Heidi were all whispering excitedly, closing their eyes tightly, most likely making wishes. Christophe and Gregory were even looking up, though neither were looking too interested.

Butters gave a sigh. Everyone was a part of a group, even Tweek managed to find a group. The last time Butters really felt connected with anyone was back in Junior High. He gave a laugh, remembering how their main thing back then had been superheroes. Of course, they never admitted their games in public. Once everyone got to High School though, all thoughts of heroism were over.

But not for Butters.

He missed his alter-ego, Professor Chaos. He missed finally having someone to boss around, even if it was just a little kid. He missed the fact that he had power, and could do bad things without being grounded. But mostly, he missed hanging out with his friends and not being made fun of for once.

'Star light, star bright, first star I see tonight…' Butters looked up at sky again, clasping his hands together tightly. 'Wish I may, wish I might, have the wish I wish tonight.'

'I wish I was Professor Chaos again, I wish my friends would take it seriously again. That they'd have to hang out with me.' He thought, ignoring the glares his parents gave him when he didn't answer their question. They could suck it, this was important. That shooting star may be Butters' only hope. He muttered the last part out loud, hoping it would reach whoever could help him.

"I wish we could all be Coon and Friends again."


AN: Tada! This is my own OC fic, and it's about Coon and Friends, the extended edition!

WARNING: I'm not accepting every OC, but there's not a set limit, and I'll be accepting them up until the summary says CLOSED.

Please limit to two OCs, and know that only one might be picked.

OC Form

Name/Nickname: (I have to be able to pronounce it)

Age/Class: (the main boys are 17 & 18 and Seniors, Ike and Dougie are 13 & 14 and Freshmen. Yes, I'm bending the ages slightly, so sue me.)

Personality: (Please be as descriptive as possible.)

History: (Doesn't have to be extravagant)



Friends: (Please don't be friends with everyone, pick a group, or Butters. Or a loner, I guess.)

Enemies/Rivals: (Normal HS ones, not villains)

Normal Looks: (You can add as much detail as you want, but I will only be general.)

Crush: (It's first come first serve, and all but Stan.)

You're a: Hero (Mysterion leads), Villain (Coon leads), Helper (Like Kyle helped Mysterion), Damsel (just a love interest/close friend), or Other (you tell me)?

Hero/Villain Name:

Outfit: (I will go into details here.)


Enemies: (Coon, Mysterion, etc…)

Reaction: (Are they excited? Do they take it seriously? Do they really want to bring justice?)

Anything Else?:

What would you do if Cartman called you a bitch?: (Just so I can know your OC better)

Here's my two.

Name/Nickname: Melody Daniels, Mel.

Age: 17, senior

Personality: Major tomboy. She likes sticking up for people who are the underdogs, and hates bullies. She has a strong sense of right and wrong, yet has no problem breaking some rules. She has an awful temper but it takes awhile before she snaps. She's very sporty and prefers hanging out with the guys and playing sports than gossiping. She absolutely fails at flirting, but doesn't have much interest in dating. Would do anything for her friends, and hates seeing others hurt, but has no problem with herself getting hurt.

History: Her parents are divorced, and living in Ohio. She lives with her brother Jerry, who is 22. She moved to South Park in 7th grade and immediately became friends with Craig and his gang.

Likes: Popsicles, basketball, playing/talking about/watching all sports.

Dislikes: Cold weather, bullies, girly girls, people thinking she's weak.

Friends: Craig, Tweek, Token, Clyde, and Chloe (OC).

Enemies/Rivals: Bebe.

Normal Looks: Red hair, constantly in a pony tail. Shorter than most people, but has an athletic build. Dark blue eyes. Grey hoodie with a red jacket over it. Blue jeans.

Crush: None.

Are you a: Hero

Hero/Villain Name: Red Rocket

Outfit: Black boots, dark red tights, black belt, and a dark red tank top-like shirt. Black fingerless gloves and a black simple mask that covers her whole head except for her mouth.

Powers: Control over gravity. Either increase or decreases gravity around her or around someone within 30 feet of her. Also let's her levitate slightly, jump higher, and run faster.

Enemies: Coon & Friends

Reaction: Super excited. She tends to be slightly reckless, but follows Mysterion's orders almost always. Love's playing pranks on the others. Doesn't care much for bringing justice in general, just wants to stop Coon & Chaos.

Anything Else?: Likes to use new powers in Basketball so she can dunk.

What would you do if Cartman called you a bitch?: Call him a stupid fatass and stick her tongue out.


Name/Nickname: Chloe Richards, Chloe

Age: 16, junior

Personality: Not too girly, but not a major tomboy. She loves Football and Cheer, but thinks all other sports are completely stupid. She doesn't like people being upset and will joke constantly trying to cheer people up. She hates talking about feelings, or showing fear and sadness. She's a very happy person, and doesn't let what others say get to her. She loves taking risks. She can be very persuasive if she wants something and has a natural charm.

History: Has lived in South Park all her life. Is neighbors with Melody, and they became friends her freshman year. Her father is a police officer.

Likes: Being active, being around people, having something to do or talk about.

Dislikes: losing control of a situation, showing fear/sadness, people interrupting her.

Friends: Craig, Tweek, Token, Clyde, and Melody.

Enemies/Rivals: Bebe.

Normal Looks: brown hair, shoulder length, super curly. Super skinny. Blue jeans, brightly colored Nikes, form fitting black shirt, dark blue jacket, and a stripped black beanie.

Crush: Stan.

You're a: Helper/Damsel. Tends to get kidnapped, but also gathers information when she can.

Anything Else?: Is super jealous that she doesn't have powers.

What would you do if Carman called you a bitch?: Say thanks and say he's one too.

Have fun:) ~Skye