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Kyle and Kenny rode in Stan's car to school, as they do every morning. The three had, along with Cartman, had been on their phones near constantly for the entire weekend. Craig and those guys had dropped by once, so had most of the girls. Christophe and Gregory even stopped by briefly. Kyle had been wracking his brain to figure out what exactly was going on, and how they could fix it. The latter being the harder part. After not sleeping the past two nights, all three boys were completely exhausted; but they had at least reached a conclusion.

Stan had sent out a text to everyone on their list, asking them to meet out at Starks Pond at 6, once all sports practices were over. Thankfully, everyone had replied positively. Through the whole day, everyone struggled to seem as normal as possible, which was quite a bit harder for some.

The worst though, was during practice. Stan had to concentrate extra hard to not focus on anything metal for too long, in case he accidently moved it. Craig struggled with tackling the most, his strength having increased tenfold. Kyle's jumps were now putting him a good 5 feet in the air, very unnatural for a human.

Most people didn't fully understand what their power was exactly, so they had no hope at trying to control the oddities around them. Red had accidently started catching things on fire, so she played sick, but agreed to meet everyone at the pond later. As hard as it was, everyone managed to keep up the façade of normalcy, at least for today.


"Alright, that's everyone." Kyle said, double checking his list and the people present. He was standing in the middle of a clearing by Starks with his best friends and Indie next to him. Kenny, who had seemingly made himself the unofficial leader, stepped forward, immediately gaining everyone's attention.

"Yo." He started. "So I know everyone's totally freaked out by all this, we are too." He gestured to the three guys behind him. "And we're used to the crazy shit. But I think we've finally got it all figured out."

"You know what's happening?" Melody asked hopefully.

"And how to stop it?" Red added.

"Well… we know what's going on…" Kenny scratched the back of his head.

"That much is pretty obvious!" Gabrielle spoke up. "If that's all we came here for, I'm out." The rest of group mumbled agreements and began walking away.

"Whoa, wait!" Stan called. "We don't know how to fix it completely, but we know how to make it easier." This got the kids' attention again. "Ike has a special power… and we think it can help everyone." The mentioned boy stepped forward sheepishly.

"I can…" He struggled to find the right words. "Sense the power in other people. It's just a sort of feeling I get."

"Oh yeah? And why should we believe this kid?" Kaylen said.

"He checked me last night. Ike read that I have something to do with wind… and guess what?" Kyle clenched his hands into fists, closed his eyes, and focused hard. A few silent moments passed before the wind began to pick up, blowing leaves all around everyone and messing up people's hair. "I can't do much with it yet, but that's already more controlled than it was before. That's just from knowing what I can do." The crowd seemed impressed, and appeared to have decided to stay and listen.

"Alright…" Arabella spoke. "So what about the rest of us? Are we just going to have Ike 'read' us than we… what? Practice our skills?"

"Umm… this is a good idea and all, but why?" Mutt asked. "I mean, what's the point of knowing what we can do and practicing?"

"Yeah!" Melody agreed. "I don't want to get good with this thing, I just want it gone." Stan pinched the bridge of his nose and let out a sigh. He and Kyle both turned to Cartman, he was the one who came up with this idea.

"That is correct that we do not yet know how to reverse these… gifts we are receiving. However, it is obvious that they are causing major complications. While we are looking for a 'cure' we should not ignore these gifts, allowing them to run amuck and appear at random. We should hone them, learn to the control them, least they control us." Cartman paced back and forth with his hands behind his back. Most couldn't help but sigh as Cartman gave one of his infamous inspirational speeches.

"Er, Kyle? Doesn't it normally mean Cartman has an ulterior motive when he gives speeches like that?" Indie whispered.

"Cartman's always plotting something." He answered back.

"I believe that if we work hard, through our trials we may just happen upon the reason for this. We might even discover a greater purpose; a reason fate has picked all of us to bear this burden. We might just become… heroes." Cartman's dramatic finish left the teens silent, all pondering if the risk was worth the reward.

"Alright." Craig pushed his way to the front of the group, his arms crossed. "Let's try this."


Kyle had his notebook out, recording everything Ike 'read' from the people. After Craig's lead, the others had all agreed to at least let Ike read them so they could learn their power. Everyone decided to cluster into groups, so they could talk on their own while Ike read the others.

"Kenny: indestructible. Stan: control over metals. Cartman: mind manipulation… that's a scary one." Kyle read out, letting everyone know what Ike got from the first three. The brothers walked over to Craig's group, ready to check them out next.

Ike stood in front of Craig, closing his eyes and slowing his breathing. Craig felt a small tickle in the back of his brain, which he assumed was Ike's probing, and shifted uncomfortable.

"Don't move." The freshman chided. "It makes it harder."

"Jesus." Craig sighed.

"Strength. And flight." Ike finally decided, letting out the breath he'd been holding. Clyde eagerly stepped forward, wanting to be next. It took ten more minutes for Ike finish the rest of those guys, especially since Tweek couldn't hold still.

"Clyde: flight and invisibility. Token: control of plastic. Tweek: teleportation. Melody: control of gravity. Kaylen: mind manipulation." Kyle read off.

"Oh good, Kay can hold Cartman off from the rest of us." Melody high fived the girl.

"Sweet. So I can fly?" Clyde cheered. Token placed a hand on his shoulder, almost as if to stop him from running and jumping off the nearest high object to test it out.

"Wait until we learn a little more. And for God's sake practice on something low before you even think about jumping off any trees." Clyde acted like a child being grounded, but eventually gave in to Token's argument, knowing he was right.

After almost an hour of going from person to person, Kyle finally had a complete list to read off.

"Wendy: truth teller. Bebe: control of water. Red: control of fire. Christophe: shape shifting. Gregory: voice imitations…. Both of those sound like what you already did, hmm. Ike: sensing powers. Dougie: changing power levels. Arabella: creating illusions. Mutt: super speed. John: super jumps. Gabrielle: creates copies. Butters: enhanced brain. And Indie: freezing powers." Kyle took a deep breath.

"So… that's everyone." Stan said lamely.

"Now what?" John asked the question everyone was thinking. "What are we supposed to do with this knowledge?"

"And don't say practice! We know we have these awesome powers… we can't just pretend they don't exist though. They're going to majorly affect everything now." Bebe spoke up.

"We should play pranks on the rest of the school!" Mutt yelled. "We'd have a couple people to cause distractions, and the rest can work on moving everything out of the classrooms and onto the roof!"


"Or we could use et to get us some money. That would be easy, too." Christophe suggested.


"How about we just lay low? Don't let anyone who's not a part of this have any reason to suspect us of absolutely anything weird." Kenny added.

"No!" Kyle face palmed as the crowd changed their answer, yet sounded just as pumped.

"Guys! We can't let others know! You know from experience, the more people who know about something, the harder it is to control it! Especially in this town."

"So none else can know?" John asked. "No family?"

"What about friends? I'm going to have to keep this from half the cheer squad!" Bebe protested.

"What about you Kenny? Aren't you going to tell your girlfriend?" Token's question called everyone to turn their attention to the blonde up front. Kenny seemed shocked for a moment, scratching his head as he thought.

"I guess I can't." He glanced at Kyle for confirmation. "If we really are going to keep this a secret, I can't tell her."

"And if Kenny's keeping something from Bonnie the rest of you can shut your traps too!" Stan said confidently. Everyone was still staring up at the four of them expectantly. "What?"

"So are we… a club?" Butters asked, praying that someone would give the answer he longed for. Kyle and Stan shrugged at each other. They'd been working so hard to get things figured out they hadn't even thought about it. Kenny was about to answer, saying that this was a serious matter and they shouldn't be making it into some game, when Cartman spoke up.

"Not a club exactly… we are a group of super heroes. We are called… Coon and Friends!"

"What?" Kenny yelled. "That's what we were called back in 4th grade. Don't you remember how that turned out?"

"Hold on, Kenny. That's not such a bad idea." Craig said, shocking everyone that he was agreeing with Cartman. Gabrielle stepped more toward the front of the group.

"We're supposed to be practicing right? Why not do it in a fun way so it doesn't seem like work?" She smirked up at Cartman, who gave a winning smile back.

"Humph." Kenny sighed. "Well who all is okay with being called Coon and Friends making this into some sort of club?" Gabrielle was the first to raise her hand. Craig, John, and Mutt were the first guys to raise their hands, quickly followed by all the others. Arabella, Ike, and Dougie joined in, as well as the three cheerleaders. Kaylen and Melody let theirs go up slowly. Indie smiled at Butters before they raised their own hands. Seeing everyone else, Kyle, Stan, and Kenny were the last three to reluctantly agree.

"Great! So, I say, based off of the name that means I get to be the leader!"

"Cartman you can't be the leader!" Kyle argued. "You're a shit leader."

"Dammit Jew!"

"Fucking fat ass!"

"I'm not fat anymore you cunt! It's muscle now, and you know it!"

"You'll always be a fat ass in my mind, asshole."

"Kyle, Cartman!" Stan yelled, getting the two to shut up. "It's just a game… what harm can he do?" Cartman seemed satisfied and walked away.

"When things turn to shit because of him, I'm going to remind you of what you just said, and rub it in your face." Indie looped her arms around one of Kyle's.

"Calm down. He can't do anything too bad, there's too many of us, he knows we could easily take him down. Especially with all the powers."

"That's why I'm worried! He's planning something."

"You're just paranoid."

"Wait… so if you get to be the Coon again, I want to go back to being the Mosquito!" Clyde said. "My powers are pretty close, I could easily be him again!"

"Yeah, I want to be Tupperware!"

"We should all get awesome hero names!" Arabella agreed. Cartman's smile widened, worrying Kyle even more.

"Well, it's already eight, so how about everyone goes and thinks of their own name, and then tomorrow we'll back here at six again and share them?" Everyone was too excited by the prospect of creating their own names that they missed Cartman's eye roll. All but Gabrielle, that is. "Bye guys!" Cartman yelled, waving everyone away. The groups rushed to their cars, already talking with their friends about ideas.

"Remember not to tell anyone!" Kyle shouted back, only receiving a small nod from his own brother. "This is going to be a disaster."

Butters stopped by Dougie, talking to him for a few moments before smiling and heading toward the last group: Stan, Kyle, Kenny, and Indie.

"H-hey guys! Dougie just agreed to be General Disarray again! And I'm Professor Chaos!" He bumped his knuckles together nervously. "Just please don't trap me in a box this time… that wasn't so fun."

"Don't worry, Butters. This time it's for real, don't do anything evil and we won't lock you up." Stan joked, not believe Butters could really be evil. The smaller boy sighed and walked away, calling out a last goodbye to Indie.

"I'm so jealous! You guys already have your names." Indie sighed.

"Don't be!" Kenny laughed. "They're stupid names only a fourth grader could have come up with. Yours gets to sound like someone with actual brains thought of it."

"Besides, it's not the name the makes the hero. I mean look at Aquaman, he sounds cool, but he's totally lame. And Thor? Sounds dumb, but he's a beast!" Indie laughed and gave Kyle a quick kiss.

"Thanks guys."

"I don't get a kiss?" Kenny asked sadly.

"Hey, you've got your own!" Kyle shoved the blonde away as he reached for his girl.

"Speaking of own, Stan, where's Wendy?" Stan sighed, shoving his hands deep in his jacket pockets.

"She's kinda pissed right now. She thinks all this power stuff will get in the way of classes."

"Dude, I save the town like once a month and my grades are just as good as hers. She can handle this one problem."

"Yea, but you're used to this stuff, it's been happening since 3rd grade. She's only been involved a few times."

"Stan, stop making excuses for her." Kenny laughed. "She's just looking for another reason to break it off and you know it." Stan mumbled a reply that sound like 'lover trucker' but the boys were sure he said something else.

"Well, I still have no idea what I should call myself!"

"Beautiful. Stunning. Wonderful." Kyle listed off, causing Indie to blush heavily.

"Oh, stop it, Kyle, you're going to make Stan blush!" Kenny joked, causing the two to protest loudly. "You just make it too easy, guys." Stan was still fuming as he unlocked his car, letting the other climb in. The four decided to devote their drive back into town to figuring out a name for Indie.
"What about Medusa? Since you're eyes freeze people?" Stan suggested.

"That makes me sound evil! And she killed them, not froze them."

"Basalisk?" Kyle offered.

"She needs something prettier." Kenny decided. "You like snakes, right?" Indie nodded. "Serpentine." The other three thought about it for a moment.

"I love it!" Indie declared. "It sounds perfect!"

"Serpentine it is, then."


"Cartman! Wait up!" Gabrielle was waiting in the trees for Cartman to leave his friends. She fell into step beside him.

"What do you want?" He asked.

"I want in." Gabrielle smirked at his shocked expression. "I know you're planning something, and it sounds fun. I want to be a part of it."

"What makes you think I would be trying to pull something? Why would I want to?"

"I'm not an idiot, don't treat me like one!" She chided. "You suggested being called Coon. No one has thought about that name for a long time. I remember how everyone made him out to be the worst 'hero' ever, how he was more of a villain. The other's all turned on you, kicking you out of your own club, right?" Cartman growled.

"So? Why would you want a part of it?" He caught himself. "If I was planning anything, which I'm not."

"It sounds fun." This was only a partial truth. Gabrielle did think causing problems was fun, but mostly she just wanted the chance to work closely with Cartman. "And you know my power could be useful. Clones of myself? That I can control?" Cartman thought about it.

"I accept your proposition Miss…?" Gabrielle thought for a moment. She hadn't considered a name before now.

"Gemini. The twins." She answered.

"Sounds good, I welcome you to my team." A sudden sound from behind them startled them both. They turned, ready to beat whoever was eavesdropping, when they saw Butters come stumbling out of a bush.

"Well, hiya fellers." He brushed a few twigs out of his hair. "Eric, I was hoping to talk to you about…" He glanced at Gabrielle. "Some things."

"As Butters to Eric, or Professor Chaos to the Coon?"

"Well… uh… the second one!"

"Good, good. Welcome back, Chaos. Welcome back."


"So what names did you guys used to have?" Melody asked. She, Kaylen, Clyde, and Craig were scrunched in the back of Token's car, while Tweek sat shotgun.

"Yeah, all that happened before we moved here." Kaylen added.

"It was just Clyde and I, Craig thought he was too cool to be a part of it, which meant Tweek didn't want to join either." Token said.

"I was the Mosquito! I even had an awesome costume!" Clyde said from his position scrunched in the corner.

"You wore a plunger on your face, dude." Craig snorted. Clyde tried to hit him, but since they were on opposite sides of the girls he merely stuck his tongue out.

"I was Tupperware. I actually made an outfit out of those little boxes." Token said. "I think it's pretty cool I can control plastic now, since that's along the line of what I had back then.

"What was your power?" Melody asked.

"I had a plastic gun that shot leftovers at people. It gave me an excuse to throw food." Everyone laughed, imagining a small Token raiding his fridge for food to throw and explaining to his mother why all her containers were missing.

"So, what are we going to name ourselves?" Melody asked the other three.

"I want to be Superboy." Craig said immediately. "I have super strength and flying, and he's cool."

"That names already taken! You have to come up with a new one!" Kaylen protested.

"Fine. Super… dude. I am Superdude." There was a pause, then everyone broke out into more laughter, even Craig.

"That has got to be the dumbest name ever!" Token laughed, slowing the car down so he wouldn't wreck.

"B-but it's still cool!" Tweek said. "It's just lame enough to –twitch- be good."

"He's right, that suits you really well." Clyde said.

"Tweek should be twitch!" Melody decided. "It fits him perfect, and if you think about it, it suits his power to! He 'twitches' from one place to another!"

"That makes no sense!" Tweek said. "But I still like it!" As Tweek got older, he'd gotten a lot better about his spazzing, but even still he was a twitchy little guy.

"Alright, now do me!" Melody asked.

"Gladly." Craig responded.

"Shut up, you know what I meant!" Melody punched him in the leg. "Come on. I steal gravity…"

"The Robber." Token suggested.

"Red Robber! Ya know, because of the hair." Kaylen smiled at her own suggestion.

"I like it." Melody smiled. "Thanks Kay!"

"Hey, I helped too!"

"Thanks Token! Now, Kay's turn!" They thought for a few more moments, nothing coming directly to mind.

"You're basically psychic, right?" Craig asked. "Why not Psych?" Kaylen smiled, showing her approval. The six began to eagerly talk about their new powers, and what they would love to do with them.


"So… what are you guys thinking of for names?" Mutt asked. He and John were walking home together, since they're houses were on the block. Christophe and Gregory apparently lived fairly close as well, since they had all been walking in the same direction for five minutes.

"Ze Mole." Christophe answered easily. "It is already my code name; I don't zee a need to change et."

"The Ventriloquist. As that is basically my power." Gregory answered just as quickly. They didn't seem to have put a lot of thought behind it, but both names worked.

"Well, I was thinking of The Dodger!" Mutt said, when neither asked him. "Since I run so fast. I considered Quickie, but that would get old soon."

"That's cool. I want to be Know-It-All." John said proudly. "It goes well with my ego I think."

"Sounds cool! The Dodger and Know-It-All, saving the world together! I like the way it sounds." Mutt smirked. "So are you guys excited about this, or what?"

"I think it'll be fun! It's a bunch of people who normally don't talk to each other that much, except for a few people." John answered.

"Zat will definitely be zee interesting part. I look forward to zeeing everyone 'get along'. Especially under ze Fat One's leadership." Christophe snickered. He threw the cigarette he'd been smoking onto the ground, pulling out another one right after.

"I look forward to how things play out. I can't wait to get this matter resolved and these 'gifts' taken back. But until then, I don't think it'll be too bad." Gregory answered.

"I think this is going to be the best adventure yet!"


"Sleepover, us three, my house, tonight!" Wendy announced as soon as she, Bebe, and Red had closed the doors to her car. "We need to discuss what exactly we're doing and if we're going to stay involved."

"What do you mean 'if'?" Bebe asked. "I'm excited for this! The only things we need to discuss are our names and Stan."

"Stan?" Wendy questions, her hands tightening on the wheel. "What about Stan?"

"Wendy… we know you're upset with him. But you can't break up with him this time. He can't control it, and you're even a part of it this time." Red said. "If you want to break up with Stan, you have to use another reason." Wendy bit her lower lip.

"But, I like being with Stan."

"We know, Wendy." Bebe said. "Listen, let's not talk about this until later. What should our names be?"

"I was thinking Spark! Since I control fire." Red answered quickly.

"Ohh, I like that! I was thinking Aqua, for the water." Bebe said.

"I like that, too! Wendy?" The driver shook her head.

"I haven't really thought about it. I've been preoccupied with other things." Bebe and Red shook their heads understandingly. "I guess something similar to Wonder Woman. She used her lasso to get the truth out of people, and I've always admired her."

"Oh! Wonder Chick!" Bebe said excitedly. "Pretty, pretty please use that name!" Wendy let out a small laugh.

"I will." She smiled at her two best friends. "And thanks girls."


Being too young to drive and not having any older friends, Ike, Arabella, and Dougie were stuck walking home after the two hour long meeting. Ike had been complaining about Kyle preferring to ride with his friends than give them a ride since they left the pond ten minutes ago.

"So I was thinking… I want to be called The Illusionist." Arabella announced, talking around her ever-present lollipop. "What about you guys?" Ike was startled out of his rant, which were sounding more and more like his brother's every day, and thought about it.

"Sensor. Simple and descriptive." He said. They both turned to Dougie.

"Well, I was thinking about using the name I had back when Butters always wanted me to help him. That's what he was asking me about earlier. I'm still going to be General Disarray." Dougie answered nervously and carefully.

"I don't see a problem with that." Arabella announced. "I think it's cool you have an old name to use."

"Dougie… is Butters planning on acting evil again? He always played the villain, back even before Coon and Mysterion first started up." Dougie bit down on his finger, unsure if he should answer, but Ike just nodded. "I guess that one's obvious. The bigger question: are you still going to follow him?" Dougie let out a sigh.

"I don't know, guys. I mean, I loved feeling important and reckless. It was… oddly thrilling to be the bad guy."

"I know what you mean! Causing problems is just so much fun!" Arabella jumped in. "But seriously, Dougie. You're out best friend. No matter what we're going to stick with you… right?" Ike didn't know how to respond. He wasn't technically agreeing to be evil, and nothing was set in stone yet… but still.

"Kyle is one of the heroes… I'd be going against my own brother."

"Kyle would still love you, no matter what." Dougie answered.

"Guys! This is a game, it's not even for real, so chill out." Arabella huffed. "Let's not talk about this, I don't want you two being depressed the rest of the day. Let's just agree to stick together, no matter what!"

"Okay!" Dougie agreed. Ike gave a small, but genuine, smile.

"No matter what."


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