Chapter One - In the beginning

By JCHatten
Beta: Hawklan, Darth Payne

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Chapter 1

"Look he is so cute," the female voice said as she was looking down on the picture she could see in the mirror.

It was the moving picture of a new born baby resting in his mother's arms sleeping soundly somewhere on earth.

A larger male frowned a bit but nodded, "Yes, quite cute for a human."

He frowned a bit. "I think the parents are alcoholics, what a waste," he frowned as he studied his sister she was up to something. That could often be bad, just like juggling with nitroglycerin.

The female nodded absently still making cow eyes towards the image of the baby. "I like him. He is going to be my new Avatar on earth, Bishamon."

The male, Bishamon, blinked before talking in an exaggerated calm and clear voice. "He is a child. You can't make a CHILD into your avatar and he is NOT from one of our beliefs, Kishijoten."

The female, Kishijoten, now looked quite put out. "I don't care. Don't be a stick in the mud and if I get in trouble you help me right? Right?"

Sniff sniff. "Right, big brother. Please I really, really want him as my Avatar. Don't you love me anymore?" Sniff.

Bishamon sighed, "Sure, I love you and I help you." He groaned to himself there will be so much trouble in the future.

Kishijoten grinned and giggled happily. She had her Avatar 'Alexander LaVelle Harris'. The goddess of Luck (good and bad), beauty and the protector of song and dance smiled into the mirror, watching the new born Xander as he slept happy. She just knew that he would live an interesting life filled with luck, good and bad.

Note: A special thank you to Darth Payne who has made this story even better to read.

Chapter 02

Sunnydale High school library

Giles sighed happily. The students were on a day trip to the zoo, were most of them would probably fit in perfectly among the other apes. He flushed a bit irritated, considering the way American students behaved he wonder why it was only students that went on a shooting killing spree in school and not the teachers.

His grumblings was interrupted by a thundering voice from behind.

"Ah Mr. Giles, I am honored to see you again, my old friend."

Giles almost dropped his book but grinned, "Uraki, what are you doing here? I heard you returned permanently back to Africa after Watcher training."

Uraki grinned he was a big African man, towering over Giles as he stood more than six feet tall. His head shaved bald and eyes twinkling in a mix between joy and danger, like a happy lion that just might be hungry you never knew. "I do wish I could have stayed, but sadly my duty brings me away from civilization to the land of the Barbarians."

Giles smiled, "Well I know you think anything outside your rain forest to be a primitive barbarian country, but in the case of the USA I agree with you. But what brought you here?"

Uraki dropped his smile. His face looked more dangerous now and a weak green glow filled them. "White hunters managed to catch some animals, dangerous animals that normally are used in Primal rites. In the wrong hands it could be worse than a vampire."

Giles sighed, "I see. What kind of animals?"

Uraki sat down, "Leopards, a small pride of them. I need your help."

Giles nodded. "Ah yes. Well I will help of course. Some of the students have been helping me and one Willow might be able to help us using THAT," he said pointing at the computer.

Uraki blinked, "Using a TV? What can that do?"

Giles grinned, "Not a TV. A computer, it can really do a lot of fact finding. I don't know how they work, but Willow does."

Uraki nodded but watched the computer with a nervous gaze. "I see they have become smaller then when I last saw one."

Giles nodded, "Yes, awful things those computers, they no spirit, no essence."

Uraki said, "I wonder if one of my spirits could help us?"

Giles frowned a bit. "I don't think Shaman tricks could make a computer work. We should wait until the kids come back later today."


Later, much later

"Giles, Xander is behaving strange," Buffy said as she walked inside. Willow was trailing silently after her.

Uraki frowned, "So that is the Slayer?"

Buffy blinked and looked up and up and then up a bit more. She tensed a bit, gripping her stake wishing it was bigger. "Giles, who or what is that and is it difficult to slay?"

Giles grumbled, "You do no slaying here. That's Mr. Uraki, a Watcher and a Witchdoctor from Africa. He is a friend of mine."

Willow said, "You are big. I mean big as in friendly not big like stupid, me I I be quiet now."

Uraki grinned, "Believe me, ii get the 'You are big quite a lot."

Buffy sneered, "I bet you have to dodge whenever an airplane flies by."

Giles hid a grin. "Buffy!"

Uraki grinned, showing off his perfect teeth and letting his eyes glow green. "I like your Slayer, Giles. She is strong and brave."

Buffy asked, "GILES, he has green glowing eyes. May I stake him?"

Giles sighed, "No, you may not. He is a Witchdoctor, it's a trick he does."

Buffy sighed grumbling about the fact that he looked to monstery to be anything BUT a monster.

Willow got back to the first point, "Oho Giles, I think something is wrong with Xander. He has been real strange. Sneaking around, bullying and stealing food from the other geeks."

Giles sighed and rolled his eyes, "He is a teenage male, Willow."

Uraki interrupted Giles, "Giles, wait a moment. Girls, did Xander visit any animals today?"

Buffy nodded, "Willow and him got to see the zebra mate."

Willow nodded, "And Xander helped Jonathan from being bullied in the cat house."

Giles blinked. "You don't think?"

Uraki nodded, "I do. If I see him I will know!"

At that moment the door opened and Xander walked, no not walked more like sneaked inside, with an almost predator like power in his movement.

Uraki eyes gleamed green as he watched the young man, "He is possessed."

Xander looked up and up and up again, but not as much as Buffy. He froze and in a growling voice he spoke, "What are you doing here? Giles, who is that man doing in our place?" His eyes started to glow a spooky green.

Uraki looked at Giles.

Giles nodded, "I see. Buffy we must catch Xander before he hurts somebody or himself."

Buffy nodded as she jumped her friend. Xander normally did NOT have glowing eyes. Glowing eyes were bad.

Xander blinked in confusing as he was attacked and knocked out.

"That was easy. What happened to him?" asked Buffy,


The huge hand of Uraki petted Xander's head softly for a moment. "He is possessed by a leopard spirit. Right now it is taking him over. It makes him behave more and more like an animal."

Willow asked, "Can we remove it? I don't want to kill him. He is Xander we must help him you can help him right?"

Uraki nodded, "I can help him, but it is his choice."

He turned to Giles, "Let's tie him up before we ask him what kind of help he wants."

Giles nodded.

"What kind of help? What are you talking about?" asked Buffy.



Xander felt groggy as he woke up and was wondering why he felt so bad.

Giles voice interrupted his thought, "Xander listen to me. You are possessed by an animal spirit. Right now we have managed to put it to sleep and you are in control over yourself, but it is still inside of you."

Uraki nodded and said, "You have a choice to make. I could let it take you over completely which will eventually turn you in to a monster."

Xander blinked, "What? I don't want to be a monster."

Uraki continued, "You would be surprised how many actually chose that option or I could remove it. But that would hurt your soul and you would be more open to possessions that would and could hurt you or I could help the animal spirit to merge with you. Leaving you in control and it to power you and help you, but you also would gain some of its instincts. I would have to train you control. The last option would be death."

Xander blinked, "Giles what should I do? I'm thinking removing the spirit or gain control over it. The two other choices are not fun."

Giles blinked, "Uraki, you are offering to train him?"

Uraki nodded, "Not much, but the basics in Spiritism. I sense a hidden strength in this boy. He is lucky that I am in town."

Giles gave Xander his opinion, "I would take the merge, if I were you."

"Alright, I only wonder why I always have the bad luck." Xander mused.

Willow said, "Well you did have good luck that he was in town, kind off," and Buffy added, "And bad luck that you got possessed."

Xander nodded he wondered if somewhere somebody was out there that really liked him and at the same time really hated him. "There are other students that are possessed. We should deal with them first."


A month later

Flutie smiled as he watched the new vice principal Uraki scare the kids into order. It had worked well to hire him, but the way Snider ended up dead, eaten by dogs in an empty class room was kind of sad, the poor dogs.

Uraki walked up to him. "I managed to scare up more kids for Halloween and escort duty."

Xander sighed as he followed his 'teacher' and vice principal. "I really don't like this."

Buffy sneered. "What about me then? He and Giles ganging up on me, Slayer duty and everything, my life sucks."

Willow frowned, "They did that? They only asked me."

Xander blinked. "Would you have liked if they had ganged up on you?"

Willow blushed, "Eeep no."

"Well let's find something to do then," said Xander.

Uraki grinned. "A Buffy, Xander, Willow, as Giles and me practically blackmailed two of you into escort duty, I am willing to donate 50 dollars to each of you to
spend on a good costume, but be sure to show it later to me." He carefully handed the teens the money and they rushed off, once again happy.

Flutie frowned, "That's not really how a teacher should act."

Uraki answered Flutie, "Xander is my student. I'm tutoring him and they are all friends with Giles, who is a friend from my time in school. I have never seen a
Halloween before and I know at least Xander will give me a good laugh."

Flutie nodded, "I see that explains a lot. Xander's grades raised a lot lately. Many teachers have wondered if he has been cheating."

Uraki grinned. "No he is a smart kid."


Xander had arrived at Ethan's long before the others from school had a chance. He was not going to waste time letting his new money go to waste. It was time to be creative.

Preparing for Halloween

Note: A special thank you to Darth Payne who has made this story even better to read.

Chapter 03

Xander opened the door and walked into the store. Ethan's truly was a paradise of costumes. Now he would just have to find the perfect one to impress Uraki, his mentor and teacher.

"Maybe a Jedi Knight? No, to Darth," Xander grumbled as he looked at a costume out of a silk shirt and a pigtail wig. "No to girly," he said as he walked by it.

A red trench coat with fangs and big guns made him stop a while but to 'Deadboy on a psycho trip' for his taste.

From behind a rack of costumes Ethan watched the young man walk by different costumes and studying them before walking to the next one. The chaos mage frowned a bit. There was something strange about the young man, something powerful.

The young man studied a Spiderman costume a bit before walking away. For a while he stood and studied a cat costume, a secret grin was seen on his face before he walked away giggling to himself.

Ethan was confused. He could feel the presence of feline spirits nearby, but the boy had no sign on being marked as a werecat.

Right then the boy stopped and a sneaky grin came to his face. Ethan watched in fascination as the boy walked back and took the Ninja costume, part from a Star-Trek costume, the Cat costume and some guns from a soldier uniform.

With that he walked up to the desk to pay. "Hello need some help here," he said.

Ethan smiled curious of what he was planning and sneaked up towards the boy, far more silent then a normal human could move. "Good day I'm Ethan. Can I be of help?"

Xander smiled as he turned around. The leopard sprit in him had boosted his senses so he knew the older guy was sneaking around. "Yes, I liked to ask the price for these things."

Ethan studied the pile of strange things. "I'm curious, what is your costume going to be?"

Xander raised an eyebrow. "What's the knowledge worth?" he asked grinning.

Ethan grinned back at him, "If you tell me, I can give you a good price and maybe even help you to improve it a bit more."

Xander nodded. "I'm trying to impress my teachers Uraki and Giles. I'm dressing as a High Tech Ninja cat-morph from the RPG-game Shadowrun."

Ethan blinked, "That's actually rather imaginative. Tell me where did you get the idea?"

Xander shrugged and a bit of sadness was seen on his face, "My friend Jessie, my brother in all but blood, played one during a game."

Ethan nodded. "By the way, did you say Giles? IS that Rupert Giles from England?"

Xander raised an eyebrow and nodded, "Yes, do you know him?"

Ethan smiled a bit, "Yes, we were friends once, rebels without a clue and all that."

For a moment Ethan was silent, looking like was pondering something. In reality he already knew he would 'help' the young man. The chaos that would happen made him giggle. "Well if you are a friend of Giles, I'm going to help you and don't worry about the price just tell me later what Giles said about your costume."

Xander blinked, "Really?"

Ethan nodded, "Yes. Now tell me about the character so I know what to get you."

Xander started to explain, "Alright, he is a morph. That is a person that can use magic to transform himself to a chosen animal partly or completely. In his case a Big Cat and he is trained as a ninja, using anything from guns to swords."

Ethan nodded this would be fun.



Grinning to himself, Xander walked up to the Summers home and knocked on the door.

When Joyce opened the door she froze in surprise. On the other side stood a walking weapon, simply dressed in a ninja uniform you could see cat ears and the green eyes of a cat under the hood. A sniper rifle with silencer was slung over his left shoulder and on the other a hung a sword. A pair of pistols was in a quick draw holster and small dark throwing knives and grenades hanged from the jacket part of his ninja costume.

Joyce frowned, she could see the 'weapons' were false, but she had the suspicion that the sword might be real. "Xander, is that you?"

Xander bowed and said, "Yes my lady. Your loyal ninja is just waiting to hunt and kill on your order."

Joyce smiled. "And what is the cost for your service?"

Xander grinned and answered, "A shiny nickel or a dinner."

Joyce smiled. "Well come in now. I'm impressed, the costume is remarkable."

"Mom, was that Xander?" Buffy's voice screeched, but became silent as she studied her Xander shaped friend who currently looked like quite deadly ninja shaped. "Xander," she said in surprise.

She knew that the training Uraki had given him had made him quite deadly. Powered by a leopard spirit, but right now she could see it. She almost felt afraid to turn her back to him. "Wow that is one costume."

Xander's grin was hidden under his mask as he bowed down in an exaggerated way. "My lady, Princess Buffy of Summers country, I formally pledge my loyalty to you," he was quite impressed by Buffy's princess dress. She looked like a princes or a noble lady from the past.

Buffy rolled her eyes.

"Abandoning me so soon?" Joyce complained in mock sad tone.

Xander bowed down again, "Never my queen, but your loyal Ninja is just making sure that the future ruler knows he is loyal."

From above came the curious voice of Dawn. "Mom, is Xander here yet?"

Joyce nodded hiding her smile. "Now I understand why the shop owner said that was a perfect costume."

Xander blinked he knew that Buffy's younger sister had a CRUSH on him and he did like her, but he was afraid that Joyce might hurt him. After all he was recently 16 and she only 15 years old.

Buffy rolled her eyes seeing the nervous twitch in Xander's body. She wished Xander would notice Willow. The two were perfect for each other, but as long as Dawn was there, there was no chance of that.

Joyce smiled. Making the boy scared was fun, evil but fun. She knew that Xander really liked maybe even loved her youngest daughter, but she was not really sure that Xander knew how much he liked her.

"Oh Xander, that is a great costume," Willow babbled as she rushed in.

Xander nodded, "Oh yea great Boo you got their Wills," he said absently not even noticing that Willow was dressed as Xena the Warrior Princess as he could see two perfect legs walking down with swinging hips as Dawn came down the stairs.

She was dressed up like a Catwoman, with furry ears, claws on her hand and a naughty sexy skintight bodysuit. Giggling she spun around. "Do you like it?"
Xander nodded, "Who are you?"

Dawn answered, "Felicia, the Were-cat from Darkstalker."

Xander blinked. "Oh. You look great."

Willow groaned, that that BITCH. "Xander stop drooling. She is only a child, it is perverse," she could not believe it. Thanks to Dawn Xander did not even notice that she was dressed up in a sexy Xena costume.

Dawn growled, "I am NOT a child. I'm only a year younger and at least I have a body."

Joyce intertwined before more was said, "Girls, I do not want any cat fights. That goes especially for Dawn and Xander. Understood?"

They all blinked, especially the two 'cats'.

Buffy sighed, "Well let's go."

They nodded and as they passed the door Dawn grabbed Xander's hand in a firm grip.

"Good that you took of the ghost costume, Wills." Xander said as he walked out grinning goofy under the mask.

Willow gritted her jaws seething,"I never HAD a ghost Costume ON ME. How stupid could a man be?" she muttered.

Buffy sighed. This would be a long, long night. Why was SHE the only smart person? She wondered if Angel was going to like the dress. She smiled he was so dreamy.