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Chapter One

By: XoxAnnaxoX

Two girls, ages fourteen, were on vacation with their parents. They were staying in a hotel just outside the small town. This town didn't get many visitors, and not many people would consider it a "vacation". Well, Gracie and Maria, from an agriculture area decided they needed a break from their homes and brought their kids here.

Gracie and Maria were the parents of the two girls. Maria had a miscarriage with her second child and never had another child since. Gracie never got the chance to have another child because her husband had left her thirteen years ago. Maria's husband died in a car accident. Both Gracie and Maria were childhood friends so they raised their daughters together.

Gracie and Maria were a lot alike on the inside. On the outside? They were completely opposite. Gracie had straight honey blond hair that had a nice silky look in the sunlight. Her blue-gray eyes sparkled with bright blue when she was happy, but turned a dark gray when she was upset. She had fair skin that sunburned easily. Maria, however had dark brown hair, almost black, that waved down to her mid back. Her milk chocolate eyes twinkled when she was content, and became almost black when she was discombobulated. Unlike Gracie, Maria's Hispanic heritage gave her darker skin and she never sunburned.

Their children were spitting images of them.

"Come on Addison! Don't be a baby!" Elisa said, waving for the blond headed girl to hurry up.

"Are you sure we won't get caught?" Addison bit her lip nervously.

Elisa sighed and went over to Addison, "I'm positive. Both our moms are out for the night! They won't get back until about midnight. We'll be back by then, and they wont suspect a thing."

Addison thought for a moment. "What if they come home early? And we're not there?"

"Easy, I told mom to call us."

"Didn't she find a bit, oh I don't know, odd that you asked that?"

Elisa laughed. "Yea, she did. I told her it was because I wanted have the room cleaned before they got back."

"So that's why you made us waste time cleaning?"

"Yep, now lets go! Its already eight o'clock! We only get about five or four hours now."

Addison sighed. "Alright."

Elisa smiled at her, "You know you're gonna have fun."

"Yeah, yeah."

Together the two girls went into town. There were a good amount of people out and about. They quickly walked out of town, hoping they didn't call any attention to themselves. Addison caught sight of a small little shop that sold candy.

"Can we at least stop to get some candy?"

Elisa looked at the shop. "I guess, I mean it's not like it'll hurt anything."

They walked up closer to the shop. It was very small and very old. You could tell it had been around for a while. When they reached the door there was a small sign. It told the closing and opening times. It looked like this:

Monday-Tuesday: 6:00am-9:00pm

Wednesday: 6:00am-5:30pm

Thursday-Saturday: 7:30am-8:00pm

Sunday: 6:30am-7:00pm

"Today's Friday, we can't go in there, it's closing . . ." Addison sighed.

Elisa frowned. "But I want candy! You got my hopes up and now I'm craving something sweet."

Addison laughed, "Well, just wait until tomorrow."

Elisa shook her head and pressed her face against the door and looked in the small glass window. She saw one room. It was filled with all sorts of sweets. Some, of which she had never heard of or seen. In the front of the room was a counter with a cash register. She caught sight of an elderly man. He looked over and saw her but it didn't register at first.

He looked away for a second, then blinked and looked back. Elisa moved away from the door, a bit startled. The man came to the door and opened it and a small bell rang as he did.

"What are to young girls like yourselves doin' out here?" The man asked.

He had on a light faded blue shirt tucked into his pants which were a faded brown color. He had on a green apron like thing around his waist. It had pocket in it that obviously had something in it. His hair was completely gray and he was balding.

"Um . . ." Elisa stared at the man not sure how to answer, and then looked at Addison.

"We're to get some candy . . . our mom's sent us with some money to come and get some. But obviously your closed so we'll just come back tomorrow." Addison said, lying without any hesitation.

"Oh no, it's fine. I was just cleaning up before I left for the night. But come on in, I'll gladly stay open a little while longer for such pretty girls." The man held the door open for them.

The two girls walked in, each a bit nervous, afraid they'd get caught. The man came in behind them and flipped the light on. The store lit up and the girls looked around amazed at all the candy.

"Help yourselves to whatever kind you like." The man smiled sweetly.

Elisa went straight for some chocolate. It was milk chocolate but it had some caramel in it. Addison went towards the gummy bears. They both grabbed a small bag and filled it with candy. They brought it to the man who was now behind the counter.

"Now, are you paying together or separately?"

"Together," They both said at the same time.

The man took the bags and put them on a scale. He weighed them then handed the bags back to them. He wrote something down and turned back to them. "That'll be five dollars."

"Okay," Addison dug into her old dark green bag. She pulled out a five dollar bill and handed it to the man.

"Thank you," He smiled, "Come again! Be careful on your way home."

The two girls nodded and left.

"Well he was nice," Elisa said as they walked away from the store.

"Yea," Addison smiled as she put their bags of candy in her bag.

They walked to the other side of town until they reached a large thicket of trees. Addison stopped there and Elisa frowned at her.


"Do you even know where we're goin' any more?" Addison crossed her arms.

"Yes. There's a clearing not far from here and that is where we are going."

"You sure?"


Addison sighed and followed Elisa. They walked through the trees until Elisa stopped suddenly.

"Okay, how do I look?"

"Fabulous!" Addison laughed, "And me?"

"Sexy," Elisa giggled.

Addison wore blue skinny jeans with a black tu-tu, and black All-Star converse boots with black laces. Her hair was pulled back into a ponytail and she left to little strands of hair on each side fall down so it shaped her face nicely. She had spent about five minutes making those pieces curl just a bit.

Elisa wore black skinny jeans and and a blue to-to and the same shoes as Addison, except with blue laces. She left her hair down and it waved down to about her mid-back. She had on a pair of gloves that were blue and black stripped that went down to about her elbows, and they didn't have the finger wholes. They both had on a Black Veil Brides t-shirt.

"Okay, hurry up we're almost there!" Addison giggled, she was now very excited.

"I'm going, I'm going!" Elisa laughed as they continued to walk.

They were going out to a party that a bunch of the local kids, ages from fifteen to seventeen, were having. It was the middle of summer so they didn't have to worry about getting cold. Addison and Elisa knew their parents wouldn't let them go, so that's why they had to sneak off.

Eventually they had gotten far enough that could hear the music booming loudly.

"We're here." Elisa smiled.

"Really? I couldn't tell from the music!" Addison said sarcastically, as she laughed.

"Shut up," Elisa rolled her eyes, "Look the clearing is just over there." She said pointing.

"Yea, yea. I can see that." Addison took Elisa's arm and they walked to the clearing.

There was a fire in the middle of the place and a few torch like things on the side, lighting the place up. Some kid with lots of money had brought some big speakers and was blaring the music. Someone had also brought alcohol. You could tell all the kids there were drunk by now.

"Alright no drinking, okay?" Addison said.

"Well duh! We have to be able to walk home tonight!" Elisa laughed.

Addison shook her head and laughed.

They stayed there and danced like there was no tomorrow. Both of them denied any drinks offered to them. As the night went on it got later and later. Elisa found Addison who was laughing with one of the guys there who had only gotten tipsy.

"Addison!" Elisa called out.

"Yea?" She turned around.

"We gotta leave soon. Our moms could be home any minute now."

"Okay," Addison said goodbye to the guy she had been talking to and they headed home.

When they got to the town, it was mostly empty by now. It was strangely quite.

"Come on, I wanna get back to the hotel. Its scary at night." Addison said holding onto Elisa.

"We'll be fine." Elisa reassured her.

They were walking on the road, which probably wasn't the smartest thing but there were no cars so they weren't worried about it.

But that's when everything went haywire.

Suddenly headlights were shinning on them. The car was moving to fast for them to move. Both girls screamed. They tried to move out of the way but neither could decide on a direction to go, so they were stuck there. Elisa tried to push Addison out of the way of the car but it was to late.

The driver of the car was drunk, and only slowed down a little when he had saw the two girls.

It was to late, the girls fate's had been decided and the car hit them. They only felt a sudden pain. Addison felt her ribs crack and her head hit the pavement hard. She began to bleed nonstop. Elisa also hit the pavement hard but was lucky and her head landed on Addison's arm.

Everything went black and the driver stopped when he felt the bump he hit, which was the girls. He got out of the car and began to panic and curse. He could barley walk in a straight line and his words were all slurred together. He managed to call 911.

When they arrived they took the two girls away. They went through Addison's bag and found out who their parents were and called them. They cleaned them up and stopped the bleeding. By the time they were done, they had only saved one child.

That day, Addison died. She went towards the light. She had read about this in books about how you see the light when you die, but it didn't really register. She went to the light and she put her hand in. She pulled it out and brought some the light into her. She saw Elisa and got distracted and was thrown off course.

Elisa was in a coma. She made it to the light and was going to enter it, but was then thrown backwards away from the light.

The two girls had just entered Everlost . . .

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